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Raymond Gallup


Vaccine Ingredients

Vaccination, Social Violence, and Criminality: The Medical Assault on the American Brain (Paperback)
by Harris Coulter (Author) "The first victims of the medical assault on the American brain were the autistic children..." (more)

Raymond Gallup

3 Marbles Left

Brett - you know how detectives use the circle method in crimes? The go to the people closest to the victim first. The expand the cirlce outward as they rule people out as suspects. Same with vaccines? Of all the ingredients, mercury stands out as the most poisonous and so is the "go to" ingredient to investigate.


And, if any parent is so brave as to question the schedule, the medical folk will mock them for their ignorance, tell them to stop reading on the Internet, threaten them with Child Protective Services, tell them stories about children dying of awful diseases because their parents refused them life-saving vaccines...pretty much anything except have a reasonable conversation about the benefits and risks of vaccinating your child.


I don't believe that autism is mercury poisoning, I've said that before. As for the number / types of vaccines being a trigger, I've been thinking about it lately but haven't seen any data to help me make a my mind. But...

WOW!!! That was about all I could think when I looked at the schedules. The schedules in and of themselves don't lead me to believe anything different than what I believed before, but it does give me an extra data point to use as I try to figure this all out.


Why you'd have to be batty to allow a doctor to do this to your child. Starting thinking for yourselves, Sheople. Before your child pays the price.

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