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This lovely video has made it to Dr. Mercola.

Craig Willoughby

So, she openly admits that a vaccine induced fever overloaded Hannah's system and pushed her over the edge into autism, then turns around and says that vaccines don't cause autism. Huh? That's like saying "My child has cancer, but he doesn't have cancer."

On a side note, I have to wonder if the CDC appointed her as director because of the fact that she is very photogenic. But how can I say that when she's a Doctor, but she isn't a Doctor. She's a member of the human race, but she isn't a human.

Well, I guess that last part is true.....

Anne Van Rensselaer

Thanks Ginger and Adventures in Autism for putting this video together in a way that made it utterly clear to a mind that wanted to slide off the point, lulled by a "nice" lady speaking softly in a pretty pink suit -- I refer to my own head. My generation was warned to not let the medium (media) obscure the message, but we did and do, and we need people like you to shake us up.


She's so soft-spoken for such a devil of a woman. And $5.00 says Sanjay Gupta's 1 year old doesn't get the MMR.



The smoking gun has been produced over and over. These studies that prove the case do not get media attention, but they are there. The best paper I have read on this recently is Dr. Blaylock's "Vaccines, Neurodevelopment, and Autism Spectrum Disorders". It's a must read.



First of all, I'm on your side. Yes indeed, vaccines DO CAUSE and HAVE CAUSED autism.

If the rate of autism is not going down, it's only because mercury has been replaced by the larger quantity of vaccines & their new toxic properties.

But it appears that not everyone on the 'vaccines causes autism' side of things understands why there is such resistance to the idea.

First, a lot of pediatricians just ignore the consequences. Unless it's really, really blatant (and immediate) they tell themselves -- and the parents -- that there is no connection. Apparently they have no mental problem with this. It's a 'mind blindness' all its own.

Second, a lot of pediatricians have their ego at stake. Even in the face of clear evidence, they would still deny it -- their entire professional life is at stake.

Also, there is the random-ness of it. In the case of mercury in vaccines, just not shaking the multi-dose vial really well each time might cause that 'bottom of the barrel' autism.

If your kid was unlucky enough to get the last dose, from a vial which was not well shaken each time -- then he or she gets most of the mercury. Completely arbitrary, just a roulette wheel kind of thing. It has nothing to do with genes or susceptibility. AND there is no way to prove it, ever.

The 'new' information about mitochondria is not new. And yes, thimerosal (and perhaps the new, large-quantity preservatives etc.) Thimerosal does cause mitochondrial damage.

But the bottom line about why the resistance is so strong . . .

What if it's finally proven with a one-two-three logic? This logic has been missing, so far. The smoking gun has not yet been produced.

But what happens when the smoking gun is there for all to see?

All pediatricians will have to reconsider their stance. A lot of older pediatricians just retire, to get out of the line of fire. Pediatricians generally will look like fools -- no wonder they resist.

The entire vaccine program collapses. Lawsuits, already underway, suddenly shift in favor of the injured plaintiffs.

Millions, billions of dollars are at stake. When Big Pharma loses these cases, and the CDC (and perhaps FDA) lose face . . . well, why do you wonder about what is causing the stiff resistance. They can't afford to be wrong. Even when they are wrong.


Sandy Gottstein

Ginger, You ROCK!!!



Very soon.

Cathy Jameson

It was frustrating to watch that interview. How long are we going to be lied to and mislead? Dr. Gerberding tried to sound all calm and cozy with her comments saying that yes the CDC/govt. needs to help parents but still hasn't made a move to actually do that. That only riled me up more. I was more shocked she admitted she hasn't read the Poling case report--hello??? Wouldn't that be top priority after all these years of the speculation about vaccines, especially with all the incredibly recent news all over the media about our children's autistic or 'autistic-like' symptoms???? If a busy parent like me can find time to read and make the connections as much as I do in my busy days of caring for a child with all kinds of vaccine damage, someone like the head of the CDC should be able to do it too.

If only Dr. G realizes that we parents are already doing the research her agency can't seem to do, half the battle is over. Parents are asking the right questions and finding scientific proof but it's just feels like we have a very long way to go to get any kind of compensation (and I don't mean money, I mean validation and positive and proactive responses)--this type of double-speak is just feeding the fire for me to find more answers for my own child who deserves so much more than the spoutings of the powers that be.


JB Handley


This should be video of the year!!



So when are the congressional investigations into the head of the CDC "misspeaking" about knowingly destroying a generation of children and at best doing nothing about it and at worst helping to cover it up?

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