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A of A Contest: Win a Copy of the "Why Can't My Child Behave?"

Why_cant_my_child Congratulations to our winner Stephanie McBride!

Enter your name and your email address (on the email line in the comment form) in our comments section and leave a brief comment, so the site doesn't think you're a SPAMBOT to win a copy of "Why Can't My Child Behave? Why Can't She Cope? Why Can't He Learn?" by Jane Hersey, National Director of The Feingold Association.

You can order a copy from Amazon HERE.

Please send your link - your video, news clip or story can make a difference for families living with autism today.

Lee_silsby_no_tagine  The "Treatment" category is sponsored by Lee Silsby, the leader in quality compounded medications for autism.


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Please, enter me in to win this book. It sounds awesome! Today, was a nightmare shopping with him. Normally, he is fine, but if there ever were a day that he was "Autistic", today was the day.........He wouldn't listen, he kept running up and down the aisles, he was scripting way out of control. Then he would say he would be good,, and then "wham" he was off again.

So, I would really love to have this book.



Melissa P.

Yes, I would love to read this book.
I have 12 and 13 yr. old sons with autism and ADHD.

Thanks so much,
Melissa Perry

Laura Calverley

I have a 6-yr old son with autism who starting to have some behavior issues, so I'd love to read the book.



Managing Editor, for Karen

Hi, Karen. Welcome to A of A. Have you read my friend John Robison's book "Look Me In The Eye" about his life with undiagnosed Asperger's? Check out his blog - loaded with great stories and info

Thanks. KIM

Karen Newton

I have Asperger's and would be interested in reading this book.

Alison Torres

with three children on the autism spectrum this would be a great read for me!

Lorie Lisius

here's hoping you pick me!

kitty Lakey

pick me, pick me, lol.


Please enter me to the raffle.

Adrian Dela Pena

Additional source of great info..

Lisa Brown

Good luck everyone.

Tanya Geders

Awesome book!

My sisters have been on the Feingold Diet for the past 10 years or so. It has made such a postive difference in our lives. Thanks for spreading the word.

A. Savo

This would be a great asset to our SRP program.

Barbara Bucknam

I need a great beach read and my son will benefit!

Kathy Carson

Yea - Would love to have this!

Dana Read

Ooh! I'd read it and pass it on to my sister!

Gabby DeVelbiss

Entering contest to win.. "Why Can't My Child Behave?"
Love, Gabby. :0)


Oh, this book must have been written for my beautiful son. I must read it!

Kelly Sica

I'd love to read this book!

Laila DiMattia

Entering contest to win.. "Why Can't My Child Behave?"

barbara batchelder

my son is considered mildly autistic,...he's intelligent, and able to communicate now, make eye contact without cringing (with friends and family), can tolerate the presence of up to four peers at a time. even engages in play...but oh those tantrums! his complete lack of ability to control his mood swings...i could really use this book!

Sheri Dudra

This would be a great addition to our local parent lending library!

Carrie Elsass

Contest- yea!

Nicole Raimann

Looks like a very interesting book.

alison macneil

I'd love to read this book!


Would love to win this book as it is right up my street!

Amy Dingwall

crossing my fingers for the big win! Looks like a great book! :)

Johanna Contino
Trina Hamer

Great title. I hope it has the answers inside it.

G. DeLeo
marie buttrick

i would love to win a copy of the book. it looks awesome. thanks

Heather Mclennand
Lori Edwards

Looks awesome!

Therese Brosnan

Why can't my child behave?
Ask the CDC?
Pick me, Pick, me we have 2 in this family ADHD!

Deb in IL

pick me! pick me!

Deb in IL
Holly Dapore

Thanks for the contest.

Stacy Ezor

Thanks for the contest

Kelly Young

My family is full of FG members, too, and it has changed our lives permanently for the better.

Sandy Waters

My daughter has behavior issues!

Stephanie McBride
Managing Editor

One entry per name! Don't worry if you double (ahem, quadruple) posted though. ;)

Lisa from GA

This is a great book. I highly recommend the Feingold Association. My family is a member & it has made a tremendous difference in our lives.


This is a GREAT book! My two boys (1 w/ ASD, 1 not affected) have been on the Feingold diet for over 3 1/2 years. It helps them both tremendously and I highly recommend it! Good luck to everyone!

Julie Rishel
Janine A.

Would love to win a copy. Planning on giving it to my sister (my niece and nephew could benefit from dietary changes..)

Riley's mom

Why won't it take my entry??? HELPPPP

Riley's mom
Riley's mom
Sonja Lopez
K Fuller Yuba City
Rebecca Brennan
Nancy Yurcina
sharyn huse

looks very interesting!

Cathy Jameson
Denise Madigan
Noel v.
Carolyn M.
Alison Davis
Kristin Bushey
Jane Hersey

Thank you for telling your readers about my book "Why Can't My Child Behave?" and about the non-profit Feingold Association of the US. 2008 marks our 32nd year of helping families of children with a variety of issues, including autism.
This year also marks a tremendous growth in the awareness that some of the chemicals added to our food can trigger serious problems, not just health problems, but behavior and learning issues as well.
The good news is that it is remarkably simple to find real food in your supermarket. Nobody needs to eat things like synthetic dyes, which are made from crude oil. See
In addition to doing an impressive job of hosting the Olympics, China is also a major producer of food dyes. These chemicals (Yellow #5, Red 40, etc.), so widely used in U.S. foods, start out in petroleum refineries in China.

Kristin Bushey
Shannon Carpenter

Hope I win.

Shannon Carpenter
Holly M.
Tanners Dad

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