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Rally_recovered_2BY DAN OLMSTED

Here are some of the signs and photos I saw at the rally Wednesday.
This photo is of Mary Coyle of Manhattan and her recovered son, J.P., age 16.
"My brother is 1 in 90 but more than a statistic."
"Vaccines kill -- one size does not fit all"
"Too many too soon -- spread 'em out, green 'em up."
"Vaccine-induced autism killed our daughter Ashley Brock, 2002-2008."
"My college fund paid for their HBOT." (With photo)

"Seven shots. $500,000 through various therapies. Recovered."
"New Jersey needs vaccination choice."
"It's time for the CDC to come clean with the American public. We are not anti-vaccine, we are anti-toxins."
"Hey reporters, do your homework."
"Protect, not poison."
"Ethan does not talk but his life speaks volumes." (With photo)
"The increase in autism mirrors the increase in vaccinations. Where's the mystery?"
"Support informed consent. First do no harm. Green our vaccines."
"Vaccines took my nephew from me. Now I am fighting to get him back."
"What's in your vaccines? Aluminum, ammonium sulfate, antifreeze, silicone, mercury, formaldehyde."
"Marching in memory of Taylor -- 1999-2007." With photo
"Our son before MMR. Our son after. Any questions?" With photos.
"Green our vaccines. Poison does not equal prevention."
"I deserved green vaccines." With photo of child.
"Vaccines equal toxins equals autism."
"Center for Deception and Corruption."
"One in 150 of America's children are not acceptable casualties."
Julie Gerberding must go. Cover up, Deceive, Conceal. Resign now!"
"The tide has come in. You can't hold back the ocean." -- Jenny McCarthy."
"Cigarettes don't trigger cancer just like vaccines don't trigger autism."
"We willl scream, we will shout, till you take the toxins out."
"Autism edidemic? What autism epidemic?" (With sketch of Alfred E. Nueman)
"American vaccine policy. No information. No consent. No choice. Just the way we like it." (With photos of Mao, Hitler, Stalin, logo of American Academy of Pediatrics)
"Autism wasn't my destiny. I had too many vaccines too soon." (Photo of affected child.)
"The scariest thing about vaccines isn't the needle. Green our vaccines."
"Toxins don't belong in here." (Photo of affected child.")
"Our reason to cure autism." (Photo of affected child.)
"No more lies," with sketch of "autism" dripping out of a needle.
"Mom and Dad call me Seth but the CDC calls me collateral damage." (With photo)
"If I had the flu I'd be recovered by now." (With photo of child.)
"Antifreeze is for cars, not children."
"One brother with autism is enough. Green the vaccines."
"Change vaccine inGREEDients to vaccine inGREENients."
"Silenced by vaccines (with photo) but you have a voice. Speak up and demand green vaccines."
"Too many too soon -- Kale (with photo). Today my son's voice will be heard."
"My son is evidence of harm."
"We're pretty good at cleaning up vaccines. It's the crap we can't handle. Cut the crap."
"We found the weapons of mass destruction."
"Green our vaccines. Help me heal my son please."
If we missed your sign, please tell us what it said and why.
Dan Olmsted is Editor of Age of Autism.


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my sign said


WITH PICTURES of my 2 angels


Re your comment on vaccine SAFETY-

Here is the definition of safe:
1: free from harm or risk
2 a: secure from threat of danger, harm, or loss

Here too is a link to have your Rep support exactly this-


House Resolution 881, Mercury-Free Vaccine Act of 2007 would ban the use of mercury-containing vaccine in pregnant women and children younger than 6. It would ban the use of any vaccine with more than 1 microgram of mercury for the rest of the population.

House Resolution 1973, Vaccine Safety and Public Confidence Act of 2007, This bill would create a new agency completely separate form the Centers for Disease Control and Representatives Dave Weldon, MD, (Republican- Florida) and Carolyn Maloney (Democrat-New York) along with other thoughtful Representatives have sponsored three bills that move us toward greener vaccines.

House Resolution 2832, Comprehensive Comparative Study of Vaccinated and Un-Vaccinated Populations Act of 2007, This bill would have the National Institute of Health do the obvious, but never performed, analysis of the health outcomes with vaccinated and un-vaccinated groups.

TO: " Mod " RE: your comment on 6/7/08 @ 12:21 a.m.
I respect your equal right to personal opinion, however, being the mother of a 13 year old girl inflicted with autism, I had serious problems with your delivery of it. Having personally lived and breathed 13 years of unrelenting *autism* experience and research and all it’s heart break and joy, I find your insolent impugnation to be personally offensive to every single individual with autism and their loved ones. First of all, your callous audacity is not even based on fact ! Just what education, credentials, life experience and proven medical research do you have that qualifies you to state your mere opinion as though it were fact? The entire *autism* debate is currently being argued in court by EXPERTS and no decision has yet been made, so unless you are psychic and know the future you may not want to foolishly state your opinion as fact just yet. You could stand corrected one day soon. Now, regarding your "I feel badly" "salve your guilt" and "real children" remarks: First, DO NOT FEEL BADLY FOR ME ! My daughter is AMAZING and so is my life. I feel overwhelmingly blessed to be the one that she teaches every day about the “real” meaning of life. *Second, please know that I HAVE NO GUILT !!! or any reason to have guilt .. Get that straight ok! Who/what ever is responsible for the autism owns that guilt!
Finally, I think you really earned the *wording* prize with your “at the expense of real children”: remark. Just what are you implying? That children with autism are not "real" children? HOW DARE YOU! Just who do you think you are to make such an inhumane moronic statement about innocent children that you know nothing about?! My daughter is as REAL as they come and even with the autism, she apparently has more brains, heart and personality then you could hope for. In fact, I feel bad for YOU Mod. I think only a person that has had the privilege of knowing and loving someone with autism can understand exactly what it is that I mean when I say to you, and to anyone with the same apparent mindset, that *You are missing out and you don’t it even know it*. Maybe one day you will be fortunate enough to understand what I mean and also realize just who IT IS that is truly "hurting people" here.

My sign:

No More Lives Shattered
No More Chilren Lost
No More Deception
Green Our Vaccines
You were almost successful at taking away his voice but you just made mine louder
we are not going away.
Our Children are not acceptable losses.
(with photo)

"Mercury doesn't cause autism."


*Mercury* is a neurotoxin which can produce neurological injury.

My son has neurological problems which manifested shortly after being vaccinated with multiple shots which contained mercury.

And *that* is a fact no matter which way you try and slice it.

Always nice when members of the Skeptic Society of Scientific Science hits the mean streets of age of autism to let us know, in no uncertain terms, just how moronic, dangerous, and "insane" we are. Thanks fellas. It's heart-warming that you took the time away from your James Randi circle jerk to illuminate us blasphemers on the real scientific method.

Teresa Conrick :"More people will not vaccinate unless they are made safe"

Since your definition of "safe" excludes the use of scientific evidence to measure safety, how will you know when the vaccines are "safe"?


How is making vaccines "green" going to hurt anyone? Your cheerleading for unsafe ingredients does little to sell anyone on vaccination. More people will not vaccinate unless they are made safe, then it will be on you, people like you, and your archaic thinking as diseases increase.

Our signs said
RARE Mitochondrial Disorder, MY *SS!

and our other sign-

Too Many... Too Soon...

(photo with VACCINE DAMAGED across it)


seriously. Are you all insane? Just because the number of vaccines correlates with a perceived increase in autism does not mean the 2 are in any way linked. But to show that, you'd need whats called 'data', instead of 'anecdote'. I feel badly for you to have to deal with autism on a daily basis. But not badly enough to let you salve your guilt with the false promise of green vaccines at the expense of real children dying of preventable disease. vaccines don't cause autism. Mercury doesn't cause autism. Quit hurting people with your false claims.

I loved the little girl's t-shirt that said, "I'm just like Hannah"

Mine said:

"We are your scientific evidence".

It had the photo of my niece in the back along with my son's photo and his 10 classmates from his pre-verbal therapy. All of them with Autism.

Thanks for the coverage and your hard work!

Our said "We Are Evidence Of Harm" and "Protect Our Kids Not Drug Co.'s".

Thanks for this list. The rally was amazing. I posted about it as well.

Our said "We Are Evidence Of Harm" and "Protect Our Kids Not Drug Co.'s".

Thanks for this list. The rally was amazing. I posted about it as well.

Our said "We Are Evidence Of Harm" and "Protect Our Kids Not Drug Co.'s".

Thanks for this list. The rally was amazing. I posted about it as well.

I was at the rally with my eldest and youngest son (the middle brother has autism.) I saw a sign that moved me to tears: "I wish I could talk to my brother, but vaccines took his voice." Worthy of inclusion, I think!


Our said "We Are Evidence Of Harm" and "Protect Our Kids Not Drug Co.'s".

Thanks for this list. The rally was amazing. I posted about it as well.

If you click on my name in the link, the photo and meaning are displayed.

You can view these signs and more on youtube:

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