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I asked the KHC-NEWS.TV reporter, Tracy, how she got involved in the autism issue. She said, “I used to be a school teacher … retired … went back to visit a few weeks ago … saw too many disabled kids...

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Imus Imus returns to the radio today on WABC New York. You can listen online, just click HERE. As Tony Soprano would say about a "made man" in the mob, "Imus is friend of ours." And so he is.

Don's wife Deirdre is a board member of the National Autism Association and a tireless advocate for children.

Best wishes, Don and Deirdre.


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WOOT! WOOT! Welcome back IMUS! WOOT! WOOT! I'm having a private party (meaning a dance around the kitchen table) in my head right now celebrating your return. WELCOME BACK FRIEND! YAY! :-D

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