Is Autism an Infection?

Jenny McCarthy Bares All in CDC Call!

Naa_jennyBy Kim Stagliano

I knew that headline would encourage you to read the article....

The beautiful, funny, autism Mom/best selling author/actress named Jenny McCarthy called the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) LIVE during her presentation at the National Autism Association Conference last weekend in Atlanta.

Age of Autism has the five minute phone call on videotape! CLICK HERE! 

You'll need the free Apple Quicktime software to watch the clip.The clip takes a few seconds to download and the audio synch is a bit off, but you'll get the jist of her call. 

Jenny is NOT letting the CDC off the hook when it comes to vaccines and the autism epidemic.  She has the brains, the beauty and a platform that's even higher than her heels to get her message out. 

A couple of weeks ago, an autism Mom sort of rolled her eyes when I mentioned Jenny's book Louder Than Words and asked me, "Do you think she's the real deal?" Yes I do. She spent three days at the conference, meeting parents, signing books and DVD's and made time for the many kids with autism who were there with their parents.

You know, another big name in autism likes to say, "Autism knocked on the wrong door." But Jenny McCarthy has put her MOUTH where her money is. (And what a mouth it is!) My money (what little is left after caring for my three children with autism) is on Jenny McCarthy.

Go, Jenny, go! And thank you, "Sweetie."

CLICK HERE for weekly updates on Jenny's media tour. You'll want to meet her when she's in your area.

(Thank you to the folks at Life is My Movie Entertainment Company for creating the file for Age of Autism.)


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Hunter Cashdollar

Jenny was very nice in person and spent lots of time talking to autism parents. She was very down to earth and all around great in person!

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