Skyhorse How To Prevent Autism Author Dara Berger on Watching The Hawks

How to Prevent Autism-RGB for webNote: Congratulations to Dara Berger, author of How To Prevent Autism (Skyhorse Publishing), on this interview with RT "Question More" media.  Her book has been judged by its cover and title by the intensely misogynistic and selfish neurodiversity/media complex that is determined to make autism "normal" despite the deaths, tragedy, difficulty and hardship that comes with the diagnosis. There was a petition to "ban" the book, if you can imagine that in 2017, when anything and everything is protected. Except vaccine injury and medical rights. Nonsense. Congrats, Dara! KIM

Watching The Hawks Sean Stone, Tabetha Wallace and Tyrel Ventura are joined by author Dara Berger to discuss autism prevention and what may lie behind the rapid rise in childhood autism.

Australia Returns to Penal Colony Roots: For Kids with Autism

Child catcherFrom the "Make them, break them and forsake them" files...  We'll be seeing this in America soon. Districts collapsing under the costs and training required to service the autism population. Adult programs wholly unprepared for the behaviors of autism. Employers unsure of how to manage Asperger's and HFA in the workforce. The world will NOT bend like a blade of grass to autism.

By Anne Dachel

There is an important story from Australia about how Senator Pauline Hanson spoke out in Parliament calling for the removal of some children with autism from regular education classrooms. All the major papers in Australia and Britain have the story. The BBC also mentioned that "in March, Ms Hanson made comments advocating the discredited theory which links vaccines with autism. She later apologised only for suggesting that parents subject their children to a non-existent test for vaccine allergies."

Hanson said she'd been approached by parents and teachers about the problem of having teachers' attention focused on the needs of autistic students in the classroom; she pointed to falling educational standards in Australian schools.

"I think that we have more autistic children, and yet we are not providing the special classrooms or the schools for these autistic children. ...We have to consider the impact that is having on other children in that classroom.  ....Other kids in other countries who are going ahead leaps and bounds ahead of us, and unless we keep up a decent educational standard in this country, we will keep going further backwards and backwards.  ...."

Hanson came under immediate attack for her "segregationist" remarks. Seen the stories below.

This is more evidence that worldwide, autism will never be seen as a problem, no matter what the cost or how bad the numbers Years of April Autism Awareness blue lights have taught us that we just need to accept autism as part of the human condition. We should accommodate those affected and pretend that it's always been like this. 

And keep in mind that, much like the U.S., autism isn't seen as a problem in Australia. Look at the piece from March 2017 entitled, "Why a 42 per cent increase in autism diagnoses is no cause for alarm."

Here's coverage from the last two days. Not one news source said a word about the dramatic increase in the number of affected kids in Australia's schools.

Also see my two attachments about stories from the last two months, SPECIAL ED COSTS and  Special ed stories  on the dramatic increase in special education students and cost in America. Not one news source asked why we have more and more of these students in this country. More evidence of how we've quietly surrendered to the loss of healthy children. No one dares to suggest that something is wrong.

June 23, Australia, The Western Advocate: Children with autism are 'holding our kids back': Senator Pauline Hanson 

Senator Hanson told the Senate on Wednesday that she was supporting the federal government's Gonski 2.0 school funding plan because she feared education standards were plummeting, citing poor maths results and the Safe Schools program.

But it was comments she made about students with autism that has enraged the disability sector and ignited Twitter. …

"We can't afford to hold our kids back: we have the rest of the world and other kids in other countries who are going ahead [in] leaps and bounds ahead of us," Senator Hanson said.

June 22, 2017, BBC News: Australian politician criticised for remarks about autism

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Perez Hilton Covers Generation Rescue's Donnie Wahlberg Concert Spectacular

Photo Credit:

What fun to see Jenny McCarthy Wahlberg and her husband Donnie at the Generation Rescue fund raising concert earlier this week featured on Perez Hilton!

EXCLUSIVE! Donnie Wahlberg, Jenny McCarthy, & Some Old Friends Put On An EPIC '90s Charity Concert To Help Kids With Autism — See The Pics!

European Union Vaccine Injury Legal Decision: Temporal Proximity

Burden-of-ProofNOTE: Thank you to Mary Holland for sharing this critically important information regarding burden of proof of vaccine injury in the European Union. 

Court of Justice of the European Union
Luxembourg, 21 June 2017

Where there is a lack of scientific consensus, the proof of the defect of the vaccine and of a causal link between the defect and the damage suffered may be made out by serious, specific and consistent evidence.

The temporal proximity between the administering of a vaccine and the occurrence of a disease, the lack of personal and familial history of the person vaccinated and the existence of a significant number of reported cases of the disease occurring following such vaccines being administered may, where applicable, constitute sufficient evidence to make out such proof.

Read the full press release here.

Dachel Wake Up: NIH On Indoctrinating Children to Vaccination

Dachel Morning Wake UoNOTE:  NIH wants to tamp down "vaccine hesitancy" because Americans should simply not questions the total safety and efficacy of their magic. That is all.

By Anne Dachel

May, 2017, NIH: Teaching children about immunization in a digital age

We believe that public health efforts to address issues of vaccine hesitancy should increase their focus on childhood education. An opportunity exists to create positive, accurate vaccine attitudes through fun and interactive approaches early in life. Leveraging digital technologies may provide a way to deliver these messages to children in a way that complements immune system and immunization education in school curricula. We recommend that public health officials explore and identify the most effective ways to deliver positive digital messages to children in hopes of “inoculating” the next generation against vaccine hesitancy.

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The British Government, the Murdochs, Prof Pollard and the GSK Takeover in Italy

JS 6 20By John Stone

As Italy’s parliament votes in draconian new laws to expand and enforce vaccine mandates over its children it may be helpful to look at some of the origins of the deal which led to the takeover over the Novartis vaccine division by GSK (Glaxo SmithKline). The takeover move began in April 2014 shortly after the United Kingdom’s Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) made a controversial decision to recommend Novartis’s Bexsero Meningitis B vaccine for infant use – one of the items on Italy’s compulsory schedule. The decision was presided over by the JCVI’s recently appointed chairman, Andrew Pollard, who also happened to be the product’s lead developer . Less than a year earlier the JCVI had been put under pressure to recommend Bexsero by the UK’s Secretary of State for Health, Jeremy Hunt (see picture), but failed to agree. The decision was taken at the second meeting presided over by Prof Pollard, without anybody recusing themselves and without a vote being taken. This greatly enhanced the commercial prospect of the vaccine which hitherto had been having difficulty establishing itself in the market.

As Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport during the early years of the Cameron coalition government Hunt was shown to have colluded with the interests of the Murdoch media empire and made inappropriate communications with James Murdoch, despite which he was promoted to the role of Secretary of State for Health in 2012 and is the only British cabinet minister to remain in position since that time (despite great unpopularity and mistrust). The Murdoch news empire has notably been at root of relentless fraudulent claims against Andrew Wakefield who questioned the safety of MMR vaccine in 1998 and subsequently, while in February 2009 James Murdoch was appointed to the board of GSK with a brief to help defend the group’s reputation. Within days a further string of attacks on Wakefield followed. Murdoch retired from the board of GSK in January 2012 with his own name surrounded in controversy. GSK or its precursor SKB, was the manufacturer of an MMR type vaccine which had to be withdrawn in Canada in 1987/8 and the United Kingdom in 1992, and was subject of a legal suit in which Wakefield was a witness.

However the appointment of Prof Pollard came about it is apparent that it furthered the policy request of the Health Secretary Hunt (and the new Men B vaccine was also used as political window dressing in the in 2015 British General Election). While the Secretariat of the JCVI has continued to defend the appointment of Prof Pollard, hiding behind a maze of complex rules, it is hard to see on the basis of any normal public standards a scientist can sit in judgment on the future of a product of which he was lead developer, any more than an architect could head a planning committee considering his own design. Blatantly, Pollard later addressed a GSK sponsored meeting in September 2015 at the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health under the title:

Evening of Evidence

Vaccination Science to Policy

Introduction of new vaccines to the UK vaccine schedule with limited evidence of efficacy [sic]: Meningococcal group B and maternal pertussis vaccination

Another departure in standards took place when in February 2016 the Joint Committee on Vaccines and Immunisation enjoyed the hospitality of Prof Pollard’s institutions in Oxford. As well as having limited efficacy the Bexsero vaccine which is now being mandated and made compulsory for infants in Italy was recorded as having serious side effects in above 1 in 50 cases in a group of 10 to 25 year-olds, according to the FDA package insert.

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Autism Industry Booming in North Carolina

Economics101NOTE: Supply and demand. Supply and demand. Supply and demand.

By Anne Dachel

June 16, 2017, Winston-Salem (NC) Journal: ABC of NC to break ground on $6.5 million expansion autism treatment facility

The Triad’s only comprehensive provider of autism services is expanding to meet the increasing needs of autistic children and their families.

ABC of NC will break ground June 28 on a new 26,000-square-foot Autism Clinic on its campus at 905 Friedberg Church Road. ...

Autism spectrum disorder refers to a group of complex disorders of brain development and is marked by difficulties in social interactions, repetitive behaviors, and issues with verbal and nonverbal communication, according to ABC of NC. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 1 in 58 North Carolina children born today will receive a diagnosis of autism. ...

It was only a matter of time before ABC of NC was going to have to grow. Casey Raymer, the organization’s director of development, said the center moved from Old Vineyard Road to Friedberg Church Road in 2015 with an eye toward expansion.

“Over the past several years, we’ve really seen an explosion in need for autism services,” Raymer said.

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Best of: Autism's Longest Day... Called Summer

J flintonNOTE: Today is Summer Solstice.  The longest day of the year. Every day can be the longest day with autism, right?  We ran this post several years ago, and like many of our sharp parent perspectives, it's as relevant today as it was then.

By Jennifer Flinton

My 10-year-old autistic son was dis-enrolled from the adaptive summer day camp at our local recreation center today.  This was a camp specifically designed for special needs children; there were actually several kids my son knew from school in the very same camp.  I’m starting to detect an emerging trend here.  “Special needs” doesn’t necessarily apply to my son, who is totally non-verbal and is on the more severe end of the autism spectrum.

This has happened before.  I enroll my son in what seems, on paper, to be an ideal program for him – small staff-to-child ratio, lots of activities to keep him occupied, and most importantly, staff trained to understand and work with special kiddos like mine.  Then, when my son and I go for our first day, we quickly realize that they really didn’t mean kids like him, with often severe outbursts of behavior, self-injurious behavior, and aggression.  They want compliant kids; those kids with special needs who might just be a little physically slower or cognitively slightly impaired.  Those are the kids who look good on the brochure, not my kid who’s red-faced and whose nose is running snot because he’s been screaming for the past hour.

The first experience like this was with a TOPS Soccer group in our hometown of Olympia, WA.  The “cute,” compliant special needs children loved the indoor gym and were eager to participate in the group warm-up activities.  My son covered his ears due to the echoes of the gym, and wanted nothing more than to leave – he kept crying and tugging at me to go.  We gave up after 4 or 5 practices.

The next experience was with a social skills group for ASD children.  The first year we were here in the Austin, TX area, my son did well with this group, so I was the first to sign him up the following year.  I found out a week before the group was scheduled to start (and once it was too late to find another summer activity for him because they were all long since full) that the agency had decided to have a higher functioning social skills group, where they could take community field trips and such, so my lower-functioning son could not participate.  Sorry.

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Italy Mandates Vaccines & Implements Fines As Glaxo Promises A Billion Euro Investments

Svegliati! (Wake up!) Quid pro quo in action. This is not a coincidence. Italy mandates vaccines and implements fines as vaccine manufacturer Glaxo promises more than a Billion Euro investment. Italians who are awake are already up in arms over the loss of healthcare liberty and penalties. Mass Protests Against Mandatory Vaccines in Rome – Some Parents Prepare to Leave Italy

GlaxoSmithKline to invest more than €1 billion in Italy over four years

US pharmaceutical giant GSK is planning to invest more than €1 billion in Italy over the next four years, according to Daniele Finocchiaro, CEO of GSK Italia.

The funds won’t be going to “the construction of new plants, but to reinforce product lines and provide more continuity for research and development. Specialization is the greatest weapon we have and—as shown by our acquisition of the vaccine center in Siena—we are aiming for excellence and looking to grow,” he said.

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Must Read: Your Special Eduction Rights from Skyhorse Publishing

Your SPED rightsNOTE: I know Julie Swanson and Jen Laviano from their dedication to special education rights here in Connecticut. If you've a child on an IEP, you know that districts are often at odds with your goals for your child. Often might even be an understatement. Jen and Julie walk you through the mirror into the real machinations of special ed, where budgets and allocations dictate services, and where the "I" in IEP stands for INTEREST of the district and not the INDIVIDUAL. 

Written in a conversational style, you don't need to be a lawyer to understand how to learn and exercise your child's rights.  Not the traditional summer read, I realize, but you'll be a better advocate and even the playing field after reading this book.  Pre-order a copy today.  It ships mid-August.  Congrats to Jen and Julie and a big thank you to Skyhorse for publishing books so valuable to our community. K

Jennifer Laviano and Julie Swanson, a high-profile special education attorney and a special education advocate, tell parents of students with disabilities how to navigate their school system to get the services they need for their children.

The authors demystify the federal laws that govern the rights of public school children with disabilities and explain how school districts often ignore or circumvent these laws. They explain the often sordid politics of special education, exposing truths like the fact that teachers are under extraordinary pressure not to spend resources on costly services. Most importantly, they show parents how to get the services their children are entitled to and make the system work for them.

Many parents don’t know they can:
Ask the school for an evaluation of their child
Get a second opinion if they disagree with the school’s testing
Request parental counseling and training (to help understand their child’s disability and child development, for example)
And so much more
Complete with checklists and the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, Your Special Education Rights provides parents with the substantive information they need and the practical strategies that work.

Support Generation Rescue with Donnie Wahlberg VIP Auction Items!

Donnie auction
We know many (OK most) autism families struggle to make ends meet given the intense needs of our kids.  But we always like to share what our wonderful sponsors are doing to raise funds for their work. Like this auction from Generation Rescue. Their funds directly support families.  Forward to family members or friends who have a few dollars to spare and want to show their support. And don't forget to tell them about Autism Age (our Age of Autism non-profit) too!  From GR:

We want everyone to feel a part of Monday night's special experience. Here's your chance to help us rock the house with our online auction of unique VIP experiences curated with love just for you! 

All proceeds from the VIP Auction go toward supporting families affected by autism. 



Team GR

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Donnie, NKOTB, Faculty Management & all others who helped make this auction possible.



Unlike His Father

Happy Father's Day TypewriterBy Cathy Jameson

To maintain a joyful family requires much from both the parents and the children. Each member of the family has to become, in a special way, the servant of the others.   - Pope John Paul II

When we learned that our 2nd born child would be a boy, both my husband and I began to imagine what ‘life with boys’ would be like.  Our first child, who was quite the girly girl at the time, was all about frilly dresses, dainty dolls, and the color pink.  The idea of adding another blessing to the family, and knowing that that blessing would be a boy, filled us with great excitement.  We imagined our future would include little blue outfits, Tonka trucks, and scraped knees.  We imagined rough and tumble play and making mud pies in the backyard.  We imagined we’d one day be sitting on the sidelines at a sporting event cheering him on.  We imagined all sorts of typical-boy milestones and super star achievements.  Never could we have imagined how far from typical our son would actually be. 

Our pride and joy, Ronan still is a super star.  He excels in areas that other kids have, but they’ve long surpassed the few capabilities he’s worked years to attain.  Dressing himself.  Feeding himself.  Entertaining himself.  It’s taken much, much longer for him to learn about the skill, to want to address the skill, and then to actually master the skill. 

Small steps and sometimes even smaller baby steps have gotten Ronan to where he is today.  While we’d both love for him to be able to catch up to where his siblings and age-mates are developmentally, we know that for Ronan to accomplish things, it has to be at his pace.  That can be hard. 

As many years into this journey that we are, the realization that Ronan is still so far behind can make us emotional.  We know that Ronan won’t follow in his father’s footsteps and tinker with cars or motorcycles.

CJ Father 1

He also won’t race 12 meter sailboats like his father did. 

CJ father 2

He won’t be able to join the military like Daddy did either.   

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Alzheimers and Aluminum As a Primary Etiological Factor

By Professor Chris Exley

In this paper, I have summarized the experimental and largely clinical evidence that implicates aluminum as a primary etiological factor in Alzheimer’s disease. The unequivocal neurotoxicity of aluminum must mean that when brain burdens of aluminum exceed toxic thresholds that it is inevitable that aluminum contributes toward disease. Aluminum acts as a catalyst for an earlier onset of Alzheimer’s disease in individuals with or without concomitant predispositions, genetic or otherwise. Alzheimer’s disease is not an inevitable consequence of aging in the absence of a brain burden of aluminum. 

Read the full paper here.


Aging is the major risk factor for Alzheimer’s disease though the advent of Alzheimer’s disease within a normal human lifespan is suggested to be brought about through human exposure to aluminum. Essentially without aluminum in brain tissue there would be no Alzheimer’s disease. There are a number of predispositions to the development of Alzheimer’s disease, involving both environmental and genetic factors, and each of these acts to increase the aluminum content of brain tissue at specific periods in an individual’s life. This interplay between environmental and genetic factors explains both early and late onset disease, in each case the catalyst for the disease is always the brain aluminum content and how robustly an individual’s brain responds or copes with this aluminum burden.

The Children’s Medical Safety Research Institute (CMSRI) is a medical and scientific collaborative established to provide research funding for independent studies on causal factors underlying the chronic disease and disability epidemic.

Autism, Fever and Flu Shots During Pregnancy

CDC fever side effect
NOTE: USA Today reports that pregnant woomen who come down with a fever are at risk of having a child who develops autism.  CDC recommends flu vaccination for pregnant women - and a common side effect is FEVER. Think about that. If fever contributes to autism and a recommended medical procedure can cause fever, isn't that promoting autism?

CDC flu shot pregnancy

From USA Today.

Pregnant women who come down with a fever, especially in the second trimester, are at increased risk of having a baby with autism, a new study reports

Research published Tuesday by Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health observed 95,754 Norwegian children born between 1999-2009. About 15,700 children were born to mothers who had fevers during their pregnancies. Within that group, researchers identified 583 cases of autism spectrum disorder. 

Autism risk increased by 34% when mothers reported a fever over 99 degrees at any time during pregnancy. The risk was 40% when fevers occurred in the second trimester. Women who reported having three or more fevers after the twelfth week of pregnancy, increased autism chances for their child by more than 300%.

Mothers who took ibuprofen for fevers did not have children with autism. But, the sample size of those women was so small researchers could not draw any specific conclusions about the drug's effect.

"Future work should focus on identifying and preventing prenatal infections and inflammatory responses that may contribute to autism spectrum disorder," said senior author W. Ian Lipkin, John Snow Professor of Epidemiology and director of the Center for Infection and Immunity, in a statement

The link between maternal fevers and autism has been documented before, but this study, published in the journal Molecular Psychiatry, is more expansive than past research. 

Is “Delitigation” Associated with a Change in Product Safety? The Case of Vaccines

Kent legalNOTE: Congratulations to AofA friend Gayle DeLong of Baruch College on the publication of:

Is “Delitigation” Associated with a Change in Product Safety? The Case of Vaccines

ABSTRACT" This study investigates whether the threat of litigation induces firms to provide safer products in a regulated industry. I analyze whether removing litigation risk or “delitigation” of product liability is associated with a change in the safety of vaccines. Using U.S. nationwide and state-level data, I find that vaccines that were licensed after legislation that preempted most product liability lawsuits are associated with a significantly higher incidence of adverse events than were vaccines that were licensed under a previous regime that permitted consumers to sue. Oaxaca decomposition suggests that the difference is due to the policy change. The results suggest that product safety deteriorates when consumers are no longer able to sue manufacturers.


1 Introduction

is an important area of study for scholars of industrial organ ization.
Research into the lifting of regulations offers insights into the interaction among
regulatory agencies, rms and consumers. These insights, posits Joskow (2005), can
inform decision makers on the implications of specic policies and lead to improved
social welfare. Although a rich literature exists concerning the effects of
deregulation, very little analysis exists concerning an idea that is gaining currency:
the lifting of product liability litigation. ‘Delitigation,’ like deregulation, could
greatly inuence the quality, prices, and safety of goods that rms sell.
The origins of delitigation stem from the debate among economists concerning
whether regulatio n and litigation are substitutes or complements. Some scholars
argue that product liability lawsuits are an unnecessary expense to regulated rms.
As long as regulatory standards for safety are binding, argue Philipson et al. (2011),
removing the threat of product liability allows rms to provide their products more
cheaply with no change in safety. However, Shavell (1984a, b) views regulation and
litigation as essential mechanisms that promote safety in different ways. Ex ante
regulation protects against foreseeable safety issues, while ex post litigation can
force rms to remedy unfor eseeable side effects.

The competing paradigms above suggest very different empirical outcomes with
regard to delitigation. If a regulator enforces a soci ally optimal level of care, then
safety levels would not change after delitigation. Alternatively, if regulation
provides a minimum standard of care and litigation forces rms to correct
unforeseen problems with their products, then delitigation would be associated with
deteriorating product safety.

This study shows that vaccine safety deteriorates after consumers are not able to
sue vaccine manufacturers. The ratios of reported adverse events (AEs)
1 to vaccine recipient or AEs to vaccine dose are greater on average for the vaccines that the U.S.
Food and Drug Administration (FDA) licensed after legislation that preempted
product safety lawsuits than before the legislation. Oaxaca decomposition of state-
level data conrm s the result that the vaccines that the FDA licensed after the
legislation are associated with more AEs: both serious and non-serious.
The decrease in safety may be partially due to the expanded array of vaccines that
the legislation allowed. Pharmaceutical companies developed some vaccines that
they otherwise would not have developed had consumer s retained the right to sue.
The risks from newer vaccines may outweigh the benets: The likelihood of
reporting a serious side effect from a vaccine reaction is greater than of suffering a
serious complication from the disease in the 5 years before the FDA licensed the


Dachel Wake Up: Fly The Autistic Skies

Dachel Morning Wake UoJune 13, 2017, New York Times: At Airports, Making Travel Easier for Autistic Passengers, by Shivani Vora

For Gearoid Mannion and his wife, Michelle, who live in County Clare, Ireland, air travel with their two autistic sons, Conor, 9, and Darragh, 7, is usually nothing short of a nightmare. The noise level, crowds and announcements at airports overwhelm the boys, and waiting in security and boarding lines is a concept that they don’t understand, Mr. Mannion said. “They get red in the face and start running around and crying and screaming or run toward the exit, because they want to go back home,” he said.

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Let's Kindle an Idea for Autism

Charlie brown kindleI have a confession to make. I completely underestimate my daughters with autism. It's ridiculous how dumb I am sometimes about their ability. There's an easy laziness that has come to me whereby I do not expect the girls to surprise me with new skills. Can't say I'm proud about how the exhaustion of tending to three young adults (16 - 22) has taken a toll on my commitment to bringing them forward.

Mia decided to give me a shake up. God bless her. She loves her iPad. She loves Bella's iPad. She love's Gianna's iPad and iPhone. She loves the computer. If Mia had her druthers, her bed would look like the control room at ABC World News Tonight with 15 screens running different information in a concert where she herself was the conductor. She can process and use information so fast.

At night I charge the devices and hide them until morning. This way I can sleep in until 5:00am, maybe even 6:00am.

Mia was a pure Sesame Street gal for twenty two years. But in the last 6 months, since she began her day program post school, she has discovered, to my great joy, Charlie Brown! He's a classic! I adored him as a kid and had lots of Snoopy, Charlie Brown and Peanuts items in my room. My Mom even has our old Snoopy phone! So I've been delighted that Mia has moved away from Sesame Street (especially since the show is now a pharma/public health sales tool) and to the classic Peanuts.

I own a Kindle e-reader, not a Kindle Fire. A few days ago, I came downstairs to make coffee and discovered Mia sitting at my desk in my office (corner of the kitchen) swiping my Kindle. I took a look, and lo and behold, she had bought Charlie Brown books!  Mia had never seen my Kindle open. She was never taught how to use it. But she swiped, found the store, searched for Charlie Brown and.... bought two books! Most folks wouldn't assume Mia can even read.  She CAN. She can spell. I was delighted!! This was her very first individual purchase.  And a wake up call for me, for which there will never be enough coffee. Our kids, my kids, have so many skills to show us. I'm angry at myself for having to be surprised. But thrilled to know maybe Mia would like a Kindle - a more passive device on which she would have to read. 

Mia bought herself two books.


Dachel Wake Up: CHOP Brain Scans for Autism

Dachel Morning Wake UoJune 11, 2017, Philly Voice: CHOP looks to brain scans for breakthrough in early detection of autism

By Michael Tanenbaum

With a shift in diagnostic criteria raising the number of American children placed on the autism spectrum—and with families and professionals adjusting their approach to conceptualizing the disorder—researchers at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia believe there may be promise in conducting brain scans to enable earlier detection of the condition.

The multi-site Infant Brain Imaging Study, funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), seeks to determine the predictive ability of functional connectivity magnetic resonance imaging (fcMRI) as a means of identifying brain activity patterns in six-month-old children who may be at risk to develop autism by two years of age. ...

Current estimates say autism affects roughly 1 out 68 children in the United States, a rate that has climbed partly because fewer children are diagnosed with an intellectual disability. ...

With fcMRI, the research team scanned the brains of 59 high-risk six-month-olds—younger siblings of kids with autism—while they slept under natural conditions. Machine learning technology designed to parse through neuroimaging results was then used to make predictions about the children who would or would not develop autism. ...

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Dr. Eve Switzer Would Rather We Recover Our Children from a Pond than their Autism

Eve SwitzerNOTE: Our friends at Oklahoma for Vaccine Choice are keeping a close eye on Dr. Eve Switzer, aka "Eve of Destruction" as her draconian disgust toward families facing the challenges of autism rears its ugly head over and over. Can you IMAGINE a medical doctor advocating AGAINST treatment for any serious disability or disease?   Mocking parents for wanting a child to speak, toilet, stop seizures, avoid death by drowning?  Calling child services on families for using medical care for autism?  I'd rather take my kids to BARRY SWITZER for care than this woman.  Kim

Oklahomans for Vaccine Choice wrote this about the tweet:

It is our opinion, that a call to action for all who advocate for children with autism, parental rights and health choice is needed.

This tweet is gaining both national and worldwide attention from an Oklahoma pediatrician who politically advocates for vaccine mandates, sues Oklahomans who disagree and voice their opinion and now this!

What should we do? In our mind, the best approach is a fundraising plan of action and here in Oklahoma! We need prayers and money to fight money!

Help us both with our #YankYen campaign and to defend ourselves against her frivolous lawsuit when we expressed our opinion. Both want to remove non-medical exemptions in Oklahoma and preserving them is our mission.

It is our opinion that Dr. Eve Switzer's lawsuit has no merit. Dr. Switzer has entered the political debate concerning vaccinations and informed consent by making public statements about her own practices as a physician, and by making public statements about prospective legislation concerning the areas of informed consent and vaccination protocol. As a political action committee, we often express our opinion on different areas of health choice, and the area of informed consent is no exception. Our statements in response to Dr. Switzer’s actions and publications, like all of our statements relating to matters of health choice, are simply expressions of our opinions on matters of public concern and, therefore, are not subject to legal action. - Oklahomans for Vaccine and Health Choice-PAC

Any donation helps! $5, 10, 20, or even $40.00 can help so much! And for the month of June, all who set up a reoccurring donation of any amount get a free OVHC t-shirt! DONATE HERE.

Puerto Rico Requires Genital Wart Vaccine for 11 and 12 Year Olds

Gardasil Puerto RicoNote: Could the increase in genital warts be due to a decrease or flat our refusal to use condoms and not due to a "lack of vaccination?"  From LiveScience: The percentage of sexually active teens who use condoms has declined over the last decade, according to a new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

In 2013, 59 percent of high school students who had sex in the last three months said they used a condom during their last sexual encounter, down from 63 percent in 2003, the report said.

From Washington Post, aka Merck's Daily Sales Sheet.....

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico — Puerto Rico’s government is ordering all students ages 11 and 12 to get vaccinated against HPV by next year.

Monday’s announcement follows a rise in cancers tied to the human papillomavirus across the U.S. territory. Health officials said the rate of cervical cancer in Puerto Rico is 11 percent compared with 7 percent in the U.S. mainland.

Health Secretary Rafael Rodriguez said the requirement applies to both public and private schools. Students can opt out for medical or religious reasons if they present a sworn declaration or a doctor’s certification.

Officials said those lacking health insurance will receive free vaccines at health centers.

At least two states and Washington D.C. require that students be vaccinated against HPV.

My Post-Its Have Arrived!

Post it lauraBy Laura Hayes

Thanks to Nancy Hokkanen’s excellent suggestion in response to my recent article, I ordered 40 pads of pre-printed Post-Its. I now have 2,000 Post-Its that my activist friends and I can gleefully stick all over town, or hand out to people in the community. Thanks for the super idea, Nancy!

I was wondering if any of you has any stories to share with regard to implementing any of the dozen ideas I put forth in my recent article on how to help stop the vaccine holocaust. If yes, please post your story in the comments section here!

Laura Hayes

Mother, Activist, and now, Post-It Lady :)

MIT's Dr. Stephanie Seneff on Autism Explosion Vs. Media Coverage

Stephanie-seneffBy Anne Dachel

A person does not have to search far in order to be reassured by leading experts that the flood of  children with all sorts of learning problems and developmental issues are nothing to worry about.

For years   prominent news outlets and journals have downplayed the numbers, quoting experts for backup.  Here are examples from over the last six years, including one from the BMJ just last month.

CNN, Dr. Thomas Frieden, director the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: ‘Doctors are getting better at diagnosing autism… How much of that increase is a result of better tracking and how much of it is a result of an actual increase, we still don't know.’

U.S. News, Dr. Nancy Murphy, chair of the American Academy of Pediatrics' Council on Children with Disabilities: “The increases in these conditions may signify a greater awareness on the part of parents, teachers and health care professionals to identify children with disabilities and get them help.

“ ‘That could mean that kids that might have been dismissed as simply being "slow" or disobedient in the past may now be getting some extra help to realize their potential,’…”

New York Times,
Dr. Stephen Blumberg, senior scientist, National Center for Health Statistics: ‘Our findings suggest that the increase in prevalence is due to improved recognition of autism spectrum disorders, as opposed to children with newly developed risks for them.’

Wall Street Journal, “The number of children diagnosed with autism has surged around the globe in the past two decades. But new research in Europe and the U.S. suggests much of the increase occurred on paper.”

Scientific American: “Many individuals diagnosed with autism may, in the past, have been misdiagnosed with other conditions, such as intellectual disability: As diagnoses of autism have risen, those of intellectual disability have decreased.”

British Medical Journal: “This study highlights the complexities involved in understanding changes in the reported prevalence of ASD that are likely to be multifactorial. It has provided evidence in Australia of changes in diagnostic preferences and a broadening of the spectrum and that differences in service requirements can influence prevalence estimates.”

Medpage Today: “The investigators offered some possible factors for the general increase in ADHD and autism prevalence such as: Advances in behavioral disorder classification, Efficacy of clinical and behavioral treatments for ADHD, Increase in services for children with developmental disabilities, Improvement in clinical, parental, and societal recognition of disorders.”

So while no health official can explain why so many children today have autism, no one is calling it a crisis.  

By Anne Dachel

Back in April of this year USA Today published the story, Why are autism cases exploding, and what can be done? by Jerry Carino.

It was an interesting piece, unlike the vast majority of mainstream news reports that leave autism as a mystery or dismiss the numbers as merely“better diagnosing” of a condition that’s always been around.

Carino wrote: The statistics grab you by the collar.

In the early 1990s, the national diagnosis rate for autism was 1 in 10,000 children. In 2012 it was 1 in 68. In 2017 it’s 1 in 45.

That rate is even lower in New Jersey, at 1 in 41.

“When you look at those numbers, that’s [not] only a crisis, but it’s a significant issue for our society right now,” said Bret Vaks, executive director of Autism Family Services of New Jersey. ‘I’m not even certain most people are aware how significant it is’.”

Carino is off on the numbers. In 2012 it was 1 in 88. In 2014 it was one in 68 and again in 2016.

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Megan, Regressive Autism and the Evolving Science of Vaccine Injury

Meg regressing
By Teresa Conrick

Megan, born in 1993, regressed into an Autism diagnosis by 1995. She had chronic ear infections and behavioral regression after vaccinations but the MMR vaccine was the most pronounced.  Meg's MMR titers, the antibodies obtained from her blood now, reveal high numbers since that fateful day, June 18th, 1994.  She received the MMR vaccine that one time only, as I was concerned about her health and behavior thereafter. Vaccination to me had become a personal and conscientious belief that something was not right for my daughter. 

The immediate days after June 18th: Fever, rash on body, ear infection & not looking at us.

The following weeks:  Ear infection, not happy, crying, lethargic, picky eating, difficulty climbing stairs, staring spells, loss of previous words & appearing deaf. Dr. diagnosed her with a "virus."

The following months: Rash, loose stools, vomiting, diarrhea, fever, another "virus" per Dr., irritable, nosebleeds, regression of receptive language, loss of play, loss of counting, loss of laughing, sensory defensive, waking with pain & crying from GI upset.....

When she was about 4 years old, Meg was scheduled to get the second dose of MMR.  I declined with a religious exemption. NOTE- this was 1997, well before the brave and brilliant, Dr's Wakefield, Murch, Walker-Smith, et al's paper in the Lancet: We investigated a consecutive series of children with chronic enterocolitis and regressive developmental disorder....Onset of behavioural symptoms was associated, by the parents, with measles, mumps, and rubella vaccination in eight of the 12 children, with measles infection in one child, and otitis media in another. 

Disregard the word, "RETRACTED", as their research was solid but the avalanche of Public Health fear and Pharmaceutical greed caused a Blackout.

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See Something, Say Something

Open your eyesBy Cathy Jameson

Over the years, I’ve heard wonderful stories from other parents about their child’s caregivers.  I learn that these other humans are kind, compassionate, and able to get the child to do things no one else thought possible.  I love to hear about those victories and those kinds of stories.  Unfortunately, other caregiver stories with not so happy endings have been shared by parents, too.  Those jaw-dropping accounts are shocking.  They are few and far between, thankfully, but even so, they can quickly suck the wind right out of me when I hear them. 

Some of those incidents have made the news Other times, the person or the facts about the abuse they’ve inflicted gets tucked away.  Not until that person strikes again do details about their past come out.  Withholding that information serves no one, especially the non-verbal severely affect child with autism.  I shed tears when I learn that a child has been harmed – either emotionally or physically – at the hands of another.  When it’s an adult who’s belittled, abused, or caused serious injury to a child with a disability, my blood boils.  And when it’s my child who’s been mistreated, you better believe I’ll make some noise about it. 

It recently came to my attention that an individual who’d been working with my child needed to go.  On paper, they were a perfect candidate for us.  In person, it was a different story.  Ronan got hurt.  It wasn’t physical, thank God, but damage was done.  That hasn’t happened often, but when it has, it’s made it very hard for me to trust people again.   

I will sometimes say, if Ronan’s happy then I’m happy.  Lately, Ronan had become increasingly unhappy, especially - and only – after some therapy.  He wasn’t the only one who’d grown increasingly unhappy.  I’d been getting a gut feeling that something was off.  When I would drive away after Ronan’s session had started, the pit-in-my-stomach feeling lingered.  I knew something had to give. 

Changes had been made, but Ronan’s needs continued to be overlooked and he was starting to get increasingly upset.  I’ve promised to care for my children, to love them, to teach them, and to protect them.  Protecting them, especially Ronan, has the biggest challenge.  I am his eyes.  I am his ears.  I am his voice.  He couldn’t tell me, ‘Mom, something’s not right.  Can you please make it better?’, but his behavior sure did.  Ronan took out his frustrations, and no doubt, lost a little faith in me after his desperate attempts to communicate his dismay during therapy sessions.  By the time I was clued in, it was too late.  The situation was beyond repair.   

A program we’d worked hard to create was slowly being destroyed by someone I’d trusted.  Having to address that problem and the person who’d caused the issue made me livid.  While this person gets to quietly exit our lives, I was forced to deal with the fallout.  Holding onto hope that we can move past the interruption and the pain, the burden I carry feels a tad heavier now.  It’s a terrible weight to bear, but if not me, then whom?  Certainly not Ronan!  He’s dealt with enough already. 

With Ronan’s needs as great as they are, though, I do still have to rely on others for assistance.  Their experiences, their referrals, and their qualifications are necessary.  They can easily make the process smoother.  But if they don’t truly want to help, or if they are only here for their gain, their assistance will be a detriment instead of a benefit. 

I am rendered speechless when I’m forced to deal with the ineptitude of an adult.  When that adult has all the makings of being a perfect, credentialed professional but who can’t see the amazing and incredible fragile human being placed in their care, I am reduced to a puddle on the floor.  Eventually, I pick myself up and begin to move forward.  I have to.  As much as I’d like to do everything on my own, I know that I cannot. 

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Italians Say "Basta!" To Mandatory Vaccination

BastaThank you to Health Impact New for this post.

Readers from Italy have been contacting Health Impact News this past week, asking us to cover the massive demonstrations happening throughout Italy to protest a new mandatory vaccine law. This news has been censored from the U.S. corporate media.

Francesca Alesse, who worked with the VAXXED film team to get the film shown in Italy last year, writes:

In an unprecedented way, the decree-law proposed by the Minister of Health has been signed by the sitting Italian president Sergio Mattarella. Only four vaccines were mandatory in Italy, now that number triples to 12.

No other decree-law has moved so fast in the Italian legislative system, the reasons of such hurry are incomprehensible considering that the Istituto Superiore Di Sanità (the local version of the CDC) has declared that contrary to what stated in the decree itself there is no objective urgency. There are no epidemics, the number of cases of measles or meningitis in the current year have been substantially lower than the previous year.

Thousands of parents have protested the new law this past June 3rd, protests and marches have taken place in 21 Italian cities spread across the nation. A national protest is scheduled for this Sunday June 11th.

The translated full text of the decree-law is found here.

Florence Protest

Recent protests in Florence. Photo sent to Health Impact News from an Italian reader.

The new law apparently has severe consequences for parents who fail to comply, including the possibility of having their children taken away from them. In addition to public outcry, there appears to be strong political opposition to the law as well.

Elisabetta Bressan, an Italian commenting on Facebook writes:

Protests are going to increase here, as our Government has announced… a law to introduce 12 mandatory vaccines. The law…. was announced by our Health Ministry to be as follows: 12 mandatory vaccination needed to have access to pre-school system (age 0-6): no vaccination, no enrollment, no exceptions; for mandatory school (age 0-16) if kids were not vaccinated parents should pay a penalty between 500€ and 7.500€ per year, if you cannot afford it, you’ll be refer to Jouvanile Court, that could suspend your parents rights to get your children vaccinated. A national protest is envisaged in Rome on June 11.

This will start within the next school year (September 2017); it has been calculated that more then 800,000 kids will need to receive a massive vaccination in a very little time.  Read more here.

Autism Speaks to Fund Study on Regression Post Vaccination

Mea Culpa!  This study was old - somehow appeared current on the AS Site. My apologies. Kim

Autism SpPigs flyeaks is funding an autism regression study. Thoughts?

A major challenge to studying autism with a suspected vaccine-related regression is  children with acute regressive-type symptoms following MMR vaccination; there are no specific codes, tests, or procedures that identify this occurrence with a high degree of specificity. This study will explore the Kaiser Permanente electronic databases to ascertain whether we can identify children with regressive type autism, and identify the timing of the regression in relation to the period directly following MMR vaccination. In order to see if identification of regressive autism from medical records is possible, the investigators will attempt to identify children vaccinated with MMR who then abruptly undergo a ‘cluster’ of visits, tests, and/or procedures in the time period directly following vaccination. The researchers feel that there may be a number of children who receive a diagnosis (such as ‘prolonged crying’) in the emergency department on the day after vaccination, followed shortly thereafter (1-2 days later) by another set of diagnoses (such as ‘fever’, & ‘irritability’) in the pediatric office or other outpatient department, and then receive either diagnostic or laboratory tests indicating (at least) a moderate degree of severity of concern, such as CT scans, metabolic testing or referral to neurology. If this study is successful in using medical databases to identify a specific group of children with demonstrable autism-related regression that clearly follows vaccination, it may point to the feasibility of further studies concentrating on this specific population.

Vaccination Regression Study

Pan Penalizes Vaccine Choice But Pardons HIV Exposure

Richard PanNOTE: Interesting to see where Senator Richard Pan's loyalties lie.  Thanks to the Walking in Quicksand blog for this post excerpt.

Last week, the LA Times reported that The High Priest of Public Health, Senator Richard Pan, voted to stop penalizing those who knowingly expose others to HIV though unprotected sex. Under the bill, failing to disclose one has HIV or AIDS before engaging in unprotected sex will no longer be a felony.

The bill would also apply to those who donate blood or semen despite the knowledge they have HIV or AIDS. Senator Pan argued that penalizing those who knowingly infect others with HIV undermines public health.

This might be a less shocking assault on common sense were it not for the fact that Senator Pan also holds the title of Mandated Vaccination Czar of California. The same man who pushed relentlessly to mandate vaccination, saying “I’ve personally witnessed the suffering caused by these preventable diseases and I am very grateful to the many parents that are now speaking up and letting us know that our current laws don’t protect their kids” voted for a bill that will cause a lifetime of serious immune dysfunction for countless unsuspecting individuals.

Senator Pan argues that parents who refuse to vaccinate their newborn for a sexually transmitted virus are menaces to public health who must be kept in line with a law. In the next breath, he argues to give a free pass to those who purposely sign up to taint the blood supply. He touts both bills as of the utmost importance to public health.  Read the full post here.

Dachel Wake Up: Australia: Wealthy, Healthy and Unvaccinated

  Dachel Morning Wake UoBy Anne Dachel

June 8, 2017, The Age (Australia): Melbourne vaccination data: immunisation rates not improving in wealthy inner-city suburbs 

Craig Butt, Rania Spooner

Four of the wealthiest, healthiest suburbs of Melbourne have the worst child vaccination rates in the state, in part because of parents' complacency about the risks from infectious diseases.

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Lyons-Weiler on Morality, Ethics and Vaccine Policies

ECA JamesExcerpted from James Lyons-Weiler's site.  His book is available now from Skyhorse Publishing.   Follow James on Facebook here.  Meet James and AofA's Mark Blaxill who is presenting at at the


June 15 - 17 in Pittsburgh.

SINCLAIR LEWIS, author of “It Can’t Happen Here”, wrote “Once upon a time In America there was a scholar who conducted a one-man revolution and won it”.  There are a million individuals in revolution against the rampant corporatocracy that is warping America today.

Mind you, these sentiments come from one who is staunchly entrenched in the camp that acknowledges that artificial immunization can “work”.  Nevertheless, I persist.

The American value system of self-reliance, self-determination, and self-governance has been perverted by those with serious financial conflicts of interest who present the position that vaccination, due to its protective effects for “others” against infectious diseases, present an opportunity for the otherwise relatively powerless to contribute to the “greater good” of reduced pain and suffering from infectious diseases.  The risk of serious adverse events from vaccines, they claim, is minimal, and the cost, they presume, is so vastly outweighed by the benefits of vaccination that the risk of any cost is “worth it”.

In the tradition of American ideals, one can see that there are few problems with this perspective.  And remember, this is coming from a self-identified idealistic liberal, who tests right down the middle on both social and economic political issues (by nature, not by choice):

The “isms” Inherent to “The Greater Good”

The date is 2022. Anti-vaccination sentiment has swept the country, and an increasingly empowered Health and Human Services arm, the Vaccination Enforcement Division, is now a well-oiled machine. Wearing a white-buttoned down short-sleeve shirt, and a VED badge, a VO (Vaccination Officer) knocks on your door.  Behind him are two more sinister-looking chaps in military-like regalia, wearing guns.

“Yes?” you say. “Can I help you?”

“Ma’am, I’m from the VED, from the government, and we’re here to inform you that we’re very sorry to say that your child’s brain must be sacrificed to secure the health of your fellow Americans.  He’s a part of a rare group of children who just so happen to respond to vaccines in a way that will forever alter his brain functioning. But rest assured, it’s for the greater good.  It’s for all Americans.”

“What do you mean, how can this be?” you say, in shock, in horror.

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Dr. Francis Collins Touts Genomics at SMU Commencement

Not this shitBy Anne Dachel

May 20, 2017, Southern Methodist University commencement speaker, Dr. Francis Collins, head of the National Institutes of Health:  Francis Collins and his Mea Culpa

Dr. Collins talked about the possibilities of human genome research and his directorship at the National Institutes of Health.

The future of medicine is bright, especially in genomics. Collins said he is hopeful that neuroscience will understand problems like autism.

Collins was contrite about a graduate student working under him who falsified data.  Collins took responsibility.

Finally Collins talked about his journey to God. He ended the talk playing on his guitar.

For all his  words about building character and taking responsibility, he hasn't applied that to how health officials address autism, and he'll be remembered, just like Julie Gerberding, Thomas Frieden, Coleen Boyle, and Kathleen Sebelius, for doing nothing in the face of the escalating health care nightmare called autism. 

For a scientist to be in the midst of a circumstance where you’re responsible for something that was not true, and not true just because you misinterpreted the data, but because you made it up, is about the lowest point that one can have.

For Collins, who over ten years ago admitted that autism is linked to the environment, history's judgment of his inaction will be harsh, I have no doubt.

For all his noble sounding words, Collins has never seen autism as a major concern, despite the fact that in 2006, when he testified in a congressional hearing, he made it clear that autism’s cause was environmental.  

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June 7: California Hearing on "Safe" Glyphospate Levels

Goodbye CAThanks to Laura Hayes for this summary:

Pertinent details:

  • Hearing regarding a "safe" level of glyphosate for Californians next Wed., 6/7, from 1:30-5:00pm, at CA's EPA Headquarters Bldg., in the Byron Sher Auditorium. 1001 I St. (that is an uppercase i in I St.), Sacramento, CA  95814.  Phone # is 916-322-2068
  • There is no "safe" level of glyphosate. It has been shown to cause cancer cells to grow and proliferate at the smallest of measurable levels. It has also been shown to be tumorigenic/carcinogenic, in addition to causing other serious health issues.
  • Please arrive as early as possible (12:00 would be great!) to begin standing in line to secure a seat for the hearing. Doors will supposedly open at 12:30pm for seating. 
  • If you would like to make a public comment, you will have 3-5 min.  Your comment can also be a brief 30-second "elevator speech".  If you plan to make a public comment, please print out 4 copies and bring with you.
  • Please bring a written comment to submit in any event, and also submit it online via the website oremailed to Esther (info below on flyer).
  • If you live out of state, you can still submit a written comment! What is adopted as a "safe" level of glyphosate here in CA (remember, there is no such thing as a safe level of this poison) might be adopted in your state next!

  • Signs will not be allowed to be displayed in the hearing room (there will be a place to set them down in the auditorium during the hearing), but can be used afterward for the press conference.
  • Water can be brought into the hearing room.
  • There will be a brief press conference afterward, so if you can stay until 6:00, that would be excellent.
  • Please share this email with all of your contacts.  Let's pack the house and make our vehement opposition to this poison known!

Anti-NMDA Receptor Encephalitis and Vaccination - More Evidence

Antinmdar-encephalitis-eav-6-638By Teresa Conrick

I have been reporting on the devastating disorder, Anti-NMDA Receptor Encephalitis, over the years as I have a daughter who has both an AUTISM diagnosis and an AUTOIMMUNE diagnosis:

Late Onset Autism and Anti-NMDA-Receptor Encephalitis Part 1, 2011 

Late Onset Autism and Anti-NMDA Receptor Encephalitis Part 2, 2011

Anti-NMDA-Receptor Encephalitis Added to DSM A Medical Causation of Autism, 2012  

BRAIN ON FIRE - From Autoimmunity To Madness, 2012 

Revisiting Anti-NMDA Receptor Encephalitis and Autism, 2015 

The science keeps evolving and it's good to keep up with it as some is connected to our loved ones :

Clinical features in those under 18 years of age were found to differ. In 48% of cases children had a prodrome of fever, headache, upper respiratory tract symptoms or diarrhoea and vomiting. Almost all patients presented to the physician with mood or behavioural changes such as temper tantrums [22], hyperactivity or irritability as opposed to frank psychosis making the diagnosis of an underlying pathological cause less obvious [1]. In addition it is thought that movement disorders and seizures; usually partial motor or complex seizures; occur earlier in the disease process, however, it may be that this is just the first recognisable symptom [1,6].

Autonomic instability (tachycardia, hyperthermia and hypertension) occurred in 86% of those under 18 years of age and although many were affected it appeared to be less severe than in adults. 

This report is yet another significant finding:

Anti-NMDA Receptor Encephalitis and Vaccination, 2017  

Anti-N-methyl-d-aspartate (Anti-NMDA) receptor encephalitis is an acute autoimmune neurological disorder. The cause of this disease is often unknown, and previous studies revealed that it might be caused by a virus, vaccine or tumor. It occurs more often in females than in males. Several cases were reported to be related to vaccination such as the H1N1 vaccine and tetanus/diphtheria/pertussis and polio vaccines. In this study, we reported an anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis case that may be caused by Japanese encephalitis vaccination....Anti-N-methyl-d-aspartate (Anti-NMDA) receptor encephalitis is an acute disorder that presents a multistage illness progressing from initial psychiatric symptoms to memory disturbances, seizures, dyskinesia and catatonia. In the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) or serum of patients one can find antibodies produced by the body’s own immune system attacking N-methyl-d-aspartate (NMDA) receptors. Although this disorder may be induced by a virus, vaccination or tumor, the cause is often unknown. The treatments include first-line immunotherapies: steroids, intravenous immunoglobulin (IVIG) or plasmapheresis (or plasma exchange); and second-line immunotherapy such as rituximab or cyclophosphamide. It occurs more often in females than in males. A proportion of female patients have also been detected with ovarian tumors.

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Fighting Windmills in California

Goodbye CAReprinted with permission.

By Edward F. Yazbak, MD

The story of Don Quixote charging windmills under the delusion that they were giants is well-known. Just as memorable were the melody and lyrics of “The Impossible Dream”.  

In the early 1990’s, a renowned pediatrician realizing that susceptible adults in the United States were uninterested in the recently introduced Hepatitis B vaccine, decided that the best way to control Hepatitis B infection was to vaccinate all newborns in the nursery, whether they needed to be vaccinated or not. Clearly he was fighting a windmill because acute and chronic hepatitis B infections are still occurring in large numbers among immigrants, adults choosing risky behaviors and prison inmates who were still adamantly refusing to be vaccinated.    

More recently, laws were introduced in California to educate doubting parents and abolish personal belief and religious exemptions in order to further improve pediatric vaccination rates and prevent outbreaks of communicable diseases.  

It may be wise for the California Legislature to stop tilting at such windmill and to concentrate on the state’s devastating autism epidemic.


California Assembly Bill 2109 was signed by Governor Brown and filed with the California Secretary of State on September 30, 2012. At the time, existing law exempted a child from vaccination requirements if the parent or guardian filed with the governing authority a letter or affidavit stating that the immunization was contrary to his or her beliefs.

AB -2109 authored by Assembly Man Richard Pan MD, MPH required that as of January 1, 2014, the parents’ affidavit be accompanied by:

  1. a) A signed attestation from a health care practitioner that the risks of communicable diseases and the risks and benefits of the recommended vaccinations had been fully explained to the parents or guardian and…

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Best of: Walk by Faith

DearDiary Note: This post ran in 2010.

By Cathy Jameson

Dear Diary,

I had a scary dream last week. I was being hunted.  It was sunset in a state park and I sensed something near me. I quickly planned a quiet retreat from a medium-sized grizzly bear walking toward a picnic table. At first, I thought I could manage eluding the animal but when he spied me his fierce growl caught the attention of another sizable bear standing by a stream. Panic set in but I remained outwardly calm.  I knew I had only a few minutes before I would either become a light snack or could plan a successful escape.

As I backed up the trail, I realized I was not alone—most of my family was also with me.  Ronan wasn’t there but my husband and other children were. The bears multiplied in number and we now had to escape six hungry, wild bears.  Soft light from the window of a small building shone down the path. My husband led us to an old lodge built on stilts. We hoped that would be a refuge because there was no where else to go but into the bear’s territory.  We tiptoed up the steps and reached for the doorknob. The lodge, whose wallpaper dated back to the 70s era, had wall-to-wall shag rug. It greeted us as we tumbled into what we hoped would be a safe haven.

A woman sat at a metal desk with an IBM Selectric typewriter. She didn’t see us or hear the major sigh of relief we exhaled as we scrambled into her writing nook. Pages of her book, an expose, retold of newly discovered cover-ups in the medical industry.  I barely glanced at this minor character in my dream but thought highly of her accomplishment—her efforts were going to help thousands.

Meanwhile, back at the now darkening state park…six bears watched us and lumbered toward the lodge. Another wave of fear set over me. I couldn’t lock the door. It had been solidly secure prior to our arrival but I had loosened the hinge in my attempt to rush in, find safety and slam the door closed.  I peeked through a sliver in the doorway that couldn’t be latched and saw another family standing at the doorway. Three people gingerly knocked also trying to hide from the doom and gloom that lingered below.  We let them in and stared at each other in fear. Glancing through the sheer curtain-covered windows, I saw silhouettes of another family, and then another. No one spoke but we knew we had to bring them in and stay safe from those hungry bears.

Diary, I was petrified! All the while, the woman at the typewriter continued to type. Her clickity clack was the only noise I heard. Soft light from her lamp and an old television set were her only other pieces of furniture. The TV was on but only static-filled stations were broadcasting with no sound.  The bears grumbled and stumbled below the lodge but never came up the stairs. I had a vision of one of the children getting too close to the smallest bear but physically shook myself to keep from continuing that notion. I began to feel confident as I glanced around the small room at the people in our midst. Again, my thoughts were: save my family, help these people, stay safe. And then, I woke up.

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Harvard Public Health on Minnesota Measles Outbreak

House-of-nonsenseNONSENSE:  "This outbreak is notable not just because of its size, but because it was sparked by anti-vaccine groups, who targeted Somali-Americans.

Hello and welcome to Harvard Chan: This Week in Health. It’s Thursday, June 1, 2017. I’m Noah Leavitt.

CDC mishandles viruses and causes outbreaks.  Live virus vaccination causes outbreaks. We, the vaccine safety community, have far more limited powers.   (Insert eye roll.)   "Target" the Somali community? The Somali's were inundated with a diagnosis that DID NOT EXIST in their language and our community reached out to help them. 

Click the link, read and watch and share your thoughts in our comments.

The Minnesota measles outbreak

Former CNN Anchor Talks About Vaccine Reporting

Kathleen KennedyBy Anne Dachel

Seven years ago, I wrote, What Would Woodward Do? An Autism Analogy.

It was a story about how a real journalist like Bob Woodward covers a story.

Woodward had made a video saying that a good reporter has to be thorough.

 "...checking a dozen or even a half a dozen people for a day story.  ...

"The second track is documents..."

'Get your ass out of the chair and get over there.'

In other words, check things FIRST HAND, verify your sources, talk to people on both sides of an issue. And when has any network or print reporter ever covered the vaccine controversy in a thorough and unbiased manner (with the exception of former CBS reporter Sharyl Attkisson and Alisyn Camerota when she was at Fox)?

In the story below, former CNN anchor KATHLEEN KENNEDY talked about how the vaccine controversy is covered. (And I love it when they say "former" because network executives can't  quash what this journalist has to say.)

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Review: Vaccination Policy and the UK Government The Untold Truth

England bookBy Jennifer Horne-Roberts

Christina England and Lucija Tomljenovic's Book ‘Vaccination Policy and the UK Government: The Untold Truth’.

This Book is a must read for anyone interested to know the truth about vaccine injury and how the UK Government have pursued the ‘Herd Immunity’ vaccine program despite the devastating consequences for so many children.

It includes the minutes of the Joint Committee on Vaccines and Immunisation showing how for example in 1989 they licensed continuation of the use of MMR  Pluserix,  although already  banned  as dangerous in Canada, and knowing that it would badly injury many children. This was in order to maintain confidence in the Vaccine programme.

One of the victims of Pluserix was our beloved son Harry Horne-Roberts whose tragic story has featured on the AofA website.

The Book in question tells of Ms England’s adoption of two SN boys and her struggle within the legal system which adversely affects the families of many such children.

Ms Tomljenovic gives an excellent appraisal of UK policy on Vaccines.

Now some 10,000 new cases of autism occur annually in UK in London alone. No one in authority questions why.

This book gives a masterly and detailed account of the causes of the ongoing tragedy.

As Counsel for Claimants in the UK and in the US MMR/Autism litigation who has followed the  tragic consequences of Government policy for three decades, I thoroughly recommend this Book.


UK Newspaper Reports on Call to "Ban" Dara Berger's How to Prevent Autism from Skyhorse Publishing

How to Prevent Autism-RGB for webGood grief - they say that bad publicity is good publicity as long as "they" spell your name correctly. Berger - Dara Berger. Her book, from Skyhorse Publishing, not even published yet, is under fire for daring to recommend preventing autism. In fact, the title is "How to Prevent Autism."  "Autistic people are not to be feared!" On the surface, this seems like an appropriate response. However, people with severe autism often have behaviors (that are part of the diagnosis) that seriously limit or even prevent their ability to be included in schools (this is why there are specific autism schools) and even day programs and group homes. I know of many beautiful, loved boys and girls, teens, men and women with autism who have been denied entrance to camps, schools, after school programs and even special needs programs - because of their intense needs and behaviors. In fact, they ARE feared by the actual system in place for people with special needs. To imply that preventing autism is a form of bigotry is nonsense and poppycock. Denying a disorder that prevents speaking, toileting, independent living, employment, and actual safety is the birthright of everyone in this nation.  Autism is a tough, tough road - no matter where the person falls on the spectrum. We here at AofA are acutely aware of the levels of patience, love and Herculean 24/7/365 effort to care of a person with moderate to severe autism.  Even to care for a person with Asperger's. The needs are constant. Those who claim discrimination are simply flat out wrong.  We need to prevent the disabling diagnosis of autism. Does this mean we won't still have quirky, oddball, interesting, funny, smart children? Nope. But maybe they will have a chance at an independent life. Buy Dara's book and judge for yourself. That's an American ideal after all. Free speech. Even for people like my beautiful Bella WHO CAN NOT SPEAK at all.  KIM

'Autistic people are not to be feared!' Mom's controversial book about how to 'prevent' autism faces backlash as 3,000 people sign an online petition calling for Amazon to ban it Read more: Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

AAP: Contrariwise on Vaccine Contraindications

Drink Me Adriana Gamondes
Credit: A. Gamondes

NOTE:  Can you make heads or tails of this missive on the AAP website about vaccine risks?   Thanks to our Nancy Hokkanen for sharing the info.   In short, AAP says, "Inject me," without regard for consequences.  Tweedledumb and dumber.

"Vaccination should not be delayed because of the presence of mild upper respiratory tract illness, gastroenteritis, otitis media or other mild illness with or without fever."

"Conditions that may occur following DTaP vaccine, such as temperature of 105 degrees Fahrenheit or higher, collapse or shock-like state, persistent crying, or convulsions with or without fever are not contraindications or precautions to administration of Tdap to an adolescent or adult."

"Vaccinations usually should be deferred when a precaution is present, unless the provider determines the benefit of protection from the vaccine outweighs the risk for an adverse reaction."

From the AAP site:

Understanding Vaccine Contraindications, Precautions

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) defines a contraindication as a condition in an intended vaccinee that increases the risk for a serious adverse reaction. A vaccine should not be administered when a contraindication is present.

A precaution indicates that a more severe reaction to the vaccine may occur than would have otherwise been expected, although the risk is less than that associated with a contraindication. Also, a condition classified as a precaution may compromise the vaccine’s ability to produce immunity. Vaccinations usually should be deferred when a precaution is present, unless the provider determines the benefit of protection from the vaccine outweighs the risk for an adverse reaction.

Which of the following are correct?

a) The majority of contraindications and precautions are temporary, so the vaccine generally can be administered later.

b) A severe acute illness is defined as a temperature greater than 39 degrees Celsius.

c) A history of thrombocytopenia is not a precaution for measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine administration.

d) Persistent, inconsolable crying lasting more than three hours within 48 hours after administration of a previous diphtheria and tetanus toxoids and acellular pertussis (DTaP) or diphtheria toxoid, tetanus toxoid and pertussis (DTP) vaccine is a contraindication to tetanus toxoid, reduced diphtheria toxoid and acellular pertussis (Tdap) administration.

e) Spina bifida or bladder exstrophy is a precaution for rotavirus vaccine administration.

f) Both live-virus and inactivated vaccines may be administered to a mother who is breastfeeding without concern for the safety of the infant or mother.

Answer: a, e and f are correct

Measles vaccine is associated with a mild decrease in platelet count within a few days after the vaccine is administered. Rare cases of idiopathic thrombocytopenia purpura (ITP) have been associated with administration of a measles-containing vaccine. One Vaccine Safety Datalink review reported an attributable risk of one case of ITP per 40,000 doses of MMR.

People with a history of ITP may be at increased risk for developing clinically significant thrombocytopenia after MMR vaccination. The decision to vaccinate such a child with MMR depends on the benefits of immunity to measles, mumps and rubella and the risks for recurrence or exacerbation of thrombocytopenia after vaccination. The benefits of immunization usually are greater than the potential risks, and administration of MMR vaccine is justified because of the even greater risk for thrombocytopenia after measles or rubella disease.

The presence of a moderate or severe acute illness with or without a fever is a precaution to administration of all vaccines. This precaution avoids causing diagnostic confusion between manifestations of the underlying illness and possible adverse effects of vaccination or superimposing adverse effects of the vaccine on the underlying illness. No specific temperature defines a child with a severe acute illness. People with moderate or severe acute illness should be vaccinated as soon as the illness has resolved.

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Attorney and Former Autism Respite Worker On Hindsight

HindsightBy Heather Coy

I have a story that I think of often during these days of increasingly limited medical freedom, and while constantly fighting for the right to retain personal control over procedures such as vaccination. So I want to share it.

Twenty years ago, during and after college at Indiana University, I worked with several different people with autism, both adults and children. I was a nanny and did respite care for people with disabilities and their families. I worked with one woman, whom I won't name, who had 2 boys with autism. She was a mother, and I was their respite caregiver. She told me that she thought the boys had regressed into autism after their vaccinations. At this time, I -- and probably you, if you remember back to the mid 90s -- had never been presented with that idea before.

At that time, no one knew about "that debunked doctor." No one was talking about "dirty, crazy anti-vaxxers." No one was afraid of the measles and chicken pox. And barely anyone I knew even knew what autism was. I rarely met anyone who had heard of it. I always found myself explaining what my job was, and who the people were that I served. This was merely two decades ago.

Well, this mother not only told me what she thought had happened to her children, she had video evidence of both sons -- Before and After. She showed me the videos. She told me about, and I witnessed and dealt with myself, the daily struggle – head-banging, aggression, hand regard and flapping, repetitive motion. The evidence was clear in her mind, and therefore it was clear in mine. I never thought to question her. I would have never dreamed of telling her she was crazy. I would have never dreamed of shouting at her, "That's not what happened to your kids! You're not a doctor, so you have no idea what happened to your kids!" I would have never thought to call her anti-vaccine. Probably had I done that, I would have been fired.  But, that is what I see people doing to parents now. What arrogance to tell a parent they do not know what happened to their own child.

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Dachel Wake Up: Israeli Researchers Share Autism Insights

Dachel Morning Wake UoMay 29, 2017, Jewish News of Northern Cal: Israeli researchers share insights into possible causes of autism

For Ilan Dinstein, describing the search for causes of autism as a needle in a haystack doesn’t do it justice. More on point, he says, is to call it “a few needles and a very big haystack.”

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A Dozen Things We Can Do RIGHT NOW to Help Stop the Vaccine Holocaust

Stop1By Laura Hayes

Every single week, without fail, there are tragic, heartbreaking stories of how vaccines have decimated or ended more lives. These stories are unending, they just keep coming.

Yet, doctors and nurses, who have become some bizarre type of pre-programmed automatons, continue to vaccinate day in and day out, despite the evidence of harm in their patients. It is as though they are brain dead, the “Stepford Wives” of Big Pharma, incapable of connecting that which they are injecting to that which they are then seeing and treating in their patients. Instead of stopping, analyzing, and changing course, they blindly plow forward, wreaking unspeakable damage in the very ones they have taken an oath to not harm.

Every single doctor and nurse (and now pharmacist, too) who is presently vaccinating the health, well being, and life out of their patients needs to stop, read the vaccine package inserts word for word, and then read critical analyses of vaccines and their ingredients that have not been written by those profiting directly or indirectly from vaccines. There can be no more excuses for or tolerance of the medical malpractice of injecting highly toxic, havoc-wreaking vaccines into people, followed by an inexcusable and callous disregard for the fallout, and a refusal to immediately stop that which is causing harm.

In response to this continued medical malpractice, which shows no signs of stopping, more and more people are asking, “What can we do to stop this vaccine insanity and medical tyranny?” Below is a list of ideas that can be implemented immediately.

  1. STOP giving business to doctors who vaccinate. When medical help is needed, let’s give our business to doctors and healers who are not harming and killing their patients with vaccines.
  2. If you have a vaccine-injured child, return with your child to the doctor’s office where the harm was inflicted (for those whose child was killed by vaccines, take a picture of your child, or of their tombstone). Write a 1-pager detailing your child’s story, make 10 copies, and pass them out to the parents in the waiting room. Introduce them to your vaccine-injured child, and let them know that they were injured right there at that office. Include in your 1-pager and conversations how the doctor responded to your child’s vaccine injury, including whether or not they acknowledged it, reported it, helped your child after, or changed their vaccination practices as a result. Include whether or not any type of informed consent took place, including whether or not the doctor reviewed each and every vaccine package insert with you prior to administering vaccines to your child, and whether or not your doctor offered alternatives to vaccinations, including the option of not vaccinating. If entering the office is too intimidating or traumatic for you, consider the option of talking with parents in the parking lot before they take their child in for their appointment, and/or going with another parent and their vaccine-injured child. *If you no longer live near the doctor’s office where your child’s vaccine assault happened, take your child and your story to any local pediatrician’s office where the abusive practice of vaccination is still taking place.

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Dachel Wake Up: Imams Promoting Vaccines During Ramadan

Dachel Morning Wake UoMay 26, 2017, Washington Post: Imams in U.S. take on the anti-vaccine movement during Ramadan

By Lena Sun

Minnesota health officials are working closely with faith leaders in an unprecedented effort to spread the message that parents should get their children vaccinated and keep them home if they show symptoms of the disease. It’s the first time that imams in the United States have taken such an active role in a public health crisis, health officials and Somali Americans said.

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10,000 New Cases of Autism in London a Year as Bureaucrats Plan to Dump Children

British autism invasionBy John Stone

The BBC reported on Saturday that autistic children are appearing so fast in five South-West London boroughs that facilities presently only exist to diagnose half of them. This follows on very similar reports at the end of last year from Scotland and Northern Ireland. The proposed solution by health managers  -  protested by the National Autistic Society – is to only give a diagnosis in the most serious cases, which begs the question how do you even know which are the most serious cases if you do not assess the children? At the same time it should be said the NAS only have themselves to blame because they have for the last two decades covered up for the government over the autism epidemic.

Since this is based on referrals rather than diagnosis it seems to be supply led – the children will not even qualify as autistic or get support services if they do not get a diagnosis, but now we are looking at each of these boroughs having to potentially cater for 300 new cases a year. There are 32 London boroughs so this is in the order of 10,000 new cases a year for the city. No mainstream source asks why this is happening or how it is sustainable. Anyone who mentions this unfortunate matter will no doubt slip down the google rankings into oblivion.

The present increase may follow additions to the maternal (influenza and DTaP) and infant vaccine schedules (Prevenar 13, Rotarix).

John Stone is UK Editor for Age of Autism.

Offit and His Critics - Part Four

Offit_blogNOTE: We're bringing you this series, re-crafted for 2017,  by Richard P. Milner of Public Affairs Media. Dr. Paul Offit has led the charge against any and all in our community, doctors, scientists, parents, educators, film makers, who question vaccine safety.  

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

By Richard P. Milner

MILNER:  Then why do all these parents say we got a vaccine, then my child got autism right after?

OFFIT:  They are perfectly reasonable. I mean, I think, you know, from a parent’s standpoint they—their child was fine, they got a vaccine and then they weren’t fine any more.  The question is:  Did the vaccine cause it?  I mean, just because one event follows another, it doesn’t mean that it’s causally associated with the other.

HUMPHRIES:  Infants are exposed to a multitude of events and substances, which can alter gene expression.  Aluminum and thimerasol/thiomersal are very potent gene expression disruptors.  So are other chemicals and many innocuous-appearing processed foods.  Below is “normal” gene expression…

The fact is that vaccines affect gene expression which can drastically alter the diagram above, but that’s not something that concerns Paul Offit, because genetics and epigenetics isn’t within his orbit of consideration.  Lahdenpera A I. 2008. “Kinetics of asthma- and allergy-associated immune response gene expression in peripheral blood mononuclear cells from vaccinated infants after in vitro re-stimulation with vaccine antigen.” Vaccine 26, 1725-1730. PMID: 18336961. 

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Why Not Autism Prevention?

Ounce of preventionNote: Ben Franklin would be shocked to find out that a diagnosis as life altering as autism is denied not only prevention, but cure too. Maybe it's all about the Benjamins?

By Cathy Jameson

We shared the cover of a book on the AofA FB page last week.  The book is being published by Skyhorse, a large publishing house headquartered in New York City.  The author is the parent of child with autism.  I haven’t had a chance to read much about the book yet, but when I saw the teaser I thought who better to share some insight than a parent knee-deep in raising a child with autism.  Dara isn’t the first parent to share their story in book form, but I believe hers could be well received.   

As usually happens when we share parent-driven resources, we got some hopeful comments.  We got some not so hopeful comments when that book announcement went up on the page also.  Just like when we don’t sugar coat the type of autism our children live, those who shared unkind remarks let us know exactly how they felt, too.  Sometimes we keep the not so kind comments visible for our readers to see.  Other times, they end up being hidden or deleted but only after a screenshot has been made.  

Cathy Prevent 1

I wish I found these sort of distasteful comments made on public pages shocking, but I don’t.  I expect them to show up every now and then and especially when words like heal, cure, and prevent are mentioned in a posts.   

Heal my child.

Cure autism.

Prevent the rate from rising.

Say that about childhood cancer, obesity, or juvenile diabetes and efforts are lauded. 

CAthy prevent 2

If it’s cancer, we’re encouraged to fight it.

If it’s juvenile diabetes, HPV, AIDS or issues like homelessness, violence, sex trafficking, and poverty, we’re asked to end it and to race, or walk, to prevent it.

If it’s Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, HIV, or Leukemia, organizations ask us to help fund research to find a cure.  When it’s those diseases or disorders in the limelight, gobs of research money gets raised, A-lister celebrities lend a hand, and the public rallies at festivals, concerts, and at major road races.  But when we say heal, cure, or prevent autism like we did last week on our FB page what do we get?

Insulted.  Targeted.  Bullied.  

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Petition Asking Amazon to Ban Skyhorse Publishing Autism Book an Affront to American Ideals

How to Prevent Autism-RGB for webNOTE: We are not linking the petition demanding that a new book from Skyhorse Publishing never see the light because we refuse to assist these selfish"neurodiversity" community members who think that only their autism (such as it may even be) or their opinion matters.  KIM

"I believe that censorship is an insult to true democracy. America needs debate rather than dogma, now more than ever. Whether it's about health or politics, what we need isn't answers to our burning questions. We need the full range of information so that we can weigh the facts, the building blocks of ideas, and then make our own decisions”.  Tony Lyons, Publisher, Skyhorse Publishing


By Dara Berger

Recently a group of people have started a petition on asking Amazon to pull my book and refuse to sell it.  I find this interesting considering nobody has read it yet, except my publisher and a few people that were offered to review it.  How to Prevent Autism will be released July 4th but is available for pre-order.

Why should anyone be able to decide what another person reads, watches or listens to?  Books have become one of the last areas of written material besides blogs that are not censored, which is why they need to be protected.  Books are an extension of freedom of speech.  You can be offended by what someone says or writes but they still have the right to say it.  You can choose not to read a book or purchase it.  Readers must be able to decide for themselves what information is important for them to learn about.  

Amazon banning my book would be the equivalent of modern day book burning.  What would come next after that?  I truly hope we never have to find out.

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Caption Contest: Lesions! Buttocks! Autism! MMR! What??

Lipkin Hornig Caption ThisHonestly, I think this contest would have made Dan Olmsted howl. Adriana Gamondes came up with the graphic and we need YOU to provide the thought bubble caption in our comments. The winner receives a case of Desitin and a pack of rubber gloves.  Lipkin and Hornig are "autism/vaccine" scientists. The lesions may be on the brain, not just the buttocks....  I'll put my entry in the comments too. KIM

From the NY Post:

A Columbia University scientist claims her boss — and former lover — repeatedly dropped his drawers and demanded she diagnose a lesion on his butt.

Associate Professor Mady Hornig says her boss at the university’s Mailman School of Public Health also demanded co-credit for her work; kicked her under the table at meetings to keep her from speaking; presented her work as his own, and kept her from getting tenure, Hornig claims in a Manhattan federal court lawsuit.

In 2014, Professor Walter Ian Lipkin, head of the Center for Infection & Immunity, called Hornig into his office and “demanded that she look at lesions on his buttocks,” Hornig alleges. He did so again a year later, Hornig charges.

Hornig is suing the school, claiming Lipkin has ruined her reputation.