The Age of Polio. Explosion. Part 13.

Polio color Egypt
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By Dan Olmsted

In this series I’ve proposed that the polio epidemic of 1916, which started in Brooklyn and spread to all five New York City boroughs and finally the entire Northeast, was triggered by arsenic, used for the first time ever, as a weed killer on one Hawaiian sugar plantation. The sugar that I suspect was arsenic tainted arrived by freighter at the Brooklyn docks, was unloaded and then refined at mammoth factories in Queens and Yonkers, and finally ingested by children with active poliovirus infections, triggering the first big regional poliomyelitis epidemic.

On the face of it, the notion seems too complicated and unlikely to make sense, a kind of Rube Goldberg version of a simple mousetrap involving chutes and ladders and bells and whistles rather than a coiled spring and a piece of cheese. Isn't polio just a viral infection that in some unlucky cases causes paralysis and death? (Or isn't it just a toxic injury passed off as a virus, as some readers believe?) My answer is that it's an interaction of the two. It's what makes that small percentage of children "unlucky." As I quote Einstein at the start of the series, "Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler." Nature in this case has not provided a simpler explanation, which may make it harder to accept but has no bearing on whether it is true or not.

But why bother, at this late date when polio has been eliminated in the U.S. and nearly wiped off the face of the Earth? Well, for one thing, it's endlessly fascinating as a medical and cultural saga that continues to misinform our understanding of disease and how to prevent it -- the fear of iron lungs has led to a phobia of even the most benign of childhood illnesses and the cult of vaccination uber alles. Most important, it is the same kind of mechanism that I believe has led us into the Age of Autism -- live viruses whose harm is "amplified" by the presence of toxic metals like mercury and aluminum. Autism is a man-made epidemic. So is polio.

By taking on polio, I'm laying the groundwork to understand and accept the same mechanism in autism and other modern illnesses. Ultimately this series has as much to do with Michelle Cedillo and the 5,000 other children in the Omnibus Autism Proceeding  as it does with the 2,500 children who died in New York City that summer of 1916. False narratives need to be taken down and replaced with the truth, and it's never too late.


One hundred years ago the ability to detect and remove minute quantities of a toxin like arsenic from a substance like raw sugar would have been lacking. That's according to an AOA reader and environmental toxicologist who has been helping me understand the chemistry behind this idea. This week I asked her if white arsenic -- the type of arsenic used on the Hawaii plantation, Olaa, as a pesticide -- would have been harder to detect because it looks like sugar.

Her response: "The relevant characteristic is not what arsenic trioxide [white arsenic] looks like when dried, but how it behaves when in solution.  Both sugar and arsenic trioxide dissolve readily in water and they can’t be separated out from the water with the types of filtration systems used in a sugar refinery 100 years ago.  Those passive filtration systems were designed to catch larger types of molecules, including parts from crushed plants, crushed dirt/stones, crushed insects, etc.

"Arsenic trioxide, or arsenite, has a very strong attraction to the water molecules, so you have to use an active system like reverse osmosis to separate it from water.  Sugar and arsenite would 'travel together' all the way through the filtration process; the final product, when dried, was just white crystals so there would have been no visual clue that arsenite was mixed in with the sugar." 

She also explained: “Arsenic in sugar would result in intermittent dosing, which is more likely to manifest in some of the other known symptoms of arsenic toxicity such as GI upset.  Orally ingested arsenic is very hard on the intestines.  Orally ingested poliovirus enters the body through the intestines, which will be less able to fight off a viral invasion if arsenic-induced inflammation and necrosis is present.”


 So far we’ve traced the roots and rise of the 1916 epidemic from Brooklyn through the rest of New York City, including Queens and Yonkers which had the highest rates of polio of the five boroughs and of any city with a population between 50,000 and 100,000, respectively. Now let’s look at the big picture and see if the correlations continue. In an interesting 2011 medical journal article, H.V. Wyatt suggests the virus must have mutated (and then escaped from a lab in New York City) in order to explain the unusual characteristics of the epidemic:

Polio 13 A

All this argued that something unusual was going on, whatever one’s theory of the case. In the first article in the series, I wrote: “What set off the Explosion of 1916? If I'm right, an environmental bomb landing in just about the worst possible place at the worst possible time set it off, the impact spreading with a smooth but terrible precision like ripples from a pebble dropped into a still volcanic lake.” That was an allusion to the evidence that would follow linking it to Hawaiian sugar. 

Here is the U.S. Public Health Bulletin in 1918 describing the way the epidemic rippled throughout the Northeast and adjoining areas:

POLIO 13 2

Here’s how that looked in the Northeast county by county (Pennsylvania didn’t report statistics so you have to imagine a blotchy pattern of cases there as well):

Polio 13 3

And here’s how it looked in terms of actual cases:

Polio 13 4

And here’s one more way of looking at it:

Polio 13 5

Finally, let’s compare this to sugar distribution in 1916. As I’ve outlined, the bulk of Hawaiian sugar arrived in New York Harbor and Philadelphia early in 1916, while a lesser amount to Boston. (Some also went to the refinery in Crockett, California.) Some sugar cane – but not from Hawaii – was processed in Charleston, another East Coast port that received raw sugar from Cuba and Puerto Rico, and also in Louisiana, which grew and refined its own. Then there was the huge crop of sugar beets, grown and processed in the heartland and western states.

Here are sugar distribution zones from a 1959 government publication. The Northeast, the Middle Atlantic, Maryland, Delaware, Washington, D.C., Virginia, West Virginia, Michigan and surrounding states -- this looks like the territory of the polio epidemic to me.

Polio 13 6

I couldn’t find a distribution map from 1916 (f anyone can, please let me know), but a couple of years after the 1916 outbreak, when sugar rationing went into effect in the United States due to World War I, here is how the sugar board divided things up:

Polio 13 7

That suggests the sugar was distributed about how you’d expect, along regional lines closest to the sources of production. The North Atlantic States pretty much match the hardest-hit 1916 poliomyelitis outbreak states.

Polio 13 8

I’m well aware correlation does not equal causation, and that the evidence presented in this series so far is not dispositive -- that's why future installments will delve into other outbreaks to lay down as much evidence as I possibly can. Nonetheless, a look at the big picture of Hawaiian sugar refining and distribution from New York, Philadelphia and Boston in 1916 does nothing to falsify the idea presented in this series so far. Facts, as my colleague Mark Blaxill says, cluster around a good hypothesis. I also admire the words of Judge Francis Buller to the jury in a 1781 murder trial, which we quoted in our book The Age of Autism:

“You are not to expect visible proofs in a work of darkness. You are to collect the truth from circumstances, and little collateral facts, which taken singly afford no proof, yet put together, so tally with, and confirm each other, that they are as strong and convincing evidence, as facts that appear in the broad face of the day."


 The circumstances, the collateral facts, and the evidence do seem to connect and confirm each other. As I’ve shown, the “experts” lampooned and failed to follow up on repeated observations that sugar-heavy foods, from candy to baked goods to soft drinks to the places that sold and served them from Coney Island to grocery stores to delis and lunchrooms, seemed to be the centers of polio outbreaks. That dismissive approach by the "experts"  to eyewitnesses and "ordinary" people is an ongoing tragedy and an overriding theme of this project. Just because they failed to take it seriously a century ago does not mean we can't take it seriously now. That's what historical epidemiology is all about.

Let’s end our survey of the New York epidemic where we started, with the widely lampooned idea that “ice cream causes polio,” a supposed classic of false correlation, even though people cited it repeatedly at the time. That brings us back to Mrs. G.W. Franklin and her ice cream store at 1295 Gates Avenue in Brooklyn, the one “all the children naturally frequently,” in a building where two cousins died in May 1916.  It’s the place where Mrs. Franklin collapsed on the floor on June 19, paralyzed. It was a strange scenario that matched the observations people were making about places like that being the center of polio clusters. (Yet the public health commissioner at the time, Haven Emerson, said: “It may not add to the sum of scientific data to quote the suggestions received by the Department of Health as to the cause and means of curing or preventing poliomyelitis; but as a record of human interest the letters sent from all over this country and from many foreign lands present a picture which it is well for health officers to bear in mind. One hardly knows whether to laugh at the fantasies or weep over the ignorance and superstition exhibited. ... “Two hundred and thirty suggestions as the cause of the disease were received, the largest number of authors (80) attributing the existing calamity to foods. Ice cream, soft drinks, candy and summer fruits were generally accused, cereals and canned foods coming second in favor.”)

We recounted Mrs. Frankin's journey to the hospital and then her release and recovery to the point where she could walk again. Nine different doctors treated her, unsure of what she had, settling on “a light case of meningitis.” In an undated report by a health department nurse she is described as “able to be up and around and shows no sign of paralysis although she is still very weak.” By then the diagnosis had changed, too. “There can be no doubt that Mrs. Franklin had poliomyelitis and as far as our records go this is the oldest case on record.” She was 56, strikingly old (in fact, the oldest) to come down with the illness for the first time, especially surrounded by children for years.

It was not, sadly, the final note in the file. From a card dated October 6, just as the first great epidemic that presaged the next 40 years of disability and death and terror was beginning to burn itself out:

“Name of patient: Mrs. G.W. Franklin.

“Patient was taken to Jamaica Hospital about September 20 and died October 1. She never entirely regained use of her limbs.”


Dan Olmsted is Editor of Age of Autism.

Battle for California - Stopping the Pharma Juggernaut

Goodbye CA
By Kent Heckenlively, Esq.

Let me tell you what I believe to be the long-term strategy of the pharmaceutical industry in regards to vaccinations.  First, they want to establish by law the precedent that a parent cannot refuse a vaccination for their child, or they will face the draconian penalty of that child being forced out of the public school system.  It's the dry run for what they want to try next, the forced vaccination of adults as a precondition of employment.

It really is that simple and that horrible, which is why what's happening in California should both terrify people, as well as have them sitting on the edge of their seat as to what will happen next.

As for the horror, I'm sure that most readers are aware of California Senate Bill 277, which was passed last year and signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown which provides that this academic school year, 2016-2017, starting in the lower grades, children in kindergarten and the seventh grade will need to have a certain number of vaccinations in order to attend school.  All religious and philosophical exemptions are gone and only medical exemptions will remain, but you can be sure they'll try to bully physicians into not granting them.  It is REALLY bad.

But what should have you sitting on the edge of your seat is a lawsuit filed by some real legal heavyweights, including a former member of Nader's Raiders, which seeks to stop SB 277.  As an attorney I have to say I am impressed by the filing and believe it has a good chance of success.  During the years I have been in this struggle I've been frustrated as to how little reason has been deployed in the debate.  I credit much of that to the terrible 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act which removed vaccines from the traditional civil justice system.  But the pharma minions were not content with that victory and wanted to go even further.  Tyrants usually set themselves up for failure when they try to do too much.  The reason pharma has tried to weasel out of the traditional civil justice system is they don't want to argue the merits of what they are proposing.

Here are some of the arguments our side is making that pharma and which pharma will be forced to respond:

Violation of the California Constitution - Access to public education is a fundamental right under the California constitution, which means that any abridgement of that right must be viewed with great suspicion.  The defendants must show there was an overwhelming need for the abridgment of this right and that the abridgment is narrowly tailored.  Furthermore, this proposed law discriminates on the basis of wealth, as more affluent parents are more able to homeschool their children.  It also discriminates on the basis of English language fluency as California law states that any parent who wants to homeschool their child must be fluent in English.

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Dachel Wake Up: What To Do About Autism?

Dachel Morning Wake UoWhat to do about autism?

We've tried celebrating it, calling it "neurodiversity," attributing it to "greater awareness," making the world "autism friendly"--anything to pretend that a debilitating neurological condition that overwhelmingly affects children is nothing to worry about.

I've long thought that this normalizing of autism will continue until the numbers simply bury us.

The Sacramento Bee just announced that there are 97,000 students in California schools who are autistic.

Six months ago the Bee said there were 90,000 students with autism.

In 2009, seven years ago, there were officially 46,000 students with autism in California.

In 1999, there were 14,000 autistic student in California schools.

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Dear Vaccine Proponents....A Letter from Vaccine Choice Canada

Syringe Pen Writing
Dear Vaccine Proponents

Thank you for your messages and your concern.

I begin with the assumption that you are well intended and, with the exception of trolls paid by the pharmaceutical industry, sincerely believe in your statements that vaccines are safe and effective.

I also know that you are not well informed. Your rigid “everyone should be vaccinated” policy tells me that you have not ventured beyond the promotional advertisements of the pharmaceutical industry or the superficial journalism of today’s mainstream media.

Your position tells me that you haven’t read the research literature or considered the possibility that the medical industry is a for-profit business and has successfully lobbied (bought) politicians and captured the media with their advertising dollars. You assume the pharmaceutical industry is producing products in our best interest and that they wouldn’t be able to produce unsafe products.

You might admit that prescription drugs should be treated with caution. You might even be aware that the medical industry kills around 250,000 people in the US every year and is the third leading cause of death either by preventable medical error, hospital acquired infections, or properly prescribed drug reactions.

But you consider vaccines a different kind of drug. Vaccines are like a ‘magic potion’ with none of the risks or adverse effects commonly associated with other pharmaceutical products. You believe this propaganda, not because you have read clinical evidence of safety and effectiveness, but because you want to believe that vaccines are safe and effective and will protect your child from “vaccine preventable illnesses”.

You also believe that vaccines are responsible for the decline in polio and small pox and the decrease in mortality of measles, though there is no scientific evidence to support these claims. The vaccine industry denies a relationship between injury and death following a vaccination and claim that, “a temporal relationship does not mean a causal relationship”. Yet the vaccine industry is more than willing to claim a causal relationship between vaccines and the decline in infectious diseases by pointing to the temporal relationship between the introduction of vaccines and the decline of many diseases. The fact these diseases declined as much as 99%, before the introduction of the vaccine is not considered relevant.

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18 Facts the Ontario Vaccine Education Sessions Won’t Tell You

Zip lips
By Ted Kuntz

On December 11, 2015 the Ontario government announced its intention to introduce Bill 198, 27 a legislative amendment to the Immunization of School Pupils Act that would restrict parent’s access to legal vaccine exemptions for their children.  

Parents who consciously choose not to vaccinate or to vaccinate their children selectively will be forced to attend a mandatory vaccine “education session” before being allowed to exercise a right they already have - their medical right to informed consent and their Canadian Charter rights of freedom of conscience and religion and legal right to security of the person.

Below are 18 facts the Ontario government likely won’t tell you in their vaccine education sessions:

Fact #1: The safety of the current childhood vaccine schedule has never been proven in large, long-term clinical trials. 1 18 There is increasing evidence the risks of vaccination outweigh the benefits. 23

Fact #2: Vaccines have not been tested for carcinogenicity, toxicity, genotoxicity, mutagenicity, or for long-term adverse reactions.

Fact #3:  The current vaccine schedule has never been tested for safety in the real world way in which the schedule is implemented. 3  

Fact #4:  No independent trials confirm the safety of giving multiple vaccinations at once. Research shows a dose-dependent association between the number of vaccines administered simultaneously and hospitalization or death. 24

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More Research Showing How Damaged the Immune System is in Autism

Meg sick age 5By Teresa Conrick

I have been writing about my daughter, Megan, her autism diagnosis, her immune system and the Microbiome for quite awhile. The connections continue to mount.  It makes sense that researchers keep seeing the immune system involved in Autism.  In our situation, Megan has both an Autism diagnosis and an Autoimmune diagnosis.  Treating her with antibiotics, probiotics, organic and prebiotic foods, and interventions to help the immune system work more productively, increases her health and also decreases her symptoms of Autism. Here is yet another study showing that the immune system and the brain are intimately connected:

Unexpected role of interferon-γ in regulating neuronal connectivity and social behaviour 

Immune dysfunction is commonly associated with several neurological and mental disorders...Here we show that meningeal immunity is also critical for social behaviour; mice deficient in adaptive immunity exhibit social deficits and hyper-connectivity of fronto-cortical brain regions. Associations between rodent transcriptomes from brain and cellular transcriptomes in response to T-cell-derived cytokines suggest a strong interaction between social behaviour and interferon-γ (IFN-γ)-driven responses. Concordantly, we demonstrate that inhibitory neurons respond to IFN-γ and increase GABAergic (γ-aminobutyric-acid) currents in projection neurons, suggesting that IFN-γ is a molecular link between meningeal immunity and neural circuits recruited for social behaviour...This study implicates adaptive immune dysfunction, in particular IFN-γ, in disorders characterized by social dysfunction and suggests a co-evolutionary link between social behaviour and an anti-pathogen immune response driven by IFN-γ signalling.

Here is that same study in layman's terms - Does the Immune System Have a Role in Battling Autism?, Scientific American, July 14, 2016:

Molecules that protect the body from infection may be needed for mice to socialize with their peers, according to a study published today in Nature...The findings bolster an emerging link between the immune system and conditions such as autism, says lead researcher Jonathan Kipnis, professor of neuroscience at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville. “Whether we like it or not, there is a piling up of evidence that the immune system has a major impact on brain function: The brain is not isolated from the rest of the body,” he says.  The study pinpoints an immune molecule called interferon gamma as the key to this link. This molecule primes cells to attack intruders, and is ramped up during infections.  

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Dachel Wake Up: Autism Increased in CA.. Again... So?

Dachel Morning Wake UoHere are two Sacramento Bee stories, six months apart. It's really proof that no matter how bad the numbers, no matter how lame that explanation, nothing will ever change: autism is never a crisis, and vaccine don't cause the disorder. Reporter Phillip Reese wrote both of these stories. Reese's theories for where all the autism is coming from are the usual, better diagnosing, broader definition.

Six months ago Reese included "environmental factors," but in the latest report he alleges that it might be because "more children [are] born with autism."

In both pieces he cites the AAP as the source for no link between vaccines and autism.

The undeniable facts are that autism continues to affect more and more children in California and there is no reasonable explanation. Six months ago there were 90,000 students in California schools with an autism diagnosis. Now there are 97,000. What will Phillip Reese be telling us in another six months?

July 18, 2016, Sac Bee: Autism rates in California public schools jumped 7 percent in 2016

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If They Start the Shots Early Enough……

Early often
By Robin McLean can’t figure out what damage has been done.

I had been in labor about 14 hours, the last 2 in the hospital. I was almost completely dilated, but my Ob-Gyn wanted to hurry me along. Without much warning she broke my water – catapulting me into the pushing phase. The impulse was so strong, my daughter was born in that very first push, resulting in some serious trauma to my body. As the doctor and nurses ran around frantically trying to control the bleeding, they were yelling at each other that maybe they needed to knock me out. In the midst of this, I held my daughter. Despite the chaos and my (somewhat) muffled cries of pain, she lifted her head from my chest and quietly looked into my eyes.

As they were jamming in IV’s, clamping delicate places and generally jostling me all around I began to worry that my daughter would bond with a screaming, scary version of myself – I was also beginning to  feel weak and was afraid I would drop her. I asked my husband to take her and while the nurses wanted to whisk the two of them off to the nursery for all the prodding they had in store for her, my husband refused to leave me or let her out of his sight.

Once the bleeding was under control and repair work underway, my husband agreed to go with our daughter to the nursery. My recollection of the next few hours is hazy – having made it thru childbirth without pain medication I was now woozy on some cocktail needed to keep me from jumping off the bed while they sewed me up. The next thing I remember clearly, I was holding my daughter – my very unhappy, screaming daughter. No longer gazing at me silently, her eyes were squeezed shut, tears streaked her face, and the veins pulsed visibly on her forehead. Her tiny hands were clenched so hard her knuckles were white. She cried like that for a great deal of her entire first year of life. We were told that night and for months to come that this was simply “colic”.

What I didn’t know then, that I do know now, is that in 1991 hospitals across the country began giving all babies a Hepatitis B shot on their first day of life – usually within the first 12 hours. The CDC made that recommendation, despite the fact that Hep B is a blood borne, sexually transmitted disease most commonly found among IV drug users. They made that recommendation, despite the fact that mothers could be tested prior to delivery to determine whether they were Hep B positive – the only route by which their babies could become infected. They made that recommendation despite the fact that the vaccination’s safety for infants has been minimally tested. Despite the fact that the long term effects of the vaccine has never been studied. Despite the fact, that by their own calculations the vaccine’s effectiveness wanes after 7 years long before your baby will be sexually active or be tempted by IV drug use. And they have continued to make that recommendation, year after year, giving the same dosage shot to a baby – even an extremely tiny premature baby - as a 19 year old would get. Despite the fact that the US is the only country that vaccinates babies on their first day of life. Despite the fact that the Us also has the highest first day of life death rate – 50%  higher than the all the other industrialized countries combined…..Really. Read that again – it's true How can we not be outraged by this?! How is THIS not front page news?

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Dachel Wake Up: Merck Shames Parents into Vaccinating with Gardasil

Dachel Morning Wake UoJuly 15, 2016, Providence (RI) Journal: There's a shocking new ad shaming parents for not giving their children this unpopular vaccine

By Lydia Ramsey

"Maybe they didn't know I would end up with cancer because of HPV," a man says, as pictures of him as a pre-teen boy flash across the screen. "Maybe if they'd known there was a vaccine to help protect me when I was 11 or 12."

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How the Failed MMR Vaccine Has Quarantined a Detention Center As Measles Overshadows Autism


Autism Epidemic Overshadowed by Small Measles Outbreak
How the Failed MMR Vaccine Has Quarantined a Detention Center

By James Grundvig

Sixty days ago an illegal alien carried the measles virus into the Eloy Detention Center in Phoenix, Arizona, and spread the virus to one of the federal workers; from there it spread. The 1,600-bed facility serves as temporary station for migrants and illegals facing trials, deportation hearings, and other bureaucratic processing.

The Corrections Corporation of America (CCA), a private contracting firm, runs Eloy from Nashville, Tennessee. While it provides 24-hour guard and security services, agents for the Immigration and Custom Enforcement (ICE,) agency care for, manage, debrief, and interview the inmates. The facility, however, doesn’t have a single medical doctor onsite.

To date, twenty-two people have contracted the non-lethal disease. That’s twenty-two over a sixty-day period. That is twenty-two in Eloy, which at the time housed 1,200 detainees, with a staff of 150 ICE agents, and 350 CCA security personnel. All told, there were 1,900 people in the federal detention center at the time of exposure.

According to the Montana Department of Health’s Infographic on measles, a state that hasn’t had a single measles case since 1990, one person with measles can spread the virus to eighteen more people.

2016 Measles Montana

With 1,900 people exposed, and hundreds going home from the facility on a daily basis, not including relatives, friends and lawyers visiting the detainees, how come there were only twenty-two measles cases?

Since the “Largest Outbreak in the United States this year,” one newspaper headline gushed, took place in May, 102 of the detainees have been released from the facility. But ICE Immigration Court has not resumed trials yet and likely won’t reopen until the end of July, according to an Arizona Department of Health press release. All visitors must carry proof of vaccinations to enter. No exceptions.

From, immigration reporter Esther Yu-Hsi Lee opened her article (7-11-16) as if the U.S. faced a repeat of the 2014 Ebola pandemic:

“A nationwide public health crisis may be underway as dozens of workers at an Arizona immigration detention facility have refused to get vaccinated amid a large measles outbreak — currently, the largest outbreak of the disease anywhere in the United States.”

Blaming federal workers for not being vaccinated against measles is total crap and takes away from a great issue that really is an epidemic of Armageddon scale.

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Levi Quackenboss On The Epidemic Of Coincidence Disorder

Thanks as ever to Levi Quackenboss for this Monday morning zingRead the full post at the Quackenboss site.

Parents of disabled children, desperate to blame someone for their bad genetics or inexplicable acts of God, have taken to social media in recent years as a “vocal minority” to blame their woes on life-saving measures whose side effects we all know are exceedingly rare:  vaccines.

As much as our hearts break for these parents raising non-verbal autistic children in diapers at age 10, or whose kids go into anaphylactic shock six times a year from exposure to common everyday foods, or those with imperfect offspring who suffer from epilepsy and spend a quarter of the year hospitalized, we have to chalk these conditions up to the new epidemic of “Coincidence Disorder” because if there’s one thing we know about these mysteries:  they are not caused by vaccines.

There is no limit to the coincidences that these pathetic parents blame on the greatest inventions of the 20th century.  Take, for instance, when a seemingly-healthy baby is vaccinated for Hepatitis B before being discharged from the hospital, and suddenly that baby is incapable of suckling at the breast.  Never mind that mama had been breastfeeding for 48 hours already, this baby now has to be bottle fed because it has forgotten its eating reflex.  Babies are silly and sometimes these things just happen, right?  Did you see this study of little monkeys who weren’t able to suckle after a hep b vax?  Are we monkeys?  No, we are not.  We are plagued with Coincidence Disorder, and it’s tragic.

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Dachel Wake Up: The Selling of Autism

Dachel Morning Wake UoBy Anne Dachel

Kids with autism, that mysterious disorder that we didn’t know anything about until about 25 years ago, are now a fact of life in America and around the world.  Autism happens--we need to learn to live with it.

These four stories demonstrate what I mean. No one cares WHY your child is autistic. There's nothing we can do about that. In fact, we don't even want to talk about it!

Autism has been mythologized into normal and acceptable "difference." It's along the same lines as near-sightedness and being left-handed. It's just the way some people are. The BEST way to do that is to have the press convince us with stories every hour on the news ...

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Waiting Room Observations

Take-care-of-each-otherBy Cathy Jameson

A few weeks ago my kids were discussing Heaven.  After each of them shared what they thought Heaven looked like, one of the kids added that some people have to wait to get there.  Instead of going straight up, they make a stop in Purgatory.  Ronan’s little brother looked at me and asked, “Mom, what do you think Purgatory looks like.”  Hoping for a one-way ticket “straight up”, I laughed and told him that I hoped I’d never find out.  He was serious, though, and wanted a better answer. 

So I told him, “When I was a young child I enjoyed taking a subway ride into the city when we’d visit my grandparents.  Going into New York City was fun, but I was always afraid of waiting for the subway.  Sometimes the trains were quick and we didn’t wait very long.  But other times, when the train didn’t come right away, I had time to think about the strange underground noises I wasn’t used to and got scared of the darkness that I saw when I peered down the tunnel as I wondered where the train was.  That part made me feel very uneasy, and I couldn’t wait to get back on the street level!  As an older child when I learned about Purgatory, I imagined that Purgatory looked and felt like a deserted, dark subway station.  A few benches would be there on the platform, but no one else was sitting in them or walking about the place.  No trains would come zooming in to whisk to me away either – if I was in Purgatory, it meant that I was there for a reason.  I knew I’d be waiting, waiting, waiting until it was time for me to get to the next stop: Heaven.” 

By the time I finished the description, all of Ronan’s siblings were listening.  I ended with, “To me, Purgatory is a time of waiting.  Good things will come, but wherever a person least likes waiting, that’s what Purgatory looks like.”  After taking all five kids to Ronan’s big sister’s orthodontics appointment – which ran late and took much longer than we all expected, I’ve changed my mind.  Purgatory is an overcrowded waiting room where autism is put to the test. 

An overcrowded waiting room where time stands still, where some people stare and others look on with pity – that’s where we found ourselves last week.  A short appointment turned into a long appointment that kept getting longer.  Poor Ronan!  He tried so hard to be so very patient.  Poor me!  I tried so hard to keep Ronan so very patient but failed miserably. 

If I knew how long the appointment would go over (40 minutes longer than anticipated), I’d have brought more things to keep him entertained.  But in juggling him, in redirecting him, in keeping him calm, in promising him that “this too shall end”, I saw a different side of Ronan.  He was anxious.  He was agitated.  He was very concerned.  But it wasn’t for himself; it was for his big sister, Fiona. 

There she was, his biggest helper, sitting in an uncomfortable looking chair having all manner of stuff being done to her teeth.  Poking, prodding, cleaning, polishing.  Ronan’s seen it before but had never taken much interest in the procedure before.  Happy with his iPad or his favorite book, Ronan’s sat quietly in the chair next to me at a previous appointment while Fiona sat in that same uncomfortable looking chair while her teeth were being poked, prodded, cleaned, and polished.  He paid no attention to it before though.  But last week, all of his attention was directed toward his sister, and I was happy to see it. 

Because of how little he communicates, we sometimes wonder how much Ronan understands.  We know that he takes in a lot, but with such little feedback from him, it isn’t until we’re in a situation do we learn what Ronan thinks of it.  When he does expresses himself, we take note and we encourage a response always hoping that we can make meaningful contact in return.  That’s what I observed happen last Tuesday. 

Ronan’s facial expressions and his inability to focus on the few things I’d brought in his backpack to keep him happy were indicators that something was clearly bothering Ronan.  Watching him trying to get Fiona’s attention from the chairs we were sitting in for as long as he tried was inspiring.  He needed his sister.  But she was over there and we were sitting over here.  Curious about what he felt he needed to do, because it seemed like Ronan wanted to protect Fiona from whatever the technician was doing to her, I said, “Buddy, she’s okay.”  But that was not enough for Ronan.  He needed to see for himself. 

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The Age of Polio. Explosion. Part 12.

Polio color Egypt

Editor's note:  We invite you to read the entire series here.

By Dan Olmsted

When Mrs. G.H. Franklin woke up after collapsing on the floor of her Brooklyn ice cream parlor on June 19, 1916, she found herself in a ward at St. Mary’s Hospital, paralyzed. She was 56 years old. Just two days earlier, the Brooklyn Daily Eagle ran a story on its front page headlined “24 Cases of Infant Paralysis in the Boro; Health Board Acts.”

Polio 12 1

Despite the timing, doctors were loathe to describe Mrs. Franklin's case as polio. For one thing she simply seemed too old for infantile paralysis -- the oldest person in the health department case files that summer.  “The hospital records show that the case was considered some type of meningitis altho a lumbar puncture showed nothing abnormal,” according to a health department report. “On July 8 she was brought to her son’s home at 1250 Curtis Avenue, Woodhaven, Queens. On July 30, after she left, her grandsons Herbert and Calvin were taken acutely ill, the former promptly being diagnosed poliomyelitis, the diagnosis in the latter not yet known. “On July 15, Mrs. Franklin moved to 4559 Metropolis Avenue, Queens, and nine days after arriving there, her grandson Willy was taken ill and also Edith Smith, the daughter of another tenant in the same house. Both proved to have poliomyelitis.

“An interesting sidelight on this problem is the fact that on June 1, when Mrs. Franklin was first taken ill at 1295 Gates Avenue, an Italian baby on the top floor became suddenly ill and died within 24 hours, no diagnosis being made.”  Trying to untangle the coincidences from the  clues was beyond the health department’s ken. Yet the department spent a lot of its time building up voluminous files on each case and tracking down every possible contact. This was a misadventure if the hypothesis I've laid out in earlier segments is true, because it continually missed the environmental trigger -- low levels of arsenic in sugar that had recently arrived at the refineries from Hawaii.

The environmental toxicologist who’s been helping me commented: “Arsenic in sugar would result in intermittent dosing, which is more likely to manifest in some of the other known symptoms of arsenic toxicity such as GI upset. Orally ingested arsenic is very hard on the intestines.  Orally ingested poliovirus enters the body through the intestines, which will be less able to fight off a viral invasion if arsenic-induced inflammation and necrosis is present.” Certainly plenty of polio cases I’ve read about from the 1916 epidemic began with that kind of stomach upset. I wonder if Mrs. Franklin got better just because she was no longer eating her own ice cream all day.


Brooklyn, where the Hawaiian sugar made port, had the first outbreak. Queens, where most of the raw sugar went to the refinery in Long Island City, had the highest polio rate per capita of the five boroughs. Yonkers, where a smaller amount went to the refinery there, had the highest number of cases of any city of its size in the country. That’s proof of nothing but it’s consistent with the “facts cluster around a good hypothesis” model.

Polio 12 2

More clues, also direct from the health department:

Polio 12 3

Here is that cluster on the health department’s map – it’s directly opposite the green square:

Polio 12 4

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Register for The Autism Education Summit for just $49!

We're excited to share this offer from our friends at Generation Rescue!

Registration (for all three days) for the Autism Education Summit is just $49 until Sunday! 

PLUS, when you register this weekend, you’ll also be entered to win a complete set of the BIORAY Kids line of natural detox products. 

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Schools Been Blown to PIECES! YAAAAAAAAYYYYY!!!!! (Autism and Adulthood.)

By Kim Stagliano

I know that the Alice Cooper classic rock song "School's Out" is politically incorrect. I don't much care.  I am the mother of one, two, three daughters with autism. I'm tired. And I'm often cranky.

Not today. I'm so happy I need to pinch myself to make sure I'm really me.

Check this out:  Here's the report I got from my oldest daughter's new adult day program.  My response is in crayon. Try finding a pen around here.

She attends Monday - Friday from 9:00 to 2:30pm at two programs that are part of a large organization in my county.  Four years ago I said out loud, "Mia will NEVER go to a day program at such and such!"   Dopey me.   So, her core program is very autism specific. The staff is well trained. Kind. Young. Energetic. Underpaid. She is also attending a totally cool Art Cooperative program in a funky space that you or I would be happy to call home every day.  This was the note I got after her first day of adding the art program. Pay attention to this line "No drops."  One of Mia's behaviors is to drop to the floor onto her knees like a sack of cement and remain there when she is not happy with what's going on - especially during transition. In fact, another day program in the area - that shall not be named (yet.... ) all but turned Mia down because of this ooooooh so difficult behavior. Is dropping to the floor a disruptive pain in the  you know what behavior?  Yes. Is it the the worst of possible autism behaviors? Heck no.  

ZERO DROPS is huge, giant, life changing. And it tells me that Mia feels good. Safe. Respected. In control. Honestly, I'm giddy.

I think Mia is thrilled to be done with the constant data tracking of ABA based school.  She's sick to death of prompts and charts and rewards. Life is not prompt based. For any of us. Sure we need reminders and incentives. But the overdrive school models are not relevant to the real world. 

Respecting her and meeting her where she is right now is what's making a difference. The team likes Mia. She's a nice young woman who sings off key with joy and who, when she makes eye contact with you, really connects with  your soul.  She shines. And her new program honors her. 

I've told her team that I'm writing about Mia's journey. 

SCHOOL'S OUT FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We can do this. Take heart. More soon.


Kim Stagliano is Managing Editor for Age of Autism.

James Lyons Weiler on A Frightening New Syndrome: Vaccine Risk Awareness

Wake up callNOTE:  Thanks to James Lyons Weiler for this post following the attempt to mandate Gardasil in Pennsylvania. And here's an article From Trib Live Allegheny County Board of Health won't pursue HPV .vaccine mandate

By James Lyons Weiler

PITTSBURGH, PA.  Local residents are wondering who to contact to report a sudden emergence of awareness in the risks of vaccination after a proposal emerged to the Allegheny Board of Health to consider writing a proposal to make HPV vaccination of 11- and 12-year olds mandatory for all who want to attend public school.

People who suffer from this condition, called “Vaccine Risk Awareness”, or VRA, report various symptoms including thinking for themselves, taking responsibility for their own health care decisions, and for those of their children, and various neurological symptoms such as having a brain capable of understanding that

  • >95% of all HPV infections are cleared w/in 2 years with no signs of cancers, or precursors to cancer;
  • current HPV vaccines only work on <10% of the HPV types circulating, of which there are around 100, and thus, contrary to claims by doctors and Merck, the vaccine cannot eradicate HPV infections;
  • the CDC’s own data show no net change in overall HPV infection due to the use of HPV vaccines in the US:
  • no study has ever been done that demonstrates that incomplete immunization via HPV vaccine lead to a reduction in cancer rates due to HPV;

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Gardasil: A License to Kill. What Has Changed Since This Report in 2010?

Blaxill 1 photoWe are running the "License to Kill" series by Mark Blaxill as a reminder of the warning bells that have been pealing for many years while the media, pharma, government continue to push this vaccine on a wide group of "consumers" with each passing day.  We published this series in the Spring of 2010. You might recall that Gardasil was launched for teen girls to prevent a certain type of genital wart virus that can lead to cervical cancer. Now teen boys are being dosed with Gardasil.

By Mark Blaxill
Part 1:  How A Public-Private Partnership Made the Government Merck’s Gardasil Partner

“Perhaps no other recent product on the market demonstrates successful health care technology transfer better than the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine, Gardasil, produced by Merck & Co. and approved by the FDA in June 2006,” proclaimed a recent National Institutes of Health (NIH) newsletter. In a February 23, 2007 article entitled “From Lab to Market: The HPV Vaccine”, the NIH Record celebrated the pivotal role of government researchers in developing Merck’s Gardasil product. “Based largely on technology developed at NIH,” the newsletter reported, “the vaccine works to prevent four types of the sexually transmitted HPV that together cause 70 percent of all cervical cancer and 90 percent of genital warts (HERE).
The occasion motivating this celebratory article was the “Philip S. Chen, Jr. Distinguished Lecture on Innovation and Technology Transfer” given by Douglas T. Lowy, one of the NIH scientists involved in developing the HPV vaccine. In the ceremony pictured above, Lowy is receiving an honorary poster from the head of NIH at the time, Elias Zerhouni, who took advantage of the occasion to shower praise on his team’s work, one he viewed as a model for future efforts. “It’s a ‘heroic’ story about the effort to fight cervical cancer, the second most deadly cancer for women worldwide, said NIH director Dr. Elias Zerhouni,” in the NIH Record’s account. “He noted that he has talked about the vaccine’s creation to Congress and with the President on his recent visit to NIH. How researchers took the technology ‘from the lab to the marketplace is a journey we can learn from,’ Zerhouni said.”
While Zerhouni was bragging to anyone in Washington D.C. who would listen about the NIH team’s role in this historic accomplishment, the vaccine's developers were actively spreading the news of their achievement in scientific circles. It’s hard to blame them, because at the time Lowy and his colleague John T. Schiller, leaders of the team that had invented the technology for the “virus-like particles” (or VLPs) that made Gardasil possible, were in some pretty heady company. In 2008, Harald zur Hausen, the scientist who discovered the role of human papillomavirus (HPV) in cervical cancer during the 1980s, received one half of the Nobel Prize in Medicine; the two researchers at the Pasteur Institute who had discovered the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) had to share the other half.
Perhaps campaigning for their own place in the pantheon of medical heroes, Lowy and Schiller described their VLP technology in several review articles on the history and development of the Merck vaccine. These treatments were studiously scientific in tone and at points openly critical of their commercial partner, as the authors commented with disapproval on the high price Merck was charging for Gardasil. But in one May 2006 review in The Journal of Clinical Investigation, the pair also made the following disclosure about their own commercial interests:
“Conflict of interest: The authors, as employees of the National Cancer Institute, NIH, are inventors of the HPV VLP vaccine technology described in this Review. The technology has been licensed by the NIH to the 2 companies, Merck and GlaxoSmithKline, that are developing the commercial HPV vaccines described herein.”
Attached to an otherwise heroic narrative of the triumph of technology over cancer, this disclosure struck a discordant note. Conflict of interest? Inventors? Vaccine technology? Licenses? Pharmaceutical companies? Commercial vaccines? This isn’t scientific language, but rather the language of money and commerce. What was this unusual concession doing there in the fine print?

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The Storming of the Bastille

Defarge 2
July 14 is France's Bastille Day. This day can serve as a reminder around the world of the power of women. Mothers. Wives. Sisters. Daughters. Together, we can change the world. Where we see wrongs against our precious children, we rise up, we revolt, we knit names into the blankets of our rage.  Our current political process reflects a similar dissatisfaction bubbling up as the middle class as been trounced.  It is the best of times. It is the worst of times. With apologies to Mr. Dickens.

The Women’s March on Versailles was a prime example of the effect that women could have on a revolution in a hands on way, as opposed to being just nurses to the wounded. It was a defining moment of the French Revolution that made an almost immediate shift in the balance of power, bringing the privileged to their knees and favoring the country’s common people. Read more:

Dachel Wake Up: 64 Women Sue in Japanese Courts Over Cervical Cancer Vaccine

Dachel Morning Wake UoBy Anne Dachel

The HPV vaccine is proving to be not only high risk in terms of reactions, but high risk in terms of injuring teens and adults who can speak out - rather than "just" babies who stop or never start speaking at all.  From Japan Times:

A group of lawyers for 64 women who are suffering health problems from cervical cancer vaccines said Tuesday the victims will file damages lawsuits against the government and two drugmakers that produced the vaccines through four district courts on July 27.

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Pittsburgh Mom Describes Serious Gardasil Vaccine Injury

Vioxx now gardasilNote: Doctors are ready to blame anything except the vaccines they administer when a patient becomes chronically sick.  Watch this video about how a 13 year old girl's life changed dramatically after "just one" dose of Gardasil. "No no no it couldn't be the vaccine." Except when it is.  See an interview with Sara at the bottom of this post. KRS

By Anne Dachel

Sara Sotomayor's mother tells her story at "VaxXed" in Pittsburgh. "She was injured by the Gardasil vaccine on October 17, 2006. She had just one dose of the Gardasil vaccine. She was 13 at the time. She’s 23 now, so we’re coming up on the ten year anniversary.

“As soon as the vaccine needle left her arm, she was squealing and crying. She said it felt like an aluminum bat hit her arm.

“We were, of course, reassured by the nurse at the doctor’s office that this is normal. Particularly the Gardasil vaccine, this is normal to have a lot of pain at the injection site. …

“Two days later, the pain is still there. She’s really complaining a lot, and she’s not a complainer. …So I called the doctor’s office and I said what was going on. Again they reassured me this is natural, this is normal, don’t worry about it. Just give it a little time. And so we did, we gave it time.

“I didn’t know anything about vaccine injury. …The following days and weeks what ended up happening was she had severe nosebleeds—like gushing. Her gait started to change when she walked. She kind of favored one side. She was extremely pale. …

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Joshua Coleman Speaks Out on Son's Vaccine-Induced Paralysis (Transverse Myelitis) and SB277

Josh Coleman 6 25 16
By Anne Dachel

Joshua Coleman is the father of eight year old Otto Coleman, who was vaccine-injured at seventeen Otto Coleman and sonmonths of age. Joshua was very involved in the efforts to stop the bill that would end vaccine choice in California last year.

Joshua came to Sacramento on June 10, 2015 to speak to the California Assembly Health Committee about what happened to his son. In this Age of Autism piece Disabled CA Boy's Testimony to SB277 Lawmakers: "I Love Going To School. Please Don't Take That Away From Me." we can read what Joshua wanted to tell legislators.

Despite the fact that he wasn't able to address the Health Committee, Joshua did make his speech before a huge crowd at the capitol on June 25, 2015.

Here is part of what Joshua had to say about the reality of vaccine injury and what doctors and legislators are willing to close their eyes to.

"We asked why this had happened, and the doctor said it was most likely a reaction to either a vaccination or an airborne virus, the latter being rejected since he'd had no signs of illness.  The doctor then slammed the door shut on further discussion of how our healthy son went from walking to being paralyzed.  There was no investigation to specifically determine what had caused our child to go from walking and running into a wheelchair for the rest of his life.  At a later date, we took our son to Johns Hopkins for further testing.  There, doctors investigated every possible reason why our son might have become paralyzed from Transverse Myelitis, every possible reason except for vaccines.  This made no sense then, and it makes no sense now, as every doctor that Otto saw at four different hospitals mentioned that the vaccines he received in close proximity to his paralysis were the most likely culprit."

Recently I contacted Joshua Coleman so he could tell us more about his experiences.

I asked Joshua about the rally against SB277 held on June 25, 2016 in Sacramento and about his remarks.

“We showed up at the capitol and there was a large rally, hundreds and hundreds of parents—possibly about a thousand—showed up and several of us gave speeches. I spoke about my experience with vaccines. My son was vaccine injured at seventeen months old.

“I have his vaccination cards here. I actually looked at his vaccination records. At seventeen months old, he had received thirty-seven vaccines, which is about three times the amount I got in my entire adult life. He ended up paralyzed with transverse myelitis.

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Adult Immunization Rates are Targeted through Standing Orders

Vax for Adults
By Mary Romaniec

State and local health departments, along with large medical practices, are poised to increase adult immunization rates by implementing policies and procedures that support a program known as “Standing Orders.” 

At a recent event held in Boston, a small group of demonstrators stood outside the Westin Copley hotel where the Take A Stand™: Use Standing Orders to Improve Adult Immunization Rates workshop was taking place.  The workshop is described as “a unique national program being conducted for a limited time by the Immunization Action Coalition (IAC), supported by a sponsorship from Pfizer”.

If IAC sounds familiar it is because they are the group that boasted how they used their listserv to get “Vaxxed” banned from Tribeca Film Festival.

Demonstrators explained the problem is that Standing Orders is a form of collusion and corruption to push pharmaceutical interests, spreading it out across the country via the kind of workshops held in Boston.  In other words, they are going straight to health departments and doctor practices to show them how to increase adult immunizations rates via on file Standing Orders to vaccinate according to the CDC adult schedule (flu, shingles, boosters).  The move essentially shuts down public knowledge and discourse on the subject by going around state legislators or open forums for discussion. 

According to Dr. L.J. Tan from IAC, “Our challenge is adult immunization rates are very poor.  Standing Orders allow a practice to routinize administration of vaccines,” Tan said. 

By routinize, Tan clarified that it meant the practitioner, or someone on staff, can have a conversation about the need for boosters or other adult vaccines.  However, the caveat in the details is that it means your personal physician can write in your medical charts a “standing order”, which can then be done against your knowledge or will in any hospital setting. 

What happens in hospitals?

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On the "Vaxxed" Tour: Portland, Maine and Cyndimae's Story

Dachel Morning Wake Uo
NOTE: Here is Anne's "Wake up." We hope Americans wake up to the tragedy that is vaccine injury.  Baby Cyndimae will never wake to another day.

By Anne Dachel

Polly Tommey and the rest of the “Vaxxed” team continue to talk about all the parents they’re meeting on the tour and their accounts of horrific suffering and death as a result of routine vaccination. These children must not be forgotten. Their lives have to mean something. This must stop.

Here is the interview of a mother in Portland, Maine, Susan Meehan. Her daughter was severely injured and eventually died as a result of her vaccinations.

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Pharma Adverts on TV: What Will You Say?

TV pills

A petition is circulating to put a halt to the current Gardasil vaccine campaign.

TELL THE FTC: Merck HPV Vaccine Television Commercial IS FALSE & MISLEADING

By Cathy Jameson

When we were on vacation last week, my kids were reintroduced to cable television.  At one point, after they’d watched a few shows, I asked the kids to count how many big pharma commercials they saw being advertised.  In a short amount of time, quite a few had flashed across the screen.  Since they couldn’t fast forward through the commercials, which the kids admitted were getting annoying, they turned the volume down, talked amongst themselves, and waited for the drivel to be over.  I was proud of them.  

Not too long ago, they’d have been glued to the tube and ready to repeat whatever it was they heard… 

After getting Ronan off to school one morning several years ago, I could feel a migraine coming on.  Rest, in the form of a quick nap in a darkened room, is usually all I need to stave off a headache, so I asked my children to play a little quieter so that I could do that.  My kids had what they thought was a better idea.  They recalled what they’d heard on TV and thought they’d offered me some health advice instead. 

Mommy, just take that medicine.  It makes headaches go away.  Then, you’ll be all better. 

Three of my kids nodded to each other and then smiled at me – Yeah, there’s that one that makes you feel better.  You can take that one.  It makes headaches go away fast.  The commercial said so!

I asked my oldest to repeat herself.  She repeated only the last part:  The commercial said so!

Pro-vaccine plots on PBS shows had me begin to limit my children’s television time already.  The day that my children suggested that I just pop a pill was the day we decided to completely cut cable out of our lives for good.  Sure, I miss sitting on the couch and vegging out to mindless television at the end of a very long day, but I don’t miss the annoying, in-your-face advertisements that had my children questioning me.  It was a pivotal day for me as a parent and one that I’ll never forget. 

That day, I looked at my daughter and said, “Honey, Mommy doesn’t need any medicine.  I just need a quick nap.  Give me 20 minutes, and I’ll be okay and ready to play with you again.” 

I could tell she wasn’t convinced that a quick nap would do the trick, but she shuffled the little ones into the playroom and found a quiet game that they could all play together.  I closed the curtains and laid down on the couch in the living room for 20 minutes.  I slept.  Hard.  And woke up refreshed and headache free as I knew I would.  After I’d gotten up from the quick nap, I unplugged the TV. 

Twenty minutes.  It was all I needed to get rid of the headache.  It was all the time that my daughter needed to trust me again, too. 

I called the cable company later and told them that we didn’t need them anymore.  Trying to convince me to keep a service I didn’t want or need, the representative attempted to offer me more incentives – prime movie channels!  live sports events!  more channels than I’ll ever have time to watch!  I listened to the pitch and then politely said, “No.  No, thank you.  We’re done with cable.”

If I want to watch television shows, I can still do that.  I may be a season or two behind with what the rest of the world is currently watching, but without cable TV, I can still veg out at the end of a long day and watch a show or a feature-length movie.  The best part is that I’m not forced to sit through anything that targets ‘anti-vax’ parents as idiots.  I’m not forced to watch big pharma commercial after big pharma commercial after big pharma commercial during a daytime talk show.  I am free to pick and choose what I want to watch and when I want watch. 

I may pay a small price to have other viewing options, but I can still enjoy television – mindless or otherwise, through several avenues:  online streaming, Redbox, Netflix, and even YouTube.  Now, YouTube has gotten a tad annoying with their choice of ads that they feature – and that you can’t skip, but I can mute the volume and look away.  My kids know to do the same when they see questionable advertisements, especially ones that big pharma pays for.  Sadly, the big pharma commercials, like the latest HPV vaccine advert that I heard other parents discussing, are the ones we can’t always skip over. 

Since we made the decision to cut cable television out of our lives all those years ago, I was unable to see the latest HPV vaccine advertisement when it aired on TV.  Turns out, I didn’t need to have cable to see it – I was able to find the commercial online at the end of last week.  I was not impressed: Merck HPV vaccination commercial.

Others were not impressed either.  Citing the commercial false and misleading, a petition has been created, which you can share in your groups and on social media sites.

I can’t mute every advertisement we hear on the radio or rip out the ones that I see in print before my kids are exposed to them, but I do my best to keep adverts, especially the ones sponsored big pharma, out of my family’s life.  I’m encouraged that others are doing so as well. 

Cathy Jameson is a Contributing Editor for Age of Autism.

Week One: Autism for Adults

FutureBy Kim Stagliano

Quick update on my oldest daughter's first week in her adult autism day program.  The future I worried about is here. And guess what?  Although it's very early, I'm not as terrified as I thought. Dare I say we have:




Our team has worked really hard to welcome Mia to her new routine.  The program is part of a large Mia summer 2016organization here in Fairfield County, CT.  They offer over 40 "day programs," and Mia will be in two. One is arts based the other, her core program, is called "INSPIRE."  Mia calls it, "InSPIDER." We love that.

We've had excellent communication. Texts. Emails. Notes.

The transportation office has be patient with me.

And Mia seems to be happy.  Today, she is delivering Meals on Wheels in the area. I love that.

More soon!

Breitbart Reports: Parents Sue to Stop SB277

Goodbye CAExcerpted from Breitbart. 

A group of parents and organizations sued the State of California last Friday in an attempt to stop the vaccine mandate that now stands in effect for the upcoming school year.

Six parents and four not-for-profit organizations joined together to file the lawsuit against the State of California and its applicable departments and authorities. The plaintiffs seek relief based on “a child’s right to an education” as “long recognized” by the California Supreme Court, according to court documents.

The four organizations joining in the lawsuit are: Nevada-based Education for All, D.C.-based Weston A. Price Foundation, Nevada-based Citizens for Health, and Georgia-based Alliance for Natural Healt

Waves of efforts to stop vaccine mandate SB 277 failed to stop the legislators bent on its passage. The bill that became law and went into effect on July 1 of this year eliminated California parents’ choice in whether to vaccinate their children unless they have the means to homeschool or enroll a child in non-classroom-based independent study. Gone are the personal belief waivers that allowed parents to opt a child out of even one dose of a required vaccine and still attend public or private school.

Those that opposed SB 277 did so for a host of reasons and from across the political spectrum. California now has one of the most stringent vaccine mandates in the country. As the new lawsuit states, 47 states allow some sort of personal or religious exemption from required vaccinations.

Read more here.

Andrew Wakefield Speaks on Project TENDR Pediatric Health Risk Assessment

Andy Santa Monica Candle
By Anne Dachel

Top researchers—all respected scientists—are saying that we are poisoning the brains of our children with the industrial/consumer products that they are exposed to everyday. Consensus Statement HERE.

Take note of the chilling words: “The vast majority of chemicals in industrial and consumer products undergo almost no testing for neurotoxicity or other health effects." While they don’t talk about vaccines, the same thing is true when we talk about the neurotoxic effects of the chemicals and combined viruses we use in vaccines—they have not been studied.

Dr. Wakefield announced the publication of this consensus statement at the 2nd Annual Health Freedom Rally and Candlelight Vigil at City Hall, in Santa Monica, Califiornia on July 1st, 2016.

Andy was introduced by Wendy Silvers, Founder, MillionMamasMovement. He began his brief talk by asking who in the audience had NOT seen “VaxXed.”

He continued:

“There are times in history when change occurs, there are times when change becomes inevitable, when change becomes unstoppable. The camera rolls and the world bears witness. A single voice cries out against the many voices of corruption and is heard. A time when the government sells the lives of your children to corporations in order to line their pockets.

“That time has come. That time is now. We must make that time, now you must make that time now.

“In ‘VaxXed’ the camera rolled and the world is bearing witness. ‘VaxXed’ brought you the single voice, the lone voice of Dr. William Thompson, and that is changing everything. He is silencing the lies and the corruption of all those who have gone before.

“So now is the time. Now is the time to overthrow the corporate rule of this country and to bring the power back to the people.

“I want to share with you one thing, amazing news that came through this morning. I just want to read this to you.

‘An unprecedented alliance of leading scientists, health professionals, and children’s health advocates agreed for the first time that today’s scientific evidence supports a link between exposure to toxic chemicals in food, air, and everyday products, and children’s risk for neurodevelopmental disorders. The alliance, known as Project TENDR, is calling for immediate action to significantly reduce exposure to toxic chemicals to protest brain development for today’s and tomorrow’s children.’

“And let me just add a caveat to that. In this article, they talk about mercury, they talk about pharmaceuticals, they come within a hair’s breath of saying what you have known all along, of saying vaccines. You and I know because we’ve witnessed this for twenty or more years, and that is where this is going. And they know it. The people that wrote this paper wrote it in large part because they do not want to end up on the wrong side of history.

This is something that you have known for a very, very long time, and you have been telling them And kicking and screaming, they have now been brought to the table and decided that it’s politic, that it’s scientifically the correct time to get onboard and say what? That this is what we believe. Will they say that parents were right all along?

“No, they won’t. No they won’t, because that would be an indictment of them. But believe you me, this is being written because many NIH scientists, EPA scientists on here do not want to end up on the wrong side of history.

“But believe me, I will not let them forget where they stood. I will not let these agencies forget where they stood barely one year ago. They do not absolve their consciences that easily. All of this has been known during the writing and the passage of this insidious and most dangerous bill, SB277.  And it must be destroyed for the children of California and the children of the world.”

America has been warned. We must take immediate action. We cannot say that known neurotoxins in vaccines have been exonerated. Like all these other products allowed by government oversight agencies, vaccines have not been thoroughly studied. THIS HAS TO BE A MAJOR ISSUE IN THE 2016 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION.

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It's Not a Perfect World but I'll Take It: 50 Life Lessons for Teens Like Me -- Who are Kind of (You know) Autistic

Jennifer Rose book
CONTEST! We have a copy of this book to give away - just leave a comment with your email address! 

We are so happy to see this review of Jennifer Rose's book in the NJ Patriot Ledger!  Jennifer's Dad Jonathan has written for AofA, as has her Mother, Gayle DeLong.  Talented family!  Congrats, Jennifer!  You can buy a copy at Amazon now!

"It's Not a Perfect World But I'll Take It: 50 Life Lessons for Teens Like Me -- Who Are Kind of (You Know) Autistic" By Jennifer Rose

(Skyhorse Publishing, 116 pp, $12.99)

Jennifer Rose is a promising writer with a great eye and a keen sense of humor. She is not, though, simply a promising autistic writer with a great eye and a keen sense of humor.

Rose, of Morristown, has written this slim book of life lessons in the form of short essays. The essays are fine, albeit a tad repetitive. The repetition is the book's main problem, but the most obvious flaw is a 23-word title. It's ungainly and smacks of a certain cynicism on the publisher's part: Are they fearful people with autism and those who love them would not buy the book unless this never-ending title were on the cover?

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Dr. Rob Ring and What Went Wrong at Autism Speaks: Everything

Blue drain
By Katie Wright

Well, almost everything

Dr Ring’s tenure decimated AS Science. Ring chose to fund approximately 30 large studies. A small percentage of these grants are of passable value but most of Ring’s scientific choices are wasteful fiascos. Probably 5% of Ring’s grants deliver value to AS consumers. Virtually none of Ring’s grants will help people struggling with autism now. What follows are lists of the largest grants made during Dr. Ring’s tenure as AS’ Chief Scientific Officer.


EARLI                $1.6  million

Earli studies have, by and large, been a massive disappointment. EARLI/ AS studies have spent a lot of money spent on hopelessly redundant parental age research, studies on the dangers of cigarette smoking to fetuses (newsflash, I know) and maternal infections. EARLI research is not supposed to be SOLELY prenatal in focus. There are about a twenty maternal infection studies, it’s a good subject but we needed EARLI to study POSTnatal immune challenges. This is an overreaching problem w Autism Speaks science; their continual failure to study any issue remotely novel and their failure to represent consumer priorities to EARLI. No one, not 1 ASD parent wants more “old parents cause autism research.” Most ASD parents want postnatal immune research but Ring’s consistent disregard for consumer priorities were a signature of his leadership.

Ethnicity and Autism/ Screening/ Study of

Training Comm. Partners UCLA            $450,000

Screening Koreans                                      $400,000

Rural Bangladesh & Autism                     $400,000

South Central LA & Autism                      $300,000

Urban Autism Placement                         $400,000

Frenchman (Eric Fombinne) Study of Latino ASD Screening in Portland OR (the dumbest of all)


TOTAL $2, 300, 000

I leave this to the reader to judge. Nothing inherently wrong with awareness programs or educational training. The question is whether or not this should be the high financial priority it is?  Would African American Latino, Asian ASD kids benefit most from awareness programs or treatment? Who benefits most from these grants? The investigators and universities or actual families struggling w autism?

Baby Sibs

Early ID and Databases          $1, 200, 000

Amount Wasted:                      $1, 200, 000

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Dirty Deeds Often Require Dirty People: Book Review of Master Manipulator by James Ottar Grundvig

Master Manipulator COVERNOTE: We excerpted this review of "Master Manipulator: The Explosive True Story of Fraud, Embezzlement, and Government Betrayal at the CDC” from Epoch Times. Read the full review here.

By Lou Conte

Dirty deeds often require dirty people.

For the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Poul Thorsen, the subject of James Grundvig’s just-released book, “Master Manipulator: The Explosive True Story of Fraud, Embezzlement, and Government Betrayal at the CDC” (Introduction by Robert F. Kennedy Jr.), was the right man at the right time.

In the late 1990s, the CDC’s Vaccine Safety Division, led by Dr. Coleen Boyle, was facing a growing public realization that autism was reaching epidemic levels. Many parents and some scientists suspected vaccines were the culprit in triggering the catastrophe. They pointed the finger at the increasing levels of Thimerosal, a mercury-based preservative used in many vaccines. In a stunning failure of oversight, no government regulatory agency caught the fact that mercury exposure in childhood vaccines vastly exceeded safety limits.

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Utah Autism Whistleblower Lawsuit Will Go to Trial After Federal Judge Denies a Majority of Defendants’ Motions to Dismiss

Utah Court banner
By Mark Blaxill

In a development sure to put the integrity of the CDC’s autism surveillance estimates in the spotlight, a Federal District Court Judge for the District of Utah issued a ruling Friday that effectively guarantees a Utah autism whistleblower her day in court.  Judge Jill N. Parrish denied a majority of motions by Dr. William McMahon of the University of Utah to dismiss allegations by Dr. Judith Pinborough Zimmerman that McMahon and his colleagues acted improperly in retaliating against her for raising concerns over their research misconduct, violated university policies by terminating her contract without proper review, and impugned her reputation in the process.

Dr. Zimmerman filed her lawsuit against Dr. McMahon nearly two years ago, in a complaint that describes a heated dispute between the two scientists over the proper handling of confidential health and education records as well as the accuracy of the data records used in measuring Utah’s autism prevalence as part of the Center for Disease Control’s (CDC) autism surveillance project, the Autism and Development Disabilities (ADDM) Network. Since 2002, Zimmerman had been the Director of Utah’s ADDM Network site, the Utah Registry of Autism and Developmental Disabilities (URADD). She joined the University of Utah in 2005, bringing the URADD grant with her. She was removed from her URADD and university positions in 2013.

Zimmerman’s lawsuit alleges that McMahon and colleagues violated federal records privacy restrictions in efforts to carry out lucrative additional research projects; these were privacy restrictions that she had carefully negotiated with the Utah Departments of Health and Education in order to bring URADD into compliance with federal law and protect autism families from unwanted use of their personal and family information. When Zimmerman expressed her concerns over privacy and data quality issues to University authorities, McMahon summarily fired her, locked her out of her office and placed himself in charge of URADD. Since Zimmerman’s dismissal, McMahon has become the PI of the URADD and watches over Utah’s contributions to the CDC’s ADDM reports.

In addition to raising issues of research integrity and privacy, Zimmerman’s allegations have broad implications for the integrity of CDC’s autism surveillance estimates. Court documents reveal that Zimmerman was concerned that errors in Utah’s autism data were finding their way into CDC estimates beginning with the 2010 ADDM report, which provided estimates of autism rates among children born in 2002. If uncorrected, these errors might have continued in the 2012 report released earlier this year, measuring autism rates in children born in 2004.

Utah’s autism rates carry unusual importance in part because Utah’s reported autism rate in the 2008 ADDM report was the highest of all participating sites. In that report, Utah’s rate of 1 in 47 children born with autism in 2000 was the highest rate ever recorded in the United States; it was also an increase of 155% over Utah’s 1994 birth group, which at the time was the third highest rate in the country. Since reaching a peak in the 2000 birth group, Utah’s autism rates have plummeted while most other states have shown continued increases in the last two ADDM reports.

MB UTah chart

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Vaxxed's Del Bigtree: You Have Been Heard! Video

VaxxedEditor's note -- Is Del Bigtree the best thing to happen to the vaccine injury awareness movement in a long time? I vote yes. Thanks to John Stone for pointing out this powerful speech -- one of the finest I've heard in 11 years on this beat -- by Del in Santa Monica on July 1. As John put it: "A colossal speech which particularly focuses on our bought-out media, and the news black-out on the William Thompson affair." Del compares the Thompson revelations to new evidence that might exonerate a death row inmate but is dismissed because the case is supposedly "proven." That would never fly. Similarly, he shouts, "The science is never settled!." Tell it, Brother! Let the fireworks continue! And check it out, everyone. -- Dan Olmsted

On Defending the Religious Vaccine Exemption as We Celebrate Our Freedom

American Freedom
From the National Vaccine Information Center.  Freedom.

By Barbara Loe Fisher

Every summer, Americans celebrate the 4th of July to mark the day in 1776 when the American colonies agreed they would no longer be ruled by an aristocracy. The Declaration of Independence begins with, “We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights.” That Declaration was a rejection of oppression by a ruling aristocracy and the pledge that this country would uphold the unalienable natural right to life and liberty that belongs to every person.  

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The American Revolution and Health Tyranny

British-american_flagNote: We first ran this post on 7/4/14. It's as relevant as ever, perhaps more, as SB277 has taken effect in California, removing almost all vaccine exemptions and punishing families.  Why is it a country founded on freedom has so freely relinquished medical rights from coast to coast?

By John Stone

This article is written for

I have always been drawn to United States history so I hope it will not be taken amiss if I offer an Independence Day  perspective of a British citizen: we are, of course, all heirs of that revolution one way or another across the globe: more so today than ever perhaps. Immediately speaking there are two striking facets (I just had to correct the typographic error “strifing”): the incredible historic dynamism of the nation created by this event but also the great amount of thought that the founding fathers went into trying to prevent the re-emergence of the tyranny which they had just escaped. Perhaps never has so much thought gone into avoiding “oppressive government” even if many of the leading participants in the new republic still regarded it as their right to own slaves.

Nearly two and a half centuries on it is possible to see that powerful interests can buy their way into every aspect of a nation’s life defying almost every measure that was ever laid out against oppressive government. Just over half a century ago, as he left office, President Eisenhower famously warned about the military industrial complex and the domination of intellectual enquiry by commercial interest:

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Going Home Again

Home heartBy Cathy Jameson

Our family went on vacation last week.  A small town that borders the ocean, we took the kids to where my husband and I met.  It’s home to me.  It’s also home to my husband and where he hopes for us to one day retire.  It’s where we met almost 20 years ago.

RI bridge sailboat

Almost 20 years ago – that was pre-marriage, pre-kids, and pre-autism.  If you’d told me then what kind of life I’d be living now as the parent of a child with severe special needs, I’d have thought you crazy. 


And why not? 

Growing up, I knew no one with autism.  Having very briefly studied it during a special education course I took one summer back in the early 1990s, I thought autism was an unfortunate communication disorder.  I learned that it was more than that during that summer course, but with my focus of general education, it would be years later, and only when my son was walking down an autism diagnosis path that it crossed my radar again. 

Always hoping to one day be a mom, I never thought that autism would be something that any of my children would be dealing with.  Fast forward to today, and yes, it is something that one of my children deals with on a daily basis.  It’s not the kind of autism my special education textbook described though.  No, the autism my son has includes behavior issues, GI issues, seizures, and the loss of functional speech.  It’s nothing I’d ever experienced nor something I ever expected.

Pre-marriage, pre-kids, and pre-autism, I had no idea how much I didn’t know.  I had no idea how much I’d have to understand, how much I’d have to teach myself, and how much I’d have to learn to accept as well. 

I’m still working on accepting all there is to accept as the parent of a chronically ill child.  That part hasn’t been easy, but with the help of some friends, some of whom we ran into when we were back home this week, I know it’ll get easier.     

For the most part, the friends we ran into have typical children.  Even so, they’ve read my stories.  They’ve clicked on links I’ve share.  They’ve looked things up for themselves.  They’ve asked for clarification of words and terms specific to autism and mitochondrial issues that Ronan has that they don’t recognize.  They’ve watched us from a distance but have never waivered in their support for me, for Ronan, and for the advocating that we do as a family, some of which includes advocating locally for safer vaccines! 

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The Age of Polio: Explosion. Part 10

Polio color Egypt
We are updating the full series with each installment on our sidebar here.

By Dan Olmsted

As we prepare to follow the Hawaiian sugar harvest to the U.S. mainland in early 1916, a natural pause suggests itself. I’ve now presented the basic hypothesis: that arsenic applied for the first time ever to sugarcane fields anywhere, at the Olaa plantation on the Big Island of Hawaii, led to the first massive poliomyelitis epidemic in the United States.

It triggered the Explosion that ushered in the Age of Polio.

That kind of claim attracts critics who use words like "laughable." (Of course, laughable things can be true.) Over at Orac, Denice Walter commented: "Although I am often highly entertained by your speculation, I would be much more pleased with you if you took a few life science related courses at your local university." I responded: "Denice, I remain pleased that you are highly entertained. I fear that exposure to actual experts might reduce my ability to amuse you, so I’ll avoid it for now." (The claim here is that a non-scientist journalist such as myself has no business tackling a topic like this. I disagree.)

So perhaps it’s time to say a little more about how the theory evolved and where I am heading with it. In 2011, Mark Blaxill and I wrote a series called The Age of Polio: How an Old Virus and New Toxins Triggered a Man-Made Epidemic.

In it, we proposed that the invention of lead arsenate pesticide in 1892, interacting with poliovirus infections, kicked off the modern era of polio epidemics. Lead arsenate was created to fight the gypsy moth invasion around Boston that threatened to wreck the entire domestic apple crop. In a literal and metaphoric instance of the “butterfly effect” – seemingly minor and distant events leading to major disruptions -- a few moths escaped their enclosure in a back yard in suburban Medford, and before long turned into teeming masses undulating like black waves across suburban streets to devour fruit trees in one collective gulp. This story almost defies belief, but The Great Gypsy Moth War by Robert J. Spear brings it to creepy-crawly life. 

Lead arsenate subdued the moth problem, but the association of the pesticide with poliomyelitis is hard for dispassionate observers (meaning those not wedded to virology as the explanation for everything) to dismiss. In 1893, the year after the first use of lead arsenate in Boston, two local doctors wrote a medical journal article, “Is Acute Poliomyelitis Unusually Prevalent This Season?” and very quickly established that it was unusually prevalent. “It would not have seemed worthwhile to report these observations had it not been that the number of cases observed at the Massachusetts General Hospital in September and October of this year [apple harvest time] is decidedly larger than usual. …” Putting together all the cases from four sources, they came up with six polio cases for the period August-November 1892, and 26 for the same period in 1893.

Polio 10 1

While that was an impressive rise, it could have simply been natural variation; sporadic cases were observed by medical professionals over the past several decades. Hence the question mark. But the very next year, 1894, in the Otter River Valley in Vermont, came the answer – an unmistakable poliomyelitis epidemic.

The account, a classic of medical literature worth reading in its own right, was provided by Dr. Charles Caverly, a Rutland physician who also happened to be the president of the state medical society – and was in the right place at the right time. The beginning is memorable and haunting, given what was to come and the fact that epidemic poliomyelitis was so unfamiliar in the United States that Caverly didn’t even call it “infantile paralysis” or poliomyelitis until later articles.

Polio 10 3

“During the month of June, 1894, there appeared in a portion of the valley of the Otter Creek, in the state of Vermont, an epidemic of nervous disease, in which the distinctive and most common symptom was paralysis. The great majority of sufferers were children under six years of age.” Hardest hit were the towns of Rutland and Proctor. There were 132 cases and 18 deaths.

This was not like Boston the year before. This was big.

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Levi Quackenboss on SB277 Lawsuit

Freedom SB277Excerpted from the Levi Quackenboss blog:  California Kids Strike Back.

One year from the day that California’s SB 277 was signed into law by Governor Brown, a dream team of lawyers from across the United States has filed a federal lawsuit against the State of California’s Department of Education and Department of Health for depriving its residents of their constitutional right to an education.

Approximately 2.5% of California school-aged children use a personal belief exemption to opt out of vaccinations that violate their parents’ religious or deeply-held beliefs, or are deemed unnecessary or potentially harmful by their parents and health care providers. The children of the lawsuit’s plaintiffs have been partially vaccinated or show antibody titers that qualify as proof of immunity to disease, and yet they are among the tens of thousands of healthy, disease-free children whose right to an education will be violated when school starts in the last few days of August.

In a beautifully written memo in support of their request for a temporary restraining order and injunction against the state, lawyers argue that SB 277 violates the fundamental rights to education, free exercise of religion, bodily integrity, and equal protection under the law.

45 years ago in a famous case named Serrano vs. Priest, the California court minced no words when it stated that the right to an education is “perhaps the most important function of state and local governments.”  That is because an education is crucial for later financial success, it is important for building social relationships, it continues on for 13 years of a child’s life, and it impacts a child’s psychological and emotional well-being.

Education is so important that school attendance is required by law.

While some parents are able to make the sacrifices necessary to home school their children, home schooling is not possible for the overwhelming majority of families. This includes families that rely on two incomes to make ends meet, single parent households, those who do not speak English, and parents who don’t feel capable enough to teach their children themselves. This means that the impact SB 277 has on poorer families will be felt the greatest. Read more at  California Kids Strike Back.

To Infinity And Beyond: Best of Ringling 2016 from Autism Sibling Natalie Palumbo

Nat_Autism_BalloonsBy Natalie Palumbo

I'm 22, a rising Motion Design senior at Ringling College of Art and Design, and my older brother Anthony has low-verbal autism.

My test animation for Concept Development class made it into "Best Of Ringling 2016", as well as being included in Ringling's Motion Design demo reel shown at PromaxBDA in New York.

My final project for Animation class was an analysis of "MadMapper" projection mapping software, which I'm using for senior thesis. My teacher loved it, and suggested I send it to the developers at MadMapper. They were so pleased by it, they requested that I do an analysis of their new beta features. They promoted both of my projects, and so did the Motion Design department at Ringling. 

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Lawsuit for Shingles Vaccine Failure

Vaccine money
Note: The The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 needs a bit of an update to protect vaccines mass marketed to the unsuspecting, pharma trusting, medically ravenous elderly. Not sure where this law suit will go, but the mere fact it exists highlights how overreaching rarely ends well. Golly, I wonder if NBC Nightly News will air an ad for it? If Pharma and the Public Health community had only (insert vomit emoticon here) been satisfied with over-vaccinating children for profit they might have gotten away with it a bit longer. Dubious but plausible.  But when you injure and kill young women (Gardasil) and the elderly start shaking their canes at you because your vaccine failed, you might have a problem that's snowballing into the public consciousness in a way we "anti-vaxxers" (emoticon again please) have predicted.  This law firm has offices in California, home of SB277.  KRS

From Lopez McHugh Law Firm:

Do I Have a Legal Claim?

If you received a shingles vaccination and subsequently developed shingles, chickenpox, or other serious medical complications, you may wish to consider taking legal action. Contact a vaccine lawyer at Lopez McHugh to discuss your options.

Merck’s Zostavax is a shingles vaccine for people age 50 and older. According to The National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC), Merck’s product is the only live virus shingle vaccine currently available. The CDC recommends that adults 60 and older receive a dose of the vaccine.

The vaccine contains live varicella zoster virus – the chickenpox virus that also causes shingles. Once a person has had chickenpox, the virus remains dormant in their body. Later in life, if the immune system becomes weakened, the virus can reactivate to cause shingles. Zostavax, according to Merck, contains a “weakened” or “attenuated” form of the virus, which stimulates the immune system in an effort to keep the virus dormant and prevent shingles.

What is the Problem With These Shingles Vaccinations?

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VaXxed The Movie Stickers Premiering Today

VaXxed bumper sticker
Want one?  Details on the new Vaxxed The Movie stickers follow. T-shirts and posters are available now.

Free VAXXED bumper stickers available on July 1 at the California State Capital 1315 10th Street, Sacramento. Memorial Event at 3pm, to stand united against SB277 forced vaccination law in California and to honor vaccine injury victims, and Candlelight Vigil at 8pm.
The bumper stickers will be distributed at the California Coalition for Health Choice community table.
Santa Monica:
Get your FREE Vaxxed bumper stickers at the 2nd Annual Health Freedom Rally and Candlelight Vigil on July 1 at Santa Monica's City Hall, 1685 Main Street. Speakers are from 4-6pm, and Candlelight Vigil, 8-9pm, hosted by Million Mamas Movement. You can go to the Million Mamas Movement and Health Freedom Rally table to get them.

India's New Camel Legislation: Protection or Relegation?

Camel milkNOTE:  I first learned about camel's milk for autism at Autism One many years ago. There were camels in the parking lot at the hotel! My girls have benefitted from powdered camel's milk with better focus and fewer gut issues.  Christina Adams is a camel's milk advocate. Below is an article she wrote. Share your experiences in the comments.  Kim

By Christina Adams

Netha Raika emails photos of himself to the US. The slight twenty five year-old is seeking a match: not for matrimony – he’s a newlywed and recent father himself – but for a defender for his people. From his 70-family village near Bilara in Jodhpur, Rajasthan, Netha sends pictures of the Raika, one of the world’s most treasured camel cultures, to people across the US.  Netha’s photos are a kind of lifestyle SOS.

The irony of his dilemma is that just as the Western world is starting to value cultures like the Raika, thanks to emerging data on the medicinal quality of camel milk, they and other Indian pastoralists are caught in a legal bind. The Indian camel milk market is estimated at some Rs. 3024M (around US 45 million), yet India is losing its camels, with only 8,000 pastoralist families now owning the animals.

Classified by the United Nations among the world’s most important agricultural heritage systems, the Raika have identified with camels since the beginning of their collective memory. Roving atop camels half the year, they have traditionally made their living by selling camels and sheep to farmers, sustaining themselves partly with camel milk. The one-humped dromedaries are cultural cornerstones, sources of the camel-hair blankets Raika fathers give to daughters as wedding gifts. But factors such as fewer grazing areas, water diversion to agriculture, and the replacement of camels with farming technology have made camel livelihoods more difficult, accelerating the slump in India’s dwindling camel population. With Raika children now attending school, an opportunity not open to their elders, Netha says ruefully that the young generation has “no interest in camels and sheep.” And although many Raika want to halt the demise by formalising camel milk sales, they are unable to get permits, making their remaining camels near purposeless.

Read more at Open Democracy.

Dachel Wake Up: Aging Out of School

Dachel Morning Wake UoBy Anne Dachel

This is from California, the state where parents no longer have a choice when it comes to vaccinating their children. Here's one mother's story of looking for adult services for her daughter. This is the inevitable disaster we'll all face in America.

June 28, 2016, KQED Public Media for Northern CA (San Francisco): When Autism Ages Out of the School System

By Pamela Raymond

California’s day programs for adults with autism are underfunded and overcrowded. But with thousands of young people with developmental delays or disabilities about to reach the age at which they can no longer attend a public school and receive the many services offered there, the problem is soon going to get much, much worse....

When Briana’s special education school abruptly closed in the fall, I was faced with the premature task of finding her a placement in an adult day program. Because she is just turning 21, she would only have one more year of special education services under the 1990 Individuals with Disabilities Education Act — or IDEA — which assures a free and appropriate public education to disabled students to age 22.

...“This is a program I could see my Briana in. How do I sign her up?”

Not so easy. There is not even a waiting list per se, and the program prefers clients that are more independent than Briana. She still needs help sometimes in the bathroom, and she needs a pair of eyeballs on her at all times due to her wandering tendencies. There really was no space for someone with such great needs.

...I saw 50-plus clients crowded into two run-down rooms, many in wheelchairs parked in front of a big-screen television. It was noisy and chaotic. ...

...They had greater staff-to-client ratio, but the clients almost never left the building. There was no outdoor space to utilize or enjoy....

These programs, with some exceptions like the well-established one in Marin, are buckling under current conditions, and they are only going to get worse with the increasing number of adults like my daughter about to age out of the school setting.

The demand is leading some new programs to open, but they are faced with trying to operate a business without failing. This can mean sub-optimal buildings, and paying low wages to staff.

The ratios of staff members to clients are controlled by reimbursement rates by the regional centers. The regional centers receive funding from the state Department of Developmental Services. The pay rates of some of these professionals are on par with what caregivers are paid, which is close to minimum wage. Pet sitters or baristas that serve us our coffee may earn more than we pay those important, compassionate people that care for our loved ones. Are we OK with this?

Time is needed to find a good day program for a disabled young adult because there are not enough options. In the next decade, 500,000 children with developmental delays will enter adulthood nationwide, overwhelming a system that is already inadequate for the current numbers. Legislative leaders need to know how bad the problem already is so that plans can be made to avoid this looming public crisis.

CDC's Own Searchable Database Supports Dr. William Thompson's Revelations

Measles virusBy Anne Dachel

June 26, 2016, Andy Wakefield sat down with Polly and Jonathan Tommey to discuss the impact of the vaccine measles virus on the health of children, along with what’s happening with the “Vaxxed” tour, and what lies ahead. He also talked about the relationship between live virus vaccines and aluminum and mercury used in other vaccines.

View the FB Video Here.

Andy began by explaining that babies don't have a natural measles protection any longer from their mothers (because of the artificial immunity from the MMR) and they would be especially vulnerable if everyone stopped vaccinating. He also explained that the measles vaccine has dramatically changed the measles virus.

“If you interfere with the natural processes that have been established over tens of thousands of years, if you make assumptions about things as collectively sophisticated as viruses, then nature will exact a very, very big price, and it won’t necessarily do so immediately. ...

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Therapy House LLC Clinical Trial Enrolling Participants in Pittsburgh for IonCleanse

IonCleanseMany our of friends are using the IonCleanse system from A Major Difference.  If you are near Pittsburgh, PA, and have a child age 3 - 7, you can enroll the child in a clinical trial.

Measuring the effects of the IonCleanse® by AMD on children with autism spectrum disorders
Sponsored by A Major Difference, Inc.

1.    Study Synopsis
A Major Difference, Inc. (“AMD”)1 in partnership the Therapy House, LLC,2 have created an investigational study looking into the efficacy of using the IonCleanse® by AMD total body detoxification system for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (“ASD”).  The study is a prospective study that will be using a currently marketed product in treatment of symptoms of ASD in children.   There will be no costs incurred by participants in the trial.  
This study is planned and budgeted for 60 days and 30 children. Children who meet the inclusion criteria will be randomly selected either to receive the therapy (described next) or to be entered into the control group and receive no therapy. The group will be split evenly. For those receiving therapy, they will use the IonCleanse system for the recommended time and frequencies (based primarily on age). All participants will be evaluated pre and post by professional occupational therapists who will utilize the Battelle Developmental Inventory, Second Edition3 and the Sensory Profile 24 as the measure for gauging effectiveness. Complete details are in IonCleanse Clinical Trial Information File.

Andrew Wakefield on VAERS Analysis

VAERSBy Andrew Wakefield

Neil Miller’s analysis of the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) provides two red flags for vaccine injury that have long been suspected by vaccine safety advocates—associations between first, the number of vaccines administered at the same visit and the risk of hospitalization and death, and second, younger age at the time of the vaccine adverse reaction and a higher risk of hospitalization and death.

Miller’s first real-world finding belies the entirely theoretical proposition—dangerously interpreted as carte blanche to give multiple shots simultaneously—that a child can receive ten to one hundred thousand vaccine antigens at the same time.  

His second finding on younger age at vaccination and risk of injury are entirely consistent with the true findings of the CDC’s study that looked at age of first MMR and autism risk.[1] African American boys and children of all races who were developmentally normal to age 12 months (‘isolated’ autism) had a highly significantly increased risk of autism following MMR on schedule (12-18 months) compared with those receiving it later. These facts were deliberately concealed for 14 years by the CDC authors and their superiors.

The second finding is also consistent with the observation that it was younger children who were at greater risk of meningitis with SmithKline Beecham’s dangerous MMR vaccine containing the Urabe AM/9 strain of mumps.[2] The implications for this finding were completely ignored by the authorities.  

Miller provides an informative history of the value of the VAERS system in picking up adverse reactions signals, reminding us at the same time of the huge under reporting of adverse reactions by medical personnel and the apparent reluctance by government investigators to link serious adverse reactions to vaccines. The value of VAERS is the red flags that it throws up. It should be used to generate hypotheses that lead to definitive studies and answers that we can believe in. We now know from Dr. William Thompson, the CDC whistleblower, that his agency cannot be trusted to do such studies. Congress has an obligation to act immediately to create an independent vaccine safety agency, completely outside of Health and Human Services and firewalled from pharmaceutical company influence.

Andrew Wakefield

Director VAXXED: From Cover-up to Catastrophe

[1] DeStefano F et al. Pediatrics 2004;113:259-266

[2] Dourado I et al, Am J Epidemiol. 2000;151:524-530