Obama_and_babyDavid Kirby has a piece running over at Huffington Post today titled, "Obama Climbs on the Vaccine Bandwagon" in which he writes: No matter who wins in Pennsylvania today, the next President of the United States will support research into the growing evidence of some link between vaccines and autism.

Here's Senator Obama's quote:

"We've seen just a skyrocketing autism rate. Some people are suspicious that it's connected to the vaccines. This person included. The science right now is inconclusive, but we have to research it."

--Barack Obama, Pennsylvania Rally, April 21, 2008.


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Autism affects all of you. You will either have, or know someone with a child that is diagnosed with autism. It affects education costs, health care costs and continuing care long into their futures. It affects people's ablilty to function for life, for the care takers inability to work and still provide incomes for their family. Much sacrifice is dealt to the parent or parents who must care for their child or children. mostly its one parent, the mother because divorce raite is 99 % with and autistic child.
, so not just the child, but their care takers as well are affected long term.
There is a connection with vaccines, IM not sure what it is but baby its there. I never jumped on the band wagon in the 80's as it was all still new, but I can honestly say years ago, when my son, who is 28 now, recieved his vaccines , he became very ill with a high temp and whined in a high pictched moudular humming tone, the thought occurred to me right then, something isnt right with this vaccine.I called the Dr and his response was, no big deal, a lot of kids react this way, Just give him tylnol and he will be fine, but HE WASNT FINE! He never made that sound until that vaccine and he did it the whole time he was sick and when he got better, temp went away, but he was different and that humming and whining noise hever did go away. He continued that strange humming and whining even as he ate and attempted to go to sleep. He became sensitive to sounds and sudden changes, things would set him off, and then he cried and cried, he woke up crying every morning like he was in pain. But that sound he made I will never forget,. very odd, even my dad commented on why does he do that? I had no explanation only that he never did it until the vaccines. So back then I thought something happened with the vaccine but I had no proof! So I just kept it to myself. It was just a few years after that, he was diagnosed with autism. And here we are now, years later,and a massive epedemic has occured and all kinds of people saying the same thing I thought years ago. It was a very sad validation. So, I didnt imagine anything and now Im not the only one that made the connection, now thousands of us wonder,, what the hell happaned to our kids? Then to find out they used perservatives with mercury was just devestating. So, you all can say it isnt a major issue but due to the costs involved for health care, I say IT IS! When you take your child or grandchild in for vaccines, it will haunt you to think you may cause them autism for life.
The costs affect everyone in school and when they get out. These kids usually have to rely on govt programs to help them out. Most of them will never be able to be on their own.
My whole life changed! Hes 28 and home with me and probably always will be. Until such time I am unable to care for him, then he will most likely be in a group or foster home, pd for by govt programs.
Times that by 100's of thousands of individuals and families affected.

John Best

No mainstream candidate is ever going to stop causing autism or help the kids who already have it. Don't throw away your vote. Vote for Nader.


Psuedo-intellectual bloggers don't really constitute the general public. Oprah and Larry King viewers do, however. If they are rejecting the science as presented for the vaccine-autism hypothesis, then there is a problem. They seemed to get it on Larry King the other day, so maybe things are not so bleak. The general public may not be scientifically literate but they sure as hell understand family history and how it relates to drug reactions.

Sandy Gottstein

I think what Blue Heron is saying is very important. I'm afraid that as far as the mainstream is concerned, the debate is clearly NOT over. Until there are more cases conceded by the Vaccine Court and/or we get that stalled never-vaccinated bill passed that Rep. Maloney has introduced (more than once?), we are convincing few but ourselves. There may now be more interest in the topic, but most are digging their heels in, just like before.

I keep mentioning that I am willing to work on getting that bill passed, but so far not one person has said they will help. Clearly Congress doesn't want to pass this bill. And won't unless the public demands it. That means us.

Terri Lewis

Hey, Blue Heron,

Thanks for the tip!

I just now posted at The American Prospect, but haven't had time to spread enlightenment elsewhere (yet).

Come on, people. . .a little help, here!?

Terri L.


Not impressed either. He would not take any stand until PA's primary day.
Hillary & McCain have taken more of a stand than O.
O sure seems to be promising all kinds of things that will never come to fruition.

Smart Dobbs

Blue Heron, those blogs are all quoting Michael Dobbs of the Washington Post who, according to them, seems to be the last word on autism and vaccines. Such a brilliant man!

Les Feldman

Thank you Senator Obama. Paternal Age is also sometimes a factor in what is today called "autism".

Blue Heron

I don't want to bring anyone down, but I think it might be sobering to check out how the non-autism blogosphere is reacting to Obama's statement:

The New Republic:

The American Prospect:

The Carpetbagger Report:

The blog posts -- and especially the comments -- are very interesting. . . and discouraging. Basically, we're pretty much still considered kooks by the general public. I know we've been talking amongst ourselves about how the issue is no longer in debate, how we're just on the verge of a big sea change in public opinion, etc etc . . . but this doesn't seem to be even remotely accurate, by my observation. (Maybe we spend too much time talking to one another.)

Look, I'm thrilled that Obama made this remark. But I think we're deluding ourselves to believe that the vaccine/autism link is anywhere near accepted by most people. Read some of those comments. That was me before I had a child on the spectrum. That would probably be you too.

How important is it that the public-at-large buy into the vaccine/autism link? Pretty important, it seems to me . . . if any real change is going to occur.


Sorry, not impressed. When Obama has the courage to come out and say he believes the autism epidemic is directly related to vaccines as Senator McCain already has, then I will give him another look. But instead, he said this....

"We've seen just a skyrocketing autism rate. Some people are suspicious that it's connected to the vaccines. This person included. The science right now is inconclusive, but we have to research it."
(Note: The Washington Post reports that when Obama said "this person," he pointed to someone who had asked an autism question).

He pointed to the person having asked an autism question as being suspicious of vaccines causing it. A far cry from believing it or admitting such a thing himself!

More of the same pandering and double talk in my opinion.


Bravo, Barack and thanks again, David Kirby!

Providing much-needed biomedical care for children with vaccine-induced autism would be one handy way to end U.S. involvement in the Iraqi war... it will take trillions of dollars to get these children detoxified, educated, then housed, clothed and fed after they turn 18.


This made my day. We sort of got the hint when we saw that Senator Obama's campaign hadn't pulled their ads for the "Eli Stone" pilot, but it's great to see it confirmed.


"We've seen just a skyrocketing autism rate. Some people are suspicious that it's connected to the vaccines. This person included. The science right now is inconclusive, but we have to research it."

Senator Obama - it's the vaccine schedule, it's the vaccine schedule!!!!

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