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Let's end this miserable AAM (which I'm not going to spell out) with this comment by John Stone on Mary Holland at the UN. Why? Because it inspires me! "This is a great and historic moment. A miracle to see...
Teresa Conrick

Gut Problems In Autism May Originate In Genes.... SERIOUSLY?

Money wave
NOTE: Of interest to our readers, CHOP, home of vaccine apologist Dr. Paul Offit, just received millions for their autism research.... in genetics. Another nauseating wave of busy work while our children grow older and families drown.  Biz Journals: CHOP Joins Larger Ever Autism Genetics Study

By Teresa Conrick

It takes a strong stomach - no pun intended - to stomach some of the research on AUTISM.  I do appreciate research on the GUT but trying to link GENES again (!!) to AUTISM and then to hook that premise on to the many GASTROINTESTINAL issues in Autism (!!) is seemingly odd.  The rapid release of study after study showing that kids and young adults with an AUTISM diagnosis having abnormal bacteria, paints a strong picture of the MICROBIOME being a top contender in the cascade of issues involved in Autism. 

From the GENE research:

GI Problems In Autism May Originate In Genes, Study Suggests NEW YORK, NY (April 25, 2016)  study :

"Gastrointestinal issues have been recognized as a common occurrence in people with autism since the condition was first described in the 1940s, but there was no indication that they were directly related," says the study's lead author, Kara Gross Margolis, MD, associate professor of pediatrics at Columbia.......

That's interesting as we have highlighted that for YEARS here at Age of Autism :

Leo Kanner wrote these descriptions of those first-ever, diagnosed children but he did not see the obvious:

  • "Eating," the report said, "has always been a problem with him.”
  • large and ragged tonsils.
  • Following smallpox vaccination at 12 months, he had an attack of diarrhea and fever
  • Large tonsils and adenoids
  • He vomited a great deal during his first year,
  • She quit taking any kind of nourishment at 3 months. She was tube-fed five times daily up to 1       year of age.
  • He vomited all food from birth through the third month.
  • His tonsils were removed when he was 3 years old.
  • He vomited all food from birth through the third month.
  • He suffered from repeated colds and otitis media, which necessitated bilateral myringotomy
  • Because of a febrile illness at 13 months, her increasing difficulties were interpreted as possible postencephalitic behavior disorder.    
  • He had been kept in bed often because of colds, bronchitis, chickenpox, streptococcus infection, impetigo

Kanner missed the pattern of GI issues and INFECTION.  These two medical problems have continued to be prevalent in many if not most of the children being diagnosed today.

And then more from that Gene research above-

Recent research by Jeremy Veenstra-VanderWeele, MD, the Mortimer D. Sackler, MD Associate Professor of Psychiatry at Columbia, and Randy Blakely, PhD, professor of psychiatry at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, had linked some cases of autism to genetic mutations that inhibit serotonin activity. Serotonin is a chemical that transmits signals from one neuron to another in the brain. The brain, however, contains only 5 percent of the body's serotonin; most of the rest is at work in the GI system. Genetic mutations that affect serotonin's activity will thus have ramifications in the gut as well as in the brain.

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Teresa Conrick

BHARE Foundation: Small Size Yet BIG Plans

Microbiome7By Teresa Conrick

Here is an excerpt of a letter I just received from one of my favorite Autism Organizations. Since Megan's regression into AUTISM, my life has centered on research that connects the gut and brain -- THE MICROBIOME.  I plan on hitting the streets again with them because even though they are a small organization, BHARE has a long, successful history and BIG, HOPEFUL plans.  Please consider donating! :

Dear BHARE Foundation supporter,

In 16 years, our small, fully volunteer, and committed group, has donated over $615,000 to research. Because of your help, over 12 different studies have been published, many of which, have influenced the direction of current research. As I look back over 2015, and now into 2016, I feel encouraged more than ever. Mainstream researchers for a variety of disorders, NOT including autism, are spending more funds on gut research than ever before.  Autism is an immune/gut/brain disease, and as such, research into the gastrointestinal tract will almost certainly give us some answers by default.  Because of the bacterial infection Clostridium difficile and other gastrointestinal diseases, wonderful groundbreaking work is being done.  We are hopeful that people afflicted with autism will finally benefit from other "unrelated" work.

Studying the gut has been our most promising research.  Dr. Jim Adams at Arizona State University along with Dr. Rose Krajmalnik-Brown, and Daewook Kang, have published studies proving major differences in the total make up of types and groups of populations of bacteria in people with autism.  I hope you will assist us in helping to fund this work.  Our goal for the Spring/Summer is to raise $15,000.  With your help, I know we can reach it.

Further research areas we would like to explore include Helminths (parasitic worms), FMT (Fecal Microbial Transplants) and Medical Cannabis.

Our 17th annual Tag Days will be May 7th, June 18th and August 13th.

You can now donate online using PayPal.

Thank you,

Bram Hornstein

The BHARE Foundation

Cathy Jameson

The Autism Beatitudes

BeatitudesBy Cathy Jameson

In trying to hold tightly to my usual hopefully-ever-after spirit, this post was created with the warrior parent and their beautiful child in mind.  These parents and their children have shaped many of us into the people we are today.  May they continue to inspire us to do more, to do better, and to always believe.


What happened to my son didn’t have to happen.  But, it did.  And here I am ten years later still hoping he makes leaps and bounds progress but am settling for baby steps and try, try again moments.  While I myself try, try again to come to grips with reality, I make a point to pray, pray, pray.  As a life-long Catholic, some may think that praying should be easy for me.  But sometimes, it isn’t. 

For years, I’ve had a hard time saying the Beatitudes.  Read during the Easter season, which runs smack dab in the middle of autism “awareness” month (and continues through to Pentecost on May 15th), the Beatitudes can be found in the Gospels.  Eight of them, Jesus spoke of them as blessings, specifically eternal blessings.  That should bring me some sort of peace, or at least begin to humble me, but as I begin to say and pray them, my heart hardens.  Instead of concentrating on the contemplative prayer, my mind wanders.  I think about Ronan’s struggles.  I remember the physical pain that he’s in.  I recall his many hardships.  I recall my own, too.  When I try to refocus, my thoughts are invaded with sadness, worry, and frustration.  

Prayer should lift me up, not bring me down.  But bring me down is exactly what the Beatitudes did the last time I read them.  

CJ beatirudes
                                                         Drawn by Ronan’s little sister, Izzy.

The Beatitudes aren’t the best prayer for me to say, to reflect on, or to go to for comfort.  I’m not going to stop praying altogether, but I think that I’ll forgo reading them for now.  

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Dan Olmsted, Dan Olmsted

The Age of Polio: Explosion. Part 3.

Polio ShipBy Dan Olmsted

Our story so far: In April 1916, record shipments of raw sugar poured into New York City, including 14,051 tons delivered from Hawaii to San Francisco by the steamship Mexican, then carried overland by train for the first time ever. In May 1916, the first cases of what became the world’s worst polio epidemic occurred in Brooklyn, the world's sugar refining capital. Among them were the proprietor of an ice cream shop and two infants who lived in the same tenement building. As May unfolded, cases multiplied, but health experts didn’t notice till June. When they did, they mocked public concerns about a link between food and polio – especially ice cream, sweets, and fresh fruit -- but overlooked compelling clues. This series. which seeks to connect those dots, is told in real time, 100 years later. Part 1 is here. Part 2 is here.

Brooklyn, New York -- May was a waste. More than two-dozen cases of poliomyelitis in Brooklyn, including Lettie Caruso and Peter Pinchero, did nothing to raise the alarm with the city health department. There were retrospective but not terribly convincing explanations for the lag. It’s not that polio was unknown: Since the turn of the century, epidemics hit the city with deadly regularity, though usually later in the summer. The one in 1907 had been the first major outbreak in the U.S. It killed 125 in New York City alone. This one would kill twenty times as many --  2,343 in the city and 6,000 nationwide. 

It took until June 17 to alert the media and the public. The Brooklyn Daily Eagle story that day said there was “no need of undue alarm” but "the officials of the board of health are somewhat worried and are taking measures to stamp out the disease," mostly centered on travel restrictions, quarantine, removal of sick children, and sanitation efforts. The fear their children would be taken away may have worked against honest reporting in the Italian immigrant enclaves where the cases began; few to none of the health department workers spoke Italian, and they considered the immigrants "suspicious and ignorant."

In retrospect, Health Commissioner Dr. Haven Emerson wrote the next year: “To judge by the reports of physicians up to June 1, there was nothing to excite suspicion that we were already at the outset of an epidemic. Within the first eight days of June, 6 cases were reported from Brooklyn, from which borough no cases had been reported up to this time in 1916 and none in June from the other boroughs. The six cases were reported as follows”:

Polio 3 1

Even then, it took another 10 days to raise the battle flag. Emerson claimed he had moved as fast as possible – given obstacles that were conspicuously not of his creation. “Only a thoroughly alert public and a forewarned profession could have prevented the delay in official knowledge of the threatening epidemic,” he wrote in the department’s own exhaustive and self-serving 391-page history, ‪"A Monograph on the Epidemic of Poliomyelitis (Infantile Paralysis) in New York City in 1916: Based on the Official Reports of the Bureaus of the Department of Health,” published in 1917.

“That energetic measures were taken as soon as six verified cases of the disease were reported on June 6th and 8th, is a sufficient reply to any lingering suspicions that the Department of Health awaited the actual presence of a calamity before taking measures of protection.” That sounds like a guilty conscience that needed no accuser but might have encountered a few. It also raised the question: Just whose responsibility was it to alert the public and forewarn the doctors about an annual epidemic that visited New York with increasing virulence? (There is another possibility we’ll look at – that some of the cases weren’t recognized as polio because they weren’t polio, at least in the classic sense.)

But help, perhaps too much and too late, was on the way.

“On July 6,” Emerson writes, “the Secretary of the Treasury in person offered to the Mayor the assistance and cooperation of the United States Public Health Service. … The offer was gratefully accepted.” (I’ll bet it was.) That, said John R. Paul, whose 1971 “A History of Poliomyelitis” is considered the authoritative text, “posed a certain amount of competition for Dr. Emerson’s own working force.” (I’ll bet it did.)

Nonetheless, Paul wrote, Emerson displayed “earnest zeal” and  “gave to this cause the very best that was in him – according to his lights.” But he and the Public Health Service zeroed in on quarantines and travel restrictions and studies of horse stables and side issues like documenting secondary exposures, which Paul called “a thankless task indeed.” (Those are the files at the American Philosophical Society in Philadelphia on which my reporting on case studies is based, so I thank him for that!) A better focus would have been to collect information that “had to do with poliovirus – its distribution within the body and its distribution within nature.” The fact that polio infection was caused by a "filterable virus" had only been established in 1908, after the last big epidemic, so a focus on the virus would have been a significant contribution.

As for Emerson the man (below), “In appearance Haven Emerson’s tall, almost ascetic figure has epitomized the title which had been bestowed on him, namely, 'The last of the great Puritans.'" But earnest zeal and rectitude did not always win the day. “After the lapse of fifty or more years it is easy to say what should have been done,” Paul wrote. “In retrospect, the tragedy was that, in view of the galaxy of talent which had been assembled on advisory committees and working forces alike and the administrational and laboratory facilities that were at their disposal, a golden opportunity to advance knowledge of the clinical virology of poliomyelitis had been allowed to slip by.” As regards Emerson’s own claim that the department’s response proved “the efficacy of co-operation,” Paul writes ruefully, “It cannot be said that these words have stood the test of time, though they may have been appropriate in 1916-17.”

So it’s reasonable to take another look at an epidemic in which, by common consent, important things slipped by and the "experts" proved less than expert in tracking and learning from it.

P 3 2


Earlier notice might have stopped or at least foreshortened outrages like Mrs. Franklin (chronicled in Parts 1 and 2) working at her ice cream store on Gates Avenue for nearly three weeks after she started feeling pain in her arms, legs and spine on June 1. One has to think that being the friendly neighborhood ice cream lady for so many children so early in the epidemic, and  “attempting to bathe” one of the children who subsequently died, and working until she literally dropped, was not a good idea. An earlier alert might have kept her at home or in the hospital, or scared patrons away, well before June 19, when she collapsed on the ice cream parlor floor, paralyzed. By the same measure, health officials didn’t notice or follow up on any number of anomalies -- deviations from the norm that often contain the best clues to causation, especially when they occur early on. The entire 1916 outbreak, while characteristic in many respects, was shot through with such anomalies that begged for closer and quicker inspection.

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Anne Dachel

Dachel Media Update: San Francisco Chronicle In A Fog Over VaxXed

Online newsBy Anne Dachel

Here are two stories published by the San Francisco Chronicle, a month apart. In the April 28th story about "Vaxxed," the reporter actually acknowledged who William Thompson is. In the story from March 30, also about "Vaxxed," the reporter didn't even mention that there is the CDC whistleblower, although he did compare Andrew Wakefield to a Nazi filmmaker.

April 28, 2016, SFGate (San Francisco Chronicle): ‘Vaxxed’: Vaccination critics take their case to film –By Mick LaSalle

March 30, 2016, San Francisco Chronicle: Medical community is fighting a new germ: celebrities, By Jake Coyle

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Current Affairs

Professor Mary Holland on Vaccination Policies and Human Rights: United Nations 25th International Health and Environment Conference

UN Mary
On Tuesday, April 26, many of us in the vaccine safety/autism community attended a conference at The United Nations in New York City.  We were there to hear Professor Mary Holland, Dr. Martha Herbert and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. speak during the second half of this conference, which was devoted to children and toxicity.  Kevin Barry presented in lieu of Mr. Kennedy, who was called away due to family obligations.  Below is the video from the 3 hour event. Professor Holland's presentation begins at 1:12 - 1:27 and she appears again during the Q&A from 2:09 - 2:18.   Her written presentation is below the video.

Also, If you have the time, we invite you to watch the exchange with Dr. Bernard Goldstein during the Q&A.  He is the head of the U Pitt School of Public Health and was a panelist. He took umbrage with most of what Professor Holland had to say about vaccines and legal and medical rights.  He wiggled in his seat, rolled his eyes and made faces to express his dismay while she spoke.  It was a strange display to be sure.
Health and Environment: Global Partner for Global Solution – 30 Years of Chornobyl Legacy for the Nuclear Safety of the World Panel discussion on Health and Environment: Global Partner for Global Solution – 30 Years of Chornobyl Legacy for the Nuclear Safety of the World. Organised by the Permanent Mission of Ukraine, in collaboration with the World Information Transfer, Inc.

Below is the transcript of Mary's presentation.

25th International Health and Environment Conference

United Nations

Vaccination Policies and Human Rights

Mary Holland

Research Scholar, NYU School of Law

April 26, 2016

I want to start by asking a couple simple questions by a show of hands.  How many of you have ever, for any reason, been critical of the United Nations? Security Council, peacekeeper, budget issues come to mind. For any reason.  OK. 

And how many of you have ever been critical of the United States of America, for any reason?  Foreign policy, domestic policy, role at the UN. OK.  So you are all here, at the United Nations, in the United States, but the vast majority of you have been critical of these institutions at one time or another for one reason or another.

To me, this is like asking, are you alive? Are you awake? Are you a thinking person? Do you care about the world? Almost all of us we have been critical at some point for some reason of the UN or the US, because these are complex institutions with varying actions and inactions of all kinds on many issues.

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Voices on VaXxed: All the Heroes

VaxxedBy Dara Berger

I attended a private screening of Vaxxed last week at the Soho House in NYC that was presented by Safeminds.  It was an incredibly intimate setting which made seeing this film on such a personal subject that much more comfortable.  The main focus of the screening was to invite the press so that they could 1.  not condemn a movie they have not seen and 2.  get it right on reporting what the movie is actually about.  The two medical producers that came from NBC left after about 20 minutes which was of course both rude and unprofessional.  Why even bother?

I already knew all the facts in the film and even heard some of the recordings from William Thompson AKA the whistleblower.  What I did not expect was to have my respect for Andrew Wakefield deepen even more.  He is giving a voice to the voiceless just as Robert De Niro did on the today show both last and this week. Andrew Wakefield could have walked away from this and nobody would have blamed him.  Everyone knows what happens to a doctor that sticks their neck out and questions vaccines.  They are threatened, ridiculed and even killed.  Yes even the ones that just study it are murdered.  But he didn’t.  He painfully compiled all the information and succinctly put it together in this film with the help of some wonderful people.  It is because of him that the voiceless have been given a louder voice in recent weeks.  

Robert De Niro gave us parents a voice too!  He said what we are all dying to say to the masses.  Shame on the Media.  You are all just as complicit as the CDC that hid the data and produced a fraudulent study.  You are all just as complicit as the Pharmaceutical companies that have known for decades that their products can induce illness, injure and kill children.  You are all just as complicit as a president and congress that ignores hundreds of thousands of parents that say their child was injured alongside the explosion in the numbers of autism.  Congress has had the whistleblower papers for a long time and done absolutely nothing.  

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The Pro-Vax Injury Misogyny Campaign Meets Robert De Niro

DENiro therapistFrom the UK's DailyMail - rather a shocker!  But a delight to read.  It's a lot more difficult to disparage and embarrass and discount Robert DeNiro than a beautiful blonde female.  He throws a real monkeywrench into the misogynistic media plan.  KS

Why De Niro is backing the MMR doctor hounded out of Britain: Actor believes triple jab risks are being covered up by pharmaceutical giants after his son 'developed autism overnight' when he had vaccination 

  • Robert De Niro's 18-year-old son Elliot suffers from autism disorder
  • His Tribeca Film Festival in New York provoked controversy by featuring a new 'anti-vaccination' documentary called Vaxxed
  • Film star revealed that he and his wife believe their son developed autism overnight after receiving an unidentified vaccination jab 
  • British doctor Andrew Wakefield claimed he had found evidence the MMR triple vaccine caused irritable bowel syndrome and autism in children 

Robert De Niro is widely reckoned to be the world's trickiest celebrity to interview. He will sit looking morose and mumble monosyllabic answers. Any question about his private life will be met with the sort of thinly veiled menace he provides so perfectly in his film roles.

But there is one subject, as painfully private and sensitive as one can imagine, on which he has been more than happy to talk in recent days — about how his 18-year-old son, Elliot, suffers from autism.

Although the 72-year-old has previously hinted about raising a son with special needs with his wife, Grace Hightower, it wasn't until recently that he opened up, after his Tribeca Film Festival in New York provoked controversy by featuring a new 'anti-vaccination' documentary called Vaxxed.

In two interviews with NBC's Today show, De Niro, the festival's co-founder, explained why he had first asked for the film to be included but then said it would not be shown following protests...

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3554747/Why-Niro-backing-MMR-doctor-hounded-Britain-Actor-believes-triple-jab-risks-covered-pharmaceutical-giants-son-developed-autism-overnight-vaccination.html#ixzz46rnDsAzG
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CDC Whistleblower

Vaccine Injury: How More Than 5000 Children Were Hurt...Again

Vax NEwsThank you to our friends at Vaccination News for allowing us to excerpt this post from Dr. Yazbak.

F. Edward Yazbak M.D.

  • The selection of only THREE out of over 5,000 vaccine injury compensation cases to prove or rule out causality seems irrational. Yet this is exactly what happened in the Farce called the US Omnibus Autism Proceeding (OAP).
  • The case of Michelle Cedillo was filed in 1998 and scheduled to be “the first of three test cases” to be heard in the Vaccine Court in early June 2007.
  • The outcome of the case was unquestionably crucial to the OAP and the whole Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP).
  • Attorneys for the Petitioner were prepared to present evidence that Thimerosal, a mercury compound in the pediatric vaccines administered to Michelle during the first year of life and the MMR vaccination that she received shortly after that, had contributed to her autistic regression and her many other health issues.
  • The assigned Department of Justice (DOJ) attorneys had lined up several experts to counter the petitioner’s Thimerosal allegations but … three months before the case was to be heard, they had not found anyone able to question the reliability of the special test that implicated the MMR vaccination that Michelle received.
  • For Michelle who never had measles, the result of her Real Time (RT) PCR Test appeared to be prima facie evidence that her MMR vaccination was etiologically related to her gastro-intestinal findings and her documented autistic regression.
  • To prevail, the DOJ Attorneys had to find fault with the test and the laboratory where it was performed, in order to avoid a flood of MMR vaccine related autism cases. 
  • I will present evidence that a free-lance British reporter inserted himself into the case and later boasted that he had recommended a British scientist who had inspected the Laboratory of Dr. John O’Leary where Michelle’s test had been performed and who had testified about his inspection in a British Court.
  • A “real” US Court hearing the Cedillo case would have rejected that expert who surfaced too late, had been paid obscene fees by manufacturers of the MMR vaccine, and had no supporting documents of his inspection because they were all sealed in London.
  • Furthermore, that expert was repeatedly seen talking with the reporter while the hearings were going on. He also discussed the case and his testimony in an interview as soon as he returned to London.   
  • Even though the issues that this British Expert brought up were not relevant to the case, his testimony seemed enough to influence the Special Masters who decided that Michelle’s GI findings were not MMR related, when indeed they were.
  • In their decision, the Special Masters mentioned that they were aware of a CDC-sponsored, AAP-funded US study that demonstrated that the results of RT CPR testing performed at a Harvard University Laboratory, a CDC Laboratory and Dr. O’Leary’s Laboratory “were consistent across the three laboratory sites”, namely that each of the three laboratories accurately identified every positive or negative result.


April has been for sometime our National Autism Awareness Month.

This year, the CDC decided to set the week of April 16-23, 2016 as the National Infant Immunization Week to coincide with the “World Immunization Week”.

Read the full post at Vaccination News.

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John Rappoport: Dear Doctor, How to Avoid Blame for Causing Autism

Doctor Hand UpExcerpted from Jon Rappoport's blog. Thanks to MH for sharing it with us.

By Jon Rappoport

April 26, 2016

(To read about Jon’s mega-collection, Exit From The Matrix, click here.)

As the truth about horrendous vaccine-damage to babies emerges and spreads, doctors need advice on how to avoid blame. So this article is offered as a public service to the medical profession.

Dear Doctor, your best defense is: “I’m practicing proper medicine.” Always remember that. Don’t wobble. Don’t explain. Just keep saying it. It works. After all, you have decades of propaganda behind you. Make those lies operate for you. Stand on them. It’s your best strategy.

In your heart of hearts, you know you’re damaging the brains and nervous systems of many babies. But don’t give in. Just keep vaccinating them. Just keep the basic mantra going: “I’m practicing proper medicine.” Under no circumstances should you let conscience be your guide. That would put you in a world of trouble.

It’s useful, when necessary, when a baby is, say, on life support in intensive care after you vaccinated him/her, to accuse the parents. You assert the child is a victim of Shaken Baby Syndrome—and the unconscionable parents did the shaking. This puts them on the defensive, and potentially takes the case into the sinister arena of Child Protective Services, the agency that can remove a child from the home and place it in foster care as a ward of the State. The parents, who are already terrified because of what you did (vaccination), will be thrown into an even deeper vortex of fear. They will be less likely to speak out and blame you. Use your power.

Keep in mind that the parents can’t sue you or the vaccine manufacturer. Know you’re safe. The law mandates the only option: they go to the federal vaccine court, where they plead for compensation. That labyrinthine process could take years, during which time the parents will probably forget all about you. Feel safe and secure, because you are. Don’t get rattled. Move on.

If the word—you know the word—“autism” comes up, don’t give in to worry or fear. The Centers for Disease Control, essentially a PR front for the vaccine industry, has you well covered. They’ve slanted and cooked years and years of studies to show one and all that vaccines can’t cause autism. It’s a slam-dunk. You’re protected. Don’t argue. Don’t debate. Let the CDC back you up.

Do you see where I’m going, dear Doctor? You’re in a sweet spot. You’re not in trouble, so don’t make trouble. Bite your tongue if you have to, but don’t debate. Just keep vaccinating. Yes, you’re destroying many lives, but no one can prove it, because the CDC and other agencies control the meaning of “science.” If they say the Earth revolves around Mars, that’s science.... Read more at Jon's blog HERE.

Anne Dachel

Dachel Media Update: Gene Mapping

Online news"By identifying genetic targets, we may one day be able to help people on the autism spectrum do a lot better."

-Dr. Stephen Scherer, director, Centre for Applied Genomics, Toronto's Hospital for Sick Children

April 26, 2016, CNBC: Gene mapping is now unlocking the mysteries of autism

By Annetta Miller

Scientists are one step closer in harnessing the power of whole-genome sequencing to solve the mysteries of autism spectrum disorder (ASD), a condition that is affecting more than 3 million individuals in the United States and costing our economy an estimated $268 billion annually. In April the advocacy organization Autism Speaks announced that its project to create the world's largest genomic database on autism is more than halfway complete.

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Duty to Warn Bad Science or Willful Ignorance at the CDC

Lighthouse failureDuty to Warn Bad Science? or Willful Ignorance at the CDC:
And Why it has Lost its Trustworthiness When it Comes to Vaccine Policy

 By Gary G. Kohls, MD

Despite the fact that I am a physician, I have long been suspicious of the influence of giant multinational medical corporate cartels that are best referred to as Big Pharma, Big Vaccine, Big Medicine, Big Insurance, Big Food, Big Agrichemical, etc. Most clear-headed observers of these industries (that meet the psychiatrist’s DSM definition of sociopathic entities) are justifiably concerned about the inordinate influence that they have over the mainstream media and most of our political parties, legislators and presidents.

These mega-corporations and their cunning multibillionaire owners (the 0.01%) are the paymasters of every politician and political party that thinks that they has to have millions of dollars in their campaign coffers in order to keep their political offices safe. Those paymasters, as is the case with all their other “investments”, expect a handsome long-term return on those investments. Those entities with excess luxury wealth are very serious when it comes to their money. That is why they can be so ruthless when it comes to getting what they want from their stable of politicians, lawyers and the publishers and editors of their newspapers and their television and radio stations.

My consciousness concerning the innate corruption in the vaccine industry was sharply raised when my father (in the totally bogus 1976 Swine Flu that NEVER materialized!) had the peripheral nerves to his hands poisoned by the neurotoxic mercury-containing Swine Flu vaccine. The small muscles that had been previously innervated by both of his radial nerves became permanently paralyzed. Within days the poisonous heavy metal in that vaccine caused a classical Guillain-Barre syndrome that he never recovered from. He never did regain his mastery of what was his lifelong love - fishing

In a now frequently repeated scenario (the latest ones being the Ebola virus “pandemic” and now the equally  bogus Zika virus/microcephaly epidemic), the vaccine industry’s lobbyists are successfully capitalizing on what is very likely an iatrogenic illness (physician or medicine-caused disease).  And the public health agencies (all indoctrinated into believing the med school myths that all vaccines are safe and effective) are  scaring the wits out of us with plausible, but unproven theories about another vaccine-preventable epidemic.

Then, with the constant stream of propaganda from the once respected Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (the CDC) shaping the beliefs of an easily freaked-out populace, president and legislature, the vaccine industry presents a blueprint for fast-tracking through the regulatory process a new, potentially dangerous, and likely untested vaccine that will be easily marketed to blindly pro-vaccine clinics and blindly pro-vaccine physicians to be given to every scared-out-of-their-wits patient in hearing range whose insurance will cover the unaffordable costs.

This is American capitalism, folks, and what is happening before our eyes is the old, tried and true strategy to siphon off a few billion dollars from us taxpayers and at the same time jack up the stock price of the corporation.

In retrospect, by the way, my father’s pro-vaccine 1970s internist was not unlike the current crop of doctors. He had been indoctrinated in med school with the notion that all vaccines are safe and effective, despite the fact that vaccines have never had to go through the rigorous science that most drugs have to do to get approval. He was totally in the dark about what had caused the Guillain-Barre syndrome (he said it was the virus).

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Current Affairs

EcoWatch: Robert Kennedy, Jr: "Is the Autism Epidemic Real?"

RFK headshotApril 6, 2016, EcoWatch: Robert Kennedy, Jr: "Is the Autism Epidemic Real?"

A threadworm tactic employed for a decade by Big Pharma and the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and their allies to combat the scientific evidence that the autism explosion is a manmade epidemic of recent origins has been to hint that there is no autism epidemic at all. Public health agencies maintain a disciplined refusal to call the disease’s sudden explosion an “epidemic” or “crisis” and actively discourage scientific investigations of environmental triggers.

“You will never ever hear CDC characterizing the autism explosion as a crisis or an epidemic,” Dr. Brian Hooker, Simpson University epidemiologist, said. “So long as there is no epidemic, no one needs to look for the environmental trigger.”

All this accounts for the giddy excitement among Big Pharma funded media outlets at the debut of Steve Silberman’s book, NeuroTribes: The Legacy of Autism and the Future of Neurodiversity. Parroting Pharma’s old propaganda canard, Silberman suggests that autism is a wholly genetic psychological ailment that has always been with us in prevalences similar to those found today. Silberman argues that we never noticed autism until recently, because affected persons with the illness were formerly stashed in mental institutions or misdiagnosed.

Read the whole post:


World Information Transfer's 25th International Conf on Health and Environment Today at UN

WITWorld Information Transfer's 25th International Conference on Health and Environment: Global Partners for Global Solutions on the theme of "Chernobyl: 30th Anniversary". The Conference will be held at the United Nations Headquarters in Conference Room 1 on April 26, 2016 from 10a.m. to 1p.m. and from 3p.m. to 6p.m.

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Dr. Martha Herbert and Mary Holland, JD are presenting at the afternoon session on Global Toxicity.

Many of us will be attending, and we'll update you.

Afternoon Session: 3pm – 6pm


INTRODUCTION/Opening Remarks:

Dr. Christine K. Durbak,
Conference Chair and Founder, World Information Transfer, Inc.

H.E. Amb. Volodymyr Yelchenko,
Permanent Rep. of Ukraine to the United Nations

Mr. Juwang Zhu,
Director of the Division for Sustainable Development, UNDESA (INVITED)

Dr. Martha Herbert, 
Pediatric Neurologist, Harvard University
Topic: “How environ. toxins can alter brain development and degrade ongoing brain function”

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Show Up at School: You Might be Shocked at What Happens To Special Ed Students

Alone At School
NOTE: Every picture tells a story.  When I saw this photo, I asked Mom if she would share her story. Your story. My story.  The Cliff notes version? SHOW UP. BE PRESENT. NEVER LET THEM THINK YOU ARE ASLEEP AT THE WHEEL.     

This picture tells a story. This is my youngest child. She is a 15 year-old who attends public school in a self contained classroom. She has autism. She is also moderately mentally challenged. Language-wise, she displays very little verbal communication. Most of what she says is simply scripting her favorite familiar phrases. She can at times be a humongous challenge. But she is also beautiful, sweet, and fun. She is mine. I love her. And I would do anything for her.

On this particular day, I let her teachers know I would be picking her up early from school. But as it ends up, I was 30 minutes earlier than planned.  I got to her classroom and the door was locked. I do not consider that a bad thing.  So I walked down the hall and around the corner to go to the other door guaranteed to be open. This is what I saw: My daughter sitting in the middle of the hallway Indian-style, with her fingers plugged in her ears trying to cope with life in that painful world of sensory integration dysfunction. And absolutely nobody is with her.

 I was startled. I called her name 3 times while racing toward her, and she didn’t react. She was completely in shut-down (meaning she was lost in that autism world of hers.) Once I got directly in front of her, she came back down to earth. She looked at me, popped up, went into the classroom and picked up her backpack. Then she nearly ran out of the building to our car.

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Current Affairs

Improving Day-to-Day Organization for People with Autism Through the Power of Visuals

DropTask - A Visual Productivity  Organization App
Thanks to the folks at DropTask for sharing this info and special reader offer (see below):

Visuals, whether it’s icons, logos, symbols, colors or shapes, play a very significant role in the world around us.  They help draw our attention to certain objects, areas or even bits of text, and above all else, visuals have the ability to convey information with great speed – especially in comparison to text which challenges our brain to ‘decode’ before we can understand. Did you know that it’s said to take 1/4 of a second for our brain to process visual cues? It’s undeniable, therefore, that visuals go much further than just their aesthetic appeal.

For those with Autism Spectrum Disorder, visual supports can be of help with seeing and understanding as they provide an opportunity to communicate with less difficulty. Encouraging communication and development can have a great effect on self-esteem as well as independence, and there are a number of great tools and learning aids available for people of all ages and abilities. One visual tool that aids with organization and day to day productivity, is DropTask.

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CDC Whistleblower, Current Affairs

Dr. Brian Hooker Speaks Out on Developments Concerning CDC Whistleblower Dr. William Thompson

Pieces of silverNOTE:  From Jefferey Jaxen's blog:

The unexpected piece of information was conveyed by Dr. Brian Hooker during the Manhattan panel regarding recent developments concerning Dr. William Thompson — also known as the CDC whistleblower and focused on in the movie Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe. Dr. Hooker stated:

One of the things I asked Dr. Thompson to do in September 2014 was to leave the CDC and bring this all to light so he could come forward, go public, talk to congress, talk to the press directly — he choose not to. Dr. Thompson has been handled and will most likely submit a revised version of his analysis and try to absolve the MMR vaccine in early May 2016. This is typical of what we’ve seen at the CDC. The CDC analyzes data and when they see an effect they don’t like, they reanalyze data and the effect goes away. The CDC has done this historically from Agent Orange to Thimerosal and now to MMR vaccine. I did not want this to come but certainly anticipated that while he was in the CDC it would come. In exchange for what Dr. Thompson is doing — and believe this [info] is a little bit shaky — I believe he will get his own autism research foundation. And so there has been some very, very dubious activities that went on because he stayed in the CDC. He also got a major cash reward from the CDC for maintaining his employment he said, until he qualifies for retirement. But there are a lot of things that happened since the last conversation I had with Dr. Thompson which was in September 2014. And I do want to warn you and I do want to anticipate this. But again, it’s the same thing we’ve heard and we’ve seen from an agency that’s been completely captured but the pharmaceutical industry. And it’s [CDC] there not to tell the truth but in order to manipulate the public. In order to do what they think the best thing to do is for society.

John Stone

Book Review: (Poul Thorsen) The Master Manipulator by James Grundvig from Skyhorse Publishing

Master ManipulatorPlease share this post on social media, on your blogs, in email to friends and family. Purchase this book this week to help the launch sales numbers, which leads to more shelves stocked!   Buy here.
By John Stone

A welcome for James Grundvig’s book about the Thorsen affair, The Master Manipulator , notwithstanding a certain irony in the title: Poul Thorsen, it must be said, was no Moriarty. In the end this is a tawdry saga of a man who went a little too far in defrauding an institution, the US Centers for Disease Control, which habitually rewarded dishonesty and mediocrity in the public service. We have been here before, for example with David Lewis’s exposé of the Environmental  Protection Agency in Science for Sale . This was certainly a place where Poul Thorsen fitted.

Many elements in this story are already familiar though Grundvig sheds a little light on the murky  corridors of power and influence. We learn how on secondment to the CDC Thorsen  steps into the breach to provide a data source of Denmark’s national disease registry, to which he had free access. The early part of this enterprise, as we know, was the autism vaccine cover-up: the CDC needed data and Thorsen had a fortuitous supply. It was against this background that Thorsen’s very grand sounding  research group North Atlantic Neuro-Epidemiology Alliance (NANEA) had been formed in 1999 (was he the Secretary General?): the basic idea seems to have been that the CDC paid the research group a lot of money while Thorsen had a free data source and could underpay and cheat his Danish employees.

It is not very clear how much of a role Thorsen actually played in the research: Kreesten Madsen, lead author of the two key autism studies used by the CDC and the Institute of Medicine in supposedly refuting a vaccine connection, denied to Grundvig that Thorsen had played any at all. This in itself – given the presence over Thorsen on the list of authors – suggests fraud. But in all probability the strategy for massaging the figures in the notorious MMR paper (which echoes that used at the CDC for the thimerosal paper by Vestraeten) came from the CDC’s veteran of the Agent Orange cover up, Coleen Boyle. Boyle wrote in a memo about  thimerosal and autism in April 2000:

“... "2. Since most of the dx's [diagnoses] are generally not picked up until the 2nd or 3rd year of life had you considered eligibility criteria of at least 18 months or 2 years?? What happens if you do this?" ....”

In other words: “Why don’t we dilute the autism data  for the vaccinated group using the cases that will not have been diagnosed yet to mask the effect that we all know about?”.

There is inevitably a lot of speculation about the role in all of this of Thorsen’s girlfriend and co-author, Diane Schendel. Schendel, an epidemiologist employed within the CDC, followed Thorsen out to Denmark. It seems plausible that she was actually sent out to keep an eye on him, which may have worked in the early years (which of course were the most critical for the autism/vaccine issue and the CDC). And as we learn from Grundvig it was only the retirement of Thorsen’s business partner in NANEA, Ib Terp, in 2005 that Thorsen started syphoning off huge sums of money for his own personal use. By that time the Institute of Medicine report was in and the autism/vaccine connection was supposed to be history. Schendel remained on in Denmark at Aarhus University - still closely (and perhaps anomalously) associated with the CDC but increasingly less associated with Thorsen.

Thorsen’s basic problem is that he does not seem to have been good at anything much: by all accounts he was a poor scientist, researcher and teacher, and he was not good with money – nor in the end was he a good fraudster. But unextradited by the US government, five years after his indictment, he remains (scandalously) a protected man.

James Grundvig’s book gives us many insights into thoroughly rotten culture which gave rise to this chilling, outrageous story.

John Stone is UK Editor for Age of Autism.

John Stone

Best of: Sir Crispin Davis and James Murdoch Leave GSK Board

GskWe are running this "Best of" in light of the VaXed, The Movie controversy having been pulled from the Tribeca Film Festival and subsequently thrust into the limelight.  From January, 2012.

By John Stone

The Wall Street Journal reports that James Murdoch, son of beleaguered media mogul Rupert Murdoch, whose empire is embroiled in scandal, has stepped down  from the GlaxoSmithKline board. See WSJ online HERE.  In addition, Sir Crispin Davis, former Chief Executive of Reed Elsevier, which owns The Lancet, which published the paper that included Dr. Andrew Wakefield's MMR information,  is leaving the board after a nine year tenure.

The heir to Rupert Murdoch’s media empire has quit the board of Britain’s biggest drugs company in the wake of the phone hacking scandal.

James Murdoch joined  GlaxoSmithKline less than two years ago.

He has come under fire from MPs who have questioned him about signing off out-of-court settlements to hacking victims without a full picture of what had gone on at the News of the World.

He was forced to deny misleading Parliament over the extent of his knowledge.

Glaxo said Mr Murdoch’s decision to turn his back on the £98,000 role was entirely his own.

Chairman Chris Gent said: ‘James has taken this decision to focus on his current duties as non-executive chairman of BSkyB and following his decision to re-locate to the United States as chairman and chief executive, international, of News Corporation.’

John Stone has written about both Murdoch and Davis and their proximity to the Dr. Andrew Wakefield MMR Lancet Paper BMJ topic.

James Murdoch Still Supported by GlaxoSmithKline
ran last July:

Lancet Boss Failed to Disclose Own Conflicts to Parliament While Denouncing Wakefield

Both posts run in full following the jump:

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Cathy Jameson

Cat Jameson Guest Blogs on Holistically Whole

RJ 4 24
Photo credit: Fiona Jameson

NOTE:  Thank you to Joanna for allowing us to excerpt Cathy Jameson’s guest blog.  Featured on Holistically Whole, a website that covers topics such as autism, nutrition, and healthy living, you’ll recognize much of what Cathy shares in the story.  Even though many of our readers already know it well, we thought we that we, too, would share the story one more time.

One More Time:  The Story That Needs to Be Told

When I prepared to write this guest blog, similar emotions came over me that I had described in a piece I’d written a few years ago:

I remember how overwhelming it was to be that mom. The mom who didn’t know. Who was afraid. The mom who had questions but hadn’t a clue where to look for answers. I also remembered something else: the emotions that come with the eventual discovery of Ronan’s vaccine injury. Sadness. Worry. Fear. Anger. Betrayal. Those emotions subsided but can surface on the bad days. They creep in during bad weeks, too. Those emotions came back last week and were strongest when I tried to tell Ronan’s story again.” – from Combatting Autism, 22 September 2013.

Ronan’s story.  I know it well. It isn’t always easy to tell it, but it’s time to tell it again…

Ronan was born right before Christmas in 2002. Welcomed by Fiona, an excited big sister, he had great APGAR scores at birth (8 and 9).  A cheerful baby, Ronan met his milestones and was interactive with family.  When our friends came to visit, he lit up the room when they greeted him. Everyone noted how happy Ronan was.  They also noticed how his chocolate brown eyes were full of life. I loved that just his presence alone made other people happy.

With two children under the age of two at home, I knew that I wouldn’t be returning to work anytime soon.  I’d left the teaching field right before my oldest was born.  I was happy with that decision and looked forward to play dates, visits to the neighborhood park, and making memories with my family.

We have plenty of memories, but some of them are not what you’d consider normal.


To read the rest of One More Time, please follow the link to Holistically Whole.

Dan Olmsted, Dan Olmsted

The Age of Polio: Explosion. Part 2.

Polio ShipBy Dan Olmsted

Our story so far: In the spring of 1916, the first cases of what became the world’s worst polio epidemic were reported in Brooklyn. Shortly before, a record-breaking shipment of raw sugar from Hawaii arrived in New York Harbor. This series offers a scenario that connects those dots, told in real time 100 years later. Part 1 is here.


Brooklyn, New York, April 23, 1916 -- By late April, 14,051 tons of sugar from the Big Island were pouring into Long Island refineries – a transit of nearly 5,000 miles that took most of a month. While some of the sugar came by American-Hawaiian steamship to the world’s largest commercial dock in Brooklyn’s Bay Ridge Channel, most arrived via the new overland rail route from San Francisco.

The trains probably passed through the huge Oak Island Terminal in Newark before rolling across the Upper Bay Bridge spanning Newark Bay to Bayonne. There, the freight cars were uncoupled and ferried to Brooklyn in barges. In the map below, the transit point was from approximately the bottom left to bottom right across Upper New York Bay, from New Jersey to piers around 50th Street in Brooklyn. Manhattan occupies the upper middle of the map, and the whole point was to avoid it and get the sugar straight to the refineries, which were connected to the docks by short haul rail tracks.

P2 1

Most of the Hawaii sugar crop had been purchased by Howell & Son sugar brokers, and it no doubt ended up at Howell's affiliated refineries: in Brooklyn; just above the Queens-Brooklyn line in Long Island City, and on the Hudson River in Yonkers. (Philadelphia refiners had purchased the remainder, which went straight to Philly by train from San Francisco.)

At the refineries, the raw sugar underwent a complex process to produce the pure white crystals consumers expected. Byproducts like molasses were literally spun off, impurities were swept into the sewers by millions of gallons of water. The pure sugar crystals lined up under magnification in orderly single file, like the freight cars that brought them. All this was big business in Brooklyn.

“Brooklyn’s sugar plants largest in the country,” the Brooklyn Daily Eagle reported in 1924. “Brooklyn is still the sugar refinery to the world, having handled in the last year approximately 1,900,000 tons of raw cane sugar, or 4,256,000,000 pounds. … Ninety percent of the sugar handled at the port of New York is refined and distributed from this borough. The great industrial cities of Philadelphia, Baltimore and Boston trail in the rear of Brooklyn when it comes to refining.”


May 1916 -- Half a dozen miles inland, at 1295 Gates Avenue, Brooklyn, doctors and family members puzzled and prayed over 13-month-old Lettie Caruso, who moved there with her family on May 1 and  took ill May 9 with what was considered a cold, then pulmonary bronchitis, or possibly meningitis. On May 23, she died.

She was an only child.  

The cause of death was listed as “fatal pneumonia.” Infantile paralysis -- polio -- was not suspected or at least not mentioned at the time. “There has been no Infantile Paralysis in this house, nor in the adjoining properties," the health department reported in September in a note about Lettie as if to explain why it hadn't seemed possible; now she was listed at the top of that note as "a possible source of infection." In fact, if she had polio, she would be an index case -- along with a male infant in another part of town, she was the first to get sick, on May 9. There were no children with onset listed before that date.

Soon there was more sickness and death in the building. At some point in May, “there was a woman living on the top floor of the house over her store whose baby was taken ill and died suddenly. … The doctor was an Italian and never told the mother the cause of the baby’s death.” Based on another report in the file, this second infant was probably a male named Peter: “After an illness of 4 days, Peter Pinchero of 1295 Gates Ave. died on May 24th. Eight days before he was taken ill, his cousin, living at the same address, had also died following a similar illness of about two weeks.” (This is probably an imprecise reference to Lettie.)

Contact tracing, as it's called, was not an easy task, as the jumble of interviews and observations in Lettie's file attest a century later. Between the language barrier in this Italian neighborhood; the poverty, and especially the fear that health officials might take children away, the truth comes out in dribs and drabs and even then remains incomplete. Nor did the health workers exhibit much empathy, calling their clients "suspicious and ignorant." “These people neither understand not speak Eng. So I could get very little accurate information,” a nurse wrote August 24 as she tried to complete a questionnaire on “possible source of infection” at the tenement. (Apparently there were no Italian speakers in the employ of the City of New York to call on in the midst of the worst polio epidemic ever.) So bear with me; the confusion itself is part of the picture.

P2 2



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Kim Stagliano

Kim Stagliano Talks VaXxed, Autism and More on Sirius/XM's Dirty, Sexy Funny

DSFHeaderLast Tuesday I had a blast co-hosting Dirty, Sexy, Funny, Jenny McCarthy's radio show on Sirius STARS channel 109.  

Here are the  intro (16:58) and closing (2:00)  segment which includes a conversation we had about VaXxed, autism, vaccines and the reality of having a child(ren) on the spectrum.  

Thanks so much to Jenny for the invitation and opportunity to put on high heels!   Please share with friends and family.  The information is easy to digest and helps the "layperson" understand why VaXxed is so important.  My goal was to tell an audience waiting to hear about a Kardashian tell all book about the vaccine MMR Dr. William Thompson VaXxed Dr. Wakefield censorship topic in as few words as possible.   Capisci? The segment is 15 minutes and includes Jenny's fabulously funny show intro, banter and more.  

Remember the name of the show is Dirty, Sexy, Funny, so don't go getting your panties in a bunch in the comments - OK???  

 Here you go:

And the quick closing:

Anne Dachel

More on VaXed Clampdown

Vaxxed ErrorApril 19, 2016, Doctor Reveals Secrets Behind Vaccine-Autism Cover-up

Dr. Andrew Wakefield, director of the new bombshell documentary “Vaxxed: From Cover-up to Catastrophe,” joins the show to break down why the film was pulled from the Tribeca Film Festival.

Andy: “They are saying, and this is the pharmaceutical industry as well as the government,…telling us what we can say, what we can see, what we can think, and ultimately what we will inject into our children’s bodies and our own. There is something gone horribly wrong with democracy in this country….”

"This film is about MMR and autism, that does not mean that other vaccines are safe or other vaccine components are not linked to autism. This is based on the information provided to us by the whistleblower. ..."

John Stone

Incognito at Agincourt: Shakespeare Accuses the King - On the Occasion of the 400th Anniversary of Shakespeare’s Death

King_Henry_V_at_the_Battle_of_Agincourt,_1415By John Stone Shakespeare

‘…the king himself hath a heavy reckoning to make, when all those legs and arms and heads, chopped off in battle, shall join together at the latter day and cry all 'We died at such a place’.

This article is intended as a piece of literary criticism, however it also poses questions about the legitimacy of the political order which resonate today. It is an interesting question how - in what is now called the early modern period - an ordinary subject could challenge a monarch (and by implication the order for which the monarch stood).  But supposing two men were in disguise, they might briefly exchange ideas on a level playing field. The confrontation between Henry V before Agincourt and the common soldier, Williams, in the play Henry V has occasionally been recognised as a crux, notably by leading Shakespeare scholar Frank Kermode in his brief discussion of the play in his late book The Age of Shakespeare (2004 p.81):

Here is one of the moments when Shakespeare can make us feel out of our depth: the part of surly the Williams is so strongly written, his arguments so persuasive compared with Henry’s, that we are left querying our assent to the royal cause, however warmly solicited.

It was unusual feature of Shakespeare’s career as a playwright of the Elizabethan and Jacobean age that he was also an actor within the company he was writing for. Scholars generally believed he took smaller roles, and it is against this background that the following suggestion is made.

The night before the battle of Agincourt, in the play, King Henry borrows the cloak of company commander Sir Thomas Erpingham indicating that he seeks anonymity and solitude, but perhaps with the real intention (as it follows in the action) of eavesdropping unrecognised on his men. He first runs into his former low-life acquaintance Pistol who fails to recognise the king even when Henry all but identifies himself as “Harry Le Roy”, and is presumably gratified that Pistol speaks well of him:

I love the lovely bully.*

They also exchange banter about the garrulous and absurd Welsh captain, Fluellen. Fluellen has been first encountered in the play at the siege of Harfleur driving the soldiers “into the breach” and trying to engage the infuriated and irascible  Irish captain MacMorris - who is busy digging tunnels to lay explosive – in a conversation on “the disciplines of war”. MacMorris gives him a piece of his mind:

It is not time to discourse, so Chrish save me. The day is hot and the weather and the wars and the king and the dukes: it is not time to discourse. The town is beseeched [besieged], and the trumpet call us to the breach, and we talk and, by Chrish, do nothing…

To make the point of Fluellen’s  fantasy world further as Pistol exits Henry overhears an exchange between Fluellen and Captain Gower, Fluellen insisting that Gower speak more softly despite the clamour coming from the enemy camp.

Henry’s next encounter is altogether more troubling for him. The second scene begins with three common soldiers – for the immediate purpose it might seem that they do not need to be allocated names, but perhaps it is part of the point that they have names as they appear in the character list even if no one knows them. Indeed, the name of only one of them, John Bates, is ever mentioned in the action. The first speaker, who has only a single line, is identified in the Folio as Alexander Court, which is very likely a play on the name of the company’s sixteen year-old apprentice Alexander Cook, the court of Alexander the Great being referenced in a succeeding scene by Fluellen.

The most significant and complex of the three characters, who is never named in the action, but present when the death toll from the battle is announced in the final scene of the act, bears the name Michael Williams. It is my suggestion that Shakespeare was marking the role to be played by himself:  barely encrypted it might be saying “My call – William S”. Why Michael Williams otherwise? There is no such historical character from the chronicles. It is - to re-inforce the point - Michael Williams who “calls out” to Henry in the night in his opening line:

We see yonder the beginning of the day, but I think we shall never see the end of it. Who goes there?

Henry is drawn into the justification of the military campaign by Williams and Bates, leading to the double-edged statement:

Methinks I could not die anywhere so contentedly as in the king’s company, his cause being just and his quarrel honourable.

To which Williams responds bluntly:

That’s more than we know.

Indeed, it is. The justification for war as we have seen in the first act of the play have hinged on the blessing of the Archbishop of Canterbury anxious to escape a parliamentary bill attacking the wealth of the church, and the provocative slight to Henry by the Dauphin (heir to the King of France) of the tennis ball gift. The chilling cynicism with which the archbishop instigates the invasion of France by looking for pretexts in ancient history and canon law could scarcely be more blatant (as it already is in Shakespeare’s main source, Hollinshed’s Chronicle). Following this Henry had responded to the French ambassador over the tennis balls insult with his famous “mock” speech:

…….For many a thousand widows

Shall this his mock mock out their dear husbands

Mock mother’s from their sons, mock castles down;

And some are yet ungotten and unborn

That shall have cause to curse the Dauphin’s scorn.

In this way Henry places responsibility for his proposed hideous actions on the Dauphin, for the Dauphin’s admittedly irresponsible taunt – a particularly narcissistic version of honour is being invoked.

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New Movie: Man Made Epidemic

ManMade epidemic
By Anne Dachel

Stunning trailer here. Yet another film about toxic exposures and the dangers of an unchecked, unsafe vaccine schedule. Add it to "Vaxxed,"    "Bought,"  "The Greater Good," "Trace Amounts,"and others. Natalie Beer presents experts with concerns. These are the people and the research that our officials have refused to investigate. That action is a total and shameful dereliction of their duty. 

Man Made Epidemic

Trailer on Facebook

Filmmaker Natalie Beer sets off on a journey around the world speaking to leading doctors, scientists and families to find out the truth about the autism epidemic and whether or not vaccines have a role to play.

The film explores the common misconception that autism is solely genetic and looks into scientists concerns over recent years about environmental factors such a medication and pesticides which continue to leave our children with physical and neurological damage.

Vaccination: A "global mass experiment without a placebo."

Neurologist and nutritionist, Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride: "When vaccinations were first invented, they were invented by people who honestly wanted to do some good for humanity. I'm afraid that motivation's gone, completely."

Dr. Andrew Wakefield: "There is absolutely no doubt that they will try and cover it up."

CDC Whistleblower, Dr. Andrew Wakefield

Fox News Keeps "You Decide" Promise: Discusses VaXed The Movie with Dr. Wakefield

Fox & Friends logo

Love 'em or not, Fox News has done what other media outlets fear - presented an open conversation about VaXed The Movie with Dr. Andrew Wakefield.

CDC Whistleblower, Dr. Andrew Wakefield

The Tribeca Incident and the Framing of VaXed: MovieMaker Op-Ed

By Phillipe Diaz

When the call came from the heads of the Tribeca Film Festival, specifically Jane Rosenthal and Paula Weinstein, to let my head of distribution, Rich Castro, and me know that they had decided to “de-select” our film Vaxxed: From Cover-up to Catastrophe, I didn’t want to believe it.

I couldn’t understand how it could even be possible—when the selection had been confirmed publicly by Tribeca co-founder Robert De Niro himself the day before.

Being the distributor of the film and having received all the paperwork confirming the selection, I was in total disbelief, as I had personally advised the filmmakers to submit the film to Tribeca.

The conversation became very heated when I asked the festival executives for the reasons. The answer I received was that they had “issues” with the content of the film. I said, “Fine—let us know what issues you are having and we will give you all the back-up documentation and set you up with the filmmakers so that you can get any clarification you need.” But I got no specific answers.


It was clear that the actual content of the film (a documentary by Andrew Wakefield about Dr. William Thompson, a senior scientist at Centers for Disease Control and Prevention who believes that crucial information was omitted in a 2004 report on the Measles-Mumps-Rubella [MMR] vaccine and its link to autism) was not the full cause of the festival’s change of heart. They had already indicated in a previous conversation that their sponsor had issues with the film—specifically, the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation. It became even more heated when I asked Rosenthal and Weinstein, both highly accomplished professionals, if they realized the responsibility they were assuming and the message it would send to the filmmaking world at large. They were effectively telling the festival’s sponsors that it was perfectly OK to censor a film they didn’t like. They were also telling filmmakers around the world that they should only make movies that corporate powers and sponsors alike will approve of, otherwise they will have little chance to ever have their movies seen. I told them they were setting a huge precedent, but it was clear that they could not have cared less.

Read the full Op-ED HERE.

Current Affairs

How To Win the Vaccine Credibility War

Spin a taleBy Ted Kuntz

  1. Take All the Credit for Success

Vaccine manufacturers and the medical industry have declared themselves fully responsible for the significant decline in mortality from infectious disease over the last century. When asked for evidence of vaccine effectiveness, vaccine proponents point to the decline of whooping cough, diphtheria, measles, mumps, polio and other “vaccine preventable” diseases. The fact that the mortality rates of these diseases declined up to 99% prior to the introduction of the vaccine is not considered relevant.

  1. Tell a Good Story

The vaccine story is a great story! No question. “Vaccines are a miracle of modern medicine.” “Vaccines have saved millions of lives.” “The benefits of vaccination far outweigh the risks.” The problem with this story is it is not supported by clinical or biological evidence. But when you have a good story, you don’t need evidence.

  1. All for One and One for All

The medical industry and the media refer to vaccines as if they are one uniform product. No differentiation is made between a vaccine produced by Merck versus a vaccine produced by GlaxoSmithKline. A vaccine for chicken pox is no different than a vaccine for measles. A vaccine given to a sixteen year old is no different than one for a newborn. When you question the safety and effectiveness of one vaccine, you question the safety and the effectiveness of all vaccines. Individual consideration is not permitted.

  1. Under Report Adverse Effects

No one likes to hear about adverse effects. Besides, they happen to someone else’s children. While the medical industry claims to keep accurate data on the number of incidences of vaccine injury, there is no clear definition of vaccine injury and no mandatory requirement to report adverse events following vaccinations. It’s up to each individual health practitioner to self-report that what they did caused harm to their patient. It’s also important to keep any data on vaccine injuries hidden from the prying eyes of the public. Better yet, deny that vaccines cause injury. If you have to admit to vaccine injury, pick a good round number like “one in a million”.

  1. Hear No Evil. See No Evil. Speak No Evil.

It’s important not to discuss any concerns about vaccine safety or effectiveness. Tell the mainstream media that providing balanced reporting on vaccines is irresponsible. Even when CDC scientists take whistleblower status, claiming fraud and the destruction of data, there is nothing worth reporting. Besides, your advertising revenues might be at risk if you report on vaccine injuries or government fraud.

  1. Claim Consensus

Everyone knows vaccines are safe and effective. The science is settled. No long-term clinical trials are needed to substantiate these claims. It would be unethical to conduct clinical research with an unvaccinated population. Even discussing vaccine safety is irresponsible. Asking questions about vaccine effectiveness is anti-science. Everyone knows there is no vaccine for stupid people.

  1. Let the Money Speak for Itself

Money is the best criteria to decide the outcome of research. Money should decide which studies get published. Money should decide what research will be done and what questions will be asked. Money should decide what editors allow on their programs and in their newspapers. Money should decide which politicians will be elected. Money should decide what is in “the greater good”. And who has more money that the pharmaceutical industry.

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Anne Dachel

Dachel Media Update: Autism Awareness MSM Style

Online newsApril 19, 2016, Fox News: April is autism awareness month: Get the facts  By Dr. Alan Kadish

 Imagine being told that your child would never give you a hug or say, “I love you.” Imagine that your child would never live independently. Many parents of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and other developmental disabilities face these realities every day. ASD is used to describe a group of developmental disorders which range in severity, symptoms and level of disability. These include autism, Asperger’s syndrome, and other disorders which affect a child’s ability to communicate and socialize.

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Teresa Conrick

Autism and Cancer? Light It Up... Blue.

Blue tearBy Teresa Conrick

It's April and for many with a diagnosis of Autism, it's just another month. The AUTISM AWARENESS of lighting it up BLUE does little to comfort. They are too sick, affected by seizures, mitochondrial dysfunction, immune and autoimmune dysfunction, irritable bowel disorder, colitis, severe constipation, Crohn's disease, Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD), peanut allergies, food allergies, skin allergies, an abnormal MICROBIOME and now another study says ---- again --- they are higher candidates for CANCER.

University of Iowa study finds link between cancer, autism.

University of Iowa researchers have found that, although patients with autism have increased mutations in genes that potentially lead to cancer, they also have decreased rates of cancer.

“It’s a very provocative result that makes sense on one level and is extremely perplexing on another,” Benjamin Darbro, team leader and assistant professor of medical genetics in the UI Carver College of Medicine, said in a news release.

....The protective effect, however, was strongest for the youngest group of patients and decreased with age...

On the very same day this study was released I was also alerted of this very sad news release:

Josh Titus, former Auburn student who inspired basketball fans nationwide, dies at 25

Josh Titus, the former Auburn high school student who inspired thousands of basketball fans across the nation by not letting his disability keep him off the court, was remembered by friends and family Thursday, the day after he died following a battle with cancer.

Titus died Wednesday at the Hospice House in Auburn, according to statement from his parents. He was 25.
Titus, who was autistic, served as the manager of the Edward Little High School boys’ basketball team in 2009. He made national headlines when he entered the Red Eddies’ final game of the season and scored nine points.

A tragedy. My heart breaks for his family and friends. I have a daughter, 23, with severe symptoms of Autism and her medical issues are many. I cannot imagine including CANCER.

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Anne Dachel

Mainstream Media's Concerted Backlash Against VaXxed

Head handsBy Anne Dachel

Where is the name William Thompson in news reports on Tribeca and De Niro?

There is something is truly frightening here.

Consider that the controversial film "Vaxxed" is about a whistleblower, Dr. William Thompson, who works at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and who says that his agency knows there's a link between vaccines and autism. He has revealed that he himself was ordered to destroy data that showed this link, but his conscience has not allowed him to go along with the cover-up. In 2014 he shared this information with Dr. Brian Hooker, a biologist and father of an autistic child. Thompson is even willing to tell Congress about the corruption going on at the CDC, and he is certainly a credible expert. Who better to talk about how the science is rigged than an agency insider?

Congress is aware of the charge of fraud since US Rep Bill Posey (FL) took to the House floor and pleaded with members of Congress to do something back in October, 2015, but our legislators seem to be overwhelmingly not interested in hearing what Thompson has to say.

Posey: "Considering the nature of the whistleblower’s documents, as well as the involvement of the CDC, a hearing and a thorough investigation is warranted. So I ask Mr. Speaker, I beg, I implore my colleagues on the Appropriations committees to please, please take such action,"

This is the background of the documentary "Vaxxed," but you'd never know it from the way the media reported on how the movie was pulled from the Tribeca Film Festival.

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Current Affairs

BEWARE of “Standard of Care”

Beware bewareBy Laura Hayes

Being the mother of vaccine-injured children teaches you many important lessons, with perhaps the main lesson being to question everything, research thoroughly, and make your own decisions. Listen to and trust your own maternal instincts. Don’t be coerced, harassed, or forced into doing anything you are not completely comfortable with or don’t want.  Learn to speak up and stand your ground firmly…your children are counting on you…and you will be the one to live with the consequences for each and every parenting decision you make.  So make the time to take the time to decide carefully, very carefully.

Rule #1: Question EVERYTHING

Rule #2: Research THOROUGHLY (including, and especially, from non-industry and non-governmental sources…seek sources that don’t profit from that which you are researching)

Rule #3: Make your OWN decisions, don’t be swayed by someone just because they are wearing a white coat (as a matter of fact, learn to be extra leery of those in white coats)

Let’s begin with prenatal “standard of care” procedures that need to be questioned, researched, and carefully considered prior to accepting:

  • Ultrasounds are now performed on virtually every pregnant woman in the U.S. Remembering back to my first pregnancy, my doctor told me I had ovarian cysts after my first ultrasound, and he began ordering weekly (!) ultrasounds for me. At the time, my insurance did not cover ultrasounds (they were $800 a pop, mind you). When I finally disclosed this to the receptionist, wondering how many more of these expensive procedures I would need, she was shocked that I’d been paying out of pocket the whole time. She looked uncomfortable when I told her that. Quite magically, the next week, my cysts were declared gone, no more ultrasounds for cysts needed!  I have since come to find out that the year that occurred was the year they were testing new ultrasound machines that were many times “stronger”. Were my baby and I experimental test subjects, without knowing, and without informed consent?  I do not know, but I most certainly wonder. Dr. Kelly Brogan, among others, has written about the universal use of ultrasound during pregnancy,  so perhaps begin your research here.

  • Vaccines are now recommended by the CDC for pregnant women, including the Tdap and influenza vaccines (that’s a total of 4 vaccines). Those of you who have read previous articles of mine know that no safety, efficacy, or necessity claims can be made for any vaccine, much less the myriad combinations in which they are haphazardly given, because the needed studies to make such claims have never been done. The same goes for vaccines given during pregnancy.  Barbara Loe Fisher of NVIC has written an excellent article regarding the lack of safety data that exist despite the CDC recommending vaccines for pregnant women. Reading her article is an excellent place to begin one’s research.

  • Gestational diabetes screening includes drinking a nasty beverage that includes genetically-modified ingredients, chemicals, food dyes, and other ingredients that have no business inside the human body, much less inside a developing fetus. Does every woman need to be screened for GD? Are there other ways to screen without the use of a toxic beverage being consumed by both mom and fetus? I remember drinking that foul-tasting beverage 3 times over, once during each pregnancy, and thinking, this can’t possibly be good for me or my baby. Correct I was. A quick Google search will lead you to many helpful articles, but here is one to get you started.

Moving on to decisions expectant parents will need to make:

  • Home birth, birthing center, or hospital…research and consider all of your options carefully. Remember that hospitals are not the safe havens you might envision them to be. Hospital errors are now the third leading cause of death in America. Read about that fact here.

  • Midwife, doula, doctor, combination thereof, or none of the above…again, research and consider all of your options carefully. Interview potential candidates until you find one who shares your philosophies about pregnancy, childbirth, and newborn care.

  • Catheterization during labor and delivery. This can lead to difficulty urinating after the catheter is removed, bladder and kidney infections, subsequent prescriptions for antibiotics due to infections, pain and discomfort for the mother when post-catheterization infection occurs, exposure to antibiotics for baby if mom is breastfeeding…and all for an unnecessary birthing intervention. See this informative article to learn more. I know of instances where this invasive medical procedure was recommended for mothers during non-problematic labors…one accepted, one declined. The one who accepted went on to have a serious kidney infection which lasted for many weeks, requiring multiple rounds of antibiotics, while she was breastfeeding.

  • Electronic fetal monitoring will almost certainly be used at the hospital, unless you say no. This is an ultrasound procedure, which requires that the laboring mother be lying down confined to a bed. As with prenatal ultrasounds, safety, necessity, and potential drawbacks need to be considered. Here is an article which includes information that electronic fetal monitoring is excruciatingly loud for your baby in utero (that would be the same for prenatal ultrasounds, too).

  • The use of pitocin at any point, including to deliver the placenta. Research this ahead of time. Decide whether or not that is a drug you will accept, and if so, under what circumstances.

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Anne Dachel, CDC Whistleblower

Huffington Post Deletes Top Blogger's Post Due to Verboten Topic

Banned from huffpoExcerpted from TRUTH BARRIER.com.

Lance Simmens, author, whistleblower, political veteran,  fracking activist,  and more, went to see Vaxxed: From Coverup To Catastrophe at one of the California screenings, and was moved, enraged, awakened. He wrote a column for The Huffington Post about it, and it went up, as per the usual protocol–he has been a contributor for 8 years and written almost 200 articles without incident.

Shortly thereafter, without warning or explanation, the piece was taken down, and his account was blocked.

The Truth Barrier reached out to Simmens via an email interview:

TTB:  Give us if you would, a brief history of your writing for Huff Po. How many years, how many pieces, what topics…

LS: I have been writing on Huffington Post for nearly eight years and during that time they have published something close to 180 articles. I am a political writer and have written articles over the years about events as they unfold, which is the nice feature of blogging. I have a decidedly liberal bent to my politics but have striven to write thoughtful, provocative pieces that try to define a rationale and logic to the policy prescriptions being offered.

TTB:  What happened exactly when you posted your review of VAXXED to HuffPo?

LS:  I saw a premier of VAXXED the other evening and was so moved by the presentation and discussion that followed that I felt compelled to write a piece asking that we at least begin a serious national dialogue on the allegations contained in the documentary. I also drew attention to the spate of events that have unfolded over the past several years, where there has been a massive governmental failure to do its essential job which is to protect the health, safety and welfare of the citizens. I sent it to Huffington Post as I normally do–I have an account there–and they published the article. About a half hour later as I was sending it out to my network I was alerted by some folks that when they went to access it it was not coming up. It turns out that they pulled down the original piece and when I tried to rewrite it I was alerted that permission was denied to my account. I have made at least a half dozen attempts to reach someone at HuffPo to alert them that there was a malfunction and over the course of the last two days have not received one response. I even went so far as to email Arianna herself.

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CDC Whistleblower, Current Affairs

Did the CDC Censor Vaxxed? (They Didn't Censor Robert DeNiro)


Vaxxed Error
Read Part 2 and Part 1 here.

By Wayne Rohde and Louis Conte

It’s been one heck of an Autism Awareness Month.

Robert De Niro appeared on the Today Show Wednesday morning to talk about the Tribeca Film Festival. When the discussion turned to the controversy over the decision to pull the film, Vaxxed: From Cover-up to Catastrophe, De Niro said that he felt that the film should be seen. And then he said much more.

Almost immediately, pro-vaccine not-for-profit groups such as Voices for Vaccines tweeted a post telling main stream media outlet NBC News to get their act together and not to allow these interviews to be conducted.

V4V screenshot

To which Wayne Rohde responded with a question.

There was no return response.

“What’s going on?” sort of sounds like “How can this be happening?”

As the tweet reveals, the expectation of network compliance with not discussing autism and vaccines is fairly obvious. NBC was not doing what was expected of them. One can only wonder what the rest of the day was like down at NBC News.

As one would expect, main stream media outlets unleashed a torrent a “De Niro is wrong”. One that struck me as ironic was this one by Maggie Fox of Today called “De Niro Says ‘Find the Truth’ But Scientists Already did”.

What Ms. Fox doesn’t represent in her article is that scientists at the CDC did find the truth.

Then they threw the truth in the garbage.

In August of 2014, one of the scientists and co-authors of the 2004 Pediatrics study, Dr. William Thompson, stepped forward in and released this statement through his whistle-blower attorney:

CDC data showed that the MMR vaccine was associated with autism in the original data of a study ultimately published by the CDC Vaccine Safety Division staff in 2004 in the journal Pediatrics. However, that data was manipulated to bury the connection between the vaccine and autism in African American children. Some of the data regarding a subset of children with “Isolated Autism” – children with autism who didn’t have other health complications - was so damning that the researchers got together and dumped it in the garbage. Congressman William Posey reported this on the floor of Congress in 2015.

Ms. Fox states that the “independent Institute of Medicine (IOM)” reviewed the science and determined that science has proven that vaccines don’t cause autism.

According to documents released by William Thompson and the statements he made to Dr. Brian Hooker in four legally taped conversations, the IOM was lied to. The IOM reviewed and considered the fraudulent science that the CDC Vaccine Safety Division gave them in coming to their decision about autism and the MMR vaccine. The CDC even removed Thompson from presenting the study to the IOM to make sure that the conflicted scientist didn’t reveal what he knew. 

Vaxxed reveals a CDC where data is manipulated and destroyed, where employees who try to do the right thing are ostracized and where science is a tool of policy interests.

Even worse, Vaxed alleges that the CDC scientists obstructed justice in a federal judicial proceeding.

At the time the study was published, the Secretary of Health and Human Services was being sued by thousands of families alleging that the MMR vaccine caused autism in the Omnibus Autism Proceedings (OAP) held in the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program. The federal department that runs the CDC was on the hook for billions of dollars in compensation awards to victims of vaccine injuries. When the Special Masters dismissed thousands of cases in the OAP, their rulings relied heavily on the same fraudulent study.

What Dr. William Thompson is alleging is nothing short of a cover-up of a criminal conspiracy that may have resulted in a shocking amount of harm to children and the nation. If true, none of the science produced by the CDC can be trusted.

That is what Vaxxed is about.

This is why Robert De Niro feels everyone should see Vaxxed and also see the film

Trace Amounts, which is about the mercury based vaccines preservative, Thimerosal. De Niro feels that people should see these films and discuss them openly.

Robert De Niro spoke about what his wife feels happened to his son. Like so many other families, De Niro’s son is reported to have regressed after vaccination. Thousands of families report these horrible regressions.

Science has avoided studying parental reports of vaccine induced regression, typically claiming that parents simply missed early signs of autism in their children. Instead, the scientific community has conducted epidemiological studies.

Despite what the press often reports, there has never been a study of health outcomes comparing vaccinated and un-vaccinated people.

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Kim Stagliano

Kim Stagliano to Co-Host Sirius XM Dirty, Sexy Funny with Jenny McCarthy April 19

Jenny and Kim SiriusBy Kim Stagliano

Oh, this DOES sound like fun!  Our friend Jenny McCarthy, of Generation Rescue, has invited me to co-host her Sirius XM show called Dirty, Sexy Funny tomorrow, April 19 from 10am - Noon EDT.  That's channel 109 - STARS.  

You can download a free trial to Sirius or the app - here.  

Jenny's guests include.  WONDER WOMAN!!!!  Lynda Carter, Salt N Pepa (cue the music!), Film Director Adam Shankman, and Ian Halperin, who wrote a "tell all" book about The Kardashians.  

Last year, I was on Jenny's show as a guest on World Autism Day.  Her show is a blast.  Download that free app trial and tune in!  



Anne Dachel

Dr. Andrew Wakefield on Imus in the Morning

Imus-rightBy Anne Dachel

The current De Niro/Tribeca hysteria in the media needs to be resolved, and the only way to do that is to call Dr. William Thompson to testify before Congress.

Listen HERE:

IMUS IN THE MORNING, April 12, 2016, Andrew Wakefield, Director of “Vaxxed”

Dr Andrew Wakefield, MB, BS, FRCS, FRCPath, is an academic gastroenterologist. He received his medical degree from St. Mary's Hospital Medical School (part of the University of London) in 1981, one of the third generation of his family to have studied medicine at that teaching hospital. 

He pursued a career in gastrointestinal surgery with a particular interest in inflammatory bowel disease. He qualified as Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons in 1985 and in 1996 was awarded a Wellcome Trust Traveling Fellowship to study small-intestinal transplantation in Toronto, Canada. He was made a Fellow of the Royal College of Pathologists in 2001. He has published over 130 original scientific articles, book chapters, and invited scientific commentaries. 

In the pursuit of possible links between childhood vaccines, intestinal inflammation, and neurologic injury in children, Dr. Wakefield lost his job in the Department of Medicine at London's Royal Free Hospital, his country, his career, and his medical license.


Andrew Wakefield stated we cannot trust any study coming from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention....

Andy said that he and others involved with the film were told nothing about why "Vaxxed" was pulled from Tribeca. He said that a film festival that censors certain films then becomes "a propaganda machine.

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Anne Dachel

Dachel Media Update: Seattle PI Presents VaXxed LA Screening

Online newsApril 17, 2016, Unedited Live Stream Interview With Vaxxed Filmmakers At LA Screening PI Screening

From Seattle PI

Last night at the West Coast debut of “Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe,” GMO Free News host Kathleen Hallal live streamed her interviews using Facebook Live with the film director Andrew Wakefield and producer Del Bigtree.

The 91 minute film is an investigation into how the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) destroyed data on their 2004 study that showed a link between the MMR vaccine and autism. April is National Autism Awareness Month.

Watch the videos here - Unedited Live Stream Interview With Vaxxed Filmmakers At LA Screening.

Cathy Jameson

Best of: Baby of Mine

Naked babyBy Cathy Jameson - August 2015

I got to hold a newborn.  I held him again a few weeks later.  It was an exquisite feeling to hold this child. 

The new life.

His perfect little body.

That newborn baby smell.

The endless opportunities he will have.

I’d attended his baby shower several months earlier.  I bought his mom, a young twentysomething, more than I should have but that’s because I was thrilled to support her.  With autoimmune disease in her family history, as well as having had to care for a family member with autism, she was rightfully nervous.  I felt it necessary to offer as much support as I could as she prepared to bring a child into the world. 

Her own history, plus knowing our family well and the medical path that I had chosen for my older children, prompted her to ask questions and to search for answers.  Long before she found herself preparing for her son’s birth, in a quest for knowledge, she’d decided what she would do when it was time to raise a family.  Not only did she decide what she would do, recalling my experience with my children, she also decided what not to do.  Instead of following recommended schedules and standard American practices, she would be as healthy, organic, and natural as she could.  She would be as free from everything “standard” as she could be, which also meant no vaccines. 

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Dan Olmsted, Dan Olmsted

Age of Autism Weekly Wrap: “Dear Dr. Olmsted” and the Perils of Credentialism

Weekly wrapBy Dan Olmsted (in a credentialed-looking photo) Dan-olmsted

Suddenly, I’ve become an expert on autism – and not just autism, but all things neurological and other stuff I can’t understand.

This all stems from a commentary Mark Blaxill and I wrote last year for the Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders, which the abstract on PubMed (yes, we’re indexed on PubMed!) summarizes thusly:

“Leo Kanner begins his landmark 1943 case series on autistic children by stating the condition was first brought to his attention in 1938. Recent letters to JADD have described this reference as "mysterious" and speculated it refers to papers published that year by Despert or Asperger. In fact, as Kanner goes on to state, 1938 is when he examined the first child in his case series. An exchange of letters with Despert and later writing by Kanner also point to the originality of his observations.”

Basically, we were disputing previous comments that suggested Kanner was actually referring to a speech Hans Asperger made in 1938, or an article by another child psychiatrist, Louise Despert, that same year.

The truth seemed clear to us. In his second paragraph of Kanner’s article, he explained why he was aware of such children “since 1938”:

“Case 1. Donald T. was first seen in October, 1938.” And there you have it. Kanner cited that encounter several more times and said, stating the obvious, that it was the first time he was aware of autism.

This may seem like dancing on the head of a pin, but trust me, it is really not, because relentless efforts to show that autism existed before Kanner, that he simply copied earlier reports of similar children, and so on, go to the heart of a key question: Is autism really ancient, and is it really increasing? We believe that no, it is not ancient; it was first observed in 1938 by Leo Kanner just as he said in paragraph. And yes, it really is increasing.

We’ll have much more to say on this later this year, but for now it’s enough to add that our paper went through peer review. Peer Review! That was a first for me. The first review comments came back with “Major Revisions Requested” in the subject line, but after several decades of being edited by grouchy city editors, I thought it was pretty tame. I was encouraged to take out a few snarky remarks more appropriate to a blog than a journal, which I was happy to do.

And I have to say, it was kind of cool to finally be peer-reviewed and PubMed indexed after a decade of wandering in the wildnerness of simply being a journalist with a point of view that had no standing in the medical community. All this in a journal that Kanner himself had helped to start.

Then the e-mails started coming. Here’s a recent one:


Dear Dr. Olmsted,

We would like to follow-up towards our previous mail which you might have missed. We tried to contact you after viewing your published work on "Leo Kanner's Mention of 1938 in His Report on Autism Refers to His First Patient." in [Journal]. Considering the scope of your noteworthy article, we assume that you might be interested in joining us for the 2nd Neurological Disorders Summit (NDS-2016) scheduled during September 07-09, 2016 in Baltimore, USA.”

Oops, they left the journal name out, which made this seem a little less personal than I thought. But really, me at a summit on neurological disorders? What a concept.

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Dan Olmsted, Dan Olmsted

Weekly Wrap: The Amish Anomaly, 11th Anniversary Edition

AofA Red Logo Ayumi YamadaBy Dan Olmsted

Was it really 11 years ago that I first wrote about the Amish and their apparent lack of autism? Yes, it was. Back then I was working at United Press International and had gotten interested in prescription drugs' side effects. My colleague Mark Benjamin suggested taking a look at vaccines, and his first report, The Vaccine Conflict, ran in 2003. (That led to the wonderful moment when Paul Offit, a focus of that article, stood up in a church -- a church! -- in North Carolina, and in response to a question said, "Mark Benjamin doesn't know s--!" That's about as close to a nomination for sainthood as most of us will come.)

Mark got involved in the medical treatment of veterans -- writing the first reports on how poorly our Iraq and Iran vets were being treated, first for UPI, then for Salon, then for Time.

I took the autism beat. The first thing to catch my attention was that both Hans Asperger and Leo Kanner -- in 1944 and 1943 -- noticed the phenomenon at roughly the same time. The cases were very different, but Child 1 in both reports was born in 1933. That is supposed to be the most wonderfully fabulous unrelated coincidence in the history of the entire world, but I didn't, and still don't, buy it. As I wrote then:


This leads to a simple but significant question: Was it coincidence the first few cases of these strikingly similar disorders were identified at the same time, by the same term, in children born the same decade, by doctors thousands of miles apart?

Or, is it a clue to when and where autism started -- and why?

The question reflects a huge, and hugely important, debate. If autistic children always existed in the same percentages but just were not formally classified until the 1940s, that would suggest better diagnosis, not a troubling increase in the number of autistic children.

If, however, autism had a clear beginning in the fairly recent past (a past so recent that Fritz and Donald could both be alive today at age 71), then the issue is very different. That would suggest something new caused those first autism and Asperger's cases in the early 1930s; something caused them to increase, and something is still causing them today.

This ongoing series will look for answers by tracking the natural history of autism around the world -- a road less traveled than one might think. 


Little did I know then that Donald T. was indeed alive, that Mark Blaxill and I would be the first to identify Donald T., interview him at his home in Mississippi and deduce a number of connections to new environmental risks that led to the rise of autism. In a sense everything flowed from that first article, including a new book we are working on these 11 years later.

My next stop was the present day -- autism among the Amish. It's amazing the potshots my rather modest observations have taken -- I'm somewhere between a crank and a fraud. I'm sure there will be some remarks to that effect in the comment section. But show me one Amish child with "iatrogenic autism" -- the kind not connected to a genetic anomaly or some other well-known source of causation -- and then let's talk. As far as I know, I remain the only person to find such a child -- who was removed from her home by public health authorities in a dispute over medical treatment at age 2, fully vaccinated while she was away, and returned two years later fully autistic. I even took her picture and ran it on AOA and in our book! Epidemic Deniers are welcome to submit their own selections.

It's just an accident the articles started during Autism Awareness Month. I have to say I'm feeling more encouraged this year than on previous anniversaries. Last year, for his excellent film Trace Amounts, Eric Gladen interviewed some Amish on the same topic. It's just a couple of minutes long -- check it out!


Here is the start of my first article with a link to five of many that I did on the Amish and autism.


Lancaster, PA, Apr. 18 (UPI) -- Where are the autistic Amish? Here in Lancaster County, heart of Pennsylvania Dutch country, there should be well over 100 with some form of the disorder. 

I have come here to find them, but so far my mission has failed, and the very few I have identified raise some very interesting questions about some widely held views on autism.

The mainstream scientific consensus says autism is a complex genetic disorder, one that has been around for millennia at roughly the same prevalence. That prevalence is now considered to be 1 in every 166 children born in the United States.

Applying that model to Lancaster County, there ought to be 130 Amish men, women and children here with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Well over 100, in rough terms.

Typically, half would harbor milder variants such as Asperger's Disorder or the catch-all Pervasive Development Disorder, Not Otherwise Specified -- PDD-NOS for short.

So let's drop those from our calculation, even though "mild" is a relative term when it comes to autism. 

That means upwards of 50 Amish people of all ages should be living in Lancaster County with full-syndrome autism, the "classic autism" first described in 1943 by child psychiatrist Leo Kanner at Johns Hopkins University. The full-syndrome disorder is hard to miss, characterized by "markedly abnormal or impaired development in social interaction and communication and a markedly restricted repertoire of activities and interests," according to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.

Why bother looking for them among the Amish? Because they could hold clues to the cause of autism.



Dan Olmsted is Editor of Age of Autism




Anne Dachel

Anti-Truth Media Coverage

Truth-has-no-agendaBy Anne Dachel

Anti-truth coverage from the mainstream press

I wrote this after looking at the pathetic, one-sided reports on the "Vaxxed" premiere in New York City by the New York Times and others.

After fifteen years following how the press covers autism and vaccines, I can tell you what they're really saying:

We've been helping to cover up the link between an ever-increasing vaccine schedule and autism for so long, we can't suddenly start to legitimately report on this topic.
We're so dependent on advertising revenue from the pharmaceutical industry that we won't say anything that could jeopardize that income.  
For these reasons and others....
 We won't look into the conflicts of interest of the experts we cite who deny a link between autism and vaccines.
We won't interview Dr. Wakefield and let him defend himself regarding the charges that have been made against him. Instead, we'll constantly talk ABOUT him, never WITH him.
We will never interview any of the parents of the study that Wakefield wrote about in his 1998 Lancet piece.
We won't talk to any of the experts mentioned in the film "Vaxxed." That includes Dr. Rachel Ross, former U.S. Representative Dr. Dave Weldon, Noble Prize winner Dr. Luc Montagnier, Dr. Doreen Granpeesheh, MIT professor Dr. Stephanie Seneff, or Dr. Jim Sears.
We won't ask the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention why they've never called for a simple study of fully vaccinated and never vaccinated kids to compare their autism rates, even though we all know it could settle the controversy instantly.
We will absolutely never talk about the independent science out there that challenges all the pharma-funded studies we constantly cite in our stories.
We will continue to blame actress Jenny McCarthy for stirring up concern over vaccines and autism.
We will universally label a film about a scientist at the CDC who says his agency destroyed critical research data as merely "anti-vaccine."

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Current Affairs

Best Of: Dr. Bernard Rimland Implicated Vaccines in Autism Over a Decade Ago

Bernie RimlandNOTE:  Since it's April, and the VAXXED documentary is slowly but surely seeing the light of day, we're running this best of from Dr. Rimland, founder of the Autism Society of America and the Autism Research Institute and a pioneer in changing the paradigm of autism from blaming the mother to a medical model.


On July 14, 2003, Dr. Bernard Rimland, the man who changed the paradigm of autism, from the archaic and psychiatric, refrigerator families to instead children, who regressed into a medically treatable neurobehavioral illness -- wrote these words:

July 14, 2003

Director, Autism Research Institute
Editor, Autism Research Review International
Founder, Autism Society of America


The vaccine manufacturers, the Center for Disease Control, the FDA, and the various medical associations have failed miserably in their duty to protect our children. Rather than acknowledge their role in  creating the immense, catastrophic rise in autism, these organizations have resorted to denial and obfuscation. They stand to lose their credibility, and billions of dollars in liability suits will soon reach the courts.

As a full-time professional research scientist for 50 years, and as a researcher in the field of autism for 45 years, I have been shocked and chagrined by the medical establishment's ongoing efforts to trivialize the solid and compelling evidence that faulty vaccination policies are the root cause of the epidemic. There are many consistent  lines of evidence implicating vaccines, and no even marginally plausible alternative hypotheses.

As the number of childhood vaccines has increased 700%, from 3 in the `70s to 22 in 2000, the prevalence of autism has also showed a parallel increase of 700%.

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Anne Dachel

'Today' Freaks Itself Out, Goes Running Back to Pharma

Deniro Topday showBy Anne Dachel

What Robert De Niro said on the TODAY Show on Wednesday was addressed by NBC on Thursday's show, and what was done was a huge attempt at damage control using industry-backed sources. The network had to dispel the idea that De Niro put forth, that vaccines can cause autism.

In typical mainstream media style, NBC cited the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and a doctor from the American Academy of Pediatrics, Ari Brown, in support of the safety of vaccines and in opposition to the possibility of any link to autism. (The vast web of pharmaceutical industry ties to the AAP were, of course, not included.)

Dr. Brown suggested things that have been linked to the development of autism, including older parents (an obvious reference to De Niro who would have been 54 when his son was born). (Brown left out all the other official findings that lay the blame for autism on the doorstep of the parents, usually the mother: fat moms, drinking moms, smoking moms, moms on anti-depressants, moms who have babies too close together, moms who live too close to freeways, and the lists goes on. We are not far removed from the days when “refrigerator mothers” were the culprits.)

Brown dismissed the idea that children can suddenly regress into autism (after a round of vaccinations), claiming that those parents just didn’t notice the signs until their child got to be a toddler. NBC and Brown also made the claim that children who receive vaccines according to the CDC schedule are just as healthy as kids who don’t, which was the bizarre attempt to convince the audience that comparing vaccinated kids with vaccinated kids is the same as a study of fully vaxxed vs fully unvaxxed children when it comes to autism.

I would like to point out that Wednesday and Thursday’s TODAY Shows were because of De Niro's actions with the documentary “Vaxxed.” “Vaxxed” is about the revelation by Dr. William Thompson, a senior scientist at the CDC, that his agency destroyed critical findings that showed a connection between the MMR vaccine and the development of autism in African American boys. 

I did not hear one word about what the film revealed. Instead, NBC cited the CDC, the agency that allegedly covered up a link, as the expert source on vaccine safety.

When is anyone going to cover what "Vaxxed" is really about?

Thursday's Today Show discussed Robert De Niro's comment's from Wednesday.

Robert De Niro’s TODAY interview reignites debate over autism and vaccines

During an interview on TODAY Wednesday, actor Robert De Niro said that he is not anti-vaccine, but he did raise a number of his own questions about the discredited connection between vaccines and autism while discussing the anti-vaccine movie “Vaxxed” that was pulled from the Tribeca Film Festival. NBC’s Joe Fryer reports for TODAY.

Clip of De Niro saying, "I'm not anti-vaccine, I want safe vaccines." 

NBC's Joe Fryer: "De Niro may have pulled the controversial documentary, 'Vaxxed,' from the Tribeca Film Fesival, but the award-winning actor still has questions.

De Niro said that certain people have a susceptibility to vaccine injury, "but nobody seems to want to address that."

Fryer: "The medical community says research has addressed that question and vaccines don't cause autism in any population." 

Dr. Ari Brown: "What we know is that there are certain children who are susceptible to autism, and those children who are born prematurely, whose parents are older."

Fryer: "De Niro is not convinced."

Clip of De Niro from Wed: "There is a link, and they're saying there isn't, but there are certain things. The obvious one is thimerosal, which is a mercury-based preservative."

Fryer: "But the Centers for Disease Control says 'Reputable scientific studies have shown that mercury in vaccines given to young children is not a cause of autism.' And since 2001, childhood vaccines have been thimerosal-free."

(As Fryer talked about thimerosal, vials of the MMR vaccine, which never contained mercury, are shown.)

"For De Niro, this issue is personal, his 18 year old son has autism."

Voiceover of De Niro's comment about parents who reported their children changed overnight after being vaccinated.

Fryer: "Pediatrician Ari Brown says she's had this conversation with families, some of whom realized the change is not overnight."

Brown appeared saying, "A lot of times it's not seeing the signs until it becomes increasingly apparent when the child is a toddler."

Fryer continued talking about how some parents just aren't convinced and they want to space out vaccines. 

Brown: "There are studies that show that children who receive vaccinations on time versus those that don't for whatever reason, have exactly the same developmental outcomes."

Fryer added that not vaccinating leads to outbreaks of diseases in unvaccinated populations. He also said that there is difference in autism rates in those who get the MMR and those who get a separate measles vaccination, according to one study. (He also said that there's not single measles shot available in the U.S.)

Anne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism.

Dan Olmsted, Dan Olmsted

De Niro Drops Da Bomb

AofA Red Logo Ayumi Yamada"By Dan Olmsted

I don't know what impact Robert De Niro's interview on the Today show Wednesday will have on those who don't believe vaccines cause autism, but I do know the effect it has already had on those who do. The word is "galvanic." This was a call-up-your-friends moment, and we don't get those too often.

It's been, as they say, a long cold lonely winter, and I'm not speaking meteorologically. The condescending and ridiculous premises of books like Neurotribes and In a Different Key; the refusal of those I call the "greasy nothing-burgers" in Congress to confront the William Thompson revelations; the long slog of the Merck mumps whistleblowers; the removal of Vaxxed from the Tribeca Film Festival; the triumph of SB-277 forcing vaccine mandates on California schoolkids; all of it is very wearing. And I say that without having an affected child.

Now that De Niro has put himself forward as believing there's a link between vaccines and autism, he can count on the usual drubbing for advocating a view that's been disproven, debunked, discredited and delisted, deleted. ... Just this morning, Today felt it necessary to do a follow-up piece that amounted to giving pharma a chance to recite its talking points. Dr. Ari Brown did the usual parent-blaming -- saying that they've just missed the early signs of autism, then get confused by thinking it occurs as a result of vaccination when it just happened after vaccination. This is the modern version of Bettelheim.

Because it's not just about debunking Wakefield or RFK Jr. or Jenny anymore, it's about debunking parents. It's parents versus science, as the Times famously put it. And now "science" -- really scientism, believing that one branch of human knowledge reigns supreme and knows all -- has its fangs out. You think you saw your child regress after vaccination? You are debunked by science! It's a nonsense kind of argument, really -- you can't debunk this volume of eyewitness observation, you can only claim it doesn't mean what people think it means -- thousands and thousands of people, who now are joined by the De Niros.

On Saturday I wrote about W. Ian Lipkin's Wall Street Journal piece in which he said that he'd spent 45 minutes talking to Di Nero before he pulled Vaxxed. Presumably De Niro told him he had fundamental concerns about vaccines and autism, something Lipkin didn't bother to say in the article, which is a little bit incomplete, wouldn't you say? Or maybe Lipkin never gave him the chance. Anyway, Lipkin looks like a loser in this battle, just another self-interested "scientist" unable to convince a parent that they didn't see what they saw and it didn't mean what they think it did.

All of us will have our favorite comments from this interview, which succinctly raised so many fundamental issues, but mine was when De Niro told Willie and Savannah, and by extension NBC News, and by further extension the mainstream media, that they should be investigating this: “Everybody doesn’t want to seem to hear much about it. It’s shut down. You guys are the ones that should be investigating. Do the investigating.” I don't think I can recall someone besides RFK Jr. telling the media they are failing on this story. As a journalist, it was incredibly welcome. De Niro is right. This is a story that needs to be covered, not covered up. It's a historic failure and one that will haunt journalism even longer than the cheerleading that led up to the Iraq War. 

You never know what's going to make this cookie crumble, this wall fall. It may just be the equivalent of 50 percent and a feather -- one last thing that, added to the weight of the evidence of corrupt science, pharma greed, and CDC mendacity pushes the whole thing into the light. Whether De Nero is the feather, time will tell. But for now, for a lot of people who have felt increasingly isolated and denigrated, spring has sprung.


Dan Olmsted is Editor of Age of Autism.



Current Affairs

Let’s Go Find Unvaccinated Children with Autism

Blank-milk-carton-psd32965By Dr. William H. Gaunt

This is going to be very easy.  The CDC tells us that 1 in every 68 children in the U.S. has autism and a recent government survey pegged the incidence of autism even higher at 1 in 45 children.  We are told repeatedly that autism is genetic and vaccines don’t cause autism.  All we need to do is go find groups of unvaccinated children and count those with autism.  

We can start with groups whose parents choose no vaccines for their children.  There are such groups in every major metropolitan area and scattered around the country in small towns.  They frequently have difficulty finding a doctor who will work with them and respect their decision.  There are a few doctors out there who will work with parents who choose to avoid vaccines altogether or selectively vaccinate their children.   Homefirst Medical Services provides medical care for families who choose to have home births and avoid vaccines in the Chicago area.   They have treated around 35,000 of these children over the years.  Homefirst’s medical director, the late Dr. Mayer Eisenstein, said in an interview a few years ago “… I don’t think we have a single case of autism in children delivered by us who never received vaccines.”    

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Classic Rock Band Kansas Auctions Custom Leftoverture 40th Annniversary Guitar for Autism Free Brain

Kansas-leftovertureCarry on our wayward son  there'll peace when you are done. Lay your weary head to rest, don't you cry no Afb more.

As I woman of a "certain age," classic rock band Kansas was a big part of my musical upbringing. I was delighted to hear from Eben Plettner that Kansas is auctioning off a guitar to benefit Autism Free Brain.


In conjunction with the album’s 40th Anniversary, Paul Reed Smith commissioned and donated a one of a kind Commemorative Leftoverture SE Custom 24 guitar. The Commemorative Leftoverture SE Custom 24 is a quality guitar that is decorated by the classic ‘Leftoverture’ album artwork. 

The guitar, which will be auctioned off to raise money for autism research, will be played on stage by KANSAS guitarist Richard Williams during select KANSAS concert dates in 2016.

The auction will begin on April 1 and end on April 30.  Bidding will start at $1,000, and bids can be placed here: Kansas Leftoverture Guitar Auction

For More Information on the Auction Contact Paul Schmutzler at  p_schmutzler555@comcast.net.

Growing up in Topeka, Kansas in the 1970s makes me an automatic fan of the band Kansas.  Having my grandparents, Max and Margaret Baker, live next door to Orville and Ida Williams, and their son Richard, makes me a bigger Kansas fan.  Loving their music, getting to know the guys, and ranking this band among my Top 5 favorites of all-time flat-out makes me a Kansas Rock Nerd.  While not an official Wheathead, I would like to think I have the heart and soul of one.  This band, and this music, has influenced my life in many ways… mostly positive!

When I received an email from fellow Kansas fan Paul Schmutzler telling me he was going to auction off a Paul Reed Smith Guitar with the cover of the iconic Kansas album Leftoverture on the face of it, then give all of the money raised to charity (in this case Autism Free Brain www.autismfreebrain.org), I wanted to learn more.

We are also approaching the 40th anniversary of the release of Leftoverture in October.  These two events made me think I should shoot a text to Kansas guitarist Rich Williams and see if I could get a few more details… and it is was great excuse to do an interview with him discussing that classic album.  The timing of our conversation happened to be only a day or two after Richard had fallen off stage while performing and broken his ankle.  Despite pervasive social media, and a Kansas music addiction, I had not heard about this occurrence.  So… we begin the interview with all of the gory details of this stage-dive-gone-wrong.  

Before jumping into the interview, however, here is some information on the guitar that is being auctions off for Autism Free Brain (www.autismfreebrain.org):  

Teresa Conrick

Hear This Well: Ear Infections and Autism

EarBy Teresa Conrick

When looking at issues in current day, it's often important to look at evidence in the present but also in the past. I have reported on much research showing that the MICROBIOME has an integral part in Autism.  Consider these updated pieces of both past and present "evidence" :

Vaccine Helps Prevent Ear Infections   April 2, 2007 

New study shows that PCV7 vaccine routinely given to infants helps reduce frequent bouts of otitis media

"Studies show that the number of middle ear infections caused by the pneumococcus serotypes in the vaccine have declined dramatically, but others have increased by 30 percent," Nuorti says. Bacteria on the rise may be filling the ecological void left by the decline in the vaccine's seven pneumococcus strains. But, he adds, two vaccines in the pipeline would cover more pneumococcal strains, including those whose rates of occurrence are escalating.

 Yet look at a newer study that shows the science behind the "ecological void" and the negative, domino effect consequences:

Preventing Ear Infections, Pneumonia Could Start With A Common Bacterium Found In Your Nose Jan 5,2016 

...The term “skin microbiota” refers to the colony of microorganisms found on your skin. Though the thought is repulsive, some of these benign bacteria offer great benefits by providing a first line of defense against harmful pathogens. In fact one of the good bacteria species, a new study finds, appears to thwart the growth of a bad bacteria species that is capable of causing middle ear infections as well as life-threatening pneumonia...Corynebacterium accolens is a harmless bacterial species that commonly colonizes the nose. It falls within the genus of Corynebacterium. These Gram-positive, aerobic, rod-shaped bacteria are found throughout nature in different ecological niches, including our skin, the soil, vegetables, cheese, and sewage,

...Following formal investigation, Bomar and her co-researchers discovered C. accolens are overrepresented in the noses of children who are not colonized by Streptococcus pneumoniae. A major cause of pneumonia, meningitis, middle ear infections, and sinusitis, S. pneumoniae leads to more than one million deaths each year, reports the World Health Organization. Most of those who die as a result of infections caused by this bacterium are young children in developing countries. While most people who host S. pneumoniae do not develop infections, colonization is a perquisite for infection and also greatly increases the risk of both infection and transmission....“These data indicate that C. accolens may play a beneficial role in sculpting the human microbiome,” wrote the authors.

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Anne Dachel

Attorney Patricia Finn on the Vaxxed Controversy

Keep-calm-and-turn-your-backBy Anne Dachel

Why so many
people don't want you to know about Dr. William Thompson's recorded statements on the CDC cover-up.
In this radio interview, Vaccine Court lawyer Patti Finn explains why Thompson's admission of covering up research data is so important. "We're hoping to crack this open, at which time I would subpoena Dr. Thompson. . . ."

Attorney Patti Finn gave listeners the rundown on the movie "Vaxxed" and its impact. Host Richie Allen asked her about what's being said in the media by people like Donald Trump and other politicians. Furthermore she described how the
Vaccine Injury Act puts roadblocks in front of parents of vaccine injured children. She also brought up her cases in Vaccine Court, and she noted that the MMR whistleblower story will figure into the actions of the court.
Patti talked about how Robert Kennedy, Jr. is involved in this fight. She made a stunning statement that vaccine makers who were prosecuted for experimenting on children for the Nazis in World War II, ended up here. "These companies came out of Germany after the war, that's where they got their start vaccinating, and even some of the doctors that began these pharmaceutical companies here in New York and New Jersey were prosecuted, and then they were released...
"You have these same companies that were experimenting in Europe during the war on children...." 
 Patti's personal objections to vaccination are based on her religious convictions, as she explained. She feels strongly that things are changing.
"I'm about to take on Merck with Dr. Thompson's studies ...for that young kid in New York City who was denied compensation. His case was replaced for Hannah Poling [in the Omnibus Proceedings]."
Patti said that the drug industry isn't necessarily involved in some conspiracy with their vaccines; "I think this is all purely profit."
There were some encouraging statements made:
"We sent a notice of intent to sue to Health and Human Services about two months ago. I had to give them sixty days notice, and I notified them that we'd be bringing a lawsuit on behalf of "Baby Doe" vs. Merck.

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Current Affairs

MMR Vaccination and Autism Revisited in 2016

Vax newsExcerpted from Vaccination News. Read the full post and bookmark the site here.

By F Edward Yazbak MD

Many parents have suspected that their previously normal children regressed and were later diagnosed with autism following Measles, Mumps and Rubella (MMR) vaccination.

The Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP) a joint effort of HHS, the Department of Justice and the US Court of Federal Claims (CFC) has been operational since October 1988 in order to compensate vaccine injured individuals.

The first MMR related autism case was filed with VICP in 2001.

When the number of cases exploded in a short time, the Chief Special Master of the Vaccine Court created the Omnibus Autism Proceeding to adjudicate the expected flood of cases (5,600 by January 2011.)   http://pediatrics.aappublications.org/content/127/Supplement_1/S74

A PubMed search revealed the listing of multiple publications on MMR vaccination and autism after 1998. Those reports, many by European authors, were mostly published in British medical journals.

Experts from The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have always denied any causal relationship between the triple live virus vaccine and autistic regression, fearing that any mention of such relationship might lead to lower vaccination rates and the return of measles to the United States, after it had been eradicated.  

F. DeStefano MD, MPH authored or co-authored most of the CDC publications on the subject. In 2001, the year the first MMR –Autism case was filed with VICP, Dr. DeStefano and R T Chen MD published "Autism and measles-mumps-rubella vaccination: controversy laid to rest?”, casually stating that “the weight of the available epidemiological and related evidence does not support a causal association between MMR vaccine, or any other vaccine or vaccine constituent, and autism.”

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Current Affairs, Vaccine Safety

Spot the Astroturf

AstroturfBy The Canary Party

CDC pays for astroturf support for the vaccine program. We have long suspected it, and occasionally we get to see behind the curtain. Such was the case last month when Megan Media posted a call for "mommy bloggers" to run paid stories supporting the vaccine program beginning April 11th.

The link has since been removed, but we took a screen shot to preserve the job posting.

We sent the following email to Megan Media for further comment, but no response has been forthcoming as of yet:

Megan Media,

Your campaign to promote the CDC's vaccine program by paying "mommy bloggers" for stories was made public last two weeks ago.

I am looking for some details on the campaign.

First, is this campaign sponsored by CDC, HHS, or any vaccine maker, patent holder, or associated org?

Who is the client on this vaccine promotion campain?

Why was the choice made to launch this during Autism Awareness Month?

Are the "mommy bloggers" required to disclose that they have been paid for their stories?

We will be publishing on this on the morning of April 11th, so apologies for sending the request after business hours on Friday, but I hope you can respond before then.

If not, I can always update the story if you are able to respond on Monday.

Thank you,
Ginger Taylor
Mother of a vaccine injured child

We encourage our readers to save the image, and post it in the comments section of any blog posts supporting the vaccine program for the next month, with the question:

"Have you been paid by Megan Media, the CDC, or any other parties for your vaccine stories?"


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