Sos2Paul E. Jarris, MD. Executive Director of the Association of State and Territorial Health Officials (ASTHO) sent this email to his colleague Anna DeBlois on how to spin the current vaccine information.  This case has been interpreted by some media outlets and anti-vaccine activists as a concession by the government that vaccines may cause autism.

From: Paul E. Jarris MD
Sent: Thursday, March 06, 2008 10:49 AM
To: Anna M. DeBlois
Subject: ALERT TO SHOs: Media interest regarding "conceded"
vaccine-autism lawsuit
Importance: High

> > To: All SHOs, Senior Deputies, and SHO Assistants

> > You may have seen the recent media interest in a vaccine-autism
> > lawsuit which was settled by the federal government.

This case has
> > been interpreted by some media outlets and anti-vaccine activists
as a concession by the government that vaccines may cause autism. Because

> > the case is part of ongoing litigation, the federal government
> > comment on the specifics of the case. It is ASTHO's understanding
> > that the case was settled because the vaccine worsened the child's
> > underlying and previously undiagnosed disorder, causing impaired
> > function. These symptoms of impaired brain function then led to an
> > autism spectrum disorder. The federal government maintains that
> > vaccines do not cause autism, and that this case does not indicate
> > change in their position on the issue.
> >
> > Lawyers for the girl are holding a press conference TODAY at
> > and she will appear this evening on Larry King Live. HRSA has issued

> > a statement on the case, and may hold a follow-up press conference
> > later today. (HRSA runs the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program and
> > has jurisdiction over vaccine injury claims.) The HRSA statement is
> > below, along with an Atlanta Journal Constitution story on the
> >
> > ASTHO will continue to provide updates on this issue as more
> > information becomes available. An update on the press conference
> > be provided in this week's Executive Brief, and we are working on
> > arranging an all-SHO call for this afternoon to provide more details

> > about recent science refuting a link between vaccines and autism, as

> > well as tips for responding to media inquiries about the issue. If
> > you have further questions, please contact Anna DeBlois, ASTHO's
> > Senior Director, Immunization and Infectious Disease, at
> > <> or 202-371-9090,
ext 3141

> >
> > The following resources may also be helpful:
> >
> > * CDC timeline of thimerosal in vaccines, with summaries of
studies on
> > the safety of vaccines:
> >
> > * CDC fact sheet on the safety of MMR vaccine:
> >
> >
> > Paul
> >
> >


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I hope the media picks up on the Vaccine compensation program and the unfairness of it.
I believe with all my heart that if there was no Vaccine Compensation Program that vaccines would have been made safer a long time ago,because it would have been to expensive for Pharma to pay out huge lawsuits for vaccine damages.

Los Angeles Times
Vaccine Injury Claims Face Grueling Fight
Victims increasingly view U.S. compensation program as adversarial and

curt linderman sr

I know this has been asked time and time again but... how in the hell do these people sleep at night. they really need to get their beauty sleep because I believe there is little time for rest in hell! that's just what I've been led to believe.


It's kind of hard to "crush" a Johns Hopkins neurologist and his nurse wife when they say vaccines caused their child to regress into Autism.
I believe this is called "clutching at straws".
As Spongebob would say "Er...good luck with that."

Kelli Ann Davis

Someone may want to give Paul a “head’s up” on his Thimerosal Timeline – it’s outdated.

The CDC’s posted a “new and improved” Thimerosal Timeline on their website. This was in response to my request last month after I found out they were issuing the old Timeline “under the radar” to State Health Officials when they heard that Larry King Live was going to do a segment on autism:

You’ll notice that Simpsonwood is now on the “public” Timeline – seems they forgot to add this bit of information to the earlier, private version – and there are some other modifications as well.

Amazing what a little public scrutiny can do, isn’t it?



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