Bax_n_julia_hug Managing Editor's Note:  This post is the result of a fortuitous combination of two wonderful women, both of whom I am proud to know.

Blogger/author/Asperger's Mom Michelle O'Neil posted a piece on her blog Full Soul Ahead about Julia Berle, mother of a recovered child named Baxter, and the movie about his journey called "Waking Up Baxter."

First, from Julia Berle: Almost three years ago my son Baxter lost his diagnosis of autism.  He was repeatedly re-tested by the various (5) sources that originally diagnosed him and was no longer considered by any to be on the autistic spectrum.  Since that time we have tried to share his story in earnest effort to provide hope for other families.

Through a variety of interventions, biomedical as well as traditional, Baxter has recovered from autism.  Julia and Baxter have shared his success story on GOOD MORNING AMERICA, DATELINE NBC as well as other local Los Angeles news programs and in numerous printed publications.   Because autism can often be an exhaustive and potentially isolating battle with seemingly little hope; supporting parents and caregivers through the journey is of paramount importance to Julia.   She is the mother to three children; Baxter 8yrs, Peter 6 and Eliza 3.   Baxter is currently a joyful, social little dude -he attends a typical classroom with no supports or therapy of any kind.

Last summer a film student visiting here from the Netherlands became intrigued and alarmed after learning of the massive numbers of  children with autism.  Karim Cherif spent some time asking us some questions about the disease and became enthralled with Baxter's journey.  What was then created by this intelligent and highly creative young man is Waking Up Baxter. 

Michelle_oneilFrom Michelle O'Neil's blog called Full Soul Ahead: During the worst of it with Riley, I had a split second vision of me in a jail cell, lying on a bare cot. I don't know what I did, but I knew she was dead, at my hands, and the predominant emotion I felt was not remorse, but relief. Relief for her to be out of her misery. Relief that my husband and infant son now had a chance at a happier, healthier, life. I didn't give a damn about what happened to me anymore.

That little flash scared me. My daughter's behavior was insane. I was at my limit. We were in serious trouble, and we needed to figure out what was wrong.

Before we started bio-med therapies, I had no idea the child who had become my nightmare would one day again be my joy, but she is. She is my joy! She has been steadily recovering and she feels better. Because she feels better, who she really is can shine. Who she really is, is the most loving, gentle, sweet, innocent, pure, tender-hearted person you can imagine. Who she really is was not visible when her body was polluted and she felt lousy.

Riley is one of many children recovering to varying degrees, from autism.

Baxter, (the handsome little guy in the photo above) is one who has gone all the way. I don't know his mom, and don't know if she ever went through such a "dark night of the soul," but I suspect, most parents of kids on the spectrum have had their desperate moments.

This is for any parent who is in that place now.

Watch Waking Up Baxter here.

Take strength in his story.

There is light at the end of the tunnel.

Thank you to Michelle O'Neil, writer and extraordinary parent of a child with Asperger's Syndrome.  And to Julia Berle, Julia Berle B.S. SLP / ECE, Nationally Certified Interpreter for the Deaf, Early Intervention Specialist and Special Education Consultant, Founding Parent of Generation Rescue ( Coordinator TACA Los Angeles ( and Mom to Baxter - Recovered in 2005.


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I believe that Theresa Cedillo's duaghter can get well, she must not lose hope. First the disease was brought through the works of the devil. There is a remedy. Contact me at:


I watched this movie last night and it gave me so much hope. My son is 4 years old, and he is starting to recover and it's the most amazing thing to witness. Every day there is a breakthrough...


Thank you so much I needed to read this. I have been struggling but my son is getting better. I would like to know what are some of the biomed therapies you used?

Theresa Cedillo

Thank you biomedmama -

AofA - per biomedmama's comments - can you please forward me her email address?


Karim Cherif

Hi People,

Thanks for all the visits to the site. The server was unable to handle some of the requests. But it has been upgraded.

Sorry for the inconvenience...

It just shows how important this topic is!



Theresa Cedillo, you are also a huge inspiration to all of us. Our 17 year old is going through physician supervised hormone and chelation therapy and we are seeing improvement. If you'd like I can give you more information. The AofA people have my permission to give you my email address.

Wendy Fournier

You are such an inspiration to me. I'm so grateful to you for staying involved and sharing your message of hope with those of us who are still on the road to recovery. You're one of the coolest moms I know!

Theresa Cedillo

What inspiring stories - thank you! I wonder if either mom would be willing to give it a shot at helping me recover Michelle? Michelle is already 13 and most people will not try to recover a 13 yr old. We've done some biomed and other interventions. She's lingering in this state of I don't know what - but she's not healthy and she's not well and she's in a lot of pain every single day.

Theresa Cedillo

Cathy Jameson

Wow! I am in such awe and full of more hope for my own family after reading this posts. Thank you so much for the inspiration to continue to work hard for Ronan. It is a daily walk, a nightly plea and an every-day vision to get to recovery.



Thank you so so much, Julia, for all the remarkable work that you do, for tirelessly sharing Baxter's story and providing support to families and cofounding Generation Rescue, and more! And thank you Michelle for the very interesting web site which I had never seen before.

To anyone from the CDC, NIMH, FDA, AAP, IOM, Autism Speaks, the N.Y. Times, and other scientific and meda organizations who happens to read this: Why aren't these accounts the focus of more attention and research? Some children are recovering from autism and many are improving -- becoming happier, more expressive, better able to communicate and learn -- because of treatments that address biomedical issues. Isn't this incredibly exciting? Doesn't this indicate that autism is not only a genetic syndrome affecting the structure of the brain, but a biomedical condition which may be amenable to treatment?

Research could help clarify why certain children with autism respond to certain treatments and not others. And, I believe that we need more research focussed on individuals. Rather than trying one treatment on a large group of individuals with autism who are biomedically diverse and who may each need a range of treatments over an extended time period, why not study individuals in depth to try to identify subtypes responding to varied treatments.


We're so close, so close. I needed this boost of hope, and this reminder that recovery is possible - to never give up. Thanks for this one Age of Autism. It couldn't have come at a better time.

To Michelle and Julia, thank you for giving us all hope and strength!

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