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Cathy Jameson

My Autism Awareness Month Playlist

Music MotivatesBy Cathy Jameson

As I’ve written in the past, I used to love the month of April.  April brings warmer weather, springtime, and new life.  More importantly, it brings my birthday!  I’ve always looked forward to this time of year.  Nowadays?  Not so much.  The more Aprils I experience, the less excited I feel and the more incensed I get.  

Those not personally affected by autism are lead to believe that Awareness is all we need.  Families like mine are way beyond needing just awareness.  Autism is expensive to treat.  It can be a struggle to handle, too.  Families need support – emotional, physical, and financial support.  They also need autism action. 

Over the last ten years, after watching my favorite month turn into what feels like a big money-making scam, just the anticipation of flipping the calendar page makes me twitchy.  April claims to boast autism awareness. Awareness was a great initiative over thirty years ago when the autism rate was 1 in 10,000.  But for a disorder that now affects 1 in 68, focusing energy on actually doing something about the rising rate would be better.  That needs to happen before the rate rises again, which at the rate they are going now, that will happen sooner than later. 

As March wraps up, and before we flip the calendar page, I’d rather flip over two pages and let May begin early.  I’d get to skip through the depressing amounts of blue washing from multi-billion dollar corporations.  Blue is splayed all over news stories, municipalities, and grocery products.  Making a profit on our children’s diagnosis feels like a punch in the gut. But, I have a way to combat those depressing thoughts. 

When I start to feel down in the dumps, I have found a way to work my way out of feeling so blue:  through my music.  Music can PUMP.  You UP!


Before April gets a chance to begin, and before I start to feel like I’m drowning in blue splattered this and blue soaked that, I thought I’d give you a sneak peek of a playlist that I’ll surely have on repeat. From April 1st through to midnight on April 30th, and through some of the madness that comes during what used to be my favorite month, I have a plan. 

Earbuds in.

Music turned up to a nice respectable level.

Madness turned off.

If you’ve got a go-to song that is a “must listen to”, share it in the comments below.  If I add it to my playlist, I promise that I’ll dance to it in my kitchen sometime during the next thirty days.  

xo, Cat


Songs that inspire me to Speak Up!

Blondie – Rip Her to Shreds

This could be anyone.  Male. Female.  Former provider.  Current arch nemesis.  This person is the one that could’ve done something to help your child but didn’t.  They are the ones who should’ve done some more but nothing instead.  Acting like everything is fine.  That you’re overreacting.  Telling everyone that they’re perfectly right and that you’re a hot mess.  While we would never promote punching people in the face, we know that sometimes that thought crosses your mind.  So does wanting to rip that sort of person to shreds.  You know her.  Come on.  Rip her to shreds.  Rip her to shreds.  Yeah.  But don’t actually do that!  Just hit replay.  Let the music soothe your soul. ♫

Nine Inch Nails – Head Like a Hole

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Current Affairs

My Life Derailed.

The road not takenBy Dara Berger

I was looking at Facebook this morning and noticed another mother made a comment about going through PTSD the day after seeing the NYC Premiere of Trace Amounts.  So I thought I would share my own PTSD experience that I had while watching the powerful documentary film last night.

Most people hear vaccine reaction and think of the hot debate about whether or not vaccines cause Autism.  But what about someone like me?

Last night I attended the premiere of a documentary film called "Trace Amounts" which included Robert Kennedy Jr as one of the speakers.  It was a wonderful event as I got to see all my fellow parent friends who are also raising a child with autism.  The film was very informative and I got a copy of Mr. Kennedy's book which he signed for everyone.

What I didn't expect was to go home and relive my own vaccine injury with such intense anger and anxiety that it was hard to fall asleep.  Looking back I should have taken my husband up on his offer to attend the afterparty just to have one drink, since we really don't get many opportunity's to see everyone.

Instead I decided to go home so I could have my wits about me in the morning to deal with all the research that needed to be done.  Research into what natural supplements could control my son's most recent PANDAS flare that is making his OCD off the charts even for one of the world's most patient mom's!

On the way home in the cab, I began casually discussing how similar my adverse reaction to a tetanus shot and mercury poisoning was to the filmmakers.  And just prior to seeing the movie, I had been telling my husband over dinner that I still have strong residual symptoms from my vaccine injury eventhough I consider myself to be recovered.  I still have major sound sensitvity and adverse feelings to being soaking wet.  I can no longer swim with my head under water and I am not able to wash my hair that often.  However these symptoms are nothing compared to what I experienced in 1999.  

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Dan Olmsted, Dan Olmsted

Weekly Wrap: Wasting the Wait for Enterovirus 68

AofA Red Logo Ayumi YamadaBy Dan Olmsted

Spring has sprung, at least theoretically, in daffodil-deprived Washington. Warmer weather will soon favor a resurgence of enterovirus 68, the virus that first appeared in severe and paralytic forms in 2013 as a small cluster in California, popped up unpredictably around the country last year in larger numbers and now – well, now what?

Just this week, the CDC put out a plain English Q&A about the virus.  The CDC notes that last year, 1,153 people in 49 states were confirmed to have the virus, and 14 of them died. Most were children. Weirdly, the CDC doesn't mention the frightening and seemingly permanent cases of paralysis almost certainly associated with EV-D68, and regarding the deaths, it mumbles: "State and local officials have the authority to determine and release information about the cause of these deaths."

It would be nice to see the CDC a little more animated on this one, because given the obvious parallels with poliovirus, I think we could be on the brink of big trouble. Both polio and EV-D68 are enteroviruses, meaning they get into the body through the GI tract, although they can manifest as respiratory illness; both appear in warmer weather; both can cause paralysis and death. A big part of the problem is mainstream medical types may once again be blind to what they are really dealing with.

Polio epidemics, as Mark Blaxill and I have proposed, were triggered not just by the virus but also by a necessary co-factor -- exposure to certain pesticides in people, most often non-immune children, who happened to have an active poliovirus infection at the time. The pesticides – lead arsenate starting in the early 1890s, DDT after World War II – opened a pathway to the nervous system that let the otherwise benign virus attack cells that control motion.

The idea that pesticides are implicated in polio has been around for a long time – since the first outbreaks over a century ago, in fact – but roundly sneered at by mainstream scientists, if they noticed at all while hunkered over microscopes in their virology labs. The pesticides-alone theory was easy to dismiss because it was incomplete. The virus, we argued, was a necessary cofactor with the toxin, and when the vaccine came along and took down the virus, the epidemics ended. But the truth -- the ability of toxins to potentiate microbes -- did not.

As the CDC points out, EV-D68 is one of more than 100 non-polio enteroviruses from which the vaccine provides no protection. And since lead arsenate and DDT are no longer used in the United States, we can only guess what toxin, still presumably a pesticide and who knows what else, is potentiating EV-D68. We suspect the collapse of bee colonies and the rise of neurological illnesses point to successor chemicals that are even more toxic in ever-smaller doses.

It would be useful to find out, and quickly. Unfortunately, the idea of a toxic cofactor in the spread of EV-D68 is not on the radar of any current research, as far as I can tell. That’s despite clues in the early EV-D68 cases – the parents of one child run vineyards and a winery in northern California, and the mother told us her daughter had fresh raspberries the morning she got sick (the doctors seemed uninterested); another child is from Moorpark, a Los Angeles exurb built on former (often toxic) farmland that has an apricot named after it.

By now, 1000-plus ED-68 cases on, the clues to the origin have been buried in the breadth of the outbreak, just as they were with polio (and autism); early polio clusters occurred in the San Joaquin and Napa valleys in California (fruit, vegetables, grapes), and in locations where lead arsenate was pioneered – most astonishingly, in 1893 in Boston, which is when and where lead arsenate was invented to battle the coddling moth that was attacking apple orchards. Its use soon spread, and so did epidemics.

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Dan Burns, Dr. Andrew Wakefield

Here’s Hope – Andy Wakefield and Ethan By Dan Burns

By Dan Burns

Enjoy this highlight from the Texans for Vaccine choice rally in Austin, March 25.  Ethan, a 12-year-old child recovering from autism, asked a great “what if” question.  Listen to Dr. Andy Wakefield’s surprising answer:

Current Affairs

In Perspective: Autism 2015 - Still a Mystery

MysteryExcerpted from Vaccination News with permission.

F. Edward Yazbak MD, FAAP

 Autism has increased at a much faster rate than all other disabilities served under IDEA, the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act.

At the CDC, all matters related to autism (Autism/ASD) research are the responsibility of the National Center on Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilities (NCBDDD).

For the longest time, the Center Director, a Biostatistician and Epidemiologist did not believe that the increase in autism prevalence was a true increase. She appears to have recently changed her mind.

The Director does not yet know what causes autism but like others at CDC, she seems convinced that it is not, in any way, a vaccine-related cause or causes.

Congressional Committee Hearings on autism-related issues should be held regularly.

The few research reports on autism and vaccines that the CDC has acknowledged supporting were clearly designed and intended to rule out any vaccine-autism connection.

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Anne Dachel

Dachel Media Update: CDC's Role in NACCHO Group

Online newsBy Anne Dachel OurKids ad 2013

Read Anne's commentary and view the links after the jump.   The Dachel Media Update is sponsored by Lee Silsby Compounding Pharmacy and OurKidsASD, an online supplement retailer for patients with special needs.

Mar 25, 2015, Fenton MI Tri-County Times: The other side of the vaccine controversy

Mar 8, 2015, The CDC's Role in Undoing Vaccine Exemptions: the NACCHO Front Group

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Mark Blaxill

Measles Hysteria Part 2

Measles banner

Below is part 2 of a graphic presentation on the measles hysteria of 2015 and the healthcare choice legislation the cases that began in Disneyland sparked.

See the original Part 1 AofA post here.

By Mark Blaxill






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JB Handley

Frontline Dredges Up Old Show to Prop Up Vaccine Safety Argument in Time for World Autism Day

Not this shitAh Spring. Texas bluebonnets are blooming. Snow is finally melting in the Northeast. And like Spring 2014, 13, 12, 11 and so on, there has been a logical progression of coverage designed, orchestrated, call it what you will, to make sure to protect the vaccination program. As if government usage mandates and production injury liability protection (courtesy of Uncle Sam) is not enough of an industry bonanza.  We've seen versions of this progression in the past. This year the full court press is even fuller - with an actual disease outbreak (measles, no deaths) and dozens of bills tightening/changing vaccine exemptions appearing in state after state as if by magic wand.  Perhaps from the Magic Kingdom! Paul Offit has released a book about the religion of medicine and how superior it is to the religion of religion called "Bad Faith." The New York Times thought it was a "Bad Book" and panned it soundly. Of note is that in 2014, Dr. Julie Gerberding, once head of the CDC, in charge of the nation's vaccine program and who became President of Merck's vaccine division upon leaving her government job,  became the EVP of Strategic Communications, Global Public Policy and Population Health.   The title alone sounds like  a role in a James Bond movie - Vaxxy Galore perhaps?  And PBS brought back an updated version of Frontline's THE VACCINE WAR which first ran in 2010.  We at AofA received an email from Frontline, asking us to help promote the program, Tweet during it etc.  I was at the New York City debut of Trace Amounts and missed Frontline. Shucks....  Here's a post JB Handley wrote after the first version of Frontline appeared in 2010.  KS

Frontline backwardBy J.B. Handley
The “hungry lie” on autism is both maddeningly simple and simply maddening and goes something like this: “It’s been asked and answered, vaccines don’t cause autism.”
As I’ve written about repeatedly, this is a huge lie, a critical lie, and a very “hungry” lie, because it constantly needs to be fed. Thanks to Frontline’s recent show, “the Vaccine War,” many more people will be confronted with this lie and have to sort through the rhetoric to figure out what is actually true.
Jon Palferman, who produced Frontline’s “The Vaccine War,” is different from many of the other feeders of the hungry lie in one important way: he spent nearly 2 hours sitting in my office debating and learning more about this very topic. I am certain that he fully and completely understands that only a single vaccine on the US vaccine schedule has actually been studied for its relationship to autism. I’m also certain he realizes many public health officials make bold and untrue statements all the time to reassure the public that “vaccines” have been studied and rendered “safe.”
To me, this makes Mr. Palferman’s recent public comment all the more unconscionable. On Frontline’s website, as a response to Dr. Jay Gordon’s searing critique of Frontline’s decision to not air any of Dr. Gordon’s taped interview, Mr. Palferman issued the following statement:
“Many thanks for your feedback on the program. FRONTLINE went to considerable lengths to include a wide range of viewpoints, even in the face of very strong scientific evidence against the hypothesized autism link to MMR and thimerosal. Despite the consistent negative epidemiology and the definitive verdict of the federal vaccine court, we included views from people who wanted more and different studies. The program also gave a great deal of time to the arguments of vaccine hesitant parents who think the CDC schedule is bloated. The companion FRONTLINE website contains full interviews with different stakeholders, including Dr Robert Sears, who promotes an alternative spread out vaccine schedule. The website also hosts a robust public conversation where a full range of viewpoints are being aired and engaged.”
Let me repeat for you the part of Mr. Palferman’s statement that shows he did spend 2 hours with me, but wanted to defend his position anyway:
“the hypothesized autism link to MMR and thimerosal”
You see, Mr. Palferman fully gets that no one has shown “vaccines don’t cause autism,” because I personally hammered home the point to him until he finally got it. So, he’s smart enough not to fully repeat the simple hungry lie that “vaccines” have been studied and at least tells the truth that ONLY thimerosal and the MMR have been looked at.

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Anne Dachel

Dachel Media Update: Don't Mess With Texas Vaccine Exemption Rights

Online newsBy Anne Dachel OurKids ad 2013

Read Anne's commentary and view the links after the jump.   The Dachel Media Update is sponsored by Lee Silsby Compounding Pharmacy and OurKidsASD, an online supplement retailer for patients with special needs.

Mar 25, 2015, NJ Star-Ledger: The latest Kennedy scandal: Railing about vaccines | Editorial

Mar 25, 2015, KVUE Austin TX: Bill would require schools to disclose vaccination waivers

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Anne Dachel

AofA Q&A Interview with Cardiologist Dr. Jack Wolfson

Dr. Jack WolfsonBy Anne Dachel

There is nothing more encouraging for parents of vaccinate injured children than when members of the medical community have the courage to step forward out and voice their concerns about vaccines.  

It's easy to understand why so few are willing to do this.  On any given day one can find a news article that specifically blames Dr. Andrew Wakefield for the vaccine-autism controversy.   

March 17, 2015, Popular Science published an article entitled, Measles And The Power of Understanding.

 It was an opinion piece by the editor of Popular Science, Cliff Ransom.  Ransom believes that all the science is in and there's no need for him investigate what the "anti-vaxxers" are all about, and of course, Wakefield is to blame for much of the problem.

"On one side, there are those who believe a discredited and de-licensed doctor, Andrew Wakefield, as well as various celebrity anti-vaxxers."

"There is no documented connection between vaccines and the anti-vaxxers' central concern, autism."

This is really "dead end science."  Ransom could not care less about why our children are so sick and disabled.  He and all those like him in the media have long marched to the tired tune, "Vaccines are safe, vaccines save lives," so it's far too late for any of them to suddenly start honestly and thoroughly covering that subject.

It's so much easier just to accuse Andrew Wakefield in a sentence or two, declare all vaccines to be safe, and urge that every child should be fully vaccinated.  

There is a reason the press keeps Wakefield's name constantly in the news and that is to send a clear warning to anyone in the medical/scientific community:


Incredibly, despite the repercussion, I know lots of doctors and scientists who have serious concerns about vaccine side effects and I've written a number of stories about them.  These experts aren't treated like Dr. Wakefield.  Instead of being attacked, they're simply ignored.    

Over the last few weeks one outspoken doctor did generate a very hostile response from the national press that quite surprised me.  Phoenix  physician Jack Wolfson was in the spotlight because he doesn't believe in vaccination and he isn't afraid to say so. 

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Anne Dachel

Dachel Media Update: Dr. Sheri Tenpenny on Vaccine Mandates for Adults

Online newsBy Anne Dachel OurKids ad 2013

Read Anne's commentary and view the links after the jump.   The Dachel Media Update is sponsored by Lee Silsby Compounding Pharmacy and OurKidsASD, an online supplement retailer for patients with special needs.

Mar 22, 2015, Healthy 2020 with Dr Sherri Tenpenny for #b1less NEWS #CDCwhistleblower

Listen to this 12 minute audio tape by Dr. Tenpenny.   It puts the media hype over the measles outbreak and the bills in state legislatures to end exemptions into whole new perspective.


Lee Silsby logo 09 The Dachel Media Update is sponsored by Lee Silsby Compounding Pharmacy and OurKidsASD.  Lee Silsby is one of the most respected compounding pharmacies in the country and is committed to serving the needs of the Autism community. OurkidsASD is an online retailer for nutritional supplements for patients with special needs. OurkidsASD carries thousands of products from more than 60 brands and offers free ground shipping on all orders.

Anne Dachel Book CoverAnne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism and author of  The Big Autism Cover-Up: How and Why the Media Is Lying to the American Public, which is on sale now from Skyhorse Publishing.

Teresa Conrick

Autism and the Microbiome: Will Fecal Transplants Be the Next “AWAKENINGS?

MicrobiomeBy Teresa Conrick

is a 1990 American drama film based on Oliver Sacks' 1973 memoir of the same title. It tells the true story of British neurologist Oliver Sacks, fictionalized as American Malcolm Sayer (portrayed by Robin Williams), who, in 1969, discovered beneficial effects of the drug L-Dopa. He administered it to catatonic patients who survived the 1917–28 epidemic of encephalitis lethargica. Leonard Lowe (played by Robert De Niro) and the rest of the patients were awakened after decades of catatonia and have to deal with a new life in a new time.

I have a very ill daughter who is diagnosed with AUTISM.  Megan also has a seizure disorder and an Awakeningsautoimmune diagnosis.  More and more research is pointing to the MICROBIOME as the key to health and disease. Since witnessing Megan regress into autism after vaccination, we have been on a journey to restore health and functioning to her brain and body, thus the similarity to Awakenings. I have gathered much research showing that both MERCURY   and VACCINES  can alter the MICROBIOME and that is a big concern with parents.

The studies on the microbiome are fascinating and may be showing us the potential of vastly IMPROVING symptoms and possibly even a CURE for those diagnosed with Autism. Now some of you may be asking why putting a disgusting thing like feces into someone would help in anything, but especially in Autism. Let’s look at what the research shows.

Altered Bacteria Shows Microbiome is Big Part of Autism

“Gut–brain link grabs neuroscientists - Idea that intestinal bacteria affect mental health gains ground.”

Similarly, a 2013 study from Mazmanian’s lab found that a mouse model with some features of autism had much lower levels of a common gut bacterium called Bacteroides fragilis than did normal mice3. The animals were also stressed, antisocial and had gastrointestinal symptoms often seen in autism. Feeding B. fragilis to the mice reversed the symptoms. The group also found that the mice with these symptoms had higher levels of a bacterial metabolite called 4-ethylphenylsulphate (4EPS) in their blood, and that injecting that chemical into normal mice caused the same behavioural problems.

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Anne Dachel

Dachel Media Update: Interview With Robert F. Kennedy on WGN Chicago

Online newsBy Anne Dachel OurKids ad 2013

Read Anne's commentary and view the links after the jump.   The Dachel Media Update is sponsored by Lee Silsby Compounding Pharmacy and OurKidsASD, an online supplement retailer for patients with special needs.

RFK Jr's excellent 12 minute interview on WGN radio Chicago.  Damning commentary on the corruption in Atlanta.

Mar 19, 2015, WGN Radio: Robert F. Kennedy Jr. supports vaccinations . as long as they contain no harmful additives

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is in Chicago to attend the premiere of the documentary "Trace Amounts." He talks to Bob and Marianne about mercury in vaccines, the need for reform at the CDC, his family history in Chicago and more.

RFK headshotAudio: Kennedy called for safe vaccines and the removal of mercury and aluminum.  He talked about the research on his book, Thimerosal, Let the Science SpeakWith the help of 12 research scientists, "we came up with about over 500 studies and 1,400 references that connect mercury in vaccines to a grim inventory of brain injuries, ADD, ADHD, speech delay, language delay, autism, ASD.  That all became epidemic in this country with the generation that became vaccinated in 1989.  1989 is the gateway year when we started seeing all of these injuries.  The autism rates went from one in 10,000 to one in 65. . . . According to CDC, one out of every three American children has some kind of neurodevelopmental disorder.  Of course they deny that it's coming from vaccines, but if you look at the science, it's very clear that it is.  We need to get the mercury out of the vaccines.  . . . The vaccine that has the biggest dose is the flu vaccine which is now being given to pregnant mothers, and it's the last thing that you'd want to put into a pregnant woman. 

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CDC Whistleblower, Current Affairs, Kent Heckenlively

American Whistleblowers: The Peril and Promise of Science

Commonwealth club

By Kent Heckenlively, Esq.

I have to admit that being compared to whistle blowers like Edward Snowden who revealed the creation of a vast surveillance state in our country, or Daniel Ellsberg, whose revelation of how the United States was waging a tragically flawed war in Vietnam and led to the resignation of President Richard Nixon, has left me a little overwhelmed.  But that's exactly how I'm being described in the advertising for a panel discussion in which I'm participating in on April 9, 2015 at 6:00 p.m. at the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco.

For those of you not familiar with the Commonwealth Club, it's the nation's oldest and largest Commonwealth Club truthpublic affairs forum, sponsoring more than 400 annual events on subjects ranging across the economy, politics, culture, and society.  Previous speakers have included Teddy Roosevelt, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, as well as Martin Luther King, Jr., Ronald Reagan, and Bill Clinton.  Another illustrious name must now be added to this prestigious list, Kent Heckenlively.  The Commonwealth Club has as its mission to be "the leading national forum open to all for the impartial discussion of public issues."  Doesn't that sound great?  For those of us who have watched as our voices of concern about vaccines and other common medical practices have been silenced for decades, isn't this what America is supposed to be about?

One of my two fellow speakers is Dr. Judy Mikovits, the former director of the Antiviral Drug Mechanisms Laboratory at the National Cancer Institute and co-author with me of our book, "PLAGUE: One Scientist's Intrepid Search for the Truth about Human Retroviruses and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS, Autism, and Other Diseases."  The other is Dr. Brian Hooker, an associate Professor of Biology and Chair of the Science and Mathematics Division at Simpson University, and probably best known to this community as the man who revealed the shocking information about CDC whistleblower, Dr. William Thompson.  Thompson is the CDC scientist who claims the CDC has concealed vital information about the link between vaccines and autism and who has turned over thousands of documents to Congress regarding this massive cover-up.  I am honored to be in their company.

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CDC Whistleblower, Ginger Taylor, Vaccine Safety

Senator Doctor Crosses Over Into Crazy PANts Conspiracy Theorist

Dr Pan
By Ginger Taylor

Over the last few years we have gotten to know Dr. Richard Pan, California State Senator and Big Med operative (to the tune of $182,000 in campaign donations), as he has not only has worked to force everyone in his state into becoming customers of his donors and a corrupt vaccine program, but treated individual parents trying to earnestly advocate for their vaccine injured children like... well like crap.

While in 2012, he claimed he wanted to pass his bill not to remove parental choice, but to merely make sure families are educated on vaccination, he now has thrown that out the window and has a new bill to remove choice all together. Let's go to the video of this thoughtful legislator and solid citizen:

Not super consistent, is he.  "NO CHOICE FOR YOU!"  I guess we should have called, "no take backs." during the hearings in 2012.  Our fault I guess.  

I would encourage you to challenge him on twitter about this change of heart, but if you do, you will be immediately blocked by him. He only wants to hear what he wants to hear, and if you don't like his stance, you are not allowed to see his tweets any more.  "NO TWEETS FOR YOU!"

For those of you who have already been blocked, I present to you, Dr. Pan, officially jumping the shark:

Yes, folks... Crazy PANts believes that William Thompson's admission of taking part in the hiding of vaccine autism links from the public along with his research team at CDC is... somehow... a fraud perpetrated by Andy Wakefield. 

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Cathy Jameson


What ifBy  Cathy Jameson

When people ask me why I’m so adamant about speaking up about vaccines, I ask them if they want the short answer or the long answer.  Most of the time, the person doesn’t mind hearing the long answer.  It starts out the same way a lot of other parents begin their stories, “I had a beautiful, happy, healthy baby until…”


Until a well-baby visit. 

Until a round of vaccines. 

Until too many too soon. 

Until it was too late.

Well-baby visit after well-baby visit, I brought my child in for a check-up, for a round of shots, for a proverbial pat on the head.  You did the right thing, mom.  See you again soon…at the next well-baby visit!  

Sadly, those well-baby visits didn’t leave my child well.  In fact, Ronan wasn’t very well at all after them.  The more well-baby visits he went to, and the more vaccines he received, the less well he got.  He reacted.  He got sick.  Then he worsened. 

Easily I can now recognize the signs, the symptoms, and the red flags now.  But as they were happening, and even after bringing some of them to the attention of our providers?  I was blind.  I was uninformed.  I was too trusting.  I was too trusting not of my mother’s instinct, but of “the system” and of those who ran it.  

I’ve learned quite a bit since then.  I’ve also told Ronan’s story hundreds of times since then, too.  It hurts to retell Ronan’s story as many times as I have, but I still share it.  As I finish sharing Ronan’s story, I’ve either left the person I’m speaking to in complete and utter shock, or I’ve left them in a puddle of tears.  Depending on whom I’m speaking to and on how much I've shared, I cry too.  

What happened to Ronan? 

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3/24 Red Carpet Event: Trace Amounts Opens in New York with Robert Kennedy Jr Q&A

Walk the red carpet with us - purchase tickets here.


Dan Olmsted, Dan Olmsted

Control All Delete, Part 3: How a Critical Review of a Book on How Great Vaccination Is Got Pulled By a Publication That Brags How "Independent" It Is

Eula BissControl All Delete, Part 2: How Crying ‘Conspiracy Theory’ Suppresses the Vaccine Safety Debate

Control All Delete, Part 1: The Un-American Suppression of the Vaccine Safety Debate

By Dan Olmsted

Few books published last year won the raves that welcomed On Immunity – An Inoculation by Eula Biss. Its spare 163 pages of text offered a “beautiful shot of insight,” The Los Angeles Times wrote -- a shot that includes our collective duty to vaccinate. “We owe each other our bodies,” Biss concludes.

To which I say, I don’t think so. But it’s a free country and people can agree or disagree, right?

Most agreed with Biss, lauding her “elegant, intelligent and very beautiful book, which occupies a space between research and reflection, investigating our attitudes toward immunity and inoculation through a personal and cultural lens,” according to the Times. Along the way Biss, “a vigorous advocate for inoculation … reveals the rhetoric of the anti-vaccination movement for the sophistry it is.” Parody Cover

Entertainment Weekly gave it an A and put it at Number 2 on its best nonfiction books of the year; it was in the New York Times Top 10; and Mark Zuckerberg recently picked it for his Facebook book club, thereby fighting “fears of vaccination” and showing his “talent for surfing the zeitgeist by selecting On Immunity,” according to Britain’s Guardian newspaper.

I’ve read it, and lovely as it may be, it is, in my view, to which, as I’ve already said, I’m entitled, dead wrong. It takes its place in the pantheon of work by people who haven’t gone deeply enough into the subject to master it – Biss thinks adolescents get a chickenpox booster, which they don’t, and that seizures after vaccination only happen to kids who would have had them anyway -- but presumes to lecture the rest of us on the roots of our scientific illiteracy and susceptibility to primal but unfounded fears of vaccination and autism. Heck, we don't even understand metaphors right. Here is my favorite bit:

“When I learned of the resulting conference on immuno-semiotics, I was excited by the possibility that it was devoted to the discussion of metaphor, a semiotic device,” Biss writes. I must say I have never heard the parent of an autistic child excited about an upcoming conference on immuno-semiotics (immune deficiencies, yes). I think it’s the kind of book that people think they like because it makes them feel smart, sort of A Brief History of Time for the vaccine debate.

One of the few equivocal responses to the book was a review by Jennifer Margulis that ran last October in the Washington Independent Review of Books (remember the word “independent,” which will soon go belly up). Headlined “This heartfelt ode to inoculations dismisses concerns about vaccines,” it begins:

“On Immunity is an extended nonfiction essay — an impressionistic, metaphor-laden, first-person account of author Eula Biss' fears for her infant son's safety and the questions and concerns she has as she educates herself about vaccines. This slim book combines real-life vignettes with literary criticism, information about the history of vaccines in the United States, informal interviews with scientists, and chats Biss has had with friends and relatives.” 

Margulis, a widely published author who wrote The Business of Baby, also notes, correctly: “Biss is not interested in stories of vaccine injury, which she dismisses as exaggerated. Nor is she interested in the devastating fact that one in every 42 boys in America today has autism, or that we are seeing a rise in many other diseases among American children, including Type-1 diabetes and other autoimmune disorders. …

“Yet, ironically, Biss' own son may have been vaccine injured. She explains that he suffers from debilitating allergies that sometimes leave him unable to breathe.

“’My son has unusually severe allergies, which he developed at an unusually young age,’ Biss writes. ‘His pediatrician calls him her 'outlier' because he is a statistical anomaly. By the time he turned three, his allergies had led to swelling in his nasal cavity, and this swelling had led to painful sinus infections, which we had cured with antibiotics several times, but which inevitably returned.’”

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Current Affairs, Mark Blaxill

The Disneyland Measles Outbreak is (Unofficially) Over

Breaking newsBy Mark Blaxill The End typewriter

The California Department of Public Health (CDPH) released their latest update Friday on the measles outbreak that began in Disneyland around December 17th. For the first time since the CDPH began posting updates on-line on February 9th, no new measles cases were added to their statewide counts.

“Since December, 2014, there have been 133 confirmed measles cases reported in California residents” read the opening line of the March 20th version of the California Measles Surveillance Update. “No new confirmed cases have been reported to CDPH since the publication of the last report on March 13, 2015.”

So can we officially declare the so-called Disneyland measles outbreak over? Not so fast, says the CDPH.

“The outbreak will be considered over when 42 days have elapsed from the end of the infectious period of the last known B3 measles cases that was a not a new importation. As of today, that date will be April 17, 2015.”

So let’s do that math. If the CDPH will be ready to officially declare the outbreak finished a full 42 days after the infectious period of the last reported case ends, then that milestone has been passed already, fully two weeks ago on March 6th.

But the end of the infectious period is perhaps less important to specifying the final ebb of the measles outbreak than the date the last reported case became infected. The CDPH also states (see HERE) that “Infected people are usually contagious from about 4 days before their rash starts to 4 days afterwards”, so this last reported case probably saw their rash appear on March 2nd and were first infectious themselves around February 26th. As for the date of their first exposure, one analysis of the outbreak (see HERE) suggests that exposures to the measles virus occur roughly 10 days before the rash appears. That would put the date of infection of the last case around February 20th.

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Current Affairs

If You Won Product Injury Award Would You Praise The Product?

Keep-calm-and-drink-kool-aid-15If you or your loved one were severely injured by a product, and you won a settlement to compensate for the injury, would you then become a spokesperson for that product? 

Let's make this concrete.  Say your loving wife took Vioxx for pain. Her doctor prescribed Vioxx with the promise of relieving her back pain and allowing her to move about more easily. She was thrilled. You were encouraged. And then your vibrant, beautiful wife of 24 years had a stroke, lost her ability to walk, speak, hold you, whisper your name.  Fast forward, and you've won a large settlement for her injuries. And then you go on TV and tell your friends and neighbors that what happened to your wife is a rare event and that they should absolutely use Vioxx for their pain.

Odd yes?

Meet Jim Schutte, who is now guardian as well as husband to Carolyn Schutte, who suffered serious injury from routine travel vaccinations for a trip to Africa.   Like American infants, Carolyn received multiple vaccines at the same visit.  And now her husband, her legal guardian, is telling others that vaccines are safe and that the risk is minimal.

Odd, yes?


An Excelsior Springs man has been awarded $7.4 million because his wife was left disabled by at least one of the vaccines she took before a trip.

On June 22, 2011, Carolyn Schutte went to the Clay County Public Health Center in Liberty for a round of shots. She was preparing for a trip to Africa and received vaccinations for various diseases, including tetanus, Hepatitis A and B, and typhoid. Two days later, she was debilitated with permanent brain damage caused by encephalopathy.

"The active lifestyle that we had before is over," said Jim Schutte, Carolyn Schutte's husband and now her guardian. "It's gone. We just have to make due with what's left."

The couple were once avid travelers.

Now, Jim Schutte is homebound, assisting with his wife's around-the-clock care.

"I provide most of her care," Schutte said, "But I can't do it 24 hours a day, so I have to have somebody coming in here and helping. It gets very expensive very quickly. It costs a lot more than you might think."

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Trace Amounts is Coming to Manhattan 3/24

Movie nightWould love to meet AofA readers at the Manhattan screening of Trace Amounts. Join us on Tuesday the 24th at NYU. Great panel of speakers including our good friend David Kirby.


Buy tickets here.

Where: New York University School of Law (Screen 1)
40 Washington Square S
New York, NY

Anne Dachel

Dachel Media Update: More Vaccine Exemption Crackdown Bills

Online newsBy Anne Dachel OurKids ad 2013

Read Anne's commentary and view the links after the jump.   The Dachel Media Update is sponsored by Lee Silsby Compounding Pharmacy and OurKidsASD, an online supplement retailer for patients with special needs.

March 19, 2015, Winston-Salem (NC) Journal: Religious exemption on vaccinations in NC repealed in bill

March 19, 2015, ABC 20, Springfield, IL: Robert Kennedy, Jr Talks To Senate On Vaccines

March 16, 2015, Washington Times: RFK Jr. leads charge against state bills limiting vaccine exemptions

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Dan Olmsted, Dan Olmsted

Control All Delete, Part 2: How Crying ‘Conspiracy Theory’ Suppresses the Vaccine Safety Debate

Midweek mashupRead Part 1 HERE.

By Dan Olmsted

A few weeks ago in the midst of measles mania – say, whatever happened to that? -- I was on a Canadian TV show with a crusty but kind of likeable host who wanted to hear how people like me defend the “debunked” claim that vaccines cause autism.

He began: “I’m sure you’re taking a lot of criticism these days but you boldly stay the course?”

Me: “Vaccines are very strongly implicated in the rise of autism since the 1980s, yes.”

Now that is a pretty carefully calibrated statement, based on my own reporting and ten years of research and two books with my colleague Mark Blaxill, and I’m more than happy to stand by it, amplify it, show evidence for it and, in the language of science, provide citations.

The host immediately started talking about how “there is correlation but there is not causation.”

Fine, that’s a good debate to have! There is plenty of evidence that does in fact point to causation. But when I said that, he interrupted by saying that “no scientific study that demonstrates vaccines cause autism” – except the “debunked” Wakefield early report from 1998. So I mentioned William Thompson at the CDC and said Thompson acknowledged a study he was part of hid a link between vaccines and autism.

So, to my mind there’s another concrete piece of evidence. We are having a real debate!

Well, not exactly.

My host: “Well I think people can probably look up more detail on that than you and I can get into and may find that he’s being misquoted in that regard.

“And that’s the problem that I have. It’s conspiracy theory stuff and it’s easy to throw out names and things in a six-minute interview but we’re panicking people into not doing the very thing that has eradicated diseases."

How is directly and accurately citing a sitting CDC  senior scientist “conspiracy theory stuff”? Boy, was I ever glad I had in my hand a few loose papers that included the actual statement from William Thompson!

Me: “William Thompson being a case in point, he says, ‘I regret that my co-authors and I omitted statistically significant information. The omitted data suggested African-American males who received the MMR vaccine before the age of 36 months were at increased risk for autism.’  He said it, I don’t know if you [speaking to my host] want to believe it, but I’m quoting from his statement through his lawyer.”

My host: “Well I’m encouraging people to read further into it.”

“I am too,” I said.

I explained how the root of the problem was not some evil worldwide plot but the fact that Congress gave liability protection to drug makers and doctors in 1986. The result: Big business and big government got in bed and cut the consumer out of the equation and we’ve been paying the price.

“It’s really a public policy debate as much as a public health debate,” I said. Again: It’s a debate that reasonable people can have based on a careful review of the evidence.

But my host came back around – again -- to the conspiracy idea – that if we have a problem with the vaccine schedule as I claimed, it could only be because doctors and public health officials and drug manufacturers concocted a massive conspiracy that defies belief.  “What would be the value to any of those people to try and sell the idea that vaccines are safe when they are not?” he asked.

I responded: “I can’t speak for them.”

My host: “No, but I mean if you’re accusing people of this vast conspiracy you have to believe there’s some agenda behind it.”

Me: “I’m not using the word conspiracy, I’m just saying what the outcome is. I think it was unintended. But at this point I think there may be an unwillingness on the part of people who have sort of bet the farm, bet the business, bet their professional reputations on there being no link, they may not be the best people to get an objective answer here, that’s my feeling.” William Thompson sort of points to that, I’d say.

Perhaps having exhausted that avenue, my host changed the subject. “Do you have children?” he asked.

“No.” Pause. “I have a dog.” The crusty guy chuckled, which may be why I kind of liked him.

All this is preamble to what I now wish to briefly note. A regular and astute commenter on AOA, Twyla, forwarded me a note she got last week from The Daily Kos, the progressive site with quite a large readership. I guess her intended comment triggered some algorithm or alert intern. She got this in red type:

 A message has been issued from site admin at Tue Feb 03 2015 10:25:09 GMT-0800 (PST):

The vaccine-autism link has been debunked by many careful studies, and here at Daily Kos we consider it conspiracy theory. 

CT postings are not permitted here. Postings that advocate this theory can get you banned at Daily Kos.

[box to check] I acknowledge receipt of this message: (Posting is not allowed until the message is acknowledged.)

Daily Kos


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Anne Dachel

Dachel Media Update: Oregon Peds Not Listening to Patients' Parents Re Vaccination Choice

Online newsBy Anne Dachel OurKids ad 2013

Read Anne's commentary and view the links after the jump.   The Dachel Media Update is sponsored by Lee Silsby Compounding Pharmacy and OurKidsASD, an online supplement retailer for patients with special needs.

March 17, 2015, Portland Business Journal: Pediatricians disappointed over demise of Oregon's get-tough vaccine bill

Sen. Elizabeth Steiner Hayward's decision to drop her proposed legislation scrapping the "personal belief" exemption for children's vaccinations has prompted disappointment among some Oregon pediatricians.

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Current Affairs

U. British Columbia Doubles Down on Academic Freedom, Avoids Firestorm

CanadaExceprted from the Vaccine Fact Check site:

Unlike other leading Canadian universities, the University of British Columbia adopted a novel stance last week when the national press castigated it and one of its professors, Dr. Christopher Shaw, for conducting research into a possible link between vaccines and autism — it unambiguously backed both Shaw and the principle of academic freedom. Almost immediately, the press backed off and the story died.

In contrast, when the national press outed academics at the University of Toronto and Queen’s University for questioning the position of the government’s public health authorities, the universities went into damage-control mode, announced they were launching investigations into the academics’ conduct and took steps to prevent them from discussing vaccines. The press, smelling blood, then doggedly piled on. The story then reverberated nationally and internationally, besmirching the reputations of the academics and their universities alike.

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Kim Stagliano, Vaccine Safety

Connecticut HB 6949 Seeks To Impose Restrictions on Parental Medical Freedom

Molly Weasley
Not. My. Daughter! (Molly Weasley)

(Note: proactive instructions on how to express your concern for this bill are at the end of this post. There is a hearing TODAY at 10:30am.)

Dear Representative Matthew Ritter:

RE: Casting Your Reduction Spell on Religious Exemptions in Connecticut HB 6949: 


To require that statements from the parents or guardian of a child seeking a religious exemption from a required immunization be notarized and include language attesting that such parents or guardian have reviewed and understand information regarding the risks of both immunization and failure to immunize.

My name is Kimberly Rossi Stagliano. I live in Fairfield County. I have three gorgeous daughters with autism who currently cost the state of Connecticut more galleons than Harry Potter had in Gringott's bank vault.   I am a Mother first. And then I write. Oh, I've written fiction. It's fun to make stuff up.  I only wish the bulk of my writing was make believe. It's not. 

I write for Huffington Post. I've written for blogs around the nation: Dallas Morning News, Today Show, others. My family and I have appeared on ABC's Good Morning America to talk about the financial toll that autism takes. I've been on CNN, morning shows, you name it. Not a single appearance has been about a frivolous topic.

I understand that you have introduced a bill that will restrain my ability, my neighbors' ability, to exercise their freedom to say no to a vaccination on the pediatric schedule.   You are taking away healthcare rights with HB 6949.

Let's say you have a child who had an adverse reaction to a vaccine. It happens. And then you have another baby. How do you know if this baby will have the same reaction? There is no pre-vaccination testing to see if a baby is allergic to any ingredients. The 48+ vaccines on the current schedule have never been tested as a whole. No one knows if 8 vaccines at the 2 month check up is safe  for any let alone all babies. (Hep B, RotaTeq, Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis, Hib,  Polio, Pneumococcal) Every "well" check is a visit to Foxwoods Casino, Representative Ritter. 

How much do you know about vaccine injury? Have you ever sat down with a parent who is making these hard healthcare choices? Do you think we do so lightly? I can assure you, we do not. Once injured, the result is life changing. Some children die. Some become CT DDS clients.  And then they cost you and the state money. And they don't vote.  But I do. 

I don't know who is whispering spells into your ear, perhaps a confundus charm - there has been a push from coast to coast to Hoop on Firelimit vaccine exemptions on the heels of the measles panic in the Magic Kingdom  These pushes have failed in Washington, Oregon, Maryland, because constituents have said, "Do Not Mess With My Healthcare Rights."  I know we are an insurance heavy state. I know insurance and pharma go together like Abra and Cadabra.

I am telling you that this bill, HB 6949 needs to meet an Avada Kedrava spell, and die on the vine.  Nutmeg state parents deserve to make healthcare choices for their own children without government imposed hoops.

Today? Vaccinations for children. What's next? Will teachers need a flu shot to go to work? Will State workers need to prove they have had every booster pharma and CDC demand? Are you prepared to take an Ebola vaccine fast tracked through the system?

I want you to have the right to say no to a medical procedure. I want that right as my daughters' Mom - and legal guardian.

Thank you.

Strega Kim

House of Cards 200 pixelsKim Stagliano is Managing Editor of Age of Autism. Her new novel,  House of Cards; A All I Can Handle 50 pixel Kat Cavicchio romantic suspense is available from Amazon in all e-formats now. Her memoir, All I Can Handle I'm No Mother Teresa is available in hardcover, paperback and e-book. Her new book, with Tony Lyons, is due out in April.


Dear Connecticut NVIC Advocacy Team Members,

Your action is needed now to stop the state of Connecticut from restricting the religious exemption to state mandated vaccination. We apologize for the late notice. We just caught this today. 

HB 6949, requires parents who object to mandated vaccines on religious grounds to submit a notarized statement claiming that vaccination would be contrary to the religious beliefs of the child, and that they “have reviewed and understand evidence-based instructional material provided by the Department of Public Health regarding the risks to such child and to others of such child failing to receive adequate immunization.”

HB 6949 is scheduled for a public hearing this Wednesday, March 18th at 10:30 am in Room 1D of the Legislative Office Building.

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Current Affairs

Hearing 3/18 Hartford! Rep Matthew Ritter Is Attempting To Take Your Parental Health Choice Away.

Action alertTAKE ACTION!!!

Connecticut, get to Hartford tomorrow, March 18, for a hearing on House Bill H.B. 6949, Rep. Matthew Ritter's bill that will limit your right to a religious exemption from vaccine mandates to attend school.  And get on the phone today to the members of the Joint Committee on Public Health and let them know you oppose this bill. H. B. 6949 will require a notarized statement from parents attesting that they have reviewed materials provided by the Department of Health.

 And please click on the Take Action link HERE to send messages to your State Senator and representative expressing your opposition to H.B. 6949.

 Parental informed consent is the standard in developed democracies around the world. There is no such thing as a mandated vaccine in Canada, the UK, Japan, Ireland, Australia, Germany, France, Denmark, Israel, Sweden, Norway, Finland, the Netherlands, Belgium, etc.

Nineteen states allow exemptions for any reason including California, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Texas, Michigan and more than a dozen other where more than half of America's population lives.

Twenty-eight states , currently including Connecticut, allow a religious exemption upon presenting a from stating a religious reason not to vaccinate.

Connecticut has one of the highest vaccination rates of any state. And no one has even attempted to make a case that religious exemptions are resulting in increased levels of disease. 

This bill is an added expense to all involved and violates First Amendment religious rights, and it achieves nothing.

The hearing will be held here:

Wednesday, March 18, 2017 at 10:30 am

State Capitol, Room
1210 Capitol Avenue
Hartford, CT 06106


If you wish to speak sign up in the Capitol atrium before the hearing begins.


JB Handley, Vaccine Safety

Is There a Way out of the Autism epidemic?

By J.B. Handley

Studies of the Amish and Homefirst communities of children have proven very revealing: children who do not receive vaccines appear to have significantly lower rates of Autism. Of course, these observations remain anecdotal, so they have yet to enter into the mainstream debate about whether or not vaccines cause Autism.

Chances that someone is able to get an IRB to actually do a valid study of these populations? Remote.

The drumbeat by our community to have a real study done of vaccinated versus unvaccinated children makes all the sense in the world except for one problem: if the rate between the two groups is dramatically different, how do you respond to that information from a policy perspective? Stop giving all vaccines to all children? It’s a vexing issue for even the more moderate members of this debate: those who view vaccinations as important but also recognize they are a medical procedure that comes with risks.

Enter Dr. Paul Thomas, an outspoken pediatrician from Portland, OR who entered the national debate with his participation in the recent fight to keep vaccine exemptions in Oregon, a fight that Dr. Thomas and others recently won.

I was struck by this recent blog post that mentioned Dr. Thomas and his practice:

“Dr. Paul Thomas, a Portland-based pediatrician, claims that he has 1,500 children in his pediatric practice who never received the Hepatitis B shot and had the MMR shot delayed until they were older (age 3). Based on an Autism rate of 1 in 68, 22 children in this group should have Autism. He claims there are zero cases of Autism and he thinks a modified vaccination schedule is the reason. What an extraordinary claim! Shouldn’t Oregon investigate the veracity of his claim?”

Indeed, what if it really was this easy? Don’t get me wrong, I genuinely believe that vaccines do far more damage than just Autism. At the same time, vaccines have shown the ability to prevent deadly disease, and I think the only way to move towards a real solution is to find some middle ground on our national vaccine policy.

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Vaccine Safety

Greater Freedom of Speech on Web 2.0 correlates with Dominance of Views Linking Vaccines to Autism.

Science post imageIs this study advocating censorship, "...step up their activity on the Internet..." ?  Most sites moderate comments, including this one. But you will find thousands of comments here that have viewpoints quite different from the authors of the various posts.  This study says that a free and open exchange of information leads to conclusions that the industry does not like.  We're running the study here at AofA, does that make it almost like a Escher print?  ;)

Vaccine. 2015 Mar 17;33(12):1422-5. doi: 10.1016/j.vaccine.2015.01.078. Epub 2015 Feb 7.

Greater freedom of speech on Web 2.0 correlates with dominance of views linking vaccines to autism.

Venkatraman A1, Garg N2, Kumar N3.

Author information



It is suspected that Web 2.0 web sites, with a lot of user-generated content, often support viewpoints that link autism to vaccines.


We assessed the prevalence of the views supporting a link between vaccines and autism online by comparing YouTube, Google and Wikipedia with PubMed. Freedom of speech is highest on YouTube and progressively decreases for the others.


Support for a link between vaccines and autism is most prominent on YouTube, followed by Google search results. It is far lower on Wikipedia and PubMed. Anti-vaccine activists use scientific arguments, certified physicians and official-sounding titles to gain credibility, while also leaning on celebrity endorsement and personalized stories.


Online communities with greater freedom of speech lead to a dominance of anti-vaccine voices. Moderation of content by editors can offer balance between free expression and factual accuracy. Health communicators and medical institutions need to step up their activity on the Internet.

Copyright © 2015 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.


Autism; Free speech; Internet; Vaccines; Web 2.0

Current Affairs

Chicago Screening Trace Amounts Featuring Q&A with Director and Special Guests

Trace Amounts Chicago

Chicago!  You're invited to screen Trace Amounts this Thursday, March 19 at

Trace Amounts is a compelling documentary film centered on thimerosal, a mercury-based preservative in vaccines that has been suspected by many as playing a primary role in the autism epidemic here in the United States and around the world. It’s a fascinating look at the debate, as well as the people and science at the center of the controversy.

Please go to purchase your ticket ASAP before the event sells out!

To view the Trace Amounts trailer, host your own screening, or to learn more about the film, please visit

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Current Affairs

State Bills Attacking Vaccine Exemptions: A Seven Step Approach to Advocacy in your State

Seven row
By Dawn Loughborough

Last Friday Maryland advocates celebrated victory over an extreme bill called HB0687 designed to remove religious exemptions for vaccination of school age children. Concerned families, physicians, and religious leaders came together over this past month to protect principles and request that the bill be dropped/opposed. Maryland delegates handled a barrage of communications coming from people from all walks of life who were concerned and opposed the bill.

The bill was withdrawn and the committee hearing cancelled.  According to The Daily Record, on March 13, 2015, “A Prince George’s County delegate whose law practice includes representing clients who claim adverse reaction to vaccines has withdrawn a bill that would have removed a religious exemption to the state’s vaccination law.” The bill sponsor, Delegate Benjamin Barnes, went on to say that the bill was unnecessary in Maryland.

The movement has begun. Compassion is rising. Fear is falling. The people are in action. Here are seven steps to help you be effective in your state.

  1. Organize Proactively. Sign up for advocacy portals. The NVIC Advocacy Portal at describes each bill on vaccines. Set up local social media groups to organize and find one another. Monitor and create a safe space to share information.

  2. Embrace Collaboration. Health is a conversation everyone owns.  Join efforts with people who are have shared concerns. Reach out to people who believe in civil rights, freedom, personal choice, and those who stand up for medical autonomy. Use multiple forms of advocacy. Books and media – movies like “Trace Amounts” and “Bought” are excellent support for this work. Videos and memes help to educate and spread the message quickly.

  3. Show up. Email and call with the bill number and ask to speak to the representatives or their staff assigned to the bill. Find the contact information on your state government websites.  If there are organizations backing the bill, go to them and ask them to reconsider. Find organizations that align and have them put out action alerts describing the bill and who to contact.

  4. Go Early. Learn the process for how a bill gets created and made into law in your state. Its best to oppose bills before they go to subcommittee. It gets more challenging to stop a bill as it moves through the stages to become a law. Ask bill sponsors for support to drop a bill. Ask for support to oppose. Add up who is for the bill and who is against. Go meet with them and build relatedness and ask them to represent your view with their vote. Let them know if you are in their party and in their district.

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Current Affairs, Kent Heckenlively, Vaccine Safety

Book Review - Vaccine Injuries by Louis Conte and Tony Lyons

Vaccine Injuries BookBy Kent Heckenlively, Esq.

Has there ever been a book more needed than "Vaccine Injuries: Documented Adverse Reactions to Vaccines -2014-2015 Edition" by Louis Conte and Tony Lyons?  If so, I don't recall it.

For those of us who have witnessed vaccine injury in our children and then researched the medical literature and the so-called "Vaccine Court" it's clear that the government and the pharmaceutical industry is concealing a massive amount of information from the public.  With the health of the human race at risk from these vaccines is it too much to ask for our scientists and policy-makers to read this brisk 274 page account of the important issues in this debate.  I don't think so.

If people want to find the "facts" about this issue they could do no better than starting with this book.  The book opens with a brief history of vaccination, the legal justification for "mandatory" vaccination (or at least having to pay a fine if you refuse) as well as the early immunization campaigns which often involved contaminated products that injured many individuals.

The authors then move to more recent history, beginning with the hopes which were embodied in the National Childhood Vaccine Safety Act passed in 1986 which was supposed to deal with those rare, but often devastating vaccine reactions and get financial help to the afflicted families as soon as possible.  "Vaccine Injuries" raises the question of whether the promise of this program was betrayed by the pharmaceutical industry which used the program as a shield to move more vaccines onto the pediatric schedule.

From that point the authors move onto the Omnibus Autism Proceedings and actual settled claims in the vaccine program.  From 1989 until 2014 that program has paid out more than $2.8 billion dollars.  That's right, $2.8 billion dollars.  And the inevitable question which gets raised is what's the true number for vaccine damage?  Are only 10% of worthwhile vaccine cases compensated?  That's a $28 billion dollar hit to our economy, not to mention the damaged lives.  Is it 1%?  That's $280 billion dollars.  Or is it closer to 0.1%, which would mean somewhere around $2.8 trillion dollars.

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Cathy Jameson

Best of AofA: If I Had a Nickel

NickelsWe ran this post in 2012 - enjoy.

By Cathy Jameson 1950s-tired-exhausted_~h2867

Several times in the last two weeks I‘ve run into an expression that I have a love-hate relationship with:  “Cathy, I don’t know how you do it all.  How do you do it?”   Since it’s usually a rhetorical question, and I’m not really going to answer it, why love-hate?  Because someday I just might respond.  And it isn’t going to be pretty.

Here’s the hate version.  And, fair warning.  It includes some of the things I want to say out loud but don’t:  

How do I do it?!  Do you really want to know?  You wanna wear my shoes for a day and find out?  You wanna see what I see?  You wanna discover what others are continuously trying to cover up?  You wanna read my PMs from parents asking for advice?  Or emails from a distraught parent who finally connects their child’s deteriorating health to a vaccine injury?  You wanna hear the cry of pain that a vaccine-injured child cries when his body cannot do what his mind is telling him to do?  Or hear the frustration that comes out of a child who was physically capable of doing everything but is now both physically and mentally frozen in a developmental stage from eight years ago?!  You wanna know more about that child?  That it’s MY child who suffers more than you’ll probably ever suffer over your entire lifespan?!  No, you don’t want to know?  Come on, why not?  Am I scaring you?  Oh, I am?  Well then, please, I implore you; don’t ask me how I do it all because one of these days I am gonna unload all of this on somebody and tell them everything—the good, the bad, the awful.  And the ugly, unbelievable yet 100% God-honest truth.   

Told ya it was a little harsh. 

And now, the love version: 

How do I do it?  Oh, I’m so glad you asked!  You see, something terrible happened when Ronan was a baby.  Sure I could have done a little bit of reading which might have prevented some of his ails, but I really didn’t know enough back then.  Now that I know a thing or two, my mission is to help as many parents as I can. I want to save their children and the world!  I want tell everyone to education themselves on the explosion of environmental assaults we’ve all been exposed to.  Read, read and read some more.  It’s really pretty exciting to share what I know and what I have experienced.  It’s actually a blessing to see what I get to see.  I’m amazed at what I get to hear.  I’m truly honored to have the relationships I have now with so many other parents because we’ve learned just so much from each other.  And Ronan?   I get to see my child blossom, albeit very, very slowly.  But, I get to watch him grow as much as he is capable of growing.   

Hmmm, that version sort of reminds me of rainbows and unicorns. 

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Dan Olmsted, Dan Olmsted , Vaccine Safety

Control All Delete, Part 1: The Un-American Suppression of the Vaccine Safety Debate

AofA Red Logo Ayumi YamadaBy Dan Olmsted

Last month, the Toronto Star ran a perfectly reasonable article titled “A Wonder Drug’s Dark Side,” about adverse events following the HPV vaccine Gardasil. It wasn’t long before the paper and its editor, Michael Cooke, were set on by the raving pack of hyenas that attacks anyone who dares suggest that vaccines are not pure as the driven snow.

One critic, Julia Belluz, writes for an online publication called Vox, which I first encountered this year when they did a Q&A with me headlined, not very nicely, “Understanding the fear of vaccines: an activist explains why he buys a debunked idea.” They are reflexive, relentless and nasty vaccine zealots – that’s what zealotry is.

The Star’s Cooke didn’t much like Vox’s predictable and unjustified criticism. He sent Ms. Belluz this: "Stop gargling our bathwater and take the energy to run yourself your own, fresh tub." He told another critic via Twitter: “Try not to be an idiot.”

To which I say – you tell her, bro! Editors need a certain Ben Bradlee-style “bite me” attitude toward unjustified critics, rather than cowering in the corner once attacks start. Unfortunately, Cooke’s moxie was short-lived. Under a barrage of criticism, on February 20 the publisher – his boss -- announced that “the Gardasil story package of Feb. 5 will be removed from our website.”

In explaining the article’s removal, the publisher wrote: “The weight of the photographs, video, headlines and anecdotes led many readers to conclude the Star believed its investigation had uncovered a direct connection between a large variety of ailments and the vaccine.”

Well yeah, it kind of did lead readers to conclude that – and the conclusion was more than justified, as readers of our own coverage of the vaccine will know. But “we have concluded that in this case our story treatment led to confusion between anecdotes and evidence,” the publisher said, and so it was pulled. (The Wall Street Journal got it right in a blog post headlined: “A Win for Merck? Paper Removes Investigation of Gardasil Side Effects.”)

This is just the latest example of a disturbing and, frankly, un-American (in the case of the Toronto Star, un-North American) trend: self-censorship and craven caving to criticism. Salon pulling Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s piece on the CDC’s cover-up of thimerosal's damage in vaccines was among the first and foremost.  

It’s not just pulling published journalism that is suppressing urgently needed debate. Google is reported to be talking about ranking its search results not just by relevance and popularity but by deciding which sites are most “accurate.” So if you humans don't cause global warming or do cause autism, you can expect to show up lower and later because, as we all know already and need not discuss any further, you are not accurate!

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In Perspective: Vaccine Exemptions and Health

MississippiOriginally published at Vaccination News.

By F. Edward Yazbak MD, FAAP


The state of Mississippi where Personal Belief (Philosophic) Vaccine Exemptions are not allowed has the highest pediatric vaccination rates in the Country and so far no measles cases in 2015.    

Sadly, Mississippi also has the highest infant mortality rate (IMR). 

New Mexico where philosophic exemptions are not allowed, has also not reported any measles activity in 2015 unlike adjoining Texas, Colorado and Arizona, where philosophic exemptions are permitted. New Mexico’s IMR is just as alarming as that of Mississippi and has always exceeded that of its three neighboring states.

Blaming young parents claiming philosophic exemptions for the 2015 California measles outbreak seems unfair when vaccinated, partially vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals have been affected and when the disease seems to have become more prevalent among individuals older than 20.

Geography rather than exemptions may be the real cause why the present measles outbreak started in California.

Religious exemptions are likely to become the next evil.   

The CDC has the ability to distinguish between wild and vaccine-strain measles virus by PCR testing. It is likely that this testing has already been done. It is unlikely that the findings will soon be revealed.


A newspaper report topped with a large Gold Cup surrounded by many #1s and titled "Mississippi: Last In Everything, First In Vaccinations" was published on October 17, 2014. It boasted "No Mumps in Ole Miss."

"The Magnolia state is used to being last on measures of childhood well-being—but it’s beating the rest of the nation when it comes to immunization rates. Be it wealth, health, or education, when it comes to most measures of well-being, there is one state that reliably comes in last place. Mississippi is so used to trailing the pack in these rankings that it was a surprise when the state moved up to #49 in the annual Kids Count report last year. It was the first time in 24 years, since the Annie E. Casey Foundation first issued its survey that Mississippi didn’t sit at the very bottom. (It fell back to last place in 2014.) But there’s one indicator where Mississippi’s children out perform every other state: childhood vaccination rates."                                                              

Obviously an infant has to turn one to become a toddler and then a child in order to attain wealth, health, education and most measures of well-being.

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Drs Pan, Benjamin, De Rosa & Gordon Interviewed on KALW Parental Vaccination Rights

Radio micFrom KALW, San Francisco:

California law currently allows parents to claim a "personal beliefs exemption" from vaccination requirements for school admission. Should this law be changed? Host Joseph Pace talks with State Senator Richard Pan and a panel of public health professionals about proposed legislation that would remove this exemption and require all children (without a medical exemption) to be fully vaccinated before attending school.


Dr. Richard Pan, California State Senator and Pediatrician

Dr. Bob Benjamin, Deputy Health Officer for Marin County

Michael De Rosa, Ph.D., Chair of Physician Assistant Dept. at Samuel Merritt University in Oakland and family medicine practitioner in Berkeley

Dr. Jay Gordon, Pediatrician

Listen to the interview at KALW Public Radio, City Visions.

Current Affairs

Bills Banning Most Vaccine Exemptions Fail in Northwest

Your_rightsABC News reports on two vaccine exemption restriction bill failures in Oregon and Washington.   Senator Steiner Hayward of Oregon has introduced a separate bill called SB895 which calls for schools to track and publish in public vaccination status data.  From ABC:


Legislative efforts to increase pressure on parents to get their kids vaccinated failed in Oregon and Washington state Wednesday amid stiff opposition as a handful of other statehouses consider similar bills prompted by a measles outbreak at Disneyland.

Oregon's measure, which had the support of Democratic Gov. Kate Brown, would have made the state the third in the country allowing exemptions from immunizations only for medical reasons, and no longer for religious, philosophical or personal reasons. Mississippi and West Virginia are the only other states that have comparable laws in place.

In Washington state, a similar effort to remove personal or philosophical opposition to vaccines as an authorized exemption from childhood school immunizations died in the state House after failing to come up for a vote before a key deadline. Religious and medical exemptions would have remained under that bill.

Washington state Rep. June Robinson, who had sponsored the bill, said she didn't have the votes she needed. The Democrat from Everett said the pushback from parents and others opposed to the change had an effect on some lawmakers.

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Anne Dachel

Book Review: The Big Autism Cover Up by Anne Dachel

Anne Dachel Book CoverEach day, across the globe, people are bombarded with statistics and quotes about the etiology of autism, and each day, tireless advocate Anne Dachel tracks and disseminates this information. Her blogs are extremely popular in our community, and her ability to examine the minutae of media content is beyond compare.

Dachel recently released her book, The Big Autism Cover-Up, in which she invites the reader on a journey into the deep pits of propaganda, leaving no stone unturned in uncovering the hypocrisy and ignorance which surrounds most mainstream media reports on vaccine safety and the link to autism.

Organized by major events in the world of the vaccine-autism connection, she painstakingly details the media’s response to each, arguing that this has deliberately shaped how the public views public health issues as well as what they perceive to be the causes behind the astronomical rise in autism rates. 

Read the full review at Thinking Moms' Revolution.

Current Affairs

Is Your Right to Say No to a Vaccine In Jeopardy?

Your_rightsThank you to Kathy Sincere for allowing us to publish her letter. FYI, as of yesterday, the Oregon vaccine exemption restriction bill has been pulled by Senator Steiner Hayward.

Dear Friends,

Whether we are Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians or neither, civil rights are a mainstay of who we are as Americans.

The right to bear arms, the right to an education, the right to health care, the right to a speedy trial.  Justice and rights for the poor, the immigrant, the criminal, the insane.  The rights of persons of color.  Women’s rights. The rights of gays, in all aspects of their lives; even the right to marry.  The right to use marijuana for medicinal and even recreational purposes.  So many rights - it’s called the Bill of Rights.

The only right being denied to American citizens in 2015 is the right of informed consent in regard to vaccination.  A right guaranteed by the First Amendment and under the Nuremburg Code that the U.S. signed in 1947. The Nuremberg Code states that no one can be coerced in regard to medical treatment; the right to informed consent.  This was in response to Nazi medical experimentation.  Much of vaccination qualifies  as experimentation, especially the flu vaccines  being mandated for babies, school children and health care workers (soon to be EVERYONE).  They are worthless and contain toxic excipients (see attachment).  This is supposed to keep our children healthy?!  Here is a good blog regarding our diminishing American Rights

If the political Right argues for the rights of the unborn child (life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness), then accordingly they need to argue for the rights of the infant AFTER it is born.  It cannot be coerced to have toxic substances (such as aborted fetal cell lines in vaccines) injected into his/her body, with the possibility of injury or death. 

The political Left argues that it is a woman’s right to decide whether to have an abortion or not. She owns her body/her baby.  How can you make that case and then deny the woman’s right to decide what is injected into her pregnant body or the baby after it is born.  That is clearly dulplicitous.

Libertarians want Big Government out of our lives.  The matter of informed consent to vaccination would certainly qualify as an issue.  Dr. Rand Paul stated that “the government does not own our body.” Well said.

Bottom line, the right to informed consent in vaccine choice is an American Right guaranteed under the Constitution.  If this right is ignored or denied, then we have descended into tyranny in this country.  When the vaccine madates for children - no exemptions allowed - are in place and Law, the mandates for adults will certainly follow quickly. 

 Make no mistake about it, forced vaccination is about corruption, power, and money.  It is not about health.  It is Medical Jihad.

This alert is from the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC):


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How Brian Deer and the BMJ Fixed the Record Over Wakefield Part 3

Brian Deer B&W
Brian Deer

Age of Autism republishes parent Martin Hewitt’s three part review of Brian Deer’s article ‘How the case against the MMR was fixed’. Hewitt’s analysis was submitted in its original form to the British Medical Journal in March 2011, when the journal refused it publication and it appeared on AoA over the succeeding weeks.

The refusal to allow tolerant, open discussion of Deer’s methods and findings in the place of publication puts the good faith of the journal under scrutiny. Over and again Hewitt demonstrates how Deer’s selective use of material put the actions of Wakefield and his co-defendants at the General Medical Council, Profs John Walker-Smith and Simon Murch, in a perpetual bad light when counter evidence of benign intent and good medical practice were available. While Dan Olmsted’s recent articles have recently caused Deer to wobble over his claims about child 11 in the Wakefield Lancet paper Hewitt re-visits the other eleven cases and detects a similar pattern in methodology in which evidence is haphazardly produced or excluded in order to make out a superficial case.  Four years on, the question is ever more urgently posed: who really committed fraud?

Read part 1 here.

Read part 2 here.

Time to Revisit Deer Part Three

Brian deer By Martin Hewitt

This is the third part of an analysis of Brian Deer’s (in photo) claims that Dr Andrew Wakefield fixed the findings in the 1998 Lancet paper 'Ileal-lymphoid-nodular hyperplasia' (Lancet, 1998; vol. 351, p.637), a small clinical case series of 12 patients with autism and bowel disease treated at the Royal Free Hospital in 1996/97. The British Medical Journal editors not only published Deer’s claims on 5January 2011 [HERE], but backed them with the charge of academic fraud against Wakefield. Using the UK General Medical Council (GMC) transcripts and research papers, Parts 1 and 2 questioned the way Deer selected his evidence to support serious allegations of fraud.

Scientific fraud

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Current Affairs

Senator Steiner Hayward Drops Oregon Vaccine Mandate Bill

ItsoverFrom The Statesman Journal:  Oregon Senator Drops Vaccine Mandate Bill

Sen. Elizabeth Steiner Hayward, a family physician who led the charge for strengthening Oregon's school immunization law, will no longer pursue the legislation, a staffer said today.

Senate Bill 442, which has had one public hearing and attracted national attention, would have eliminated religious and philosophical exemptions from school shots. Only medical exemptions would have been allowed.

Oregon's nonmedical exemption rate for kindergartners is the nation's highest, at 7 percent. It's a number that has been steadily rising since 2000.

"After much careful consideration, Sen. Steiner Hayward has decided to no longer pursue this legislation," the Beaverton Democrat's chief of staff, Paige Spence, wrote in an email. "She is disappointed that the conversations have largely revolved around who is right or wrong about science and the benefits vs. risk of vaccines, rather than about the health and well-being of Oregon's children."

While the bill had strong support from public health and medical leaders, including Oregon Health & Science University, Oregon Medical Association and Providence Health & Services, a vocal group of parents who either delay or avoid vaccines for their children has been active in opposing the bill.

While many are concerned about vaccine safety, some opposed the bill on grounds of medical freedom and parental autonomy....

Read the full article Oregon Senator Drops Vaccine Mandate Bill.

Current Affairs

Is California's Epidemic of Vaccine Legislation About Merck's Political "Health?"

Goodbye CA
Between December 17-20, 2014, measles arrived at the happiest place on earth and all hell broke loose. Anti-vaxxers were shamed and maligned by everyone from Jon Stewart, Jimmy Kimmel to Dr. Richard Pan.

According to the California Department of Public Health’s latest measles surveillance report (3/6/15), since December of 2014, there have been 132 confirmed measles cases reported in California residents out of a population of 38.8 million.   40 cases visited Disneyland during the period in question. 81% were not hospitalized.

56% were over the age of twenty.  18% were between the ages of five to nineteen. 19 cases were between the ages of one through four. 15 cases were under the age of one.

This affected exactly 34 kids from birth to age four.

Since the Sandy Hook elementary school shooting in December of 2012, there have been 109 school shootings and no legislation.

There is no measles epidemic. There is, however, an epidemic of vaccine legislation.

Currently, there are three bills in the California’s state legislature regarding vaccines: SB-277, SB-792 and AB-1117.

SB-277 focuses on eliminating personal belief exemptions which in California includes religious exemptions.

Its aim is listed below:

(a) A means for the eventual achievement of total immunization of appropriate age groups against the following childhood diseases:

(1) Diphtheria.

(2) Hepatitis B.

(3) Haemophilus influenzae type b.

(4) Measles.

(5) Mumps.

(6) Pertussis (whooping cough).

(7) Poliomyelitis.

(8) Rubella.

(9) Tetanus.

(10) Varicella (chickenpox).

Only one company manufactures the polio vaccine and that’s Sanofi. Only one company manufactures the varicella vaccine and that’s Merck. Only one company has a monopoly on the mumps vaccine in the United States and that’s Merck. Only one pharmaceutical company profits from the sale of all the vaccines on this list and that’s Merck (Merck and Sanofi Pasteur are a global joint venture).

The proposed legislation has nothing to do with a measles epidemic. There is no public health crisis that requires ten mandated vaccines, with an eleventh option of any vaccine “deemed appropriate.”

This is an attempt by Merck and the politicians they fund to capitalize on a measles outbreak, one they may actually be responsible for and can profit from.

California’s Political Reform Act of 1974 is designed to ensure that:

- State and local government serve all citizens equally, without regard to status or wealth.

- Public officials perform their duties impartially, without bias because of personal financial interests or the interests of financial supporters.

- Public officials disclose income and assets that could be affected by official actions and disqualify themselves from participating in decisions when they have conflicts of interest.

- Elections are fair.

- Public officials and private citizens are given the means to vigorously enforce political reforms.

“No public official at any level of state or local government shall make, participate in making, or in any way attempt to use his official position to influence a governmental decision in which he knows or has reason to know he has a financial interest.” Even though the Supreme Court’s decision on Citizens United upheld political spending as a form of protected speech under the First Amendment, it did not legalize financial conflicts of interest.

SB-277 was introduced by Senators Dr. Richard Pan and Ben Allen.

Principal Co-Author is Assembly Member Lorena Gonzalez.

Co-Authors in the Senate:

Senators Jim Beall, Marty Block, Kevin De León, Isadore Hall, Robert M. Hertzberg, Jerry Hill, Hann-Beth Jackson, Mark Leno, Mike McGuire, Holly Mitchell, Jeff Stone, Bob Wieckowski, and Lois Wolk.

Co-Authors in the Assembly:

Assembly Members Catharine Baker, David Chiu, Jim Cooper, Evan Low, Kevin McCarty, Adrin Nazarian, Anthony Rendon, Mark Stone, and Jim Wood.

We analyzed Merck’s annual reports on corporate contributions from 2006-2014.

Highlighted in green are legislators whose campaigns received contributions from Merck.

Listed below are some of the campaigns that received funding by year:

2006 – Ed Hernandez for Assembly 2006, Wolk for Assembly 2006 and Dr. Ed Hernandez, O.D., Democrat for Assembly 2006.

2007 – Lois Wolk for Senate 2008

2008 – Kevin DeLeon for Assembly 2008, Friends of Bill Monning, Carol Liu for Senate

2009 – Wolk for  Senate 2012, Holly J. Mitchell for Assembly, Jerry Hill for State Assembly 2010, Tax Fighters for Anderson 2010

2010Dr. Richard Pan for Assembly 2010, Friends of Bill Monning for Assembly 2010, Holly J. Mitchell for Assembly 2010, Kevin de Leon for Assembly 2010, Dr. Ed Hernandez, O.D., Democrat for Senate 2010, Wolk for Senate 2012

2011 – Feinstein for Senate, Jerry Hill for Assembly 2012, Kevin De Leon for Senate 2014, Dr. Ed Hernandez, O.D., Democrat for Assembly 2014, Wolk for Senate 2012

2012 – Bill Monning for Senate 2012, Jerry Hill for Senate 2012,Dr. Ed Hernandez for Senate 2014, Major General Richard D. Roth USAF (Ret.) for Senate 2012, Taxpayers for Bob Huff 2012, Feinstein for Senate

2013Dr. Richard Pan for Senate 2014, Anthony Rendon for Assembly 2014, Hertzberg for Senate 2014, Holly J. Mitchell for Assembly 2014, Jerry Hill for Senate 2016, Kevin de Leon for Senate 2014, Dr. Ed Hernandez, O.D., Democrat for Senate 2014, Major General Richard D. Roth USAF (Ret,) for Senate 2016

2014 – Jim Cooper for Assembly 2014, Holly J. Mitchell for Assembly for 2014, Kevin De Leon for Senate 2014, Vidak for Senate 2014

Note how many Democrats currently in high positions of power were funded by Merck since the beginning of their careers and the ambitious titles of their committee names. Merck either had a way of predicting the winner of future elections or determined the winner of future elections.

SB-277 is now in the Health, Education and Judiciary Committees.

Health Committee Members:

Senator Ed Hernandez (Chair)

Senator Janet Nguyen (Vice Chair)

Senator Isadore Hall, III – Co-Author

Senator Holly J. Mitchell – Co-Author

Senator Bill Monning

Senator Jim Nielsen

Senator Richard Pan - Author

Senator Richard D. Roth

Senator Lois Wolk – Co-Author

Education Committee Members:

Senator Carol Liu (Chair)

Senator Bob Huff (Vice Chair)

Senator Marty Block – Co-Author

Senator Loni Hancock

Senator Connie M. Levya

Senator Tony Mendoza (Author of SB-792)

Senator Richard Pan - Author

Senator Andy Vidak

Judiciary Committee Members:

Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson (Chair) – Co-Author

Senator Andy Vidak (Vice Chair)

Senator Joel Anderson

Senator Robert M. Hertzberg

Senator Mark Leno

Senator Bill Monning

Senator Bob Wieckowski – Co-Author

Senators without any known conflicts of interest with Merck and aren’t sponsoring the bill are highlighted in yellow. Note that they are the minority in every single committee.

This isn’t surprising considering Merck’s long history of unethical and fraudulent behavior. They have paid out billions of dollars in settlements over Vioxx, NuvaRing, Fosamax and Vytorin among others.

Currently, in the state of Pennsylvania, case #2:10-cv-04374-cdj UNITED STATES VS MERCK is pending. The Department of Justice is involved. Former virologists now whistleblowers allege that Merck falsified data with the MMR II vaccine in order to meet the 95% efficacy rate which is the benchmark required by the FDA to maintain its monolopy on the mumps vaccine which extends to the MMR II. This suggests vaccine failure and fraud, not unvaccinated kids, as the reason for the outbreaks.

Falsely stating that all vaccines are safe and that the science is settled when this case exists is either an example of gross ignorance or evidence of a cover up. If either is the case, one should not be legislating vaccine mandates on Merck’s behalf.

Dr. Richard Pan and the medical establishment tout herd immunity as the reason for the need to mandate vaccines with 95% being the magic number. California is already at a 2.54% exemption rate for the state overall. Dr. Pan claims there are pockets with higher percentages and these pockets are putting everyone else at risk. However, there have been no outbreaks or deaths in these unvaccinated, wealthy and educated areas. The only risk is Dr. Pan using his authoritative role as a pediatrician to benefit politically.

According to the Sacramento Bee, Dr. Pan opened a campaign committee to raise money for his Senate campaign, the day after his Assembly win. As a Senator, he owes “paramount loyalty to the public.” Instead, he has been violating the First Amendment rights of California voters by either blocking them on social media in order to silence their legitimate concerns or allowing out of state astroturfing trolls to harass them, including parents of vaccine injured children.

During Dr. Pan’s public media tour and on social media, he’s been calling out “anti-vacciners.” His pejorative use of the term shows that he has no interest in the actual concerns of constituents, the majority of whom aren’t anti-vacciners but parents who are pro-choice when it comes to making medical decisions on behalf of their children.

Informed consent is to medical ethics as freedom of speech is to a democracy. Using fear and propaganda to create a manufactured epidemic and using that epidemic to do away with informed consent is unethical, dangerous and sinister.

1. We ask that all three bills are dismissed immediately.

2. We ask for the resignation of Dr. Richard Pan, who has abused his authoritative roles as Senator and Physician. We also ask that Richard Pan’s medical license #84883 be revoked.

3. We ask for an investigation into the members of the Health Committee in regards to their financial ties with Merck and how it may have affected past legislation. If there is evidence of any wrongdoing, we ask that they resign.

4. We ask for greater regulation and transparency with regards to campaign finance in the state of California.

5. We ask that Merck be held responsible for acting unethically.

Current Affairs, Dr. Andrew Wakefield

How the British Medical Journal and Brian Deer Fixed the Historical Record to Destroy Andrew Wakefield’s Reputation 1

Brian Deer B&W
Brian Deer

Age of Autism republishes parent Martin Hewitt’s three part review of Brian Deer’s article ‘How the case against the MMR was fixed’. Hewitt’s analysis was submitted in its original form to the British Medical Journal in March 2011, when the journal refused it publication and it appeared on AoA over the succeeding weeks.

The refusal to allow tolerant, open discussion of Deer’s methods and findings in the place of publication puts the good faith of the journal under scrutiny. Over and again Hewitt demonstrates how Deer’s selective use of material put the actions of Wakefield and his co-defendants at the General Medical Council, Profs John Walker-Smith and Simon Murch, in a perpetual bad light when counter evidence of benign intent and good medical practice were available. While Dan Olmsted’s recent articles have recently caused Deer to wobble over his claims about child 11 in the Wakefield Lancet paper Hewitt re-visits the other eleven cases and detects a similar pattern in methodology in which evidence is haphazardly produced or excluded in order to make out a superficial case.  Four years on, the question is ever more urgently posed: who really committed fraud?


Time to Revisit Deer Part One

CherryPickEditBy  Martin Hewitt

Three months after Brian Deer's first BMJ article (HERE) claiming Dr Andrew Wakefield fabricated the findings of the Lancet paper ('Ileal-lymphoid-nodular hyperplasia', Lancet, 1998; p.351), it is now time to revisit the claims and test them against the record, in particular the UK General Medical Council transcripts of the fitness to practice panel against Dr Andrew Wakefield and Professors John Walker-Smith and Simon Murch. We can then judge the accuracy, selectivity and interpretive license Deer applies to his evidence against Wakefield.

This is the first of a series of articles examining the sources Deer uses to back his claims. We start by examining Deer’s evidence for claiming that three of the nine children (child 6, 7 and 12) reported with regressive autism did not have an autism diagnosis. Future articles will examine the evidence for what is said about the other eight children.

The BMJ editors who commissioned Deer’s article continue to support the accuracy of his allegations. Do the editors consider that the GMC judgement of Wakefield means he now has no case to answer? If so, we should remember that Deer uses transcript evidence for a charge the GMC did not lay against Wakefield, namely that he fabricated his research findings.

Continue reading "How the British Medical Journal and Brian Deer Fixed the Historical Record to Destroy Andrew Wakefield’s Reputation 1" »

Current Affairs, Dr. Andrew Wakefield

How the BMJ and Brian Deer Fixed the Record to Destroy Andrew Wakefield Part 2

Brian Deer B&W
Brian Deer

Age of Autism republishes parent Martin Hewitt’s three part review of Brian Deer’s article ‘How the case against the MMR was fixed’. Hewitt’s analysis was submitted in its original form to the British Medical Journal in March 2011, when the journal refused it publication and it appeared on AoA over the succeeding weeks.

The refusal to allow tolerant, open discussion of Deer’s methods and findings in the place of publication puts the good faith of the journal under scrutiny. Over and again Hewitt demonstrates how Deer’s selective use of material put the actions of Wakefield and his co-defendants at the General Medical Council, Profs John Walker-Smith and Simon Murch, in a perpetual bad light when counter evidence of benign intent and good medical practice were available. While Dan Olmsted’s recent articles have recently caused Deer to wobble over his claims about child 11 in the Wakefield Lancet paper Hewitt re-visits the other eleven cases and detects a similar pattern in methodology in which evidence is haphazardly produced or excluded in order to make out a superficial case.  Four years on, the question is ever more urgently posed: who really committed fraud?

Read part 1 here.


Time to Revisit Deer Part Two

CherryPickEditBy Martin Hewitt

In April AoA published the first part of a series revisiting Brian Deer’s claim in the British Medical Journal on 5January 2011 [HERE] that the findings in the Wakefield et al paper 'Ileal-lymphoid-nodular hyperplasia' (Lancet, 1998; vol. 351, p.637) were fixed. It focused on the first claim that three of the nine children reported with regressive autism did not have an autism diagnosis [HERE].

Part two examines Deer‘s second claim thatDespite the paper claiming that all 12 children were “previously normal,” five had documented pre-existing developmental concerns”. This is done by examining the published UK General Medical Council transcripts of the fitness to practice hearing against Dr Andrew Wakefield and Professors John Walker-Smith and Simon Murch. We can then judge the accuracy, selectivity and interpretive license he applies to his evidence against Wakefield.

Deer identifies children 4, 8, 1 and 5 as examples of developmental concerns raised before MMR. The fifth child is child 11, a US citizen whose case was not examined by the GMC and therefore cannot be verified. We will examine statements he makes about each of the four children and then visit the transcript evidence to see if it supports his claims. Readers can see Deer's bullet-point claims in the BMJ paper. Each of Deer's quotes, including the endnotes, is given in italics. The validity of the claims is then tested against evidence from the GMC. All emphases below are added to the original.

Continue reading "How the BMJ and Brian Deer Fixed the Record to Destroy Andrew Wakefield Part 2" »

Teresa Conrick

Hold the Mayo Emulsifier BUT WAIT - What About Vaccines?

DRESS COLORBy Teresa Conrick

?, might be all over the internet right now but did you see this lesser known story ?

Widely used food additives promotes colitis, obesity and metabolic syndrome, shows study of emulsifiers  

Date:  February 25, 2015

Source:  Georgia State University


Emulsifiers, which are added to most processed foods to aid texture and extend shelf life, can alter the gut microbiota composition and localization to induce intestinal inflammation that promotes the development of inflammatory bowel disease and metabolic syndrome, new research shows.

Or this-

Is common food additive to blame for rising rates of bowel disease?

The emulsifiers carboxymethylcellulose, often referred to as cellulose gum, and polysorbate 80, also known as Tween 80, add bulk to foods and keep sauces smooth and frozen confections from separating. They plump up fast-food shakes, keep bottled salad dressings creamy, and prevent ice cream from dissolving into an unsightly soup when left out......

.....They're also used extensively in pharmaceuticals, to improve the consistency of gel capsules, to make pills come apart in the stomach, and to keep medication suspended in fluids.

But when fed to rats in volumes that mimic their widespread consumption in humans, both emulsifiers induced low-grade inflammation, increased weight gain and fat deposition, caused worrisome changes in metabolic function, and changed the mix of bacteria that colonized their digestive tracts, the authors reported.

Here is the abstract

and this quote may sum up what I keep reporting about the microbiome and autism:

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Current Affairs

Action Alert: Provide Your Feedback on Draft National Adult Immunization Plan from HHS

Uncle Sam VaccinationThe federal National Vaccine Program Office wants feedback from you on the Draft National Adult Immunization Plan. The plan sketches out how public funds and authority can be used to expand, subsidize and promote the highly profitable vaccine industry. The plan hints that the pediatric market may be reaching the saturation point, but it is as giddy as a bureaucratic document can get about the possibility for enormous growth in vaccinating adults who currently tend to be highly resistant to vaccine marketing efforts.

Some of the goals included in the plan are maximizing the number of vaccines adults receive, including flu shots for pregnant women. The document operates on the assumption that all vaccines are inherently effective, safe and worth the cost. It assumes that the increased use of vaccines is inherently good.  It assumes that current policies to assure the safety and efficacy of are adequate. It ignores privacy concerns by promoting the use of a national database of our medical records.

The deadline for comments is today so please click on the Take Action link to send comments to HHS which will be entered into the public comments stating your opposition to the plan.

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Bill to Restrict Vaccine Exemptions Losing Support in Oregon

No thanksSALEM, Ore. -- Centuries-old diseases like measles have been making a comeback lately after an outbreak started at Disneyland, and spread to several cases in Oregon and Washington.

But a bill in Salem that would make vaccines mandatory for kids for those types of illnesses, is losing support fast.

Three weeks ago, Senate Bill 442 had strong support and was making quick headway. But now, even supporters admit, the way it's written now, the bill is at risk of dying in committee before it even gets a vote.

The bill would make it so parents could only opt out or delay vaccines for their children for medical reasons, not for any personal, religious or philosophical exemptions such as are allowed now.

If passed, and a child doesn't get their mandated shots, no exemption note, other than for a medical reason, would help; they couldn't go to school. Other than home school, that would leave thousands of kids without their constitutional right to education, and that's where some politicians are having a hard time with it.

Robert Kennedy, Jr. lobbies against vaccine bill

Read the full report at Oregon's KGW TV.

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“Who Can Say?” -- Journalist Who Alleged Wakefield Committed Fraud Backs Off Key Claim

Deer crossedBy Dan Olmsted

Brian Deer, the British journalist who claimed researcher Andrew Wakefield committed fraud by linking the MMR vaccine to autism, now admits one of his key allegations against Wakefield may be flat-out wrong. Yet he insists it's no big deal -- that it does nothing to undercut his claim that Wakefield is "an elaborate fraud."

“Not one of the children were reported on truthfully. Wakefield lied again and again,” journalist Brian Deer said in his post on Saturday, referring to Wakefield 12-child case series published in the Lancet in 1998.  But in the same post, Deer acknowledged that, contrary to his previous reporting, he is now unsure whether Wakefield falsely changed the timing of the MMR shot to put it before the autism symptoms began in a key case.

“Who can say?” Deer wrote Saturday.

The allegation that Wakefield reversed the timing of the shot -- clear evidence of fraud, if true -- was  featured in detail as the shocking opening to Deer’s 2012 series in the British Medical Journal titled “How the Case Against the MMR Was Fixed.”

Child 11’s autism symptoms developed "two months earlier than reported in the Lancet, and a month before the boy had MMR," Deer reported, “too soon” to be the cause. That “must have been a disappointment” to Wakefield, who proceeded to switch the sequence to suit his bias, Deer wrote. The father angrily “spotted the anomaly” after Deer identified and interviewed him, but  “needn’t have worried” that Wakefield would get away with it: “My investigation of the MMR issue exposed the frauds behind Wakefield’s research.”

But on Saturday, after I showed that Deer is the one who got the sequence wrong – that the shot indisputably did come first, followed by the development of regressive autism -- Deer wrote: “Who can say, years later?” In fact, I can say: The father, whom I also identified and interviewed, wrote Wakefield as early as 1997, and contemporaneous medical records establish, that the child got the MMR at 15 months, became sick for several months, developed autism symptoms by 18 months, and was given a formal autism diagnosis at age 3. The father has always said he believes the shot caused all those consequences -- none of which Deer managed to reflect in his own investigation despite interviewing and e-mailing with Father 11 over an extended period of time.

The fact that a core element of his claim of research fraud is now a matter of uncertainty to Deer, the only man who made it, is a remarkable development under any circumstance, but considering the impact the claim has had on the autism debate in subsequent years, it is extraordinary. The claim has been used by officials around the world to say concerns about autism and vaccines have been "debunked" because they originated from a fraudulent research report. A typical example: Senator Dianne Feinstein of California wrote a constituent last week: “I understand that many parents are also concerned that vaccines may cause autism. This claim was published in 1998, in an article in the Lancet, a British medical journal. The researcher who authored the article was later found to have deliberately falsified data to produce a fraudulent link ..."

Equally striking is how little its accuracy seems to matter to Deer, convinced as he is that Wakefield's status as a charlatan is beyond dispute, even if such a central "fact" no longer supports it.

Deer, a veteran newspaper correspondent who, as he frequently points out, has won numerous prestigious journalism awards including the British equivalent of the Pulitzer Prize for his Wakefield investigation, on Saturday offered no convincing reason for how he could have gotten something so central to his fraud claim against Wakefield so wrong. Instead he portrayed the father’s account as a “competing” explanation to the one Deer had independently settled on, based on a couple of unrelated court documents that led him to falsely infer that the autism symptoms preceded the shot in Child 11. Standard journalistic practice would be to check that assumption against the other, far more dispositive evidence that refuted it, and with the child’s father, who subsequently told me: "Mr. Deer’s article makes me appear irrational for continuing to believe that the MMR caused difficulties which predated its administration."

Instead, on Saturday Deer sneered at the messenger – me – as he staged a full-scale retreat from the facts, using Father 11's acknowledged but irrelevant antipathy toward Wakefield as cover. He called me “an undistinguished former journalist” who now runs a website “largely funded by anti-vaccine profiteers,” claiming that I had been “dumped some years ago from his post as a copy editor for a news agency owned by the Rev Sun Myung Moon - himself convicted of fraud … Olmsted has since sought a livelihood from his website, misleading vulnerable parents of children with autism. …  He sought to profit with his website by lying to parents whom he disgustingly purports to champion” and followed “British research cheat” Wakefield “into the toilet.”

Whatever. On Saturday Deer also tried to elevate a secondary issue – how long after the shot the autism symptoms occurred in Child 11 – into a replacement for his now-discredited claim that the entire sequence was reversed, an incomparably more serious and black-and-white issue. 

Ultimately, Deer suggested, the truth is unknowable.

“The father says one thing, the medical records another,” as Deer put it on Saturday. In fact, the father says one thing, and the medical records back him. (That does not mean the vaccine caused the autism, of course, but it does mean the father believed it did, and that Wakefield got the sequence right.) Only Deer’s idiosyncratic and journalistically unjustified misuse of a couple of stray medical records, unchecked by the reality described by everyone else, says another.

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What Wakefield Would Have Told Oregon Health Committee That Cancelled Hearing (To Avoid Hearing Him!)

Steiner HaywardBelow is a letter from Dr. Andrew J. Wakefield to Oregon State Senator Elizabeth Steiner Hayward. In addition to the letter, you can read the testimony he intended to deliver in conjunction with an SB442 hearing that was cancelled after he was due to present testimony.  Many people are willing to lash out at and denigrate Dr. Wakefield, few have the nerve to hear him speak in person.  We wrote about Senator Steiner Wayward  and her hypocrisy regarding healthcare choice recently.


Dear Senator Steiner Hayward,

It has come to my attention that, in an attempt to limit parental rights over vaccine choice you have defamed me and recklessly misled your colleagues and the people of Oregon. Specifically, you are quoted as stating that,  "...not only was [my] original research debunked by other studies," but also that "[I] had admitted to faking all the data in [my] study."

I attach the testimony that I had proposed to present to the information gathering session of the Oregon Senate Health Committee. This includes a bibliography of the many papers supporting my original research and reference to the CDC whistleblower, Dr. William Thompson who, with his colleagues, concealed evidence of the causal association between MMR vaccine and autism for 13 years. This document confirms the falsity of the first part of your statement. 

The second part - my alleged admission to faking all (or indeed any of) the data - is egregious, reckless, and demonstrably untrue. Using this statement to mislead the current debate on vaccine choice, as you have done, is disgraceful. I have passed the matter over to my lawyers for their opinion. In the meantime I will encourage the people of Oregon to have you removed from office at the earliest opportunity through the due democratic process. 

Yours sincerely,

Dr. Andrew J Wakefield MB,BS.


Dr. Wakefield's Statement:

Testimony of  Dr. Andrew J. Wakefield MB,BS.
March 9, 2015


In support of Bill SB442 there has been a series of false claims and assumptions. I will illustrate this statement by reference to four matters.

First, my colleagues and I have been accused of ethical misconduct in the
investigation of children with autism while at the RFH, London. I have been accused of fraud by journalist Brian Deer and the British Medical Journal.

Most bizarrely, and as a measure of how incontinent these claims against me have become, I have been accused in the Oregon media of actually admitting to this fraud, thereby acknowledging 1. that there was fraud – which there was not – and 2. confessing to such fraud, which is entirely false.

I have never, at any stage, been part of, or committed scientific fraud or ethical misconduct. The allegations of ethical and research misconduct against and my colleagues and against me came before the English High Court in the appeal of Professor Walker-Smith. The judge utterly demolished the case against him – which was very much the same as the case against me – in effect, finding the General Medical Council guilty of incompetence, and worse, bias. Prof Walker-Smith was immediately and completely exonerated. For financial reasons, I was unable to appeal. The allegations of research fraud are dealt with in an independent investigation of the original Lancet study by Dr. David Lewis Ph.D. who was a senior scientist at the EPA and an acknowledged expert in research fraud. His investigation and conclusions are to be found in the book, Science for Sale.1 He confirms that what fraud there was, was on the part of journalist Brian Deer and Dr. Godlee, Editor of the BMJ. Efforts to bring these persons to justice for malicious defamation in Texas, failed only on jurisdictional grounds. If there is any doubt, I urge you to read his book and the affidavits publically available at Travis County Court. Since 1998, the original discovery of intestinal disease in children with autism has been confirmed time after time (Appendix 1). The link between MMR vaccine and autism brings me to my second point; vaccine safety.

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Cathy Jameson

Open Letter to Journalists from Mom of Vaccine-Injured Child

By Cathy Jameson

Syringe penRe:  Reporting on Vaccine News

In the last ten years, I have never seen vaccine news being reported as frequently as it has been in the last three months.  First, a note of thanks: 

To those journalists and reporters who are providing vaccines facts, not fear, thank you!  Your work and your effort is appreciated.  I wish there were more of you out there. 

With gratitude,

Cathy Jameson, mom to a vaccine-injured child

Since there are so many media representatives who have not provided facts, I finally have to say something:

The public is bombarded daily with information.  From the newspapers to television to the internet, breaking news and news we can use is available and at our fingertips all day long.  People turn you on, tune you in, view your shows, listen to your interviews, and read your articles.  Reporting fair, balanced, investigative, facts used to be the norm.  What’s being aired, printed, and posted now is not.  We’re now being fed fear, half-truths, mistruths, and straight up lies. 

What should you do instead?

Do the research.  Do that before you open your mouth, before you write your article, and before you contribute unnecessary confusion about vaccines. 

Facts, not fear.  That’s what your viewers, your readers, and your subscribers expect.  It’s what the public needs to see.  It’s what the public deserves to hear. 


Cathy Jameson, mom to a vaccine injured child


For the last few months, I’ve tolerated reading, listening, and watching the fear, the half-truths, the mistruths, and the lies coming from the national news.  But when I saw the lies being aired closer to home, I couldn’t just sit here and ignore them.  So, I wrote an angry letter.  Then I sent it. 

This was a response I sent to someone who used fear in his article and who also failed to be thorough.  If only he’d only done a little bit more work, and if only he’d been a little more considerate to his audience…

Dear Mr. C—

I just read your article about the measles. I agree that measles information is important to share, but I was disappointed with the last part that of the article that you titled Misinformation: Vaccines Cause Autism.  As the parent of a child who is vaccine injured and whose autism was caused by his childhood vaccines, your lack of knowledge and understanding of this very real issue was disappointing to see.  Further, the final bolded and all-caps sentence in your piece, "PLEASE, FOR EVERYONE'S SAKE - VACCINATE" was even more disappointing and was quite shocking to read.  Making general health care demands to readers, when the measles vaccine has caused more deaths in the US in the last 10 years than the measles, is presumptuous and rude. 

If your future articles include the vaccine topic, consider looking at all sides of the vaccines including that some people cannot tolerate them.  Consider researching and reporting the following facts too:  

-the US Supreme Court  ruled that vaccines are unavoidably unsafe 

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