Davidkirby_2The following is an excerpt from David Kirby's latest HuffPo piece. Read the full post and comment HERE.

By David Kirby

On Tuesday, March 11, a conference call was held between vaccine safety officials at the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, several leading experts in vaccine safety research, and executives from America's Health Insurance Plans, (the HMO trade association) to discuss childhood mitochondrial dysfunction and its potential link to autism and vaccines

It was a sobering event for all concerned, and it could soon become known as the Conference Call heard 'round the world.

The teleconference was scheduled by a little known CDC agency called the Clinical Immunization Safety Assessment (CISA) Network, a consortium of six research centers working on "immunization-associated health risks," in conjunction with the CDC's Immunization Safety Office and the health insurance lobby -- whose companies cover some 200 million Americans.

The hot topic of the day was mitochondria - the little powerhouses within each cell that convert food and oxygen into energy for use by the body. Recent news events have implicated mitochondria in at least one case of regressive autism, following normal development.

Some researchers on the call reported that mitochondrial dysfunction is probably much more common than the current estimate of 1-in-4,000 people. The potential implications for autism, then, are staggering.

Read the full post at HuffPo and comment HERE.


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Terri L., here is an Autism/Africa story at CNN:


This is amazing reporting. Kudos to David Kirby and his brave sources. Reading between the lines, what seems most important here is the thing that has gotten the CDC to move on this isn't yet another mito study out of Portugal, but rather the Big Insurance lobby putting its foot down. Correct me if I'm wrong, but this is the insurance companies saying "We have scientific case data on our patients, we know what's going on, and unless you do something about it to make changes that will help our bottom line we are going to make that data public." So now it's shaping up as a catfight between Big Pharma and their epidemiologic studies showing their vaccines to be safe, and Big Insurance with their hard patient data showing vaccine injury, with the CDC playing the role of monkey in the middle. The question is whether or not the CDC can convince Insurance to keep its lips zipped. Judging by the fact that the call's contents were already leaked to Kirby, I'm guessing the answer is gonna be NO. Pass the popcorn and fasten your seatbelts, it's going to be a bumpy summer!


Can anyone confirm or deny the rumor that a DC-area hospital administers (and has been for some time) "experimental" Thimerosal-free vaccines to the children of elected and government officials?


Terri L., please feel free to create a letter for Oprah. She knows what is going on thanks to Katie Wright and Jenny McCarthy. I just don't understand why she hasn't done for us what she has done for Dr. Phil and the victims of pedophiles in having a series of shows about it. Gosh, she could have David Kirby as a guest, Dr. Mark Geier as a guest, Dr. Boyd Haley as a quest. Etc.

This is HUGE! Carcinogens and neurotoxins and aborted fetuses (human and animal) are being injected into our children. "They" wouldn't allow AF for stem cell research for adults because of the moral implications but they have no problem injecting it into babies!?

This is govt. sactioned, protected, and (in some states) enforced poisoning of our children and senior citizens for profit and someone has to stand up to the billionaires who bank on it and say ENOUGH!

Angela Warner

Do you mean THIS money going towards research??? Yeh .... NICE... If you remember back in I think '06 the DoD gave them someting along the lines of 7.5 million... Oh yes... I'm speaking of our "research friends". You guessed it... I'll refrain from what the acronym (sp?)(suffering from CRS this week:) ) really stands for - or, rather should be. AS tax returns. Man I hate it when stuff like this comes back to haunt you. OOPPSSSSIIIEEE Daisy :) Thank Ray for this. He sent them to me months ago and I guess now is the time.

David, THANK YOU for being such a loud and proactive voice for our children. Words would never express how appreciative we all are.

Formaldehyde. Yes let's talk for a brief moment. I've had many careers in my life and I was a Hair artist first. I was not a stylist or "dresser", I was an artist. Formaldehyde. Yuck. I remember when I was in cosmetology school they told us not to breathe the fumes from the formaldehyde tablets we were required to keep in our stations for sanitation purposes. We were also instructed to wear rubber gloves when changing the tablets. Upon hearing that - the only time I would have them in my station was when I anticipated there may be an inspection (sanitation) and the rest of the time I did as usual... hot water and soap, clean comb for every client, and leaving my boxes open for air at the end of every day with my station totally cleaned. They told me in cosmetology school that it caused cancer and this was roughly twenty years ago... I thought to myself... then why in the hell are we using it? Why am I expected to be exposed and why should my client?

I am thinking of "Mutiny On The Bounty". Our government is more corrupt than anyone ever thought. Just the thoughts and facts from a military wife who has happily put her @$$ on the line and will continue to do so for our kids. I guess they had too many vaccinations :) HA! Ohhh go ahead and ask how I know. All tooooooo happy to share. Calling out our government!!!

Yep calling them out

Mom to 2 on Spectrum

Ok, I may be really rusty at math, so please bare with me if I am totally off here, maybe someone better at (or more 'active' in math/conversion) can help me here.
I was researching the CDC's Director (boy, there is some shady stuff going on with her and the bonuses in the CDC since she took the position, that is another issue)..
But anyway, I read this article, which got me really thinking:

"CDC Confirms Health Risks to Occupants of Trailers"
By Spencer S. Hsu
Washington Post Staff Writer
Thursday, February 14, 2008; Page A15

"Federal health officials have confirmed that high levels of formaldehyde gas pose health risks to hurricane victims housed in 38,000 government trailers on the Gulf Coast, and will recommend that occupants be moved before temperatures rise this spring and summer, Bush administration officials disclosed yesterday.

Federal scientists will say that those who have chronic health conditions such as asthma, families with children, and older residents should be moved first. The Federal Emergency Management Agency and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention plan to discuss the recommendation today in New Orleans and to begin consultations with all of the roughly 100,000 trailer occupants, an official said.

The findings cap nearly two years of internal government deliberation over the housing of hurricane Katrina and Rita survivors in the trailers, and come 23 months after FEMA first received reports of health problems and test results showing formaldehyde levels at 75 times the U.S.-recommended workplace safety threshold.

In an interview, CDC Director Julie Gerberding said the new findings amount to a wake-up call "to move people who have been reluctant to move, and to move us in government to do more to find reliable housing" for hurricane survivors. She said most of the 520 housing units tested in Louisiana and Mississippi showed the presence of formaldehyde below 100 parts per billion, but a small number had levels five times as high.

"If levels are high today, that means people in housing vulnerable to formaldehyde could be exposed to health effects now. We're also concerned because they've been in there 18 months, and even a low level could result in large cumulative exposure," Gerberding said. "We know less about effects of chronic exposure. It's very important we reduce it as much and as quickly as we can, and the way to do that is to get people out of these homes."

Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-Miss.), chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, criticized what he depicted as the Bush administration's tardy response. "After dragging its feet for over a year, the administration has finally come clean and released data on the health risks facing occupants of travel trailers in the Gulf Coast. I fully expect FEMA to comply with CDC's recommendation and begin moving people out immediately," Thompson said.

Formaldehyde, a common wood preservative, can cause vision and respiratory problems, and long-term exposure has been linked to cancer, as well as to asthma, bronchitis and allergies in children.

FEMA announced plans in July to test the occupied trailers after congressional investigators accused it of suppressing internal warnings about the problem. Testing finally began in late December. FEMA spokesman James McIntyre yesterday declined to discuss the CDC's report, but noted that FEMA is already moving 800 families a week out of trailers. "

So, seeing as the CDC is stating that Formaldehyde is such a problem (finally after how many months/years has this been a known issue with these Hurricane Survivors?), I remembered that Good ole' Vaccines also have Formaldehyde in them as well, and as the CDC is known for saying that their lovely vaccines are so SAFE, I wondered what the proportion of 100 Parts Per Million was vs. how much is in our Babies and Childrens vaccines? Well, I found, and it surprised me if my math is right, that its EQUAL to the amount the CDC is saying is in the air of those trailers...and in the article, Director Dr. Julie Gerberding says:

"If levels are high today, that means people in housing vulnerable to formaldehyde could be exposed to health effects now. We're also concerned because they've been in there 18 months, and even a low level could result in large cumulative exposure," Gerberding said. "We know less about effects of chronic exposure. It's very important we reduce it as much and as quickly as we can, and the way to do that is to get people out of these homes."

So the CDC knows (at least admits THIS HERE IN THIS ARTICLE) that Formaldehyde levels could result in large cumulative exposure....So...
I then looked up the vaccines that have Formaldehyde in it, from the CDC's directly:
"DTap, DTaP-Hib,Influenze (fluzone), Japanese enceplalitis, Measles (Attenuvax), Rubella (MeruvaxII), MMR (MMR-II), Rabies (RaBAvert), Typhoid oral (Vivo-ti), Varicella (Varivax), Yellow Fever (YF-Vax)"

Then I looked up the Brand our children recieved, GlaxoSmithKline (, my boys recieved the Pediarix version of their vaccine (and did our daughter I believe, but she didnt finish her schedule thankfully!), and here is the information that they state about the Pediarix Vaccine:

And in this info about Pediarix GSK states: "Each dose contains Less Than or Equal too 100 mcg of residual Formaldehyde and..." (in each 0.5ml dose given in 3 Doses starting usually at the age of 2 Months but as early as 6 weeks, given in 6-8 week intervals)"

SO, with my math 'skills' that havent been used for much lately (at least conversions like this..LOL!) would be as follows, please someone correct me if I am wrong:
100 mcg= 0.1 mg

1mg=1ppm (found on various conversion sites online)

100 mcg=100ppm

So, if I figured this out correctly, IF 100 PPB is so DANGEROUS to breathe IN, WHAT DOES THE CDC say about 100mcg (or 100ppb) being injected INTO our children, not once, but THREE TIMES, especially considering that according to the director of the CDC herself, in this article states "and even a low level could result in large cumulative exposure"....I mean, what gives?

Has anyone else made this connection? I mean, I know that Formaldehyde is a horrible toxin to be in vaccines, and I was pretty outraged when I read it was in there (along with all of the other horrible KNOWN toxins and Neurotoxins in them) but this is a TOTAL OMMISSION here by the CDC that is harmful if breathed in, but its OK and SAFE to inject the same amounts?

Someone please tell me my math is HORRIBLY wrong here, and that even though Formaldehyde is so dangerous (breathed in or injected), but NOT THIS DANGEROUS TO BE SO OBVIOUS TO me, a Mom, not a scientist, not a Doctor, but someone who just did a little digging in an hour's I can put 2+2 together...yikes! I mean I know they KNOW these vaccines are terrible, but do they think we are THAT stupid?

Help, I would love to know others thoughts!


I read this report and wonder how much further the CDC can move back to the stone age.
When average parents can detect, understand and treat mitochondrial issues but the CENTER of Disease control has to ponder environmental toxins causing cell death...the end is near.
Just forward the multi-millions granted in government dollars to the parents of vaccine damaged children.
Promise we can give the government better return on their money without all the pricey BS.
I can hardly stomach the rhetoric anymore.
Wait! I feel another epidemiology study coming on. I bet they are already
lining up some Danish kids.

Terri Lewis

Hey, biomedmama7!

What a great idea to contact Oprah Winfrey!

In fact, I just now sent a quick, little e-mail to her show, but didn't really get into all of your specific ideas--I thought I should defer to you!

Really, we should all do this, just like we're calling the White House to put pressure on Julie Gerberding. And while I sadly note that Gerberding is still there, and not in jail (where she so, so needs to be!) it does seem that pressure has been brought to bear. . .

In any case, I think it would be best to get organized around this Oprah thingie (although I really encourage anybody to send a little e-mail right now) and make it happen.

Victims my, my. . .my BACKSIDE!--I say we make this happen!

Biomedmama7, do you want to write up a little letter for AOA? Showcase it right here, real soon, right guys? (I'll do it if you're too busy, but you seem to have the ideas for this one. . .)

P.S. Hi Robin N!!

Remember me from Wade's site? You are fantastic, and I am SO happy to see you here! You write some of the most beautiful, raw-truth ranting I've ever seen, ever, and that is a GIFT. Thank you for sharing it here, and I hope you can share it in lots of places. People do not, do not, do not want to hear what you have to say, but that's the beauty of it. You're a preacher and a poet.

Tell it Robin--tell it like it is!

Terri L.

John Best

I see someone is complaining about Autism Speaks. Click on my name to see an article that describes what a wonderful resource their message board is.


David, once again you are the hero of the day. Thank you, thank you, thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

One question for you -- why is it that everyone talks about autism and the "lesser" disorders (i.e., ADD, ADHD, speech delay, etc.) being linked to Thimerosal and/or vaccines, but not others, some arguably more serious? There seems to be a sort of inherited litany circulating amongst us that recites a specific set of possible connections, but which avoids others.

The Geiers' 2004 article entitled Neurodevelopmental Disorders Following Thimerosal-Containing Childhood Immunizations: A Followup Analysis ( ) looked at VAERS adverse event reporting on autism, ataxia, speech disorders, personality disorders, mental retardation and thinking disorders. I will quote the article here, but do look at the bar graph on page 372 as it is rather revealing:

"The VAERS database showed that a significant risk factor for the development of neurodevelopmental disorders was the amount of mercury children received from Thimerosal-containing childhood immunizations. It was observed that those children receiving Thimerosal-containing DTaP vaccine in comparison with Thimerosal-free DTaP vaccines were at an increased risk for reported neurodevelopmental adverse events based upon our assessment of the VAERS database. A number of controls to determine if biases or confounders were present in the reporting of adverse events examined in the VAERS database for the cohorts under study were evaluated, and the results indicate that they had a minimal effect upon the results of the study. It was even observed, although the media has reported a potential link between autism and Thimerosal exposure, that the other neurodevelopmental disorders analyzed in our assessment of the VAERS has significantly higher ORs [odds ratios] than autism following Thimerosal-containing DTaP vaccine in comparison with Thimerosal-free DTaP vaccines”

It seems to me that there may be a whole cohort of children out there who are missing the biomedical boat simply because they have neurodevelopmental disorders other than autism or the “4 A’s”. What happened, as you say, to speech disorders, but also to mental retardation, ataxia, thinking and personality disorders? I just posted to Mark Blaxill’s article of today about the medical literature containing a case of a little girl who developed severe encephalopathy within 12 hours of a DTaP vaccine which resulted in a severe Rett Syndrome phenotype ( ) – she looked like a Rett girl, but did not have the MECP2 genetic defect.

What really kills me in this is that the diagnosis for Rett – like Angelman and many other syndromes – can be made on clinical grounds alone. You can still get the diagnosis based on clinical phenotype – the way you present -- even if the genetics are normal. This absolutely begs the question – couldn’t there be more kids out there who have ended up with a whole handbag of neurodevelopmental disorder/syndrome diagnoses who in fact are vaccine and/or Thimerosal damaged and who could be helped with biomedical interventions? My daughter is a case in point – she was tested for both Rett and Angelman early on, but ended up not getting either clinical diagnosis as she began to improve on biomed.

I think that once the cat is let out of the bag on all this, we will see a lot more connections being made for other disorders as well and hopefully we will begin to reach more children who should be sign biomed but aren’t because they “don’t have autism.”.

Absolute best,


No offense to anyone in the media who is currently fighting this battle for us...

Because of the amount of money involved, I think the only person who could put a stop to this or a dent in this is Oprah Winfrey. I think she should devote at least an entire week to autism via mercury posioning during Autism Awareness Month - April. (The last week of April begins the ratings sweeps period.) Or, she could devote one or more days a week in April to autism via mercury poisoning. She did this for Dr. Phil (Tuesdays with Dr. Phil) for much longer than one month. She also did something similar in an effort to capture those "most wanted" pedophiles. Someone with big media cajones has to take an appropriate stand for our children (and senior citizens) and stop this poisoning-for-profit. Aren't they as important as the people who benefit from Dr. Phil? Aren't they as important as the children who were and would be victims of pedophiles?


And CNN is promoting Autism Speaks in an article that is supposedly offering "help" for parents of autistic children?! #$&*%#~!

Teresa Conrick

Great report DK! My head is spinning as to the implications.

I want to hear more about the corn syrup. Is it a cousin to THE autism gene or a legit concern?

Robin Nemeth

Reading through the comments there are a few that I feel I have to respond to—especially the one about how parents of vaccine injured children just want their children healed, and the one about what the anti-vaccination crowd is willing to do for their ‘cracked purpose’.

My children for the most part are only ever so mildly affected (as am I), for which I can only thank God. While I feel that it would be nice if they could be healed, a more important concern of mine is what I’ve seen in the last five years. What I’ve seen of my country’s justice system, what I’ve seen of my fellow American citizens, is more disturbing than I can easily explain. What I want is not healing for my children, but healing for what passes for justice in my country.

Over the last five years I’ve watched while people, so afraid of what they heard they couldn’t stand it, did everything within their power to stop the people who had unpleasant truths to speak. I’ve been banned from internet political chat rooms on both the left and the right, where I’d debated amiably for eight or ten years about any political topic imaginable until I spoke the words ‘thimerosal’ and ‘autism’. I’ve been threatened with arrest for politely handing out information about thimerosal on a public sidewalk. I think that people don’t want to believe that I would be treated in such a heavy-handed manner, and by fund raisers for an Autism Speaks benefit concert no less—an organization that purports to want to help those touched by autism. But people didn’t want to believe that their government’s public health regulatory agencies could be this messed up, either. Unfortunately, what people don’t want doesn’t go away simply because they close their eyes and refuse to look at it.

For decades the majority of Americans have buried their heads in the sand because they didn’t like seeing the truth. And our ‘justice’ system enabled them to easily do this. The ‘justice’ system that said “Oh well this is a public health matter, and so the individual’s right to a civil trial can be sacrificed for the good of the whole.” Never mind if, along the way, a few hundred thousand innocent children were sacrificed as well, in the bargain.

How have my fellow Americans reacted to the truth when it’s hit them so hard over the head they’ve had no choice but to look up at it?

Here is how the nice people have reacted.

“You are acting like victims,” they’ve said to those whose children were destroyed. “Why don’t you just accept that what’s caused this is either your own irresponsible behavior (drinking, plopping the child in front of the telly, waiting til the father’s sperm is too old..), or your own genes? Quit acting like victims and pull yourself up by your own bootstraps and just deal with it. It’s not our problem, why should we have to pay to fix it.”

You can show them evidence that it isn’t drinking at all, or television, or only the parents’ genetic makeup. You can show them evidence that what happened to these children was the result of society’s attempts to keep THEM safe from disease. No amount of evidence will change their thinking. If you show them too much evidence, they will look away. And then they will do everything they can to silence you so that you can’t speak to anyone else about what you believe.

Those are the nice people.

The really nasty people—and it is very scary how many of them there are—think along these lines: “Oh look at the little kid who’s spinning and banging his head and smearing his feces. Heh. Ha, ha ha ha! Gee I’m glad that’s not me, or mine. But isn’t it funny to watch?! And those crackpots who are on about it all of the time, blaming the vaccines, they are REALLY funny! Let’s let them talk so that we can make fun of them. If they say something that’s really disturbing to us, of course, something that most anyone can see is credible, well that’s not so very much fun then. So we’ll make sure they can’t speak about it by silencing them.” This is the treatment I received by the anonymous people on the internet chat rooms. I hate to think that it’s the way a great many Americans think, but I suspect it’s the case. And I have to say that I have nothing but contempt for people who will only speak anonymously. Whether they are scumbags making fun of other peoples’ misery on the internet, or journalists’ sources.

I’ve watched while people laughed themselves silly at autistic children. I’ve watched while anonymous people on the internet made stupid laughing remarks like “Got mercury?”, or “Thimerosal, yum!”, while banning anyone who tried to speak of the genocide that has occurred. I’ve watched them rant endlessly about how parents with children with autism are so desperate they will do anything to get money to help their children, even make stuff up. Money they don’t really deserve because they brought this on themselves with their ‘victim mentality’. I’ve watched people who think that we should all do for ourselves, pull ourselves up by our own bootstraps, show no compassion at all for those children who were harmed through no fault of their own but by the very society that now wants nothing more than to throw them overboard. Harmed by the society that was trying to look after the ‘herd’, and now this same ‘herd’ is more than happy to laugh at what’s happened to them, to do everything within their power to shut up the parents, and to deny them help for the harm that society has caused them.

I’ve watched while mothers, once called refrigerator moms, were accused now of being alcoholics who couldn’t stop drinking while pregnant or lazy oafs who wanted nothing for their children but to plop them in front of the boob tube all day long. I’ve watched while the philanthropic organizations that pretend to raise money to help children with autism instead put their money to the purpose of funding nothing at all but genetic research, and PR campaigns to convince the public that, in Alison Singer’s words “the only thing parents of autistic children did wrong was have bad genes.”

So what has this ‘no fault’ special ‘Vaccine Court’ brought us? It’s brought us a generation of children, their rights stripped from them, at the mercy of HMO’s who are only now deciding that it’s time to do the right thing only because they can longer, no matter how much help and encouragement they might get from the vaccine makers and the CDC and the AAP, sweep this horrific mess aside. It’s brought us a generation of children who were destroyed. But in the rationale of those who designed the special Vaccine Court, it really shouldn’t be considered anyone’s fault that they were destroyed—not the vaccine makers, not the public health officials. Because after all, individually, those children who were destroyed don’t matter. What is important is that the safety of the herd is maintained.

*When they came for the Jews, I remained silent; I wasn’t a Jew.*

Oh yes, and then there was the comment I read about prison for Julie Gerberding and Paul Offit and their ilk. What do I think about that?

It doesn’t matter that much to me if a certain combination of thimerosal in flu shots, or thimerosal in childhood vaccines, or mercury from China’s air pollution, or Tylenol administered after a shot, or a fever occurring at a certain age or a course of antibiotic administered at a certain age causes aggravated conditions or severe problems in people who are genetically prone. I don’t understand that much about the science, and I don’t understand that much about the statistics.

But if there were people who knew of certain facts, and were concerned enough about those facts to say to themselves “I don’t want MY child to receive these shots”, all the while that they were covering up those very same facts so that other peoples’ children were getting their shots unaware of those facts, then that, to me, is cause enough for punishment. This is what happened in the fictional Eli Stone episode. If there is considerable evidence that anything like it has happened in real life, enough evidence that a REAL jury (Every time I hear of the term ‘Special Master’ I feel like I am supposed to act like a dog instead of a human being, drooling for a bone to be tossed my way. It doesn’t matter one whit to me how many people are of the opinion that they are as fair as can be) is convinced of it, then there is no doubt that a lot of people should be serving a lot of prison time.

As horrible as the behaviors I’ve seen in the last five years have been, it’s something that I’ll learn to live with. I can always avoid the nastiest people I’ve encountered. But if there are people who’ve profited from this, knowing the damage that was being done, or who’ve profited from the cover-up, those people must be held accountable, somehow and some way. Otherwise I just don’t see any real future for my children living here in the US, however lucky they were to have dodged this mercury-in-the-vaccines bullet.

Jake's Grandma

David Kirby you are my hero--forever!

Yet another call unheeded

"It was a sobering event for all concerned, and it could soon become known as the Conference Call heard 'round the world."

It seems not to have made it to the sacred hallowed halls of the CDC empire. Doubtless it tried, but the excrescence of the mired filth that permeates from the evil auspices of its inhabitants doubtless engulfed it - like all good intentions that come to naught in the face of obstacles like greed. Or power. Or some such manifestation of the same.

Tim Kasemodel


Here is a great video to help understand what mitochondria are and the processes they require to work effectively.

Interesting to see how important ATP (adenosine triphosphate) is in getting protiens into the mitochondria. Seems like many things would have to be working correctly to make it work.

Thimerosal has been shown to affect ATP mediated processes in immune function (Uncoupling of ATP-Mediated Calcium Signaling and Disregulated Interleuken-6 Secretion in Dendridit Cells by Nanomolar Thimerosal - Issac Pessah) I wonder if some of these docs are concerned about the unknown (unresearched) effects thimerosal may have in the process of ATP mediated mitochondria function.......... Just food for thought.

Antibiotics have been shown to affect ATP and mitochondria as well - just google it. Many children with autism with major health issues have a history of heavy infant antibiotic use. Oh yeah, and antibiotics affects the rate of mercury detoxification (interesting how it all could tie together, like a Tapestry...... if someone were to investigate)

Those who are quick to criticize David Kirby for continuing the conversation about thimerosal, vaccines and autism should realize there is so much the medical community does NOT know about mitochondria yet. Mito dysfunction is but one factor in all of this, but if evidence and research points to a place where some kids can become healthier and happier, what bad can come from that?


Oh, I forgot; if we look , we might find. If we find, then we might see.

And we can't have people going around making personal individual choices regarding what happens to their own bodies now can we?

That would be too much like democracy.

Tim Kasemodel

Craig Willoughby

I, too am certain that my son's autism was triggered at 18 months. The genetic correlations between father and son are also interesting, especially considering that as a child, I exhibited several classic signs of aspergers (on another post, I noticed that someone mentioned that flat feet are common among autistic children. Both myself, my oldest daughter, and my son are all flat footed).

Jeanne, how were you able to determine that your son was developing migraines? My son is currently in the hospital for psychiatric evaluation after a week long stint of biting, hitting and scratching bloody furrows in his arms, legs, and scalp, so I wonder if he could also have a problem with migraines (I've read this is not uncommon with autistic children, and since he is non-verbal, I can't necessarily ask him if his head is hurting).



Thanks so much for providing this information. I just finished my tax return and have about $40,000 in unreimbursed medical expenses for the year related to my child's care (insurance is covering almost nothing). So when I read your piece I called up my friend in pharma to ask why the health care executives on this conference call would even care about the relationship between mito disease and autism, since they're not paying for anything anyway. My friend cited the new raft of state legislation requiring coverage for autism therapies, and the fact that soon (hopefully) these companies will be picking up some autism care costs.

So perhaps it is the coming state mandates (we know it's not concern for the welfare of the kids, sigh) that are acting as a catalyst for appropriate action here. With that in mind, let's all keep calling our state legislators and make sure these laws pass!



why isn't this headline news? why the recent response in the Atlanta Journal from the CDC refuting everything David Kirby wrote in his opinion piece - if this call already took place?

literally, what is going on at the CDC and why is it so effing hard to get the media to ask this question? even in the age of internet - there are powerful forces at work to keep citizens in the dark.

thank god for sites like these. I am grateful!


Another amazing piece by David Kirby. Thank you Mr. Kirby for continuing your efforts in the face of adversity. I have no doubts myself that vaccines triggered my son's regressive autism at 18 months, and then triggered his seizure/migraine disorder when he was 5. I wish I had known then what I know now.

Cathy Jameson


Thank you for the great article. This topic still shocks me in that we have been bringing up mitochondrial issues to many of the specialist we take our son to. It's been three very long years of me (just a mom) asking and wondering and hoping for a clearer scientific reason for my son's issues.

There's no doubt the vaccine injury Ronan suffered pushed his little body over the edge. I wonder if we could find a study to participate in since our speculations about a mito disorder have now become an obvious hot topic by more than just two parents fighting for their child. If doctors have already done research and studies in other countries (like the one you mention from Portugal), maybe our vax injured children here in the US can help pave the way for the unfortunate next group of vaccine injured kids.

Thank you for sharing such valuable information. I look forward to more news and to hopefully find a doctor who will finally listen to me and help my child.


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