Pentavalent Vaccine - Doctors Raise Red Flag

PV vaxBy Jacob Puliyel MD MRCP M Phil

New Delhi, India

14 March 2018.

Pentavalent vaccine (PV) that was introduced by India six years ago doubled the deaths of children soon after vaccination compared to DPT (Diphtheria-Pertussis- Tetanus) vaccine according to a new study that calls for a "rigorous review of the deaths following vaccination with PV."

Government records show that there were 10,612 deaths following vaccination in the last 10 years. The Health Ministry has promised to study the huge increase in 2017. The present analysis could be a starting point in the quest to reduce the numbers of such deaths.

The study by Dr Jacob Puliyel, Head of Pediatrics at St Stephens Hospital and Dr V. Sreenivas, Professor of Biostatistics at the All-India Institute of Medical Sciences, both in New Delhi, is published in the peer-reviewed Wolters Kluwer Health’s journal, Medical Journal of Dr D Y Patel University.

PV is a combination of DPT vaccine and two more vaccines against Haemophilus influenza type B (Hib) and hepatitis B.  Starting December 2011, PV was introduced into India's immunization programme to replace DPT vaccine in a staged manner with a view to adding protection against Hib and Hepatitis B without increasing the number of injections given to infants. 

But sporadic reports of unexplained deaths following immunization with PV had been a matter of concern.  Puliyel, Sreenivas, and their colleagues undertook the study to find out if these deaths were merely coincidental or vaccine induced.

The authors obtained data of all deaths reported from April 2012 to May 2016 under the Right to Information Act. Data on deaths within 72 hours of administering DPT and PV from different states were used. 

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California's Senator Richard Pan Publicly Denies Any Increase in Autism

Pan Dem IckEpidemic? Pandemic? Not according to this Pan-Democrat in California, Richard Pan.  Thanks to Laura for this update. Thanks to readers for the photo suggestions...  ;) Kim

By Laura Hayes

6-minute video summary of recent hearing in CA  (have a listen before reading)

Link to download hearing in its entirety.

At this point in time, one would have to be living under a rock, severely intellectually challenged, or frighteningly indebted to Pharma to deny that we are in the midst of an autism epidemic.  CA Senator Richard Pan, a public figure, is not living under a rock, which leaves the remaining two possibilities.

On Feb. 28, 2018, a Joint Hearing for Special Education Finance in CA was held.  Partners in SB277 crime, Senators Richard Pan and Ben Allen, were both in attendance. 

In the midst of plentiful, pleading, and powerful testimony from many involved in CA’s public school system with regard to the dramatic and alarming increase in autism up and down the state for the past 10-15 years, corroborated by Ryan Andersen of the Legislative Analyst’s Office, Senator Pan interjected to clarify that they are all wrong. He clarified that there is no increase in autism, not in CA, nor elsewhere. 

To repeat, to take such a preposterous stance when the autism epidemic is self-evident at this point in time (with even the incompetent and corrupt CDC reporting that 1 in 36 American children has autism), one would have to be living under a rock, severely intellectually challenged, or frighteningly indebted to Pharma. Pan’s insistence that autism rates have always been 1 in 36 defies the research coming from the institution at which he used to teach, UC Davis. A 2009 study by researchers at UCD’s MIND Institute found that the humongous increase in the incidence of autism is real, is not due to how autism is diagnosed or counted, and shows no sign of abating. This study was published in the January 2009 issue of Epidemiology.

Pan dug himself further into his hole of lies as he referenced “a growing body of research showing that the increase in autism rates is due to difference in diagnosis and changes in the DSM.”  The only research from this “growing body” that he could then cite was a laughable and completely unscientific 2009 study from England which Dr. Carol Stott and John Stone ripped apart from start to finish, summarized here

For his coup d’etat, both of imbecility and offensiveness, Pan basically accused school districts of over identifying special education students in an effort to secure more funding, which is moronic because school districts statewide, nationwide, and worldwide are drowning in the costs of special education. Identifying special education students means having to provide services for them, services that are costly. In reality, school districts have a financial disincentive to identify special education students. Despite that fact, Pan stated, in his native tongue of gibberish, “One of the things that seems to come up a lot…we heard it from the LAO presentation, we also in some of the other policy…they keep saying that, “Well, what we are worried about is that we actually pay for the need…we’re gonna incentivize more people, more kids, moving into special ed, and also they’re less likely to be mainstreamed.” This was immediately scoffed at, countered, and corrected by the next 2 women who testified.

If Pan truly believes that school districts, in cahoots with parents and licensed professionals, are purposefully misdiagnosing students as needing special education services when in fact they don’t, with the express purpose of the school district enriching itself at the expense of the child, who might then be placed into a segregated classroom and subjected to unneeded therapies,THAT IS A VERY SERIOUS CHARGE. As such, his first and top priority should be to start an immediate investigation into the abuse of these children.

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Katie Wright on the Lack of Precision in Dr. Shafali Jeste's "On the Road to Precision Health: Brain Based Biomarkers.”

Shafali_Jeste_Portraits-2h-258x300By Katie Wright

I recently watched Dr. Shafali Jeste’s* (see bio at end of this post) of the UCLA Jeste Lab for Autism Research and Treatment SFARI presentation “On the Road to Precision Health: Brain Based Biomarkers.”

Dr. Jeste and partner Dr. Dan Geschwind believe they will be able to phenotype and treat ASD people via EEG. Everything about that is crazy. Listen, these are brilliant scientists who sincerely want to help the ASD community, however, they are doing everything wrong. This is what happens when researchers are insulated from the wider community.

It can be very difficult and painful to admit you have been wrong. Believe me, I know something about this. When Christian was an infant, I laughed at a friend of mine who advised me to to give Christian one vaccine at a time over a spread out schedule. Guess whose child had severe adverse vaccine reactions- not hers. The neurologists and geneticists have everything at stake in the “autism is a heritable brain based genetic disorder,” paradigm. Not too long ago researchers including Jeste argued that we would eventually be able to phenotype everyone with autism via genetics. 20 years and almost a billion dollars later, no success. Not only no success phenotyping via genetics no success creating treatment via genetic models. It has been a disaster.

For at least 15 years geneticists have been promising “precision therapy” and “targeted treatment.” These ubiquitous buzzwords are no bereft of meaning. In 2007 I was directed to take Christian to genetics specialist for “targeted treatment.” Sounds good, right? The problem is there is nothing wrong or unusual with his genes, nor the genes of 90% of people with DSMdx autism. A parent may be told that their child this unusual gene or that deletion, yet plenty of non ASD people have those genes. Genetics tests often show vulnerability but almost never causation.

This is because there are no “autism genes.”

There are genetic susceptibilities sure, but autism is not like Downs syndrome. Autism susceptibility genes are like alcoholism or obesity genes. One can be born with a vulnerability to a disorder or disease but it does not manifest itself without an environmental trigger. No one goes to bed 150lb and wakes up 250 lbs- surprise you are obese! A person who never drinks alcohol can never be an alcoholic. It takes a genetic predisposition, a family history and exposure to the environmental trigger for obesity, alcoholism and autism to develop. In the case of autism, there may be no family history of autism but a genetic vulnerability to autoimmune diseases. Parkinson's, Grave’s disease and diabetes, for example, feature prominently in the family history of ASD people.

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CONTAGION: The Great Swine Flu scare of 2009

image from
Sir Liam Donaldson

As BBC4 prepares to televise its new scare documentary Contagion AoA re-posts a sequence of articles by UK editor, John Stone, from 2009-10 highlighting an  earlier shadowy attempt to hi-jack global health agenda by the vaccine industry. While AoA does not take the view that a deadly infectious pandemic is an impossibility there is major problem of distorting health policy, and promoting ineffective and dangerous solutions, warned about once again recently by infectious disease expert Tom Jefferson.

A Lethal Mixture: Swine and Bird Flu. Can We Trust Baxter, GSK and the WHO?

By John Stone (May 17, 2009)



The most recent paroxysm in the swine flu saga begs some interesting questions  which scarcely ought to be swept aside. Last week veteran Australian  scientist,  Adrian Gibbs, author of 250 peer review studies raised the issue whether H1N1 virus could have been created in a lab error. Of course, denials were rapid. ABC News reported (HERE.)

"Technically it's plausible but not likely," (said) Christopher Ohl, an associate professor of medicine at Wake Forest University School of Medicine, and a specialist in infectious diseases.

"In this case I'm not concerned that this virus represents anything other than a naturally occurring mixture of viruses happening in nature," concluded Dr. Julie Gerberding, an infectious disease expert and the former director of the CDC...

Regardless of the validity of Gibb's claims, he and several experts say that just bringing the idea of laboratory security to the public's attention is important.

 "There are lives at risk," Gibbs said. "The sooner this idea gets out, the better."

In 2001, foot-and-mouth disease led to the slaughter of more than 6 million animals, all after a vial went missing from a research laboratory in the United Kingdom.

Since then, however, experts said lab security and regulations have been getting tighter and better.

"Laboratories have a lot of security from having this happen, and it's very unlikely," Ohl said of the new theory about swine flu's origin.

But have things improved since 2001? Probably the scariest story this year has so far been overlooked by the media at large. On  February 27 an article appeared in the Toronto Sun  by Helen Branwell, ‘Baxter: Product contained live bird flu virus’ (link no longer available, but confirmation in the record of the British parliament):

The company that released contaminated flu virus material from a plant in Austria confirmed Friday that the experimental product contained live H5N1 avian flu viruses. 
And an official of the World Health Organization’s European operation said the body is closely monitoring the investigation into the events that took place at Baxter International’s research facility in Orth-Donau, Austria.

“At this juncture we are confident in saying that public health and occupational risk is minimal at present,” medical officer Roberta Andraghetti said from Copenhagen, Denmark.

But what remains unanswered are the circumstances surrounding the incident in the Baxter facility in Orth-Donau.

The contaminated product, a mix of H3N2 seasonal flu viruses and unlabelled H5N1 viruses, was supplied to an Austrian research company. The Austrian firm, Avir Green Hills Biotechnology, then sent portions of it to sub-contractors in the Czech Republic, Slovenia and Germany.

The contamination incident, which is being investigated by the four European countries, came to light when the subcontractor in the Czech Republic inoculated ferrets with the product and they died. Ferrets shouldn’t die from exposure to human H3N2 flu viruses...” 

According to science columnist Mark Henderson writing in the London Times on May 4, the real danger from the new swine flu virus H1N1 would be if it combined with the previous big viral scare, avian flu H5N1:

The biggest worry would be if a person or a pig became infected with both swine flu and H5N1 avian flu at the same time. As the former is highly transmissible but does not appear to be particularly lethal, while the latter is highly virulent but does not spread easily, a reassortment between the two could generate a very dangerous strain.

Of course, it would not be wise on its own to take anything Henderson says too seriously, bearing in mind his boss is a director of pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline and he is associated with the pharmaceutical lobby organisation Sense About Science .  However, bearing in mind  the Toronto Sun story of February it is not exactly encouraging that WHO and the CDC have chosen Baxter as well as GlaxoSmithKline to develop a vaccine against H1N1.

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Minocycline and Autism: This Antibiotic Is Not Just For Acne Anymore

MinoclyclineBy Teresa Conrick

Every week, more and more information is coming out that autism is not, just some spectrum of developmental disability.  Here we see in Newsweek a recent announcement: 


The beginning of it goes into a strange array of gene talk but then the focus of the article is this---

Some signals associated with a cell type called microglia were far higher in the samples from people with autism than from samples of people with other conditions. This signal may be higher because the microglia are more active. If that’s true, an antibiotic that reduces their activity could be one way to treat the condition—which is what UCLA Health psychiatrist and one of the authors of the study, Dr. Michael Gandal, is testing right now....

He and his colleagues are working to recruit about 30 adults for a brain-imaging study to look at their microglia and take an antibiotic called minocycline for 12 weeks.

“Throughout the 12 weeks, we measure a set of cognitive tasks, and we repeat the brain imaging," he said. "The idea is to look at how levels of inflammation in the brain relate to cognitive and behavioral function in individuals with autism.”

Here is that Clinical Trial -

Autism spectrum disorders (ASD) are highly disabling, persistent neurodevelopmental disorders. There are no available treatments for core symptoms of ASD or biologically-based clinical biomarkers. Emerging evidence indicates that levels of brain inflammation are increased in ASD. In particular, recent work implicates hyperactivity of microglial cells, the resident immune cells of the brain. However, the functional consequences of microglial activation remain unknown. This study will measure microglial activation in ASD using positron emission tomography (PET) brain imaging. Adult males with ASD (n=15) and healthy controls (n=15) will be recruited for this study and undergo comprehensive clinical and behavioral baseline assessment. All subjects will then undergo baseline PET imaging using a radiotracer that labels activated microglia. Subjects with ASD will then undergo 12-week open label treatment with minocycline, an FDA-approved antibiotic thought to block microglial activation. PET imaging will be repeated at 12 weeks to confirm target engagement. A subset of control subjects will also undergo repeat PET imaging to determine test-retest reliability. During minocycline treatment, ASD subjects will be evaluated every 2 weeks for safety, clinical impression, behavioral functioning, and measures of cognition. Results will provide important information regarding the relationship between levels of brain inflammation, cognitive and behavioral function in ASD.

I am hoping that more candidates can join as it looks like almost a year since it's been updated.  Let's take a look at Minocycline and see if we can't get more people excited and involved in this type of research.

It's been about six years since I really started putting a focus on autism and bacterial infections. Because I have a daughter who has a diagnosis of autism and also an autoimmune diagnosis, the immune system has become a key player in my research to help her.  The MICROBIOME research has exploded and its connection to the MICROGLIA of the brain may be a big part in autism spectrum disorders.

There are far too many children and young adults who suffer.  The list of painful and debilitating symptoms grows as parents watch in agony.  Patterns tend to emerge:


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Major Health Freedom Victory! 4 Vaccine Bills Defeated in FL

Florida signThank you to GreenMedInfo for this blogpost.  The Sunshine State is a bit brighter today while the Golden State keeps taking Gold from Pharma as it restricts vaccination choice.  Interesting how different two iconic vacation states can be within America.

"© [3/13/18] GreenMedInfo LLC. This work is reproduced and distributed with the permission of GreenMedInfo LLC. Want to learn more from GreenMedInfo? Sign up for the newsletter here"

By Sayer Ji

After a deluge of vaccine bills threatening to strip health freedom flooded the FL legislature earlier this year, the concerted efforts of grassroots activists and independent media emerged victorious with all 4 bills now officially withdrawn and defeated.

I am excited to announce a major victory for health freedom today, proving Margaret Mead's saying that you should, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world.” 

Two identical bills submitted to the Florida Senate and the House of Representatives in January mandating HPV vaccines for school children have been defeated. Two other bills released the same month which would have forced those who opt out of vaccines for their children to be entered into a centralized database which would track their whereabouts (and make possible State-mandated “home visits” to coerce or force vaccine compliance), have also been withdrawn from the Florida Senate and House. All four bills were permanently withdrawn on 3/10/2018.

Grassroots Activism: Alive and Well

It was the The National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) that first alerted a small but growing group of activists and health freedom loving citizens in Florida to the impending threat. Floridians for Medical Freedom lead the charge by organizing representation at the state capital.

You can read more about the history of these bills in our previous reports here:

    Urgent Action Required: Stop Forced HPV Vaccines for Florida's KidsACTION ALERT: Oppose Unconstitutional State

    Forced Vaccine Tracking of Your Family - OPPOSE SB 1680 and HB 1045 (FL)

With the help and courageous efforts of independent media organizations and leading activists, including GreenMedInfo., NaturalNews, Kelly Brogan, MD, Robert Scott Bell, Dr. Sherry Tenpenny, and others too many to name, national attention was cast on these bills, including research that was published in the American Journal of Public Health showing that Merck has been manipulating the legislative process via lobbying and other methods to mandate the use of their products.

Battle Won; Epic Battle Just Beginning

Read more here.

College Paper by James Potthast, Adult with Low Verbal Autism: “Attaining the Information of the World”

Hope dandelionOur son James who is 18, has significant impairment from his vaccine induced autism. He fights a dysfunctional body everyday and I wish everyday that it didn't have to be so hard. But RPM the teaching method that gave James communication has changed his life. Hopefully any AoA reader has already heard about it but its good to be reminded and this essay will inform some of you about what the journey from silence to communication has been. He wrote it for his community college english class. The class was supposed to explore how they get and process information. A different question for someone with autism! Brooke Potthast

By James Potthast

English 112-003N

James Potthast

January 19, 2018

Information Literacy Narrative

“Attaining the Information of the World”

            My current environment stimulates and allows me to continue growing in my information literacy. I have a multitude of resources for receiving and sharing information. I am a college student, I listen to audiobooks and podcasts, I write a quarterly newsletter, I have a personal blog, and I often listen intently to those around me. I consider myself to be information literate. I am able to listen and process information presented to me in a variety of formats. I pride myself in the speed at which I can auditorily process information. However, all of this did not happen overnight. My journey from prisoner to college student is one of struggle in finding ways to access, use, and understand information.  

            Almost five years ago, I had very limited access to information, no ability to use the information I possessed, and was not being taught to understand what I heard daily. I have Autism and I am nonverbal. For this reason, I was denied access to information that I was presumed not to know or be able to understand. My learning consisted mostly of matching and repeating patterns. Then, one day my parents took me to meet and work with Soma Mukhopadhyay, and Autism and education specialist. I remember being taught a lesson about planes. I felt empowered by the fact someone felt I could understand a middle school lesson. I was asked questions to show my comprehension. Using a stencil board with the alphabet on it, I answered each question correctly. Everyone was surprised I could spell, and even more shocked I processed all of the information that was given to me. This day changed my life. I was given the opportunity to access information for the first time, and was able to express my understanding of that material. My shackles had finally been removed and using a letter board was the key that would allow me to freely explore the world.

            After this discovery, my parents decided that learning with a homeschool program would be best for me. A few months later, I became a homeschool student. I vividly remember meeting my teacher, Shannon. I thought she was so smart. I asked myself on many occasions if I would be able to work for a whole school day. At times, I needed breaks. The transition from not being able to communicate the thoughts in my mind to having an organized school day full of educational input was overwhelming at times. I would get tired easily, and get frustrated with myself for not being able to point at the letters as easily I wanted to. This process helped me build resilience as a learner. Now I was able to learn at my grade level. I had the opportunity of accessing the meaningful information that I always wanted.

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Amazon Smile Triples Donations to Age of Autism March 12 - 31

Amazon SmileThe AmazonSmile triple donation promotion started yesterday! Amazon is tripling the donation amount to 1.5% when customers make their first eligible purchase from March 12 - 31. This is a great opportunity to support Age of Autism's through AmazonSmile donations by when you shop at   Just search and select AGE OF AUTISM. Then shop to you drop!  I generated $.78 so far this month. Don't laugh. The thousand mile journey and all that!





DSM V Replacing ABC In Schools

Abadnonned schoolBy Anne Dachel

We’ve been told for the last twenty-five years that all the kids everywhere with autism were nothing new, that all the features of autism—being nonverbal, stimming, obsessing, having  anxiety and meltdowns, and wandering—are just things that come with the diagnosis. We only needed to be aware and to accept. The dramatic change in the behavior of children, referred to as autism, has never been called “a crisis” by any U.S. health official. EVER.

Suddenly things are different. 

There are now so many children in our schools who simply can’t function like kids have always been expected to function. There are lots of labels and lots of accommodations being made to help these students get through the day at school. Autism has to take a backseat to the big percentages of kids who need special help. We’re told in news stories that research shows one in 5 or even one in 4 students has a mental health problem.  NOW it’s a crisis. We need more money to help these kids.

20 percent? 25 percent?

How is that possible? Is the same true for adults? Does the one in 4/one in 5 rate apply to teachers, doctors, police officers? It’s an incredibly scary world out there.

If this is what’s happening just to our children, why aren’t we doing something to stop it? Why isn’t all this the equivalent of a four alarm fire to school officials and the medical community?

Incredibly, there are two reasons that we’re given for all of this: too much social media and bad parents who traumatize their children.

Just like we learn to accept more and more and more children with autism, mental health issues are now a normal and acceptable part of childhood as well. Here are recent stories that prove my point. Schools have to do something, and they are. They’re hiring more counselors, they’re allying themselves with local mental health facilities, and they’re adding more police presence in schools. Since no one is doing anything to address the root cause of all this, it must mean that they probably expect things will get worse.

Feb 18, 2018, Williamsport (PA) Sun—Gazette: Out and About

Dr. Kathleen Lynne Lane will headline Bloomsburg University’s McDowell Institute Speaker Series on Monday and Tuesday.

Lane, a professor in the Department of Special Education at the University of Kansas, will focus the series on the social, emotional and behavioral wellness of children who may experience non-academic barriers to learning such as adverse childhood experiences or trauma.

Her research delivers valuable information for teachers in pre-kindergarten through high school settings using three-tiered methods to screen for the development of learning and behavioral challenges and respond to existing learning challenges.

Feb 18, 2018, Salisbury (NC) Post: Take a deep breath: Koontz launches resiliency program to help kids cope with stress

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Medical Historian

Ronan and willemBy Cathy Jameson

About 3 weeks ago, Ronan’s little brother told me that he was having headaches while reading.  Willem has been in glasses before.  But that was back in 2nd and 3rd grade.  He’s passed eye exams since then, but it was important for me to get him back to the eye doctor.  I thought we may be revisiting his need for corrective lenses.  I was right.    

For Willem, it was a quick fix.  For his big brother Ronan’s medical issues, many of which began post-vaccination, it’s been a complicated, trying, expensive, disheartening, and sometimes overwhelming process to get doctors to listen to us and to help us.  I’m prepping for a slew of follow-up appointments for Ronan right now.  Part of me is ready – I get to fight for Ronan! But the other part of me is dreading them – it’s work to do this, hard work! 

With how many of his systems are affected, and with how many people it takes to oversee his medical care, I end up doing a lot of studying as I get ready to talk about Ronan’s health.  I told a dear friend in a phone call last week that whenever I prep for these every 4- to 6-month appointments, I feel like I’m getting ready to take a final exam.  Before I sit down and catch everyone up on what’s worked, what hasn’t, and also share what I’d like to see changed, I have a lot of reading and organizing to do.  Right now, I’m reviewing recent lab test, therapy notes, Ronan’s seizure calendar, and other pertinent information that I believe is helpful to share.  I’ll meet with the doctor’s individually, but some of what one doctor shared last time may need to be relayed to another doctor this time.  Thankfully, some of Ronan’s team already communicates well with each other, but I don’t mind being the matchmaker for those who haven’t caught on that some of the medical problems we’re trying to tackle are related. 

Since Ronan can’t chime in at his appointments like his siblings can, I make lots of notes.  I won’t share everything that I write down, but I have found that mentioning things in date order, and including events that happened both before and after an episode we’ve been concerned about, helps.  Four months ago, we noted …a change in behavior, sleep pattern, decreased ability to complete an already achieved milestone.  Right before that time, we saw these changes … his appetite, his sleeping schedule, his behaviorThen, 2 weeks later we saw a rash of seizures right before …a fever, a change in the season, an increase in aggressive behavior…  

Willem must have picked up on that method because the other day, when it was his turn share some medical history and tell the eye doctor what was going on, I listened to him advocate for himself – “Yeah, it kinda hurts.  It was a few weeks ago that I noticed it.  Sometimes it started to bother me right here on my head at school.  But most of the time now, I feel it after school at home when I’m reading a lot.  When it’s bad, I have to put my stuff down, close my eyes, and sometimes rest my head to make the ache go away.”  He looked at me and waited.  I looked at him, gave him a thumbs up, and beamed.  He spoke clearly, confidently and gave just the right details.  I was so proud of him for being able to do that! 

After he offered personal insight into the type of pain and problems he was having, I interjected with more information about Willem’s past eye issues.  I also mentioned some of his brother’s medical problems, namely that he had mitochondrial dysfunction.  I felt it was important to share that because we’ve been warned that Ronan may have severe vision issues later in life to include loss of sight.  I told the doctor that I wasn’t worried that Willem’s health would follow suit, “…but since the boys are related, well, I feel it necessary that you know a little bit about his brother and about his medical issues.”  She nodded her head, jotted down some notes, and said, “Someone has to be the historian.”  I smiled and agreed.  

I didn’t share our full family history during that visit, but past history shows that I made some poor medical choices for my children.  I didn’t know then what I do now.  I didn’t know then what I should have either.  I never want to repeat that ignorance.  That’s why I’m driven to be present with Ronan now.  I do that even though my efforts to engage with him are not always reciprocal.  They aren’t reciprocal with the siblings either.  They may never be, but we’re not going to give up on hoping for something better for Ronan’s future. 

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Beatrice Lorenzin Put at the Head of Global Vaccine Strategy at White House in 2014


By John Stone

According to an Italian government press release Italy and its recent health minister, Beatrice Lorenzin, were placed at the head of global vaccine strategy at a meeting at the White House in September 2014. Lorenzin has figured prominently these columns for some months for having struck a deal with GSK for inward investment, including a likely agreement about vaccine mandates, for dirty tactics against proponents of choice, and for having made up a completely fictitious story about 270 child deaths from measles in London in pursuit of her vaccine strategy. Presently she is at the center of allegations of electoral fraud. The text of the release reads:

Italy leader for vaccination strategies worldwide Press release 387


Washington, 29 September 2014 - Italy will lead vaccination strategies and campaigns in the world over the next five years. This was decided by the Global Health Security Agenda (GHSA) held last Friday at the White House. Our country, represented by the Minister of Health Beatrice Lorenzin, accompanied by the President of the Italian Medicines Agency (AIFA) prof. Sergio Pecorelli, has been commissioned by the Summit of 40 Countries, at which also spoke US President Barack Obama.

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Put The Needle on the Record - Payola Alive and Well in Pediatrics

1959-7-Nov-PayolaPayola was the  name used when record companies paid radio stations under the table to play records albums on air.  It was a bribe. A record album was a large, grooved circle made of vinyl. A needle with a teensy weensy diamond at the tip sat in the groove and generated music. Now, the needle is tipped with toxins and goes into our children. Payola is alive and well and pharma just keeps churning out the hits. Kim  (PS) Not to be vulgar, but "incentivizing is to pay offs as lovemaking is to....."

From World Mercury Project:

March 08, 2018
Incentivizing Pediatricians to Follow the CDC Vaccine Schedule

Most American families use pediatricians—rather than generalist family doctors—as their frontline children’s health care provider. With the backing of its trade organization, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), the field of pediatrics has been booming for some years, ensuring current and future demand for the many doctors-in-training who are choosing pediatrics as their specialty. Pediatricians’ average annual salary (roughly $200,000) may not be competitive with some of the more specialized medical domains, but pediatrics appears to offer high career satisfaction and inducements such as flexibility and part-time work opportunities.

In addition, the 11 well-child visits recommended by the AAP over a child’s first 30 months (with annual visits thereafter through age 21) ensure a steady stream of repeat customers and revenue for pediatricians. In accordance with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC’s) vaccine schedule, pediatric practices are expected to administer vaccines (often as many as six at a time) at about half of well-child visits through the adolescent years, making vaccination a foundational bread-and-butter component of pediatricians’ job description. The one problem with this rosy pediatric picture is that some parents do not want to go passively along for the ride.

Read more at World Mercury Project: Incentivizing Pediatricians to Follow the CDC Vaccine Schedule

Mysteries Behind the Gatti and Montanari Affair

Italy mandatesBy John Stone

Age of Autism has been reporting on two scientists, Antonietta Gatti and Stefano Montanari, who had their research seized (including their computer) by Italy’s “financial police” in a raid two weeks ago, just as Prof Gatti was preparing to testify in a military court case in Sardinia. On the face of the events followed a dispute between a non-profit organization and the scientists over their electron microscope. According  to a report in the Gazzeta di Modena by Miriam Figluola (24 February):

The non-profit organization accuses the professor of having used the tool for profit and not for scientific research, but there is a court ruling that authorizes Gatti and Montanari to be able to use the instrument and to be compensated for travel expenses. "Money that they never gave us," explains the doctor, claiming she is not an anti-vaccinationist and claims the abnormality of the times. The story has become a political case in Sardinia, because Gatti should conclude her evidence in court on February 28, but data on the analysis of samples taken at Quirra are in the PCs seized in the mysterious operation.

But it is also an unhappy coincidence that the former Italian health minister, Beatrice Lorenzin, put herself forward in the recent Italian election as a candidate for Alternativa Popolare party  in Gatti and Montanari’s home city of Modena, and has now been elected there. Lorenzin will be familiar to Age of Autism readers as the instigator under the Renzi government of Italy’s vaccine mandates following a deal with GSK. Notoriously, she also told Italian television that 270 children had died in a recent measles outbreak in London, in which claim there was not a single word of truth.

Of course, Gatti and Montanari’s findings are troubling for the mandates project because all the human vaccines they tested for micro and nano-particles turned out to be contaminated. Indeed, their results were confirmed, as reported here, by a European Medical Agency official, Melanie Carr, in the British Medical Journal last year.  Given the type of contamination (which will cause harm in the smallest quantities since the body has no means to process the particles), and the number of vaccines routinely administered to an infant, Carr’s claim that this was within acceptable limits looks slender indeed. Short of recalling all the products and admitting decades of negligence, it was probably all the EMA could do  - situation management. Last month Lorenzin was complaining that the Dutch had cheated in their bid to host the EMA when it leaves London following Brexit.

John Stone is UK/Europe Editor for Age of Autism.

Garden States Sows, and Reaps... Autism.

Greetings_from_New_JerseyNOTE: Instead of closing factories and carnival lights, perhaps Bruce Springsteen will start singing about opening autism schools and sleepless nights.

By Anne Dachel

Wake up, New Jersey! Seriously! When the autism rate finally reaches one in 10 or one in 5, and maybe someone asks WHY, we’ll look back on stories like this one from My Central Jersey and ask why no one ever noticed the numbers continually increasing.


This is a feel good story designed to accustom us to more and more disabled children. It’s about spreading joy and helping special needs kids, which sounds good. It also has HORRIFIC AUTISM NUMBERS.

How is it possible to write like this, My Central Jersey? How dare you tell us that New Jersey has such an ever-increasing autism rate, far exceeding the national rate, WITH NO EXPLANATION! So in two more years, when the New Jersey rate is one in 28, will you be reporting that so casually too? Will autism ever matter in New Jersey?

***Mar 3, 2018, My Central Jersey: Somerset Hills YMCA, Rutgers athletes team up to spread joy

On Feb. 24, Somerset Hills YMCA, a branch of Somerset County YMCA, hosted its 13th annual Saturdays in Motion (SIM) Rutgers Day, in which 25 Scarlet Knights volunteered to support children with special needs.

Today, more than ever, children living with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) need services and support. According to the CDC’s 2016 Community Report on Autism, the diagnosis rate of ASD in New Jersey is one in 41, compared with the national rate of one in 68. The New Jersey rate marks an increase of 12 percent from the previous one in 45 statistic released in 2014.
As a charitable organization, Somerset County YMCA seeks to provide everyone with the opportunity to learn grow and thrive by providing programs, like SIM, that meet community needs where other services fall short.

No Spina Bifida. No Peanut Butter Sandwiches. The Unintended Consequences of Pregnancy Interventions.

Wonder breadNote: In no way am I poking fun at the pregnancy vitamin supplementation program that cured spina bifida by preventing the diagnosis. That said.... What sane person would not want to prevent a lifelong diagnosis that could be a severe, even life threatening handicap requiring a lifetime of care?  What doctor would not want to recommend something as simple as a vitamin to prevent this severe, terrible diagnosis?

But what if this benign vitamin intervention during pregnancy, which became so ubiquitous as to literally become "white bread" was found to perhaps be associated with life threatening FOOD ALLERGIES? What is a researcher recommended further research to dig deeper into the science, because while the spina bifida was a birth defect no parent wanted for his or her child, the food allergies were also a diagnosis that no parent wanted for his or her child? Would the vitamin makers make sure to PULL HIS PAPER from publication and pillory him for say, 20 years?

In other news, does this tongue make my cheek look fat?

From USDA: Beginning in January 1998, the B vitamin folic acid will be added to enriched bread, flour, cornmeal, rice, pasta, and other grain products, according to a 1996 U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulation.

The regulation grew out of evidence that the risk of spina bifida and other neural tube defects in newborn infants dropped if mothers took more folic acid before pregnancy.

In 1992, the Public Health Service recommended that all women of childbearing age consume 400 micrograms (mcg) of folic acid daily to reduce risk. That 400 millionths of a gram could spare many of the 2,500 infants born in the United States with neural tube defects each year.

...“The balance of evidence from this study suggests that the benefits of folate fortification at the currently mandated level would greatly outweigh the risks...

Damn Skippy!  Kim


Folic Acid Exposure in Utero is Associated with Development of Food Allergy

Research presented at the 2018 AAAAI/WAO Joint Congress suggests that unmetabolized folic acid levels at birth are associated with an increased risk of food allergy.

Orlando, FL - Research being presented at the 2018 American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology (AAAAI) and World Allergy Organization (WAO) Joint Congress suggests that folic acid exposure in utero could have an effect on whether children develop food allergy.

Folate, or vitamin B9, is available in both natural and synthetic forms. Folic acid is the synthetic form of folate and is often recommended to pregnant women as a way of preventing neural tube defects in their children, like spina bifida. When folic acid is consumed in higher quantities, some of this folic acid is not metabolized and circulates in the blood as “unmetabolized folic acid.”

In a nested case control study performed in the Boston Birth Cohort, scientists found that higher levels of unmetabolized folic acid measured at birth was associated with the development of food allergy.

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UC Davis Report on Autism Cost Shocking as "Neurodiversity" Delivers Numbing Catastrophic Bill

Bankrupt-AmericaNote: Dear Neurodiversity advocates. How do you spin this as a gift?  Autism will piss off America just as all of us parents are growing older and planning on how the hell we leave our precious children behind as autistic adults.  THIS is what ignoring and sugarcoating and epidemic will do to a nation.  And it was entirely avoidable if we have been allowed to seek an actual CURE for autism without being told we were crazy people. If researchers didn't have to fear for their careers and so they chose to focus on eye gaze studies until our eyes glazed over. If epidemiologists and psychiatrists hadn't commandeered funding and studies. If pharma hadn't become the greediest most ruthless industry since... forever, denying that vaccine injury causes autism. If the media had any cojones at all and didn't bend over for advertisers and produce propaganda in fictional and news programming. If  President Obama hadn't been fooled by the Neurodiversity movement. If President Trump doesn't start remembering his promises to the community. Ready for the bill, America? You won't be able to pay for the electricity to run those stupid blue lightbulbs when it comes.  Open your wallet - you should have opened your eyes and hearts. Kim


Autism's costs estimated to be $500 billion, potentially $1 trillion, by 2025

UC Davis health economists have for the first time projected the total costs of caring for all people with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in the U.S. for the current calendar year and in 10 years if effective interventions and preventive treatments for the condition are not identified and widely available.

Their forecasts for ASD-related medical, nonmedical and productivity losses are $268 billion for 2015 and $461 billion for 2025. The researchers noted that these estimates are conservative and, if ASD prevalence continues to increase as it has in recent years, the costs could reach $1 trillion by 2025.

The study is published online in the Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders.

“The current costs of ASD are more than double the combined costs of stroke and hypertension and on a par with the costs of diabetes,” said study senior author Paul Leigh, professor of public health sciences and researcher with the Center for Healthcare Policy and Research at UC Davis. “There should be at least as much public, research and government attention to finding the causes and best treatments for ASD as there is for these other major diseases.”

Leigh hopes his findings inspire policy changes that emphasize early intervention to reduce ASD symptoms, along with employment and other programs that support the independence of adults with the disorder.

“This approach would ultimately save money that otherwise would be spent on expensive custodial care,” Leigh said.

Leigh worked with co-author Juan Du, who received her doctoral degree at UC Davis, to determine the per-person and then total costs of ASD using data on medical services, residential care, special education, in-home care, transportation, employment support and lost productivity. Their information came from a variety of sources, including research literature, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The evaluations included cost ranges that accounted for age, because services for people with ASD change throughout their lifespans, and the presence or lack of intellectual disability (formerly called “mental retardation”), which affects the intensity of services, along with varied estimates of population changes and ASD prevalence.

The team found that the comprehensive costs of ASD will range from $162 to $367 billion for 2015 (with the researchers’ best estimate of $268 billion) and from $276 to $1 trillion (with the researchers’ best estimate of $461 billion) for 2025. The 2015 figures are on a par with recent cost estimates for diabetes and exceed the combined costs of stroke and hypertension. If the prevalence of ASD continues to grow as it has in recent years, the costs likely will far exceed those of diabetes by 2025.  Read more here, if you have the stomach.

Documentary Film 'Sacrificial Virgins' Wins Major Australian Award But Is Ignorantly Attacked in London Times

Sacrificial Virgins
By John Stone

Joan Shenton's film 'Sacrificial Virgins' about the victims of HPV vaccination which received a major Australian  film accolade at weekend as been the subject of biased and ignorant attack in the London Times by journalist Kat Lay.  A once great newspaper is again engaged in hate journalism and the aggressive suppression  of dissent. Age of Autism reproduces  some of the responses:

From Prof Chris Exley:

Regarding the reference to ‘hard science’ made by a fellow scientist. I sent the below message to the journalist who wrote this piece, she chose to ignore it.

 I am informed by Joan Shenton that you will be writing in The Times tomorrow about the HPV vaccination programme and that you will not be very complimentary about her films.

 I agreed to be interviewed by Joan because we have an established research programme funded by many supporters including the Medical Research Council that is investigating aluminium adjuvants used in vaccines. I am attaching some of our recent papers on this subject to this email.

We are learning a great deal about the biological activity of aluminium adjuvants and some of this research makes it very clear to us that many of the serious adverse events which occur following vaccinations which include an aluminium adjuvant are directly due to the aluminium adjuvant.

We do not work on vaccines per se and we are well aware that many find it unpalatable to suggest that vaccines which include aluminium adjuvants are not safe for everyone. However, this is the case and we have known this since the 1960s (see;

HPV vaccines include aluminium adjuvants and Gardasil includes an aluminium adjuvant which is propriety to Merck and which they have flatly refused to send us samples of so that we can test it as we have tested other aluminium adjuvants used in human vaccines.

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Guardianship and Medical Cannabis Case in Texas

GuardianshipNote: Is this about the cannabis or the audacity of trying something other than pharma's Risperdal for autism?


Texas judge weighs whether father who treated autistic daughter with marijuana is fit to be her guardian

Christy Zartler had practiced what to say, yet she was still nervous on the witness stand. She and her husband had always done what they believed was right for their autistic daughter, Kara. But now, the judge could decide they were criminals, or at least her husband was, and not allow him to be Kara's guardian.

Christy leaned forward, her glasses perched atop blonde bangs, as she listened to her attorney's questions. She glanced at Kara, her 98-pound 18-year-old, seated in a wheelchair by her own attorney in the courtroom in downtown Dallas.

"Mark, your child's father, was investigated by Child Protective Services for having administered cannabis vapor to Kara," her lawyer said. "Do you recall that?"  Read more here.

Healthcare Rights and Mandates Shaping Italy as M5S Party Garners Votes

Italy voteNote: We've been covering the visceral response from Italian citizens to vaccine mandates for school children.   Italians voted this weekend.  Their election is likened to Brexit and the American vote for Donald Trump as President. 

Italy election: Exit polls indicate big gains for populist and far-right parties – but with no clear winner

...The biggest worry for many would be a link up between the M5S, the League and the hardline nationalist Brothers of Italy. If the final vote tally reflects the projections that around 50 per cent of the electorate have voted for such populist parties, they would have enough votes to rule. There had also been talk before the vote of the possibility of a coalition between the M5S and the centre-left PD, although that may prove unworkable depending on whether the ruling party would stomach being the junior party in a coalition. 

A prominent deputy from M5S said early projections of the results suggested a “triumph” for the anti-establishment party.

From BBC:
Italy election: Early exit polls point to hung parliament

According to the recent article  Time article How Anti-Vaxxers Could Help Decide Italy's Election "The [Italian] skeptics tend to be “rich and older parents,” he says, “who are susceptible to both alternative treatments, like homeopathy, and conspiracy theories.”

Sounds familiar. You know, those educated folks who have the blessing of acquired skills to do the homework required to learn about medical choices and sometimes do NOT choose pharmaceutical interventions.  And who believe choice is critical in a democracy. Folks like our own Mark Blaxill, who went to Princeton and Harvard. Me, Kim, who went to a fine prep school and Boston College.  Our dear Dan Olmsted, who went to Yale. (Ok, I'm older, and definitely not rich, but you get the point.)

Coordinated Care

By Cathy Jameson

A new care coordinator was assigned to Ronan a few weeks ago.  Wanting to meet us so she could explain her role and how her company can assist families like ours, I really wasn’t looking forward to meeting her.  She’s straight out of mainstream medicine, an area of medicine that doesn’t usually go out of their way for moms like me.  Moms like me question, doubt, fear, and don’t appreciate everything being offered.  What they say is preventative really isn’t.  What mainstream med says is safe and effective really hasn’t been.  What they say is mandatory really shouldn’t be.  Feeling apprehensive, but knowing that this meet up was an inevitability because of the type of program Ronan was in, I made plans for us to get together on Monday of last week.  

During the meeting, I believe that I gave her enough information to satisfy her questions.  Ronan has this diagnosis and that diagnosis.  He uses this equipment and is on that prescription.  We see this doctor, that doctor and those therapists over there.  He requires this amount of assistance and that amount of support.  Getting more personal, I was able to share that oh, yes, he is well taken care of and well loved.  He enjoys watching movies, playing Wii, and, he did not get this year’s flu shot or that pneumonia vaccine...but thanks for asking!  

Waiting for the next round of questions, I watched the young nurse fill out Ronan’s forms.  Checking this box, crossing out that wording, circling this option and x-ing out that answer, she remained silent.  I did, too.  She didn’t get to know everything.  Part of being the kind of mom mainstream medicine tends to loathe,  I’ve learned when to speak.  I’ve also learned when to shut up and just listen.  I don’t always like to do that, but it’s part of what moms like me have had to do.    

An hour had passed.  The last part of the meeting with the care coordinator was talking about and making goals.  Goals?  Medical goals?  In all the years Ronan’s been seen, evaluated, and treated, no medical person has ever asked me about making medical goals for Ronan.  Even so, I blurted out two as quickly as she’d asked:   

#1 To make the seizures stop

#2 To restore Ronan’s speech

Without making a comment, or showing any emotion, she wrote down what I had said.  Then, I waited.  I waited for some advice.  

But, I got none in reply.  

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Autism Lock In

Autism lock inThanks to AG for allowing us to run this photo she posted on social media. This is her hotel room - and the lengths to which she has to go to keep her son with autism from eloping from the room while they sleep. How many of you have done something similar?

I wish I had in Florida many years ago. You might recall that I wrote about Mia quietly leaving the adjoining room while we unpacked at Disney on a 2200 acre resort property. A travel agent named Carol found Mia in the glass elevator counting floors. Carol had a grandson with autism and knew that Mia, although 12 and gorgeous, was autistic. She brought her to the lobby safely, while I literally RAN around the Lake Erie sized swimming pool lagoon thingy screaming and  begging sunbathers to look for Mia. I was saying, "She looks like me, she has brown curly hair. She's autistic and might drown," over and over again.  I was sobbing. Sick.

Share your stories in our comments.

Happy Nor'Easter day. The rain is coming down in buckets here in Connecticut. Snow to follow. And strong wind. March is a lot like autism, in like a lion.

Have a good weekend. Thanks. Kim


Vaccination Future: Inject a Polymer Into the Body with Timed Release Vaccines

Future shockNote: From the "what could possibly go wrong," files.  Imagine injecting a polymer patch into the body that would release vaccination doses as it breaks down over time "...allowing all childhood vaccines and boosters to be given at one time." Into infants. In developing nations. With limited access to healthcare. All at once.  How does any scientist think this is a good idea? Maybe cancer care is next. Show up at the Mayo Clinic, get a bolus timed release dose of radiation and leave with glowing skin.  And you can cook  your dinner in your hand. Lord oh Lordy, Lord.

From Guardian UK

New technology could allow multiple vaccines to be delivered in single jab

Multiple injections for vaccinations could become a thing of the past, according to scientists who have developed an approach for delivering many doses of different substances in just one jab.

The technology involves encapsulating drugs or vaccines within tiny particles made of biodegradable polymers. Depending on their makeup, these polymers break down at different points in time, releasing their contents into the body.

Researchers say the approach could allow multiple vaccines to be delivered at once and remove the need for booster jabs. It may also prove handy in treatments for allergies, diabetes and even cancer where multiple injections are needed.

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Time Magazine: How Anti-Vaxxers Could Help Decide Italy's Election

Lego horse headNote: Wait until a Sicilian Don's daughter or son is vaccine injured.  Italy is being taken over by the PharMafia, make no mistake.  Italian citizens are protesting the MANDATES not the actual vaccination, so to call them "anti-vaccine" is the basic tobacco playbook used by CDC et al in all propaganda.  Rome wasn't built in a day, but with new mandates, you can bet that special education programs will be needed very soon. In bocca al lupo, to our Italian friends.  Welcome to the American way. Forced medicine.

By Tara John
6:17 AM EST

In late 2015, Italian virologist Roberto Burioni took part in a Q&A with young mothers on a Facebook group and was alarmed to find many of them spouting conspiracy theories about vaccinations. The measles shot, they said, gives children autism.

The 55-year-old decided to take a deeper look online and realized there was an ecosystem of Italian anti-vaccination groups on the social media site. In spring 2016, Burioni sat down, fired up his laptop and began debunking anti-vaccination conspiracy theories on his public Facebook page.

“I started writing because I was fed up of social media being at the hands of people telling lies,” Burioni, who is a professor of microbiology and virology at the Vita-Salute University San Raffaele, Milan, says during a phone interview. “All the voices [online] in Italy were against vaccination. There was no debate and I did what I could to start one.”  Read more here.

Just over two years later that debate has gone from an online feud to a live political issue in the Italian general election due on March 4. As skepticism about vaccines has become widespread in Italy, so-called “anti-vaxxers” have become a voting bloc for the populist parties vying for votes. As a result, two of the leading populist parties — the far-right League (formerly the Northern League) and the anti-establishment Five Star Movement (5SM) — have pledged, if elected, to scrap a law passed in July that made ten vaccinations compulsory for children under the age of 16. If they do, health experts warn it could be a huge step backwards in the global fight for children’s health.

Vaccine skepticism in Italy dates back to a debunked 1998 study by Andrew Wakefield that linked the Measles, Mumps and Rubella (MMR) shot typically given to children after their first birthday to autism. The discredited idea took hold among an “intellectual fringe” in Italy, says Andrea Grignolio, a medicine historian at the La Sapienza University of Rome. The skeptics tend to be “rich and older parents,” he says, “who are susceptible to both alternative treatments, like homeopathy, and conspiracy theories.”

I Scream You Scream! Vaccinate and Get Ice Cream!

I saw this photo on Facebook yesterday. I can't see the expiration date, but a quick Google search says there was a campaign in Oklahoma in 2015, so that might be when the photo is from.  Taste the irony of McDonald's, purveyor of some of the most detrimental foodish products in the world, proudly supporting vaccination.   At least they have to tell you their ingredients - the same can't be said for pharma.

Ingredients: VANILLA REDUCED FAT ICE CREAM (Milk, Liquid Sucrose (Sugar, Water), Cream, Nonfat Milk Solids, Corn Syrup Solids, Mono- and Diglycerides, Guar Gum, Dextrose, Sodium Citrate, Artificial Vanilla Flavor, Sodium Phosphate, Carrageenan, Disodium Phosphate, Cellulose Gum, Vitamin A Palmitate.), ICE CREAM CONE (Enriched Flour (Wheat Flour, Niacin, Reduced Iron, Thiamin Mononitrate, Riboflavin, Folic Acid), Tapioca Starch, Sugar, Canola Oil or a blend of Soybean Oil, Palm Oil and Soy Lecithin, Leavening (Baking Soda, Ammonium Bicarbonate), Salt, Annatto Extract (Color), Natural Flavor, Corn Syrup.)

European Medicines Agency Confirmed Gatti and Montanari Findings Last Year in BMJ Attack

European medicines agencyBy John Stone

As speculation continues about who initiated the seizure of the computers and records of Antonietta Gatti  and Stefano Montanari  it is interesting to revisit the attack in the electronic pages of BMJ last February by Melanie Carr of the European Medicines Agency. Carr accuses BMJ of undermining the vaccine program but oddly enough confirms their findings:

The presence of minuscule trace amounts of certain inorganic particles in vaccines is not unexpected and the manufacturing process for all parenteral preparations is designed to ensure that any such traces are kept within safe limits. Following similar previous claims by Montanari the French medicines regulatory authority (ANSM) has published their experts’ analysis of metal particles in certain vaccines using, as well as a method similar to Gatti and Montanari, inductive coupled plasma mass spectrometry which allows quantification of inorganic elements.

The ANSM concluded that the amounts of any particles found were exceedingly low. This indicates that the controls during manufacturing are keeping impurities within accepted limits. French experts further concluded that their findings are due to the presence of these types of particles everywhere in the environment and should not be considered a health risk.

The defence echoes earlier attempts to defend the presence of mercury in pediatric vaccines, on the basis that the amount was miniscule  (ie only 250 times the Hazchem level). It is of course once again a major problem that the dust particles are not ordinary environmental exposures, but injected. Antonietta Gatti replied:

It is a fact, also confirmed by EMA (“The presence of minuscule trace amounts of certain inorganic particles in vaccines is not unexpected”), that vaccines contain inorganic particles not listed in the ingredients. It is also a fact that those particles, foreign bodies in all respects, are not supposed to be there and, in fact, they are not declared among the components of vaccines. And it is a further fact that, as far as nanopathology is concerned, quantity has a meaning quite different from that of classical toxicology, more complex and, in a way, definitely less important. On the other hand, indications on quantitative data can be obtained from the last table (no. of particles/20 microliters). We published the main concepts of nanopathology more than once (e. g., A.M. Gatti & S. Montanari – Nanopathology: the Health Impact of Nanoparticles – Pan Stanford Publishing 2008; and A.M. Gatti & S. Montanari – Case Studies in Nanotoxicology and Particle Toxicology – Academic Press Elsevier 2015) and reading what we published could have prevented some clumsiness and misunderstanding.

Or as Dr Noel Thomas commented:

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JB Handley Continues to Expose the Lie of Aluminum Safety in Vaccines

AluminumNote: JB Handley is writing a book that delves into the astonishing science that proves the dangers of using aluminum as an adjuvant in vaccines. Science moves forward - one hopes.  As mercury as been removed from the bulk of the pediatric vaccine schedule, this equally nefarious metal has been added.  We know for a fact that our children are facing a very different childhood experience.  The CDC term "adverse childhood events" is new to the pediatric lexicon. However, while CDC considers outside events only, we need to look at what is going into our children. As so many of us, including JB, founder of Generation Rescue, have been saying for more than a decade. Thank you, JB.

From JB:

OH MY...GOD. If you ever needed an example of the close-minded, ignorant, safety-negligent AAP, here it is. Aluminum science has gone through a revolution in the past decade. Leading scientists of the world are literally screaming for a re-evaluation of the safety of aluminum and showing exactly how injected aluminum from vaccines can cause brain damage.

And, yet, the best the AAP can do when providing an "expert" witness is to provide the head of the Michigan AAP who thinks ingesting soluble aluminum and injecting aluminum hydroxide are the same thing, despite extensive research showing the dangers of injected aluminum adjuvant.

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IPAK Board Member Josh Mazer's Letter Regarding HPV Vaccination in Maryland

GardasilNote: Josh sent this letter to "...every member of the Maryland state house and senate, and every school board member, and every member of the governor’s staff in Maryland." You can read the full letter with attachments here. From IPAK. The Institute for Pure and Applied Knowledge is a not-for-profit organization* which exists to perform scientific research in the public interest. We use the principles and practices of scientific research to help individual researchers, research teams, consortia, and companies push their project through roadblocks, or map their way around them via evidence-based alternatives.

The following is a letter dated February 21, 2018, written by father and IPAK Advisory Board Member and concerned citizen Josh Mazer. It highlights, among other things, an obvious increase in death due to all causes in the studies on Gardisil™ safety, and an increase in the relative risk of suicide among patients in those studies. Josh has given permission for anyone who can use the information contained in this letter in any format they choose to inform their own school boards, Boards of Health, legislators etc. that the people will not tolerate the use of public schools as a place to advertise Gardasil™, a faulty and defective product.  These are the facts. Feel free to cut and paste them into your own letters and emails. The evidence of unacceptable levels of risk of injury is overwhelming. It is the considered opinion of this scientist that support for Gardasil™ use on any population must be dropped in the United States of America and its territories. -James Lyons-Weiler, PhD, on behalf of The Institute for Pure and Applied Knowledge, its Advisory Board, and members of the Society for Pure and Applied Knowledge. 

Dear Maryland Senator,

I have great respect for Governor Hogan. I appreciate his empathetic desire to help reduce and prevent cancers that cause terrible suffering and death for Maryland residents and others.  A secretive campaign to market human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccinations in Maryland state schools is not a proper public health policy strategy to accomplish those goals.

A career registered nurse in Montgomery County schools gave me the two letters attached below (“HPV1” and “HPV2”). She told me that she felt she was being “forced” to market the vaccine to students, that she objected to the policy, and that she was scared to speak out for fear of losing her job.

The first letter  (HPV1 ) was authorized by  Dr. Ken Lin Tai , Director, Maryland Department of Health Center for Cancer Prevention and Control . Her office originated, wrote, and approved the letter.  Dr. Jinlene Chan MD, MPH , and  Dr. Dennis Schrader  signed off on it.  Per my conservation with Dr. Chan Thursday Feb 16 2018, 10:07am, it was sent to every school superintendent in the State of Maryland.

The second letter  (HPV2)   is from  Montgomery County Assistant Superintendent Dr. Johnathan T. Brice,  instructing all the principals in his district to comply with the DOH directive.  

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"Resilience" New Movie On "Adverse Childhood Experiences"

Blame parentsNote: My Dad grew up in the height of the depression.  He was in first grade in 1929. His Dad was an immigrant cobbler from Italy. He had nine brothers and sisters - hungry brothers and sisters.  And yet, he and his peers saved the world in World War II. Since Columbine, school shootings have been in relatively well to do districts, by kids whose lives may not have been 'easy,' but who weren't living in shelters wondering where there next meal would come from.  And they had copious medical care... Oh... wait.  Kim

By Anne Dachel

Spreading the latest REALLY BIG LIE about childhood disorders: THE FILM ‘RESILIENCE’

The masterminds of fraud and cover-up, the medical establishment and health officials, have devised the perfect explanation for the decline our children’s health and behavior: ALL THE BAD THINGS PARENTS HAVE ALLOWED TO HAPPEN TO THEM AT HOME. News reports are filled with the newly coined terms, “Adverse Childhood Experiences” (ACEs) and “toxic stress,” and they point accusing fingers at moms and dads everywhere.

Now there’s a supporting documentary called ‘Resilience’ that’s circulating internationally. (Trailer) Educators, parents and medical professionals are urged to view it in order to understand the “new science” on childhood behavior problems. It’s being taken seriously and countless news reports link the explosion in mental health problems in children and behavior issues at school to CHILDHOOD TRAUMA.

Somehow children today have to live in such negative circumstances that their emotional and mental health is alarmingly different from previous generations.  The child in the 21st century suffers more than children who were raised during the Industrial Revolution, Great Depression, world wars, or de jure segregation in the South.

One of the ACEs they’re talking about is poverty, although no one can dispute that being poor is nothing new in childhood. 

How did children survive these all these experiences in the past and somehow function without all kinds of accommodations?

We are not allowed to ask.
The same people who convinced us that all the autism overwhelming our children is the result of better diagnosing/no real increase are now successfully selling the latest REALLY BIG LIE. Here are examples of how the documentary is being promoted.

Feb 23, 2018, (UK) Orkney Orcadian: Childhood experiences documentary shown in Orkney  Resilience, a groundbreaking documentary on Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) is available for public screenings in communities throughout Orkney, starting in St Margaret’s Hope next Wednesday evening.

Following a showing of the documentary last May, six Third Sector organisations formed an ACEs collective to look at how this new science can contribute to improving health outcomes and life circumstances for children, families and communities here in Orkney.

Local campaigner Kevin Denvir said: “There is a strong body of evidence emerging that confirms the experience a child has at home with parents is the strongest predictor of future health, happiness and success. Parenting, it transpires, has a bigger bearing on the well-being of our children than the school they go to, the incomes we have, the holidays they go on, the clubs they attend, those extra lessons or even possessions! A child’s emotional intelligence and sense of security is clearly linked to the quality of their relationship with their parents or key caregivers.

“Over 20 years ago a research study of over 17000 mainly middle class Americans, by Vince Felliti and Rob Anda, came up with the phrase Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs). …

 “The Orkney ACEs collective bought the public performance licence rights for the film and intend to show it throughout Orkney over the coming months. It is hoped by raising public awareness and understanding of this new science we can better support people who have experienced ACEs and provide more effective help when and where it is needed.”

Feb 23, 2018, Catholic Herald, Diocese of Superior Herald: Viewing of ‘Resilience’

The Cathedral of Christ the King, Superior, will host a viewing of the film “Resilience” at 6 p.m. Monday, March 5, in Kress Hall. The film is a one-hour documentary that chronicles the birth of a new movement among pediatricians, therapists, educators and communities, who are using cutting-edge brain science to disrupt cycles of violence, addiction and disease.

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Stefano Montanari and Antonietta Gatti answer Questions about Their Research into Nanoparticle Contamination of Vaccines

Italian GestureNote: The temps are heating up in Italy as vaccine mandates have created havoc and agita for families. And most recently,  two scientists had their offices raided and data, computers, etc. confiscated. Here they are below talking about their research. Remember, ""To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize." (Voltaire)  In 2018, pharmaceutical companies have strong control over governments. And here in America, they cower and hide behind the NRA while our bambini die - a double insult. Kim

English language interview with Senta Depuydt in Brussels, 9 February 2017



Autism’s Caregivers

Family StoryBy the Jameson Children

We heard about a doctor who recently made some hurtful comments.  He insulted parents who are “anti-vaccine”.  He said that those parents hate their kids. What an absurd and unprofessional thing to say!  Sadly, we think that doctor really, really believes that moms and dads, like our mom and dad, hate their kid. 

If mom hated being Ronan’s mom, she wouldn’t spend all of her time with him.  But she does.

If mom hated Ronan, she wouldn’t spend thousands of dollars on his therapy.  But she does.

If dad hated Ronan like that doctor says dad does, he wouldn’t take Ronan out on Daddy dates to his favorite restaurant.  But he does. 

If dad hated being Ronan’s dad, he wouldn’t get up in the middle of the night to help Ronan get back to sleep.  But he does. 

If dad hated Ronan, he wouldn’t work hard every single day, and also work two jobs, to make sure Ronan gets the care he needs now and in the future.  But he does.  CJ palyground 1

Our parents do not hate our brother.  They love him very much!  You can see that love in everything they do for him.  You can feel that when you watch them helping him.  They help him all of the time, I mean, Allllll of the time.  Parents who hate their kids don’t give them healthy, organic foods.  They won’t make sure their kids get their medicine.  Our parents do all of that even though they’re tired, and it costs a lot. 

That doctor made a false claim and he did it in public in front of other people.  Not only that, someone offered to print his rude words.  Now more people can know what he said.  That could be a good thing, we guess, because then more people will see that he’s not exactly a kind, caring doctor.  We know a few kinds of doctors, and you know what, they like that our parents work as hard as they do!  Some of the nurses say that Ronan is their favorite patient.  They also say to mom, “Mom, you know him best.  Tell us how we can help you.”  That’s pretty awesome.  That’s how doctors and nurses are supposed to be, nice and caring.  We’d never want Ronan to be under that other doctor’s care. 

Since he’s in a position of some kind of authority, some of the people may think that other doctor is important and will probably believe him.  If he could just see what we see.  Our mom and dad want only the best and will do whatever they can for Ronan.  Ronan can’t talk or take care of himself completely yet, but mom and dad make sure he’s okay.  They make sure he’s happy.  They protect him also.  They’ll protect him from doctors like that one who wasn’t nice to moms and dads.

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Why Did Italian Polizia Raid Gatti and Montanari’s Residence and Offices and Seize Computers?

PoliziaBy James Lyons-Weiler and Marcello Pamio

Age of Autism links to James Lyons-Weiler's blog yesterday linking the seizure of Dr Gatti and Dr Montanari's to a recent report on vaccination in Italy's military. We also republish in English  a report by Marcello Pamio of  "Final report of the Parliamentary Commission on the cases of deaths and diseases in the Italian military".

James Lyons-Weiler writes:

LAST YEAR, I INTERVIEWED Dr. Gatti and asked her reasonable questions about the study she and Dr. Montanari published, and then invited both to Pittsburgh, PA to present their findings at IPAK FOCUS 2017.  They are the nicest people.

So why should this grandmotherly/grandfatherly pair of scientists have to suffer having their offices and home raided by Italian Polizia, and their computers seized, when they had to fight to make the information they had public?

It turns out their their equipment had already been seized by a judge.  But for what reason?

They found that vaccines contain metals that are not supposed to be there – and they found that vaccines contain protein aggregrates – almost certainly an effect of copper and aluminum binding to vaccine antigen.

What would the government of Italy hope to accomplish?  Surely they would like to help the world learn about Dr. Gatti and Dr. Montanari’s study?

The Italian government is already aware of issues with vaccines.  Consider this excerpt from an Italian report (translation provided by Google Translate, results provided by L. Larue) ...(Continue reading on James Lyons-Weiler's website)

Marcello Pamio's report reads:

"Final Report of the Parliamentary Commission on the cases of death and diseases that hit the Italian military

- The Parliamentary Commission confirms the total absence of scientific studies in the literature aimed at assessing the tolerability of the total quantity of vaccine components (adjuvants, preservatives, antigens, allergens, excipients and contaminants). The cumulative quantity of the various components of the vaccines exceeds the permitted limit for the marketing authorization!

- The Parliamentary Committee confirms the necessity of NOT simultaneously administering more than 5 monovalent single-dose vaccines on the military.

- The Parliamentary Commission confirms that vaccination involves risks in terms of immunosuppression, hyper-immunization, autoimmunity and hypersensitivity problems.

- The Parliamentary Commission confirms that the risk of the risks is reported directly in the data sheets of the pharmaceutical companies that expressly request the application of appropriate precautions for the use of vaccines and the verification of the state of health of the vaccine and the absence of diseases at the time of vaccination.

 - In vaccines analyzed in addition to the active substance there are over 81 substances (such as formaldehyde, chicken proteins, chicken egg cells, hen's embryos, aluminum hydroxide, lactose, human albumin, human fetal cells, etc.) for which it is expected an assessment of sensitivity or allergy.

 - The parliamentary commission confirms that there is a statistically significant association between neoplastic and lymphoproliferative diseases and other autoimmune diseases and the administration of vaccines.

 - Vaccines used in military prophylaxis are the same as those authorized by AIFA for civil use.


Questions for the ASL [local health] doctor

Starting from the absolute equivalence between vaccines used in the military and those used in newborns (AIFA), the questions are as follows:

- How come the military can not overcome 5 MONODOSE vaccines in the same session and a newborn of 60 days of life receives 8 at the same time (hexavalent + pneumococcus + rotavirus)?

- How come the single vaccines for the military are available while for the newborns not?

- How come there are no scientific studies in the literature on the tolerability and safety of the sum of adjuvants (81 different substances) contained in vaccines?

- Why in the military are required advanced and customized prevaccinal examinations while not in the newborns?

- How is it possible that in the military there is a statistically significant association between tumors, autoimmune diseases and vaccinations, while in infants the vaccines are safe and harmless?" on Escape Plan When Students are Disabled

Alone At SchoolNote: This is such an important subject, and one that brushed my family last week. The day after the shooting in Florida, my daughter's high school had an unscheduled dismissal for a water problem. I came home at 11:28am to find a school bus waiting in front of my house. My first thought was "Oh did I miss a half day?" I did not. The district put my pre-verbal daughter with autism onto a bus without contacting me and confirming I would be home to bring her in the house safely. The district sent an email 40 minutes before dismissal.  - and while I check email often, I don't check it every 15 minutes and I do not have alerts since I run no fewer than 6 email accounts for various parts of my work and other areas of my life. My phone would be blowing up all day. 

The robocall came to my house house phone 10 minutes after her bus arrived. The robocall came to my cell 25 minutes after the bus arrived. And a Robotext arrived 30 minutes after the bus arrived saying the buses were on their way. In light of Florida, I wasn't going to lose my mind over the mistake. My girl was safe. But the teacher should have called me on my cell to make sure I was available. I called the Superintendent and suggested a new system for the kids with special needs. "Make sure you reach a parent or guardian." He agreed to look into where the school had gone wrong. I think it was simple - CALL MOM. Common sense. In a lockdown emergency - I promise you that none 0f my three could stay quiet to avoid detection. Would they be thrown into the hall to save the other students and staff? Are those seclusion rooms soundproof?  That's another post. Kim


How to Keep Students with Disabilities Safe in Lockdowns, Evacuations, and Other School Crises

With lockdowns and evacuation drills becoming a regular occurrence in schools, students with disabilities are often faced with disruptions of routine, unrealistic behavior expectations, accessibility problems, and other challenges that may not have been addressed in the IEP and remove necessary supports. Friendship Circle asked Dr. Dusty Columbia Embury and Dr. Laura Clarke, who’ve written about safety and students with disabilities, to answer some questions about how schools can include these students in their planning for unexpected events and how parents can make sure their children’s needs are accounted for.

Introduction from Dusty and Laura

We are passionate about creating and sustaining inclusive settings and experiences for all children, and we began our research about school safety and children with significant disabilities after the Newtown school shooting.

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Computers and Records Seized of Dr Gatti and Dr Montanari

By John Stone

The computers, records and data of Antonietta Gatti and Stefano Montanari have been seized by the Italian "Guardia di Finanza". Sanevax comment:

BREAKING NEWS: This morning two scientists from Italy lost their computers, records, and data - all confiscated. Dr. Gatti and Dr. Montanari have been studying the potential effects of micro- and nanoparticles used in vaccines on the human body for years. One of them was scheduled to testify in court regarding an alleged vaccine injury. Several conference presentations were also scheduled over the next few months. Now, there is no data to present. Coincidence? Or, suppression of inconvenient scientific findings?

The website of reproduces the facebook page of Dr Montanari with the comment "FINANCIAL GUARD VISIT THE LABORATORY OF DRS GATTI AND MONTANARI, MEDICINE IS OBSTRUCTED AS USUAL".

No one, of course, challenges the pharmaceutical industry in order to make money but the cozy relationship of the industry to the Italian government is well documented, and this will be a contentious event in the forthcoming Italian national election. 

A groundbreaking study "New Quality-Control Investigations on Vaccines: Micro and Nanocontamination"  by Gatti and Montenari was published in the International Journal of Vaccines and Vaccination early last year:

Vaccines are being under investigation for the possible side effects they can
cause. In order to supply new information, an electron-microscopy investigation
method was applied to the study of vaccines, aimed at verifying the presence of
solid contaminants by means of an Environmental Scanning Electron Microscope
equipped with an X-ray microprobe. The results of this new investigation show
the presence of micro- and nanosized particulate matter composed of inorganic
elements in vaccines’ samples which is not declared among the components and
whose unduly presence is, for the time being, inexplicable. A considerable part
of those particulate contaminants have already been verified in other matrices
and reported in literature as non biodegradable and non biocompatible. The
evidence collected is suggestive of some hypotheses correlated to diseases that
are mentioned and briefly discussed.

John Stone is UK (and European) editor of Age of Autism.

Vaccine Dissidents: What Should Our Long Term Goals Be?

AofA Op EdBy David Weiner

Here, I will be laying out a vision for the end state that our movement should strive for. It is simply not adequate to (only) react to the onslaught of attacks from those promoting 24/7 vaccination. We must also have our own vision for how things should ultimately work.  I am going to assume that the reader is already alarmed by the problems that vaccines are causing, so I am not going to cover that ground.

In order to come up with a satisfactory solution to any large, complex problem, the first step is to determine its root cause. Now some would say that the root cause of the problem is the vaccines themselves. I take the view that the vaccines should really be considered proximate causes. Below I will list out several, more fundamental causes and then I will go on to discuss the implications of this set of causes. This analysis refers to the U.S. system, though many of these phenomena apply globally.

  1. Coercion: Vaccines are mandated and exemptions to them are in some cases very limited and are generally unpublicized. Sometimes these mandates come directly from governments. Other times they come from colleges which receive a lot of government funding. In some cases, such as hospitals requiring employees to take the flu shot, they may appear to be “private” initiatives, yet Obamacare has incentivized these programs through its Medicare reimbursement formula.
  2. Inadequate and Poor Quality Research: There are various facets to this issue. The FDA has given approval to vaccines based on too short of a study period or studies lacking a true placebo. It has done a poor job of post-approval monitoring. It has not responded to allegations of fraud in the research that has relied upon. The CDC has committed fraud in its own research and it has funded and promoted research done by scientists lacking integrity. Furthermore, the CDC has failed to conduct necessary research to evaluate the long-term impact of taking the full slate of vaccines that it has recommended.

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Law Professor Mary Holland Responds to Dr. Peter Hotez Calling Vaccine Safety Advocates "A Hate Group"

HotezFrom our friends at Health Choice:

On Tuesday, February 20th, the Duke Chronicle reported that vaccine researcher, Dr. Peter Hotez spoke at the Duke Global Health Institute in the first lecture of the Victor J. Dzau Global Health Lecture Fund Series, established by Dzau in 2017, as part of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Global Health Matching Grant.

Hotez reported remarks include the claim that, there is no link between autism and vaccines, and that vaccine safety and choice advocacy groups, including Texans for Vaccine Choice and NVIC, are “[Anti-vaccine organizations] camouflage themselves as a political group, but I call them for what they really are: a hate group,” Hotez said. “They are a hate group that hates their family and hates their children.”

Professor Mary Holland of NYU Law School has penned a letter to Dr. Hotez.  We join her in sentiments and demand an apology from Dr. Hotez for his smear of vaccine injury families and the organizations who represent them in their fight for full informed consent in vaccination.

Mary S. Holland
22 Washington Square North,
B-16 New York, NY 10011
(212) 998-6212

February 20, 2018

Dr. Peter Hotez, M.D.
Dean, National School of Tropical Medicine
Baylor College of Medicine
Houston, TX

Dear Dr. Hotez:
It is with sadness and distress that I read of your inaugural Victor J. Dzau Global Health Lecture Series at Duke University. Based on reporting in the February 20, 2018 Duke Chronicle, I understand that you accused those whom you brand “anti-vaccine” as “a hate group that hates their family and hates their children.” Let me explain why I find your remarks both offensive and off-the-mark.

Like you, I am the parent of a young adult with autism. Unlike you, I believe that vaccine injury is by far the most plausible explanation for my son’s onset of autism in his second year of life. Through extensive education and work with groups that you dub “anti-vaccine,” I came to understand that vaccine-induced encephalopathy, which can manifest with “features of autism,” is a well-known phenomenon. Indeed, colleagues and I revealed that the federal Vaccine Injury Compensation Program has been compensating such cases of brain injury, with concomitant autism, since the program’s inception in 1988.

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The Guardian UK: Trump Appears to Have Abandonned Vaccine Safety Promise

Trump Kennedy PenceFrom Guardian UK:

Donald Trump appears to have abandoned plans to investigate the spurious link between childhood immunisations and autism, a move welcomed by experts but condemned by Robert F Kennedy Jr, a vaccine sceptic.

The son of former US attorney general Bobby Kennedy met Trump in New York during the presidential transition in January last year and announced that he had been asked to chair a commission to review vaccine safety.

Scientists warned that it would give credence to debunked theories, while a Trump spokeswoman denied any decision had been made.

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Why Progressives Don't Get Autism: 8 Years Later

Enablers Managing Editor's Note: We first ran this post by Dan Olmsted in November of 2010. We're running it 8 years later because the state of American childhood is just so grim. Autism is at the crux of our wheelhouse here at AofA, but the depth of the issues at hand is much deeper. This latest school shooting (even that verbiage, "the latest" is startling) might be a catalyst for change. Does either side, Progressive or Conservative have the stomach and the cajones to face the truth? Is it the guns? The access? The vaccines? The medications? The video games? The iWorld? What's creating this all consuming craving to kill?

By Dan Olmsted

The midterm elections have ushered in a period of reflection and reckoning for the nation’s liberal-left movement that today usually describes itself as “progressive.” As The Huffington Post bluntly put it, “Progressive Heroes Go Down to Defeat.” Especially given health care reform’s big role in the election debate, this reckoning ought to include the biggest health problem facing the next generation and hence the nation: Autism.

But first, progressives have got to come to grips with their abject failure to “get” the autism issue.

Progressivism, the idea that government can and should intervene to improve the lives of its citizens, arose early in the last century in response to the Darwinian excesses of Industrial Revolution, laissez-faire capitalism – child labor, abject poverty in the elderly, untaxed corporate profits that went right back into the pockets of the richest. It peaked during the New Deal, then plummeted during Reagan – “Government is not the solution to the problem, government IS the problem,” he famously said.

While this political philosophy waxes and wanes, as it should, I would argue that the word has a wider meaning now – that our country, great as it is and has been, faces challenges and problems that can be addressed by doing something, by making progress, sometimes but not necessarily led or funded by government. So it’s not so much a left-right issue as one of the static status quo versus the impulse to improve on it.

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Why Conservatives Don't Get Autism: 8 Years Later

Helen lovejoy! Managing Editor's Note: Ginger Taylor wrote this post 8 years ago at Adventures in as a counterpart to Dan's post. We're running it 8 years later because the state of American childhood is just so grim. Autism is at the crux of our wheelhouse here at AofA, but the depth of the issues at hand is much deeper. This latest school shooting (even that verbiage, "the latest" is startling) might be a catalyst for change. Does either side, Progressive or Conservative have the stomach and the cajones to face the truth? Is it the guns? The access? The vaccines? The medications? The video games? The iWorld? What's creating this all consuming craving to kill among?

By Ginger Taylor

A few days ago, Dan Olmsted at Age of Autism wrote a piece entitled, “Why Progressives Don’t Get Autism”, where he made the case that those on the left are so enamored with the idea that government can solve the problems of humanity, like communicable disease epidemic prevention via public health policies, that they fail to see the unintended consequences of these policies.

In a rare moment of self-reflective contemplation, one of the leftiest blogs on the left, The Daily Kos, admitted that Olmsted had a point.

In reading all this, I have to face that conservatives just have another version of the same problem. We are often so enamored with the idea that business and industry can solve the problems of humanity, and that free man can, with his clever mind and by the sweat of his brow, build the bright, shining city on a hill, that we fail to see the unintended consequences of these ambitions.

Our freedom to work and to own and to engage in commerce, coupled with our dedication to creation, has done some truly astonishing things. We went from the horse and buggy to the moon in less than two centuries. What other culture in the history of man has made such advances?

Progress and innovation have lifted us out of the muck and put us in climate controlled skyscrapers, where we can have pizza delivered while we watch football, and where we don’t have to hunt through the forest and toil in the garden. Which is great. Except that we were kind of made to hunt through the forest and toil in the garden. And when we get too far away from the garden, there are consequences to our health.

When “PROGRESS” and “INDUSTRY” (insert 1950’s post war pro-business, “Better Living Through Chemistry” educational film here) push us to create thousands of compounds and molecules that have never existed on this planet before, and we manufacture them in massive quantities and spread them everywhere, to interact with one another everywhere, in the air, in the water, in homes, in clothes, in foods and in medicines, what we WILL end up with is a chemical soup that WILL harm some or all people. (Any one who does not believe that this is an eventuality is just in denial or has never read Frankenstien or any of the other thousands of cautionary tales of how man’s creations return to bite him in places to which only God and the TSA have unrestricted access.) Because THAT chemical world is not OUR chemical world, the one that nurtured the human race to the place where it could begin an industrial revolution only a very short time ago.

We belong in our garden.

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Best of: Frau Koma Returns After Another American Mass Shooting

Frau K By Adriana Gamondes

Note: Yes. Again.

Part 1,  Demon Seed Read Part 2 and Part 3.

And death and hell were cast into the lake of fire. This is the second death. And whosoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire.  ~Revelations, 20:14-15

By Adriana Gamondes

In September, 2011, Manitoba judge Robert Heinrichs ruled that a sixteen year old accused of murder would remain in youth court where he faces a maximum sentence of four years rather than the possibility of life without parole in adult court. Family members of the fifteen year old victim were outraged by the ruling, though Heinrichs stated that the accused’sbasic normalcy now further confirms he no longer poses a risk of violence to anyone and that his mental deterioration and resulting violence would not have taken place without exposure to Prozac…He has none of the characteristics of a perpetrator of violence.”

Dr. Peter Breggin, the reform psychiatrist and psychopharmaceutical expert who testified on antidepressant-induced psychosis and violence in the Manitoba case, was sued for his medical license in 1987—the very year that Prozac was first mass marketed by Eli Lilly. The charges were filed by the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), a consumer group which has always lobbied for forced institutionalization and mandated treatment of the mentally ill ( Section 9.2 of NAMI’s Public Policy Platform)—including drugs and electroconvulsive therapy or ECT— and was recently exposed as a long-standing pharmaceutical industry front organization in The New York Times.

Due to his success in banning forced lobotomy in institutions coupled with efforts to raise the alarm on clinical risks of ECT and psychiatric drugs, Dr. Breggin has been a thorn in the side of industry and its various front organizations since the 1970’s. After Breggin went on Oprah and reported that Eli Lilly’s own trial data showed that even individuals lacking histories of violence or serious mental illness who were exposed to the Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor (SSRI) antidepressant Prozac and antipsychotics would frequently develop violent ideation or violent psychosis, NAMI claimed that Breggin’s remarks could cause patients to discontinue their meds. Following an outpouring of support for Breggin from the international medical reform community, the Maryland licensure board dropped the charges and Breggin prevailed. Seventeen years later, the FDA adopted black box warnings for suicide and violence on SSRI antidepressants. The black box warnings are, almost word for word, the precise clinical caveats that Breggin repeatedly submitted to the FDA and in Congressional hearings.

The previously concealed Prozac trial data Breggin uncovered and exposed in 1987 included cases of child subjects on Prozac who suddenly developed intrusive dreams and visions of going to school with guns and shooting classmates.  There were also far more attempted and completed suicides among drug-exposed subjects than in the placebo groups.

Over the years, Breggin and other researchers have worked to identify the mechanism by which certain psychopharmaceutical drugs induce violence and suicidality. Breggin has described phenomenon such as drug-induced akathisia, an uncontrollable sense of restless inner torment caused by an amphetamine-like and even LSD-like effect of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors or SSRI’s, and has written about prescription drug-inducedintoxication anosognosia” or “medication spellbinding:

Medication spellbinding has four basic effects.

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American Education Becomes Special Education

Abadnonned schoolBy Anne Dachel

This Week, Feb 11-17 

We have more shocking stories that testify to what’s happening to our children. Schools are now focused on behavior/trauma/mental health issues. They’re trying to explain all this as the result of bad parenting/social media, but suddenly the concerns of autism parents—sensory issues, social skills, self-harm, anxiety, melt-downs—are the concerns of the parents of the general school population. After the heinous shooting in Florida, how can we continue to turn a blind eye?

Feb 11, 2018, (Israel) Haaretz News: Educational Psychologists in Israel Sound Alarm as Demand Rises Among Students

“Though educational psychologists are responsible both for treating children and advising parents, teachers and principals, most of their time is devoted to advising rather than treating individual children, due to their excess workloads. …”

Feb 11, 2018, (Australia) Victoria, Border Mail: Rutherglen high joins Victorian Doctors in Schools Program

“STUDENTS at Rutherglen High School will be able to access a GP on campus thanks to the Doctors in Schools program.

“Equally crucial are the kinds of services available – Mr Rogers said research had shown as many as 40 per cent of students across the state had used the program to seek treatment for mental health issues.”

Feb 11, 2018, WDAY—TV, Fargo, ND: South side growth requires new look at Fargo school enrollment

The early childhood special education program, located at Agassiz School and Madison Elementary School, must deal with an increase in children ages 3 through 5 who are diagnosed with special needs.

"That is front and center our most urgent facility need right now," Johnson said.

Feb 11, 2018, Atlanta Black Star: Report: Flint Sees 75 Percent Drop In School Reading Proficiency In Wake of Water Crisis

The city of Flint is in crisis mode yet again, except this time, there’s no water involved — at least not directly.

Just as Gov. Rick Snyder failed to inform thousands of residents they were being poisoned via lead-tainted drinking water, he also failed in his mission to improve the city’s reading proficiency. A Detroit Free Press report found that the city’s third-grade reading proficiency took a nearly three–quarter nosedive, falling from 41.8 percent in 2014 to a measley 10.7 percent in 2017.

Feb 11, 2018, (UK) The Isle of Thanet News: Children’s Mental Health Week: How one Thanet counsellor uses ‘Sunbeams’ to help youngsters explore feelings

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Oral Microbiota and Autism

Saliva kidsBy Teresa Conrick

I am a big believer that an altered gut microbiota is associated with autism spectrum disorders and so do many others.  Recently, a group of scientists reported that it may be possible to diagnose autism, not on behaviors, eye contact, or repetitive movements, but instead on SALIVA!

The growing evidence of gut bacterial, viral and fungal abnormalities as a key to autism,  is not a crazy concept.  To think that a MEDICAL test rather than simply an OBSERVATIONAL one, could show a BIOLOGICAL mechanism, would be helpful in diagnosing and treating autism. 

Here is that study: Alterations of oral microbiota distinguish children with autism spectrum disorders from healthy controls  

 ....we demonstrated that the salivary and dental microbiota of ASD patients were highly distinct from those of healthy individuals. Lower bacterial diversity was observed in ASD children compared to controls, especially in dental samples.....pathogens such as Haemophilus in saliva and Streptococcus in plaques showed significantly higher abundance in ASD patients, whereas commensals such as Prevotella, Selenomonas, Actinomyces, Porphyromonas, and Fusobacterium were reduced....The distinguishable bacteria were also correlated with clinical indices, reflecting disease severity and the oral health status

Available twin studies showed that environmental factors are more important than genetic predisposition6. Among such factors, microbial dysbiosis is of increasing interest, with accumulating reports in animal models and human epidemiologic studies linking disruptive alterations in the gut microbiota to ASD symptomology7,8,9,10,11,12. 

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Best of: Break My Stride

StrideNote: Cathy has the weekend off. She wrote this post this time of year in 2014. 

By Cathy Jameson

All I wanted to do on Thursday was vacuum.  At 10pm, as I made my way to bed, I glanced over at the vacuum and shook my head.  There is was.  Sitting in the same spot.  Untouched.  All day.  I hung my head and thought, Geez. Why can’t I get anything done around here?  Trudging the rest of the way to my bedroom, I added ‘VACUUM THE HOUSE’ to my list of things to do Friday. 

When I write my To Do lists, they tend to be a mile long.  I give myself an entire week to accomplish the tasks though.  Returning phone calls, scheduling appointments, sorting through paperwork and getting to the housework can’t be done in one day around here anyway.  With Ronan’s school and therapy schedule, and with juggling my other kids’ schedules, I’m on the go and out of the house more often than not.  Giving myself the entire week to check things off the list is more doable.  I can plan better and can usually get everything done.  This week, knowing we’d be hunkered down all day Thursday because of a winter storm, I looked forward to being home all day and to crossing things off my list.  That included vacuuming. 

But it didn’t happen.  And I was hard on myself for not getting it done. 

Dust bunnies and crumb bits under the table reminded me that my floors were screaming to be cleaned.  I was upset at myself for letting something so trivial bring me down.  But it was the one thing I wanted to do.  Instead of being able to look at the day as a success and remembering what I had gotten done, I only saw what I didn’t do. 

Midway through beating myself up about not getting this chore done, I stopped and laughed.  I had made a phone call earlier in the day (which was on my list of things to do) to my parents.  The topic:  me focusing on and worrying about what Ronan can’t do; not on what he can. 

More often than not, when I see what Ronan isn’t doing, I stumble and fall landing in a heap of tears as I go down.  That happened around the same time I could have been vacuuming on Thursday but didn’t.  It happened when I distracted myself choosing to read a story about a boy who’d recovered from autism.  It happened when I also beat myself up for not being able to provide Ronan with what this other family can provide:  an independent future. 

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Pharmagunndon in America

Gun pillNote: Teresa Wrote this post in 2012, after the shooting by Adam Lanza in Newtown, CT. Seems this post should just be "on deck" at any given moment in the USA.

By Teresa Conrick

Here at Age of Autism, we have been sharing with our readers the realities of the increasing numbers of children being diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder. With that comes many topics, including vaccine injury and regression, school issues, adult housing and also various treatments.   I have a daughter diagnosed with severe Autism and recently, an autoimmune disorder.  Megan regressed in health and skills after vaccinations. With the continuing surreal killings in public settings over the years - schools, college campuses, malls and even a movie theater, the media has had a history of attempting to link some of these cases to Autism or Aspergers. You can read our recent statement Age of Autism Responds to Newtown Tragedy  as this point is important: " Age of Autism mourns the deaths of all innocent victims of this awful crime and offers its deepest condolences to their families. Additionally, we are deeply disturbed by the association of the perpetrator of this awful crime by various media outlets to a vulnerable community - the autism community - with rumors that he was on the autism spectrum. Regardless of whether or not the shooter truly is on the autism spectrum, we wish to make it clear that autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) are in no way associated with criminal violence."

It is important then to look at reality and root causes because without them, it can be hard to find a solution. I would like to share some important data about these tragedies since we are all in the midst of a recent, gut-wrenching inciden,t but to do so, we have to go back in time, to look at patterns, something we think is important here on AoA.

On May 20th,1988, Laurie Dann walked into an elementary school in Winnetka, Illinois and shot five students, killing one. She was to kill herself later that day. I remember vividy hearing about that as I was working at a psychiatric hospital about 15 miles away. It was a shocking reality to know that a school could become a sitting duck to a violent mind. Here was a recent article about that horrific day, the young boy killed, and the fact that school shootings keep increasing:

"Since then, there has been a school or campus shooting somewhere in the United States almost every year. In many years, there have been three or four campus or school shootings."

On Friday, December 14th, 2012, Adam Lanza, an unknown name to the world on December 13th, allegedly forced his way into Sandy Hook Elementary School, in Newtown Connecticut. There he allegedly shot and killed 26 victims, 20 young children and 6 female adults. He is also believed to have killed his mother before this attack and then killed himself after the attack. If you google his name today, you will see 517 million hits. A monster? What do these two cases have in common? Weapons? Murder? Yes, both were tragic crimes but also with another commonality -- the perpetrator had been treated by a psychiatrist. Another clue, is the lesser discussed use of medications that may have a bigger piece, in not only these two cases but in other savage and senseless deaths of innocent people:


School Shooters Under The Influence Of Psychiatric Drugs

"Despite 22 international drug regulatory warnings on psychiatric drugs citing effects of mania, hostility, violence and even homicidal ideation, and dozens of high profile school shootings/killings tied to psychiatric drug use, there has yet to be a federal investigation on the link between psychiatric drugs and acts of senseless violence."

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Age of Reactive Attachment Disorder?

ED105241-DBAC-49C8-AA6D-9AA8063A4236Our community is none too pleased to see reports that the Florida shooter "may have had autism." Our children, from tots to teens to twenties and beyond, are not innately cruel. They may be terribly violent at times  most often to themselves in what we call "self-injurious behavior," or SIB.  Aggression can be fierce and furious and dangerous. I know of "kids" with autism who put their hands through windows, walls, smash furniture, toss rooms, punch family members, bite, pull hair - all of which is a horror for all concerned. But I can't think of many instances of vengeful, targeted violence. Most often, it's a cry for help, the despair of lack of ability to communicate or connect. Behavior in autism is communication. Even the "bad" behavior.

I looked up "reactive attachment disorder," and came across this info from Mayo Clinic. The more benign symptoms look a lot like autism.

Reactive attachment disorder can start in infancy. There's little research on signs and symptoms of reactive attachment disorder beyond early childhood, and it remains uncertain whether it occurs in children older than 5 years.

Signs and symptoms may include:

  • Unexplained withdrawal, fear, sadness or irritability
  • Sad and listless appearance
  • Not seeking comfort or showing no response when comfort is given
  • Failure to smile
  • Watching others closely but not engaging in social interaction
  • Failing to ask for support or assistance
  • Failure to reach out when picked up
  • No interest in playing peekaboo or other interactive games

The more severe, including cruelty to animals, mentioned in the case of Nikolas Cruz, is nothing like the autism I, and perhaps you, know.

Some research suggests that some children and teenagers with reactive attachment disorder may display callous, unemotional traits that can include behavior problems and cruelty toward people or animals. However, more research is needed to determine if problems in older children and adults are related to experiences of reactive attachment disorder in early childhood.

Reactive attachment disorder


Florida School Shooting - and the State of American Education

Candle-light-i-will-give-the-light-in-the-dark-djokomuljantoThis is one of the times I wish with all my heart Dan Olmsted was alive to help guide this conversation.  On Wednesday, a 19 year old kid shot and killed 17 students and faculty at a Florida high school. The initial reports show a boy (yes, I know he is a legal adult) with a tragic past, adopted at birth (that's not the tragedy) and then orphaned again as both his adoptive father and mother died. His Mom died just months ago. ( The media seems to delight in calling her death a 'flu" death - had she died of anything else, would that be relevant?)  He struggled in school. He was expelled.  He was in the mental health system. There is even a report that says a family let on that he had been diagnosed with autism.   Lord help all of us. Autism as we know it is not vicious, vengeful rage. Ever.  Our Anne Dachel has been writing about the explosion of violent behaviors in American schools from kindergarten through 12th grade. Shootings are the most violent example - and are all too common. 

Politics. Florida is a red state. Connecticut where I live some 15 miles from Sandy Hook is a blue state. Guns. Meds. Mental health. Second Amendment. HIPAA. Forced over-vaccination. Video games. Lack of ability to cope with adversity. Helicopter parents. Trophy for all sports.  Black box warnings. What else is part of this topic?

I pose a simple question that has no simple answer. "What do you think has happened to American children?"

Don't bother telling us that these are actors and there was no shooting, we won't publish those comments.  


17 Year Old Man with Autism Spends Night in Frigid New York Temps After Wandering

Tarot_death_02"We'll take these happy endings where we can get them”,  says the news reporter. She means well. And for her, this story is over.  17 year old Michael Barbella was at a bowling alley when he wandered (I wonder how fast he is) away into the cold Long Island, NY night. The report says he was with his mother. Another report says he was with his parents. Michael is prone to wandering according to the story - he even left his home during a Nor'easter - that's a weather event here in the northeast that's half hurricane, half blizzard.

We are glad Michael is alive. But this is far from a happy ending. His parents' worry isn't over. It's groundhog day with autism and wandering. EVERY DAY is a chance for our kids to....die. Drown. Freeze to death. Get hit by a car. A train.  Stranger danger is the least of our worries. Our kids are invisible once they are no longer tots. They look typical for the most part - it's their behaviors that create questions.  If anything, to a stranger they might look "crazy," and ain't  no one coming to their aid.  The village sucks.....   Michael was outside overnight with only a tank top - he took OFF his coat and shirt. Himself. 

Autism is deadly. Exhausting. Imagine his parents' guilt? Who among our readers hasn't had a similar situation? I have.  None of us can predict the future, but we know that some of our kids will die. Because of their autism.

Australian Labor MP: "I'd Choose Autism"

My choiceBy Anne Dachel

A story from Australia makes it clear that vaccines will maintain the sacred place in medicine with our children as the sacrificial lambs.

Feb 12, 2018, Australia SBS News: I'd choose autism: Labor MP backs vaccines

Labor MP Emma Husar says she'd choose autism over nursing a child with an illness that could have been prevented through vaccination. 

Emma Husar is particularly offended when she hears people link vaccinations and autism.

The federal Labor MP is the mother of an autistic child. She also nursed her comatose sister through meningococcal disease, she told parliament on Monday.

"Let me tell you, I would take the autistic child every day over the one that almost died from an almost now-preventable disease through vaccines," Ms Husar said supporting a government proposal to change No Jab No Pay rules.

Consider what Husar is talking about: EVEN IF there is a link, we should still vaccinate. This is the true believer. This is also someone who is making the choice for those dependent on government welfare money.  This is not informed consent—it’s medical tyranny.

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