Hey Pregnant People!

Avoid the Zika virus by all means, but I'd worry less about that than getting a flu shot -- untested for safety and efficacy on pregnant women and shot through with mercury most of the time. Yum!

How Mercury Triggered The Age of Autism

Autism Public Service Announcement

Conversation with the Authors of Plague

Canary Party Vaccine Court Video

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Olmsted's Original UPI Series

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On second thought, buy TWO. Trust us.


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I live in Europe..please explain for those of us who can't buy it.

Does it have anything to do with Eli Stone video segments evaporating off the web today?

Managing Editor: Sorry, love. Just trust us, OK?

Could you at least tell us if it is good news or bad news? I'm sending this info to all friends and family, and I do not want them to be "misinformed". The suspense is killing me.

Managing Editor's note: Stay tuned tomorrow, we'll tell you right here!

Could someone help this home-confined mom? What is special about this edition of USA Today? Thanks.

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