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WINNERS! The Conductors CD Featuring "Smokestack" Joe Hutchinson

ConductorsOur winners are Nancy Smith, "Anne" and Kathryn Johanson.  Please email me your address at KimStagliano at gmail.com. Congrats!

Didn't win? Go to
www.TheConductorsUSA.com to learn more and to buy copies in time for the holidays! 

All aboard for fun!  Win a copy of The Conductors' "Navigating The Spectrum" CD featuring autism Dad and Indie Rocker "Smokestack" Joe Hutchinson. We have THREE copies to give away, just leave a comment with your name.

Every kid likes trains. Every kid LOVES the Conductors. Embracing the best qualities of the Beatles, Wiggles & Raffi, a train load of memorable original songs. Gentle enough for kids with AUTISM, ADHD & Sensory Issues (AUTISM INSPIRED!)

You can see The Conductors perform at "Walk Now For Autism" at Angel's Stadium on Sunday, November 16th in Anaheim, California.  Can't wait? Bring the kids to their record release party at TRAVEL TOWN, Griffith Park's Railroad Museum on Sunday, October 12th at 11:00am sharp at 5200 Zoo Drive, Los Angeles, CA. Arrive early for best parking! RSVP at TheConductorsUSA@yahoo.com. Click below for a YouTube clip!

The Conductors' leader "Smokestack Joe", is a dedicated and proud parent of a child with Autistic Spectrum Disorder (Autism).  Already successful as an Indie Rock artist, (HUTCH www.myspace.com/hutch ) he started The Conductors as a way to celebrate the joys of parenthood and to deliver a fun, positive message to families worldwide while raising support and awareness for the Autism community.  Believing in the magic of music to heal and bring people together for the greater good, Joe hopes The Conductors' music will continue to inspire families for generations to come. 

Go to www.TheConductorsUSA.com to learn more and to buy copies in time for the holidays! 


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JV White

Hope there would be another contest like this in the future. Congratulations to the winners!

Smokestack Joe

CONGRATULATIONS to the Conductors CD winners!

Thanks for the many responses to the contest at Age Of Autism.

So no one's child feels left out, our "Navigating The Spectrum" CD is available for the lowest price on the internet at our CDBaby page:


Thank you for your support! I know you will enjoy many happy listens with your child(ren) just as I have with my own.

Peace, Love, & Trains!

Smokestack Joe

Cyndi Newton

I LOVE this...and I'm sure my 3.5 year old son (Matthew) will too!!!
Please add me to the list.
:) Cyndi

Maurine Meleck

My grandson(whom I am raising) still loves trains so much that we are the only car in the city(the train passes through the center of town twice daily) that slows down to ten miles an hour when he hears the train coming so that we can sit at the crossing for a full 15 minutes and watch it pass.(never mind that we have other obligations).

Ali Hoffman

Music and trains = a very happy Matthew. Thanks for introducing us to this group!

Excited about the contest and also to have the link in case we don't win!


My 2 year old son would love this. We live about a 1/2 mile from the tracks. When he hears the train he goes into bathroom and stands on the toliet to look at the trians pass by.

Kathryn Johansen

My son would probably go nuts over this. He loves music and trains.

Smokestack Joe

Hello CONDUCTORS Fans & Friends!

Thanks for the wonderful responses and to our friends at Age Of Autism for mentioning us here.

So no one's child feels left out, our "Navigating The Spectrum" CD is available for the lowest price on the internet at our CDBaby page:


We truly thank you for your support and know you will enjoy many happy listens with your child(ren) to these imaginitive and catchy songs.

We are all in this fight together... we will never give up on our children.

Peace, Love, & Trains!

Smokestack Joe


Send it across the ocean!! You know you want to...and I know the boy who would just sell his soul for this. Christmas come early? You have no idea!

K Fuller Yuba City

My bad it's not available on Amazon.
Lots of Conductor things though.


Yipes...I'm not really sure what I'm supposed to do here but while my wife spends wonderful devotional energy on her blog about the the trials, tribulations and rewards of rearing our precious, special needs son, I hunker down to the basement with him and spend countless hours creating the most wonderful trainstories in the world. It's just a standard 4 by 8 plywood board covered in green felt, lionel fastrack, a slew of both Lionel and Williams locomotives and diesels, ten-or-so plastiville buildings, countless "lionel-sized" (his discription) cars, a heep of mini-people, some scratch-built industrial sites and the endless, beautiful sound of GP (my son) creating the stories of life in his world.
It's a beautiful world. The trains run on time. A man sits on the top of a water tower. Firemen rescue cats out of trees. A team of Oil riggers maintain an oil refinery made out of plastic STP bottles and the Polar Express runs irregardless of the season.
Train songs play in the background. Daddy asks the questions and GP has the answers.
THAT is what some people would call "playing with Trains." I call it my moments of heaven on earth. All aboard indeed!

K Fuller Yuba City

I added this to my Amazon wish list!


It sounds like a great cd to share with my preschool friends.


Foster might kill me if he finds out this CD exists and he does not own it. Please spare my life and chose me as the winner of this CD!



Ooh...pick me, pick me!! Both my husband and my son would really love this!


Choo choo. Gotta get me one of these.

thanks for the tip.


I love it...we will have to have one for Nana's home and Cayden's Home. Music has always been part of Cayden's recovery. The sweetest words I have ever heard was on the night my Grandson SANG every word of JESUS LOVES THE LITTLE CHILDREN! He could not say a sentence but he could sing it. I just cried tears of JOY and will always tell him that JESUS DOES LOVES THE LITTLE CHILDREN.

Nonnie Q of 2

My autistic 3 year old identical twins will enjoy this. I give my Daughter and Son-in-Law a much needed rest every weekend by bringing them to my house. We spend the majority of the weekend with music, bubbles, dancing, marching and jumping and other sensory activities.

Damiean, who is non-verbal enjoys lining up his trains by size, shape and color. He loves music and he has the uncanny ability to hear a song once (even Mozart) and then he will hum the entire song and move his arms and head to the beat of the music the very next time he hears that song again. Occasionally, he will utter the words choo choo, car or Jay Jay( the Jet Plane) only when listening to music.

His brother, Korey who is echolalic can memorize the words to songs after hearing them 2-3 times. He is my little helper when I encourage and praise Damiean when he does speak hs few words. He echoes my words: "Good Job Damiean" each and every time he hears me say those words which puts a smile on Damiean's face for the entire weekend.

Whether or not I win the contest, I will purchase it and promise to send an audio of Korey singing,Damiean humming and a video of them dancing.


We love trains and dancing to music!


Tanner's Dad

Tanner lights up in music therapy. Beatles like music is his favorite. Thanks for the fun contests.

Cathy Jameson

Sounds cool! My kids love trains and good music.


This one would be a great selection for us! With 3 boys obsessed with trains and loving music, it would be a delight in our household! Count me in!



Consider me signed up... We'll see if my son says: "different music" or "turn it up" -- the only two things he says when listening to music :)


We love trains!

John Kirton - Dad of 6 Autistic Kids

This would be great for our 4 yr old, Ammon. He loves to listen to music and sounds.

Be sure to watch our family's documentary, "Autism X 6" on Discovery Health Oct 1st, 8PM ET/PT.

John Kirton


Sign me up :)


That sounds great. My boys love the Beatles.
Jack Russell

michele i.

sounds like a great item! hope we win


Ooh! Even if I don't win, I might kick off my Christmas shopping with this one! My Nick would love this.


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