Have you moved recently? We've moved three times since August 2005. Practice does not make perfect. Someday (when I'm finished with therapy) I'll write about why we've moved so often.

The cable company has blown it again today, so we're still not online. We'll get back on track here at Age of Autism later tomorrow, I hope.

Please, share a moving tip or two in the comments. My advice? Stay put! Moving is so hard on our kids. On Mom and Dad too.



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Our house in on the market here in the Chicago area. We have had over 20 showings and no offers. We have now gone with a real realty company and we can only hope that it will sell. We are trying to purchase a house next to our childs new school so that he can continue to go there. The market is tough and its only going to get tougher. Packing and Moving the unpacking is not fun.... Especially when you have a child or children on the spectrum.

Jenny W

I can't even remember off the top of my head how many times I have moved Gavin and myself around the town, state, and country.

I have to move again soon.
I will move again in a year or two for my MA program.
Probabaly a couple years after that for grad school again.
A couple years after that for work.
I am exhausted just thinking about it.

The interesting thing is Gavin loves it. He doesn't care. he loves to move. He loves to be in out own place (currently staying with my parents and he is VERY unhappy). As long as I moved him into a fully furnished ready to go apt he is happy!

--last move we had no furniture upon arrival and he was asking for a new mommy *sigh*.

Many of my moves were not my choice. AWFUL landlords, money pits and other various crap. I feel like suing them all for emotional damamge. I actually did take one to court, there I was 9 months pregnant with Liam fighting a slum lord in court. It felt good :)

I wish you luck at your new place!

two moves = one house fire

a tip for packing clothes:

do not take anything off the hangers! just layer all the clothes, still on hangers into big boxes. makes it much easier to put them all back into a closet/wardrobe when you are in your new house.


Wow, there are some really good moving tips here! We have been living in the same little house since before our three kids were born. So I don’t have any experience moving with children. But we are going to move into a bigger house as soon as we win the lottery – which should be any day now – so after that I’ll have some useful tried & true tips to share.

In the meantime, Kim, very best wishes to you and your family in your new home!!


Cathy, like you, I am a military brat, and have a newfound respect for the Mayflower movers! LoL. I never fully appreciated them when I was 12!

We recently moved from a moldy, crappy rental in which Jade was in our bedroom, into our first home. It was awful, we had to pack everything at xmas and didn't even feel like we had any holidays!

The only thing NOT in a box was the xmas tree!

I found making casseroles in throw away baking dishes ahead of time helps, so that while your cookware is packed, you still have a healthy meal.

What we found helped Jade is making her a moving book. We took all the pictures we could of our new house, and added captions like "this is our new house" "It is across from the park" (with a picture of the park), "this is the back yard", "this is the street we will live on" (picture of street sign) etc.

We read this book with her (well, she read it to us) for a week and a half before moving.

I also let her write her name on her boxes, and help pack/ unpack them.

Before we unpacked her room, my father painted it her favorite color- pink. She walked in, smiled, and said "Papa- I like painting". We gave her a brush, and let her help.

She didn't come out for a week! She LOVES our new house, and especially her own room! Thankfully, the move worked VERY well for her! She even used the potty independently!

Michelle O'Neil

We have moved three times in the last five years; attempts at better support and services for our daughter.

It was hard, but it's been worth it.

Moving tip: Open one box of toys at a time. Save the rest for days or moments when you need a break...then take them out. It's old home day and mama gets five minutes.


I think we still have boxes in the basement unsealed from our move 12 years ago.
Godspeed, Hang in there Kim!

Tanner's Dad

Never let your husband buy the house without your approval...

We moved through 6 states in 16 years with J C Penney Department stores. Until I had a heart attack at 38 and my wife was ready to jump ship with a special needs son. Then we moved home to the farm area. I digress...

I once bought a house and came home to see my wife sitting in the middle of the living room crying...

I said what's wrong honey?

She said there are no kitchen drawers! I had bought the house thinking I did a great job of getting the approx. 25 things on her list. I never thought to check for kitchen drawers. I thought they came standard. We only had a 3 1/2" knife drawer and all the rest were fake... We can laugh now but I know I will never be allowed to go and buy a house on my own again:)

Teresa Conrick

Hey Kim,

The guys are not rescuing my posts from the land of spam....please come back soon! As far as moving...get that cable going as Disney, and the Age of Autism are daily necessities.

This may not be posted until August so hope you transitioned in nicely!




Diane - you are hiliarious...


Use different colors of tape to seal boxes from different rooms, and seal it so the tape extends down each side of the box. This is quicker than having to write "kitchen" on each box. Then you can put a piece of matching tape or construction paper on the right room at the new house. (Red sealed boxes go to the kitchen, blue to the bathrooms, etc.) Makes it easier for non-reading kids, exhausted parents, and/or non-english-speaking movers to put things where they belong. You can even use tape to mark the bigger pieces of furniture that have been saran-wrapped.


I'm never moving again ... assuming I can prevent it. I plan on dying in this tiny little house with all our clutter surrounding me and my daughter's data sheets tucked neatly away in the closet. Good luck, Kim.


Check www.flylady.com for tons of tips.


Pack your dishes with (clean) towels between them instead of newspaper. You don't have to rewash your dishes when you get to your new home. Just stick them on your new shelf.
I'll keep thinking. I've moved 11 times.

Cathy Jameson

UGH! I loathe moving. It was fun when I was a kid (military brat so we moved frequently). Now that I'm in charge of the household though, I cringe when we entertain the thought of moving again.

In 8 years of marriage, we've moved 5 times. I've been pregnant, nursing, tons of little people underfoot, child with no diagnosis to child with multiple diagnosises. I have a few tips that helped the last 3 times we moved:

*do the bathrooms first since they are small rooms with less stuff but you see boxes packed and feel like you can tackle the rest of the rooms :)

*for me, with such young kids home while packing, I planned to do 5 boxes a day. If I got more done, great for me! This meant planning to pack longer but it gave me a reachable goal that worked

*do the big/breakables after kids are tucked in; it added to more than 5-a-day with no one around to break anything or get in the way (I had to pack 2x without Steve since he was traveling so planning the big stuff was NOT fun)

*reward yourself every day for whatever you can get done (sip of wine, mindless tv--if it isn't packed yet, bath, whatever, to get ready for the next day

Wishing you cool breezes and happily distracted kids so you can work!



We've lived in 5 states in 9 years of marriage. By some miracle, we're still married. Moving absolutely brings the worst out in me... They say transitions are hard for people with autism. They should do a study on their parents!

Sending positive thoughts your way. :(


You poor kids!

We moved twice with the kids, getting booted out of two rentals before we'd saved enough for a house because of our children. The second time was definitely because they fell ill from vaccines and were screaming too much at night.

It's horribly stressful and all power to you. I hope you get the consolation of bigger closets at the new place!!

Riley's mom

This is sure something I would be interested in hearing also....we are moving at the end of July and I'M SCARED TO DEATH how this is going to turn everything upside down. The plus side to this move, it will be the last one because we "finally" bought our very own home. Can't wait to hear any suggestions!!!


Two years ago we moved from city to suburb. Bigger yard, cleaner air, better-funded schools. The process took months and our son was somewhat neglected while we sorted, packed, repaired, cleaned, etc. That summer he spent way too much time in front of screens. Thank heavens for neighbors and friends; it takes a special person to make time out of their day to care for our kids.

Angela Warner

Moving sucks!!! Refuse to move again until we buy a house, which will hopefully happen next year. Three and a half years with all six of us living in 1300 square feet. Argh! But I'll take it any day over moving :D No tips other than to say eventually you will get through it! Keep thinking of the pool boy :D

As for the cable company blowing it - Do they not realize that we are dependent on Age of Autism providing us with news? Please tell them to get their shiznit in one sock.

Oh yeh... love the picture. The kids would not step away from the pc when they saw Elmo. LOL

Kelli Ann Davis


Hurry back cuz we miss you. It just isn't the same when the, ahem guysareincharge.

Hey Dan, Mark...look over there.

(my distraction so they don't read what I just wrote)


Speaking of therapy...

We've moved nine times in the last 8 years (that's 4 houses, nine moves, can you say musical houses?).

This last time, when we unpacked the last item and found a place for it, I said, "Next time we do this we're getting professional movers."

My husband (quoting my mother) said, "I'm not leaving this house, unless it's feet first."

I guess we're done moving for a while.

Susan (UK)

Good luck with the move. Only tip I have is from before we had kids, but is probably even more valuable now.
After each and every cupboard was emptied, we wiped it out and shut the door with a big piece of masking tape straight across to stop us from repeatedly opening it to check it was empty and clean. It really did save a lot of time double checking, and gave us a feeling of accomplishment.
Best of wishes, you do so much for us parents, I am sure that you will have warm vibes coming from around the world hoping that everything goes smoothly for you.

Harry Hofherr

Kim, hang in there...try keeping the Willie Nelson song running in your mind, "On The Raod Again. Just can't wait to get on the raod again..."

Hey, it worked for me. Hope it helps.


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